Mental Lore, Transformation

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Mental Lore, Transformation allows a character training in this skill to be more adept in the use of Mental sphere magic involving the transformation of their physical condition. Empathic healing falls under this school of training, as do abilities such as turning the caster's limbs into fierce claws or a sharp blade, or hardening the caster's skin to protect against attacks (although those spells don't actually exist).

Empath Base

The healing roundtime is decreased with training in Mental Lore, Transformation at a rate of -1 second for every 3 lore ranks.

Increases the bolt damage factor up to 0.100 at 200 ranks.
Provides a chance to heal a rank 2 or 3 wound fully when casting a healing spell.
Rank-based health point regeneration bonus of +1 per seed 3 of the summation chart.
Grants additional casts per day at 50, 125 and 200 ranks.

Minor Mental

The AsG of the natural armor formed by Iron Skin increases by 1 per (5 × seed 1) of the summation chart.
Ranks in this lore add a +1 bonus to the Unarmed attack factor per seed 1 of the summation chart.
Ranks in this lore add a bonus of 2% per seed 3 of the summation chart to disarm an attacker.

Meditate (monk ability)

  • The amount of resistance provided to monks through meditate is 10%, plus a 2% per bonus per a seed 1 summation of the monk's Transformation skill. Thus, a monk with 28 ranks of ML, Transformation would have a 24% resistance ability, and a monk with 91 ranks would have a 36% resistance.