Lucrecea (prime)

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Lucrecea Ruin
Race Elf
Culture Ardenai
Profession Sorcerer
Affiliation(s) Ilyan Syndicate
Moonstone Abbey
Loved One Taraquin (brother)

Lucrecea Ruin is an elven antiquarian originally hailing from Ta'Ardenai. She currently spends significant time in Ta'Illistim and, more rarely, Ta'Vaalor. She is descended from an old Ardenai line that claims the Ruin lineage to be more than 25,000 years old and which may have played a role in developing the plague that decisively ended the Horse War.

Lucrecea is an accomplished elementalist and spiritualist, and she practices the ancient art of Ardenai spellweaving to combine those two spheres to great effect. She practices a form of necromancy that was passed down through the Ruin line over countless generations, tapping into more primal life forces and pulling their spiritual and elemental strings to influence nature's entropy and chaos. She is wary of demonology even though she is versed in it. She adheres to the old ways of the Ardenai of the far north in spite of her more polished outward appearance. While she is open regarding her family patron, she does not readily share who her personal patron is - if she has one.

In addition, Lucrecea played a role in helping restore the Illithien Aerie to its former glory when it was purchased from the Illithian family by the Ilyan Syndicate. She resides within the Aerie when she is staying in the central City-States, although she also frequents the grounds of nearby Moonstone Abbey.

Family History

Today, most of the Ruin line are content to live their lives in support of the minor Lords governing their villages on the outskirts of the Darkling Wood and the Northern Steppes. Some have chosen to live in the more cosmopolitan areas of Ta'Ardenai itself, or even in the other City-States, yet those who still claim the name are ever proud of their heritage and the freedom it affords them.

Imaera has long been a primary patron of the Ruin family. The Ruins in particular are drawn to the more chaotic and feral influences of Imeara, sharing much more similarity with sylvans in their view of her than with the elves of more cultivated cities. Just as nature is wild and unforgiving, permitting only the sharpest and strongest to survive, so, too, is Imaera most approving of those able to find their own in such a harsh life. It is not uncommon for members of the Ruin line to take a secondary or tertiary patron among the Arkati, or instead to look to the wild spirits of the north for guidance and protection.


You see Lucrecea Ruin the Architect of the Aerie.
She appears to be an Ardenai Elf.
Gracing her brow is a slender vaalin geldaralad, the band created from delicately woven links. A teardrop of darkened garnet dangles from the geldaralad on a thin chain and is centered precisely on her forehead.
She is average height and has a svelte figure. She appears to be youthful. She has slightly canted vibrant mulberry-hued eyes and smoothly tanned skin. She has gentle curls of long, bronze-swept silky raven black hair plaited into braids wound loosely through an elaborate ebon satyr horn headdress. She has a delicately boned face and long, slender ears ending in thinly tapering tips. She has pewter-tipped dark madder-hued lacquer brushed onto her sharply tapered fingernails.
She has sharply tapering strokes inked in deep ebony sweeping upward from the corners of her eyes.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a collar of slim bronze branches, a dusky kidskin half-circle cape, a dark leather corset cinched with tasseled ebon cords to form an hourglass figure over an off-the-shoulder blouse of scarlet and ivory bourde, a darkened pewter signet ring, a pair of hip-slung dark leather trousers, and some cuffed black cordovan riding boots with delicate straps.

Personal Crest

a darkened pewter signet ring
Wrought from heavy pewter, the ring bears a colorful signet enameled upon its back from which rises the signifier in sharp, functional relief. Set within a golden unified frame is a gilded oak leaf upon an umber field. An albino crow encircled by twisting thanot boughs is perched beneath, while above curls a pair of crimson quills. Three pale crescent moons flank upon the left, while on the right is a rising alabaster drake. A statement bisects in a slanted elven script. The ring is made of pewter and has a design of a perched crow encircled by twisting thanot boughs engraved into its face.
In the Elven language, it reads:
Disarm with a smile, even as words cut deep.


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