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Chaston Kestrel (unknown - 4327) was an emperor of the Turamzzyrian Empire and the first of the Kestrel Family to rule from the Sun Throne.

Chaston initially was the regent of Verdel Anodheles, but after a plot involving elves was uncovered, Verdel fled Tamzyrr and Chaston claimed the throne in 4310. Chaston is most well known for his decree, now commonly known as Chaston's Edict. The edict strictly reduced the economic rights of elves and those of elven heritage in the empire and led to an exit migration of such races.

Chaston pursued a program of stability and expansion for the empire. He concluded a war with Hendor that had been began by Selantha Anodheles seven years earlier. In addition, Chaston expanded the Imperial Navy and greatly reduced piracy that threatened the shipping lanes of the empire. In the 17th year of his reign, Chaston was killed when Mount Ysspethos erupted over Tamzyrr, killing him and the rest of his family. His cousin Immuros Kestrel immediately succeeded him to the throne.