Internal Power

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Internal Power
Available To Monks
Mnemonic [IPOWER]
Cost 20, can POP muscles
Roundtime 0 for blood, 10 for minors
Requirements None
Prerequisites None
Rank Square
1 2  
5 10

Internal Power is a combat maneuver available to monks only that allows a monk to repair their body. Each use of this maneuver will heal up to [15 + (5 * Rank)] hitpoints (HP). At rank 5, when at full HP, Internal Power can be used to heal a minor wound. This imparts 10 seconds of roundtime (RT) which can be reduced by 1 second for every 3 ranks of Mental Lore, Transformation.

Obtaining 1 rank is an effective method of keeping up health when hunting glistening cerebralites, where a certain amount of Pain retaliation is inevitable.


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