Ice Plains

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Tsoran's map

The Ice Plains are located out of the West Gate from the town of Icemule Trace.

Indigenous creatures

Landmarks and other information

There is a massive rolaren gate blocks access to the Ice Plains; therefore, it needs to be either opened by:

IMPORTANT: The entire area behind the gate is under a permanent form of Unpresence (204) and is also protected against Transference (225). Sorcerers may detect a pattern in Amasalen's Shrine to Planar Shift (740) into the area.

Religious Shrines

There is a life sized statue of Amasalen, an altar, and an arch.

  • The statue - This exquisite representation of Amasalen has been fashioned of the purest silver. Depicted in his elven form, Amasalen has a lean muscular build with piercing eyes. His pupils are mere slits, almost reptilian in form. His face is cold and his expression is grim as he holds out his hands to watch over the altar. Blood continually drips from his fingers but never seems to touch the altar before it disappears.
  • The altar - The altar is made from large stone blocks fitted together so tightly that the cracks between each block are barely noticeable. Several small pools of blood have formed around the dais. The blood does not look fresh, but doesn't appear to have dried up at all.
  • The arch - The arch is made from pure rolaren with archaic runes etched in gold along the entire border. Several images depicting Amasalen are evident as well.