Ilyan Syndicate

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Ilyan Syndicate
Town Ta'Illistim
Tier Prominent
Founded 5116
Dues No
Insignia a glass-pressed helix of five entwined glowbark branches
Affiliation(s) None
Restrictions Elven heritage
Purpose Promotion of Elven culture

Mission Statement

Ilyan Syndicate is a group of loosely associated individuals with the goal of furthering Elven Culture and influence throughout the Lands. It is our aim to aid and better our Brothers and Sisters from each City-State, as well as provide a place for the open discussion of all matters of importance.


Ilyan Syndicate was established by Aendir Silithyr in Ta’Illistim in the month of Koaratos, year of 5116.


a glass-pressed helix of five entwined glowbark branches


   The Illithien Aerie

Lich Room #31365

The Illithien Aerie was purchased by the Ilyan Syndicate in the year 5121 and extensively renovated over the course of several months, opening in the spring of 5122. Formerly belonging to an old Ardenai family, the Aerie now serves as a cultural hub and nexus for the five Elven Houses, hosting gatherings and events fostering Elven culture.

   Misted Serenity

Lich Room #171, upstairs lodgings to The Gentleman's Leaf Smokeshop

Misted Serenity is owned by the Ilyan Syndicate and used as a social club in Ta'Illistim.

   Moonflower Villa

Lich Room #10628, stockade off of the edge of Neartofar Forest

Moonflower Villa is a fortified manor house on the eastern edge of Ta'Vaalor's domain focused on the trade of agricultural products.


In pursuit of its mission statement, the Ilyan Syndicate fosters and promotes both scholarly research and the arts. In its library, it is honored to maintain those written forms of these works which have been authored, contributed to, or facilitated by its membership.

Selected Works of the Ilyan Syndicate


   Upcoming Events

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   All Events




The Syndicate is open membership for Elven candidates who are able to trace their ancestry to one of the current recognized five Elven Houses - Ta’Ardenai, Ta’Illistim, Ta’Loenthra, Ta’Nalfein and Ta’Vaalor. Other characters may join on a case-by-case basis as either full members or affiliates.

Each prospective member must have a current member who vouches for their consideration. The prospect must submit an application, be interviewed by an officer, and finally approved by 3 officers.

Application -


Meetings will be held as necessary for the goal/purpose of furthering the organization’s aims.


Due to the nature of this organization, the preservation of information and secrecy is vitally important. A member who joins agrees to swear an oath to secrecy and propriety. Members found in violation of this oath may be subject to removal from the organization.