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Mission Statement

Ilyan Syndicate is a group of loosely associated individuals with the goal of furthering Elven Culture and influence throughout the Lands. It is our aim to aid and better our Brothers and Sisters from each City-State, as well as provide a place for the open discussion of all matters of importance.


Ilyan Syndicate was established by Aendir Silithyr in Ta’Illistim in the month of Koaratos, year of 5116.


  • Chair: Aendir Silithyr
  • Council: Avawren Fiora
  • Council: Elaejia Silithyr
  • Council: Vacant
  • Council: Vacant


The Syndicate is open membership for Elven candidates who are able to trace their ancestry to one of the current recognized five Elven Houses - Ta’Ardenai, Ta’Illistim, Ta’Loenthra, Ta’Nalfein and Ta’Vaalor. Other characters may join on a case-by-case basis as either full members or affiliates.

Each prospective member goes through a vetting process of an undefined amount of time. The prospective member will be ready to be inducted when both the host member and the Leadership agree that the member is ready to join and contribute.

Membership will be enlisted by current members. There is no application process, a prospective member must be hosted by a Brother/Sister or Council member.

Membership is broken down by the following ranking:

  • Initiate: This is the first rank a new member will have upon joining. An initiate will be able to contribute and participate in discussions, but will not be a voting member of the Syndicate until attaining the next rank.
  • Brother/Sister: A full member of the Syndicate will have equal voting rights with all members of the Syndicate, and be privy to all information. A Brother/Sister can also bring up any matter they deem important to discuss/vote on with the rest of the group.
  • Council: Guides and influences policy of the organization. Handles any disputes or issues which may arise. Facilitates cooperation with other organizations as needed. May request membership to focus on certain areas of interest/activity throughout the Lands.


Meetings will be held as necessary for the goal/purpose of furthering the organization’s aims.


Due to the nature of this organization, the preservation of information and secrecy is vitally important. A member who joins agrees to swear an oath to secrecy and propriety. Members found in violation of this oath are subject to various methods of recourse from the Syndicate - this will be made plainly clear to each initiate.


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