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Jossarian Silithyr
Race [[Elf]]
Culture [[Loenthra]]
Profession soldier, artist
Religion atheist (mostly)
Affiliation(s) Ilyan Syndicate, Caeruil Atelier, House Sylvanfair
Demeanor polite, easygoing
Flaw anxiety, alcoholism
Greatest Strength social charm
Greatest Weakness unexplored inner demons
Habits not sleeping enough
Hobbies painting, drawing
Soft Spots attractive elves
Likes justice, beauty
Fears his nightmares
Loyalties his family
Best Friend Daevian
[[Category: Elf player characters]] [[Category: Loenthra player characters]]

Jossarian Silithyr is an elven soldier and artist from Ta'Loenthra.

The son of Aeric and Irinjia Silithyr, he was born just six days after his cousin Aendir, on 27 Lormesta 4868. The proximity of their ages and the tight-knit family dynamic ensured they grew up as playmates and friends, not unlike brothers. His much older sister, Elaejia, was well into adulthood and did not share this particularly close bond, though she was fond and protective of them both.

His mother encouraged his interest and dedication to drawing and painting in his youth, but while he kept up the practice, he eventually pursued a martial career and joined the Loenthran Guard rather than take up the family mortuary business like his father, uncle, and cousin.

In his tenure with the Loenthran Guard, he developed a reputation for charisma and hedonism yet was well-regarded for his strong (though sometimes idealistic) sense of justice and a good work ethic.

In 5114, in the wake of an incident that cast his family in a poor light, he was denied a promotion and reassigned to a less visible post.

In 5116, he was granted a leave of absence from the Guard for personal reasons. He traveled to Ta'Vaalor and later to Ta'Illistim.

Since then, his charm and humor have gained him some admiration in his new social circles, but his behavior gives indications of private turmoil. He is prone to deflect inquiry should observations be made about moments of apparent unease or the permanent dark circles beneath his eyes.

He currently makes his home in Ta'Illistim, where he resides with his cousin and his sister. There, he continues his martial training while carving out a social and professional niche for himself as a painter of some distinction.


You see Jossarian Silithyr
He appears to be a Loenthra Elf.
He is tall and has a broad-shouldered slender frame. He appears to be youthful. He has subtly tilted ink blue eyes and fair skin. He has waist length, silky golden hair worn in a single tight cable braid. He has a fine-boned, angular face and a narrow, slightly cleft chin. Dark shadows mar the skin beneath his eyes.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a moss green wool ruhan patterned with tone-on-tone flora, a trim pewter grey twill coat with subtly darker epaulets, and a dark dappled grey leather baldric over a lapis-hued flyrsilk shirt with wide flaring cuffs, a pair of grey kidskin gloves, a wide black star sapphire ring, some fitted ash grey leather pants, and a pair of austere grey kidskin boots buckled with faenor.


Encompassed within a solid silver frame, a silver harp is set upon a field of dark amethyst, positioned above a tarnished silver shield overlaying an angled pikestaff. Curving counterclockwise from the pinnacle of the arch is the crest's flourish, a slender stalk of purple gladiolus. Flanking the crest to the left is a needlepoint pillow pierced by a sleek golden needle; to the right, a mosaic death mask.


Jossarian's work in recent years has featured at the Ta'Illistim Grand Arts Gala of 2017 and at Cairnfang Manor's annual art show, as well as at a charity auction in Mist Harbor held by Caeruil Atelier. Alongside his work for shows, he has been known to work on commission for interested private parties.

Selected Shown Works
Venue: Ta'Illistim Grand Arts Gala of 2017
Work: a darkly inked forest scene
Cast primarily in monochrome inks and watercolor, the scene depicted is one of a forest at night. Trees loom as dark masses, their craggy bark a sharp craquelure of smoky grey and ebon and their branches and foliage mere shadows against a sliver of watery, mottled sky. Subtly off-center, a thin bloom of color stands out against the surrounding gloom, a circle of painted illumination cast by a single guttering candle flame held aloft by a gnarled hand. The hand's owner remains lost in darkness.
Title: "Apprehension"
Award: First place among Elven works
Disposition: Purchased by Istoriel

Venue: Ta'Illistim Grand Arts Gala of 2017
Work: a burled fel-framed oil painting
A window dominates the canvas, opening out from an apparent second-story perspective into a sunlit vision of city streets. Graceful elven architecture and artfully arranged gardens greet the eye, enticing the viewer with delicately arched bridges over canals and clusters of elegant, well-dressed elves in lively conversation. In contrast, the edges of the painting are drab, the walls inside dingy and cracked, and an irregular streak of rusty red in the lower right corner is almost lost to the shadows.
Title: "Untitled V"
Disposition: Purchased by Jossarian for Ysharra, currently hangs in her home

Venue: Cairnfang Manor's Annual Art Show of 5118
Work: an unframed color-saturated canvas
Sharply defined and dominating the foreground, an unadorned glass snifter is positioned slightly left of center. Its liquid contents, a dark amber, are rippled with red and gold highlights along their unsettled surface, as though the round-bellied vessel has just been set down. Saturated shadows of deep blue pool in the lower corners of the canvas. In the crimson-hazed background of the upper right, shades of violet form a blurry, indistinct figure with one attenuated limb stretched toward the glass.
Title: "Silent Lubricity"
Award: Tied for second place
Disposition: Currently held by Cairnfang Manor

Venue: Cairnfang Manor's Annual Art Show of 5119
Work: an unframed oak tree painting
A great leafless oak takes central focus on the canvas, its deeply grooved bark highlighted to the left with golden light but cast primarily in shadow. Its roots dangle, suspended within an impressionistic melange of uneven color. Some patches bleed into each other, washed out at their joining by droplets of watery amber, while others are separated by thin, sharp borders of near-black ink. The play of color is darkest near the tree, growing more vibrant as it approaches the painting's furthest edges.
Title: "Uprooted"
Award: First place
Disposition: Currently held by Cairnfang Manor

Venue: Caeruil Atelier's charity auction for the Mist Harbor Safehaven project, Summer 5119
Work: a framed dark seascape oil painting
Blended oils, dominated by deep blue and silver-white, form gradients of color punctuated by sharp thresholds of contrast. A cresting wave is caught side-on, with two moons framed above the horizon within its curl. Their light outlines the wave with silver and daubs rippled reflections along its inner curve. The spread of pale stippling nearly obscures a monstrous shadow lurking within the bulk of the wave, its shape distorted beyond easy recognition.
Title: "That Which Abides Beyond Sea and Sky"
Disposition: Purchased by Kadishmal

Occasion: Paerys Velethuil Loenthra's portrait unveiling on the Ta'Illistim Green, Summer 5119
Work: an ornate gold-framed painting
Superimposing the scene, the Argent Mirror's Handmaidens sit five abreast along the span of a low bench. The textures and colors of their overlapping skirts blend and shift, embroidery and draping cloth transitioning smoothly into a background of marble birches, sprawling lawn, and the stone socles surrounding the pool at the southern end of the Ta'Illistim Green. Throughout, fashionably dressed elves and others are captured at a stroll, with a glass in hand, or otherwise conversing amongst themselves.
Title: "The Ladies of the Green"
Disposition: Gifted to the Argent Mirror via Lady Sayilla Javilerre, who has indicated it may be hung in Ta'Illistim Keep at a future date
Selected Private Commissions
Commissioned by: Daevian Corwyth Vaalor
Work: an elaborate gold-framed painting
Rendered in oils within the dreamlike blur of a garden refuge, a young elf kneels at the edge of a reflecting pool strewn with water lilies. His robe flows like silken sunlight around him, though the collar has slipped to expose one ivory shoulder. A thick plait of blush pink hair spills over his bared shoulder and trails to his hip. Above, one knee is clasped to his chest and his face is demurely turned away, but his bright-eyed reflection in the water is poised to pounce and dimpled in a playful grin.
Title: "Kaleiope, Upon Reflection"