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Map of Highman Games

This will be a Plat and Prime event. It runs Weds, Feb. 3rd through Tuesday, Feb. 9th.

The games themselves will be open to everyone during the festivities -- but -- there will be an "officially scored" run of each game, which will be restricted to Giantmen (and possibly Dwarves... will get you more info on this soon.) The officially scored runs will be run Friday-Sunday.

In honor of Sunfist, for the official scoring of the games, dwarves will be competing, too. So start flexing those flaccid giantman muscles and get ready for some serious drinking... er, serious contests of skill and strength!

Yes, there will be a schedule.

This is NOT a merchant/service event; instead, this is most definitely an RP-based event.

Giantkin Documents - There are documents in process that we hope to release in conjunction with the Highman Games. Other documents are still in the works and my hope is to release them as they become available.


Story Contest - If the entrants have no objections, and I'll be emailing them for permission, I would like to convert all the stories to tales that will be told by the storyteller in the migrating giantman village. In addition, I'd like to announce the winners at the Highman Games and have a storytelling session there, either allowing the person who submitted each story to tell it, or having one of my giantman NPCs tell the story. One story to be told each of the first three nights. Then I'd like to have attendees vote for their favorites.

During the Highman Games, there will be a storytelling contest run in the evening on Volnes (Monday, Feb. 8th, exact time TBA). Unlike the other "officially scored" games, participation in this contest is open to all races. The basics of the contest this year are as follows:

Tell a story, as accurately as you may have heard it passed down, recounting before, during, or after Maelshyve -- or all three -- of one of the Grishknel, Wsalamir, or T'Kirem members who were at Maelshyve. This may be an individual of great historical significance (such as Eahnimaki, Mishka, or Kantoran) or someone who may have made little to no mark in the historical records but was still present in time.

You will have 5 minutes to tell your story -- at the 5 minute mark, you will be asked to stop speaking. You will be judged on content of the story (including creativity and accuracy when pointing out historical details) and storytelling ability (tone, gestures, props). The marks for both categories will be added together into a single score for the contest.

Up to 18 entrants, first to come and sign up 15 minutes before the contest, will be the ones who are entered. In the case that there are more than 18 entrants when sign-ups begin, those present will be randomly chosen by spinner or some other unbiased method. If time allows, up to 6 more entrants will be taken on a random basis after the initial 18 entrants have finished, though there is no guarantee that time will allow.

Highman Games: Official Competition Begins

GS4-Talisker 02/05/2010 12:36 PM CST

The first official competition of the Highman Games will begin this evening with the Shantira Shield Slalom event. The contest will commence as follows:

1) Thirty minutes prior to the start of the competition, the scoreboard will be reset and only giantmen and dwarves will be allowed to compete. (Others may stand at the bottom and watch the proceedings.)

2) At the end of the 30-minute qualifying runs, the top ten names on the scoreboard will be allowed to compete for the title.

3) Each of the ten finalists will be allowed one, and only one, run down the course.

4) The top three names on the scoreboard at the end of the finals will take the honors (and bragging rights)!

5) Prizes will be awarded during the closing ceremonies on Volnes, the 8th.

PRIZES The first place winner will be able to select from the following list:

-Rolaren full plate (with a loresong that's not QC'd yet, but will be added)
-A signature verb or swear
-A scripted claidhmore
-Or any one (1) of the items shown as prizes in Premium 6 The second place winner chooses from what is left, and the third from what is left after that. Good luck!

Highman Games Credits

(Rough) GS4-Talisker 02/10/2010 02:47 PM CST 741

We hope you enjoyed the Highman Games of 5110! Now that the event is concluded, we'd like to acknowledge the individuals who contributed to this massive group undertaking.

Original Highman Games Concept
Build concept, game design, and initial planning: Crusade, Vaschka, and the Development Teams.

Jirkirl*'*s Hilltop Festival Grounds
Initial room "painting" and layout: Crusade, Jacien, and Vashka
Updates, revisions, and game area additions: Kaikala and Talisker

Activities, Games, Etc
Arm Wrestling: original code - Tilmont; updated code - Emeradan
Caber Toss: code - Smite; messaging - Vaschka and Talisker
Challenge Arenas: original code - Modrian; updated code and messaging - Talisker
Drinking Game: concept and messaging - Kaikala; code - Leonric
Hammer Throw: code and messaging - Modrian
Shield Slalom: code and messaging - Smite
Tug of War: code and messaging - Modrian

Barmaid NPCs: messaging - Kaikala and Leonric; coding - Leonric
Divination NPC: concept and messaging - Thandiwe; coding - Leonric
Hairless Rolton NPC: concept and messaging - Talisker; coding Kaikala
Mood Messaging: day and night - Talisker
Scavenger Hunt: concept - Talisker
Storytelling: concept - Kaikala
Transport System: concept and messaging - Kaikala; code - Emeradan

Festival NPCs
Aiza, Andraste, Auchand, Bazar, Cirath, Galene, Izzea, Itzel, Kaikala, Kveta, Modrian, Naionna, Soraya, Talisker, Xayle
**Also, a special thanks to Flannihan, Jainna, Kenstrom, and Tamuz, who jumped in to help when we desperately needed volunteers to fill some gaps.

FESTIVAL Verb*/*Website Info

Games and Giantman FAQs*/*Info for GM Staff

Talisker and onsite web staff

Merchandise*/*Shops and Raffles
Bazar, Jacien, Kaikala, Talisker, Thandiwe, Xayle, Xynwen

QC Support
Aiza, Andraste, Cirath, Isten, Kveta*, Xayle
(Don't know how, but missed Kveta in the original post--sorry!)

Runes and Divination Document
Concept, coding, and messaging - Thandiwe

Script QC and Development Support
(including coding fixes and emergency assistance)
Emeradan, Estild, Mestys, Modrian, and (especially) Sleken

Miscellaneous Behind*-*the*-*Scenes Support
Sirina, Xynwen
A cast of thousands well, not really, but the majority of the GM staff!

Vaikalimara Clan Document
Concept and writing Iscikella, under the auspices of Scribes and the Wordsmiths;
Additional input/overall giantkin integration - Talisker

Hopefully, I haven't left anyone out. Some of the individuals named above should have dozens of gold stars and little floaty hearts around their names because their efforts really went "above and beyond the call of duty." In every respect, this truly was a team project. My deep appreciation goes out to everyone who had a hand in it!

Finally, I'd like to thank the players! There was some terrific RP during the Highman Games, and there were many comments, on the GM-side of things, about how you all made the event fun for us, too. Your obvious enjoyment of the games and activities made it all worthwhile. : )


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