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Haethera Illuvassas Illistim was an Illistim Loremaster of the rank "Dedicated of Lore" in 5109 Modern Era.

Illuvassas was notable for writing about the relationship between Illistim institutions and prominent families.


Illuvassas has made claims against the Faendryl in her work which, by the intrinsic nature of the subject, are politically controversial. In her sociological treatment of Illistim culture, for example, she claims that the Elves all chose to break their royal bloodlines from rulership. They had suffered under the Faendryl "whose bloody family politics and assassinations had embroiled our people for ages under their leadership." This kind of statement is typically refuted by arguing the Empire properly began with Yshryth, and that the bloody period before him happened while the other Houses were still forming, Linsandrych was still on the throne, and that more Argent Mirrors had since been assassinated than Faendryl Patriarchs.

The counter-argument would typically be that Faendryl chronology is absurd, with eight Patriarchs during the two year Undead War, and two Patriarchs for the next fifteen thousand years. The "Dark Elves" would bring up the internal contradictions in Illistim chronicles, such as Meachreasim and Hiraani, and so on back and forth without end. The relative importance of Korthyr and Linsandrych is another easy source of conflict.

Illuvassas similarly claimed that the Elves inevitably all arrived at this decision so "the best and brightest [would] grow to be the leaders they were meant to be without the limitations of an archaic system that had held back our people and forced the Faendryl to commit unspeakable atrocities." Sentiments of this kind would be regarded as illogical or incoherent, if not hysterical, with endless arguments back and forth over Faendryl culture being meritocracy taken to extremes. Korvath Dardanus himself has referred to similar statements as "propaganda" of House Illistim, and released excerpts of the Enchiridion Valentia to all of Elanith to make it sound ridiculous.


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