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Island Armor is an armor shop in Mist Harbor. It is located in a palm-thatched bamboo shop on Crane Lane in Eastern Harbor. Its proprietor is Bazzle.

[Island Armor] RNUM: 19349
Potted palms in each of the four corners add a splash of green to the otherwise pale brown veneer of this polished bamboo paneled room. Mannequins of various statures stand along the walls boasting the newest armor styles, and an elaborately carved gold and green marble counter dominates the back of the room. Shelves have been built into the wall behind the counter, each one holding samples of the various armor accessories up for sale.


Welcome to Island Armor!

Bazzle offers his Armory Inventory List to browse.
Bazzle exclaims, "XXX!  Welcome back!  I have some top quality merchandise today in the backroom."

  Armory Inventory List
  1. some pale blue silk robes                 34. a set of royal gold mithril chain
  2. some pale aquamarine silk robes           35. a set of royal blue ora chain
  3. some pale yellow silk robes               36. a set of royal purple imflass chain
  4. some star-embossed leathers               37. a set of mithril chain hauberk
  5. some leaf-embossed leathers               38. a set of ora chain hauberk
  6. some arrow-embossed leathers              39. a set of imflass chain hauberk
  7. some sturdy white full leather            40. a royal purple metal breastplate
  8. some ivory-hued full leather              41. a deep crimson metal breastplate
  9. some well-oiled full leather              42. a vivid viridian metal breastplate
  10. some reinforced lion hide leathers       43. a shiny mithril breastplate
  11. some reinforced lynx hide leathers       44. a shiny ora breastplate
  12. some reinforced panther hide leathers    45. a shiny imflass breastplate
  13. a set of jet black double leathers (1x)  46. a set of mithril half plate
  14. a set of feather-tooled leathers (2x)    47. a set of ora half plate
  15. a set of tooled leathers                 48. a set of imflass half plate
  16. some trimmed blue leather breastplate    49. a suit of mithril full plate
  17. some trimmed green leather breastplate   50. a suit of ora full plate
  18. some trimmed red leather breastplate     51. a suit of imflass full plate
  19. some red-speckled leather                52. a lion-crested crimson mithril targe
  20. some gold-speckled leather               53. a boar-crested cerulean ora targe
  21. some silver-speckled leather             54. a tiger-crested tangerine glaes targe
  22. some plated bear hide leathers           55. a silver-rimmed mithril lantern shield
  23. some plated tiger skin leathers          56. an ebon-rimmed ora lantern shield
  24. some plated thrak hide leathers          57. a gold-rimmed glaes lantern shield
  25. a set of gold-plated brigandine          58. a flame-etched crimson mithril scutum
  26. a set of silver-plated brigandine        59. a star-etched indigo ora scutum
  27. a set of platinum-plated brigandine      60. a spear-etched grey glaes scutum
  28. a set of mithril chain mail              61. a magenta mithril mantlet
  29. a set of ora chain mail                  62. an orange oval ora mantlet
  30. a set of imflass chain mail              63. a grey glaes mantlet
  31. a set of claret mithril double chain     64. a steel-capped chain mail helm
  32. a set of cobalt ora double chain         65. a polished ora bascinet
  33. a set of myrtle imflass double chain     66. a brilliant red closed-face helm

  Backroom Armory Inventory List
  67. some pale green silk robes           73. a sun-crested lemon vultite targe
  68. some jet black full leather          74. a myrtle-rimmed vultite lantern shield
  69. a set of bead-trimmed leathers (4x)  75. a tower-etched ebon vultite scutum
  70. a set of mithril-plated brigandine   76. a viridian vultite mantlet
  71. some purple vultite chain hauberk    77. an ebon-plumed vultite bascinet
  72. a shiny steel breastplate   

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