Hihaeim's Locksmithery

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Hihaeim's Locksmithery is the locksmith shop in Cysaegir. It is located an ivy-covered bungalow, west of Morvaeyn's Armory and southeast of Rhyaesdid Hall. It has a ready supply of lockpicks for sale, and Hihaeim offers lock picking and lockpick repair as well.

[Hihaeim's Locksmithery]
Plaster and stone walls remain unadorned, along with the majority of the room. Though vacant, the shop is meticulously clean and nary a speck of dust can be found. A catalog of wares is prominently displayed upon a smooth granite counter, open for perusal and to facilitate the delivery of orders from the curtained-off backroom. You also see a gold-inked sign, Hihaeim and a bejeweled brass bin.


Name Price
1. an elm-handled thin copper lockpick 100
2. a tapered burnished steel lockpick 500
3. a wire-wound lustrous gold lockpick 2000
4. a silver-chased spiraled ora lockpick 5000
5. a blue-veined grey mithril lockpick 6000
6. a chiseled black glaes lockpick 9500
7. a slate grey narrow alum lockpick 23000
8. a streaked russet kelyn lockpick 62000
9. a red-flecked dark invar lockpick 75000
10. a reinforced titian golvern lockpick 95000
11. an umber serge disarming toolkit 200
12. a set of sleek imflass-tipped calipers 7000

Hihaeim's Locksmithery's backroom does not offer any merchandise.