Irosah's Armaments

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Irosah's Armaments is the armor shop in Kraken's Fall. It is located on the north side of Wandering Eye Market in a small oak and stucco shop.

[Irosah's Armory] RNUM: 29096
Large and small practice dummies are arranged on the western wall, each displaying a different armor type in a variety of colors and metals. Along the eastern wall, shields are suspending from long chains in the ceiling, their broad expanses block exterior light from entering the shop. Set beneath the light of twin lanterns, a long wooden counter separates the showroom from the workrooms and has a welcoming sign on it.


Welcome to Irosah's Armaments!

Uncle Irosah offers his catalog to browse.
Irosah exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a puff-sleeved white cotton shirt        14. a black flounce-necked tunic
  2. a black skull-embossed jack              15. a crimson skull-embossed jack
  3. a koi-crested black leather pourpoint    16. a koi-crested crimson leather pourpoint
  4. an ebon suede arming coat                17. a burgundy suede arming coat
  5. a slate grey kraken-stamped bodysuit     18. a hibiscus red kraken-stamped bodysuit
  6. a shell-scaled onyx suede corslet        19. a shell-scaled carmine suede corslet
  7. a ladder-laced black leather jerkin      20. a ladder-laced scarlet leather jerkin
  8. some riveted jet splint leather          21. some riveted madder splint leather
  9. a crab-tooled charcoal suede kuyak       22. a crab-tooled cinnabar suede kuyak
  10. an olive black fish-emblazoned byrnie   23. a blood red fish-emblazoned byrnie
  11. a raisin black squid-painted jazerant   24. a garnet red squid-painted jazerant
  12. an onyx-banded driftwood targe          25. a copper-banded driftwood parma
  13. an onyx-banded driftwood parma          26. a copper-banded driftwood targe