Selantha Anodheles

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Selantha Anodheles (Unknown - 4302) was the first ruler and empress of the Turamzzyrian Empire. The creation of the Turamzzyrian Empire came under Selantha's direction in the years that followed her ascension to the throne of Overlord of Tamzyrr, upon the death of her father, Simlorn Anodheles, in 4270. Selantha began by incorporating her neighbors through alliance or conquest. This began in 4273, with Selantha's aid to the city of Elstreth which resulted in a permanent garrison of Imperial troops being stationed there the next year.

Despite rebuffs by neighbors to join in alliance, Selantha was presented the legendary sword Searswathe in a coronation ceremony in 4278, and the Turamzzyrian Empire was officially declared. Three years later, three city-states, Gor'Nustre, Toullaire, and Kedshold, all surviving cities of the Kannalan Empire, violently rebuffed alliance negotiations. The Empress responded by declaring war on the three cities, which adopt the descriptor Kannalan Alliance. The war lasted nine years and after the destruction of Kedshold and Gor'nustre, Toullaire surrendered to the Empire. This marked the high point of Selantha's reign. The empress died in the field in a war against the Kingdom of Hendor in 4302. Selantha was succeeded by her son, Bezzender Anodheles.