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Isiqiri (iss ih KEER ee) are traditional erithian-style shirts.[1]

The isiqiri is a shirt, but of a very particular cut. The sleeves always come to the wrist and are cuffed in some manner. Isiqiri have short, stiff and upright collars which are unfolded and rise one to two fingers above the shirt. They are buttoned, often in a matching style to the manner of cuffing, but often the method of buttoning is hidden by an overflap of material. Everyday isiqiri are of raw silk or basic linens, while the formal have a greater range. However, since isiqiri are typically worn under an atanika, they are usually less elaborately embroidered, even in formal attire. There is no appreciable difference between male and female cuts of an isiqiri.

Acceptable materials: Most cloth materials, but preferred materials are linens, muslins, and silks. For truly rugged professions, coarse materials like broadcloth are occasionally used.

Unacceptable materials: Wools, suedes, leathers.



a narrow-cuffed ivory linen isiqiri with nalatha agate buttons
a low-collared dark linen isiqiri with folded cuffs
a wide-cuffed ebon silk isiqiri buttoned with drought agates
a high-collared golden satin isiqiri with summer agate buttons
an ebon silk isiqiri with small fitted cuffs
a pale grey raw silk isiqiri secured with a single storm agate

Ebon Gate 2014:

a low-collared cotton isiqiri with polished maoral buttons
a wide-cuffed linen isiqiri

Ebon Gate 2013:

a low-collared gossamer silk isiqiri with pendant sleeves
a barrel-cuffed raw silk isiqiri with tiny jade buttons


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