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Imbued Shrouds were initially released during June 2021 Rumor Woods and sold at The Spirits Within. The concept was designed and delivered by GM Quilic.


Below is the T4 ANALYZE for the Imbued Shrouds, unlocked by a Sorcerer.

You analyze your shadowy black shroud and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This is an "Imbued Shroud," and it contains a giantwoman poet, with an melancholy expression on her face. The spirit can NOT be changed or altered in any way. The whispers from the spirit contained within your shroud currently have a chance of being heard by others in the same room. To toggle this off, RUB your shroud. The spirit can occasionally be glimpsed by others when the shroud is worn and will WHISPER things to the wearer, and at higher unlock tiers those whispers can be heard by others in the room. When fully unlocked, this shadowy black shroud has the ability to unleash a wave attack a certain number of times per day. Alteration Information: This shadowy black shroud must remain a "shroud" and must always remain a cloth garment of very high quality, thus nothing even remotely tattered, torn, shabby, ragged, stained, etc. Aside from that, there are no restrictions. The shroud can handle both long and show descriptions with no trouble. This shroud is currently Tier 4 out of a maximum of 4 Tiers. This shroud has the following actions available: WEAR, REMOVE, PULL, PUSH, RUB, SMELL, TWIST, and SHAKE. At this Tier, the shroud has Spirit Shriek unlocked. This shroud currently has 1 uses of Spirit Shriek left. This shroud refills to its maximum of 1 uses of Spirit Shriek every day. This shroud is NOT unlocked for Greater Spirit Shriek. This shroud is restricted, and can only be worn by a Sorcerer.
You can tell that the shroud is as light as it can get and that its pockets could not possibly get any deeper.

Tier 1

Neckworn container which holds one very small item (increasing with each tier unlocked), inhabited by a spirit which will occasionally whisper to the wearer. The spirit contained within each shroud has a chance to be glimpsed by others from time to time, appearing between features and tattoos. In addition, the whispers of the spirit will occasionally be heard by those in the same room as the wearer. The odds for both of these go up as the shroud is unlocked to higher tiers.


Verb First Third
Wear You carefully layer your blue dimity shroud over your neckline, feeling its soft folds settle in against your skin. As you do, you catch the faintest echo of a quiet whisper at the edge of your hearing. XXX gently layers his blue dimity shroud over his neckline, his fingers lingering momentarily against its soft fabric. As he does, for the briefest moment a <tone> expression flickers across his face.
Remove You carefully remove your blue dimity shroud, feeling the soft fabric moving against your fingers. As you do, you catch the briefest glimpse of a human thief, his wary expression clear for a heartbeat before the vision fades completely. XXX carefully removes his blue dimity shroud, his expression <expression>. As he does, the air directly in front of him shimmers for a brief moment, and his eyes are locked on the effect until it fades away completely.
Pull You gently lift a fold of your blue dimity shroud up over your head, feeling its soft material against your ears. Between the gentle rustles of the cloth settling into place, you catch the barest hint of a quiet whisper. XXX gently lifts a fold of his blue dimity shroud up over his head. As it settles into place, a slightly <tone> expression creeps across his face for a heartbeat, then vanishes. He leans forward slightly and allows the blue dimity shroud to fall forward and conceal his features.
You carefully grasp the edges of your blue dimity shroud and pull it a little lower over your face. XXX carefully grasps the edges of his blue dimity shroud and pulls it a little lower over his face.
Push You gently lift the folds of your blue dimity shroud away from your face, allowing it to settle back around your neck. As the fabric slides across your ears, you catch the slightest hint of a quiet whisper. You feel a slight <tone> expression flicker across your face as the shroud is pulled away. XXX gently lifts the folds of his blue dimity shroud away from his face, allowing it to settle back around his neck. As the shroud is pulled away, a slightly <tone> expression flickers across his face as his features come fully back into view.
You run your fingers along the soft folds of your blue dimity shroud, bunching it up slightly and feeling the finely woven texture against the skin of your neck. XXX runs his fingers along his blue dimity shroud, bunching it up slightly and pressing it against his neck. As he does, a slightly <tone> expression flickers across his face.
(toggle off)
You run the palms of your hand slowly across the fabric of your blue dimity shroud, noting its flawless texture. As if from a great distance, you hear the barest whisper of a quiet voice, though it fades immediately. XXX runs the palm of his hand slowly across the fabric of his blue dimity shroud. For the briefest of moments, a <tone> expression flickers across his face, but it fades immediately.
(toggle on)
You carefully grasp the edges of the your blue dimity shroud and give it a gentle shake, feeling the folds of the fabric move against your skin. For just a moment, you catch a glimpse of a silhouetted human, his expression wary, but the vision fades after the barest of heartbeats. XXX carefully grasps the edges of his blue dimity shroud and gives it a gentle shake. XXX blinks once, his gaze becoming momentarily unfocused, but he recovers quickly.

Tier 2

Increased capacity to two items.


Verb First Third
Smell You carefully grasp one edge of your shroud and lift it to your nose, inhaling deeply. As you do, your vision swims slightly, and you feel a chill creep over you. You shudder slightly as you let the shroud fall back into place. XXX carefully grasps one edge of his blue dimity shroud, lifting it to his nose and inhaling deeply. As he does, his face contorts slightly into a <tone> expression, but it dissipates as he shudders slightly and allows the edge of the shroud to fall back into place.
Twist You idly grasp one end of your shroud and twist it slowly around your forefinger. As you do, a cold sensation settles over you, and you shift involuntarily, letting the shroud fall free once more. XXX idly grasps one end of his shroud and twists it around his forefinger. As he does, the hint of a <tone> expression dances across his face, and he shifts slightly, letting the shroud fall free once more.

Tier 3

Increased capacity, unlocks +3 enhancive to the unlocking profession's secondary stat (see table below) and attunes the shroud to that profession. Adds additional messaging when others catch sight of the spirit.

Tier 4

Increased capacity to twenty pounds and five items, unlocks the Spirit Shriek ability, and unlocks +3 enhancive to the profession's primary stat.


Verb First Third
Shriek You pull a fold of your shroud across your mouth and draw in a long breath. As you do, you hear a quiet voice whispering in your ear. The whispers grow suddenly louder, and you feel the breath being forcibly ejected from your lungs in a discordant, ululating shriek! This section has not been added yet; please add to it now!

Additional Information

Enhancives by Profession

Profession T3 T4
Warrior CON STR
Wizard AUR LOG
Cleric INT WIS
Empath INF WIS
Sorcerer AUR WIS
Ranger INT DEX
Paladin WIS STR

Untiered Unlocks

  • The x/day T4 Spirit Shriek ability can be unlocked for up to 10x/day uses.
  • The T4 Greater Spirit Shriek ability can be unlocked to replace the Spirit Shriek ability.
  • Feature concealer.

Special Rules

  • The enhancive is set at the time of the Tier 3 unlock, based on the profession of the individual holding the shroud when the certificate is used. From there, only someone of the same profession will be able to unlock Tier 4, or wear/use the shroud. This information can be seen in ANALYZE.
  • You can only wear one Shroud at a time, and they are functional equipment.
  • At T1 and T2, when the spirit is glimpsed, they are stationary. At T3/T4, the spirit is emoting in some fashion when it's glimpsed.
  • The whispers can be turned off for the room, but never for the wearer. Whispers to the room will adhere to the "No Ambient" flag setting, allowing players to opt out of seeing them at the same time as other ambients.
  • Both T3 and T4 enhancives are +3 to stat. T4 does not affect T3's enhancive. The enhancives are charge-based, and have roughly 25% of a Premium Enhancive's number of charges.
  • Spirit Shriek uses reset at midnight, EST, and there is no cooldown on their use. The functionality closely mirrors Elemental Wave (410), and you can reliably use that as a comparison for what Spirit Shriek would affect. Greater Spirit Shriek is akin to Major Elemental Wave (435).
  • The spirits do not have proper names (like Bill, or John, or Anderson, or Keanu).
  • Custom spirits will let you choose: Race, Profession/Archetype, Gender, Speaking Tone, Expression, Messaging for when someone glimpses the spirit, 9 individual whispers.


Imbued Shroud Information
Type Mechanical
Feature altering
Item Classification Container
Item(s) Applied to Shroud
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep Yes
Feature(s) Altered Additional line
Customizable Yes
Custom Spirit
Original Release Venue Rumor Woods
Tiered Yes
Number of Tiers 4
How to Unlock Certificate
Attunement Permanent
Attunes to Profession
Spell Elemental Wave (410)
Major Elemental Wave (435)
Enhancive Yes
Restrictions Capacity determined by tier
Item Verbs