House of Chandrennin

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The House of Chandrennin is one of the great families of the Turamzzyrian Empire. The Chandrennins are the ancestral rulers of Aldora. As of 5116, the house is headed by Duke Bannon Chandrennin, Southern Sentinel of the Empire.

Emperors of the Chandrennin line reigned from 4482 to 4686, spanning the events of the First Elven War and the reconquest of Hendor.

Emperors and Empresses

  • Emperor Levian
  • Empress Eschylle
  • Empress Verranna
  • Emperor Krellove
  • Emperor Toscus
  • Emperor Baeronnar
  • Emperor Baeronnar II

Dukes of Aldora

Lords and Ladies

  • Prince Garl, consort to Empress Selantha II
  • Lady Ayibma, mother of Emperor Aurmont