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Island Boutique is a boutique shop in Mist Harbor. it is located on Honeysuckle Avenue, just west of Honeysuckle Crossing, in a small pale yellow boutique. Once opened by Chantaclair, Seamstress Melorna moved her wares into the old shop and opened for business, but Melorna was jailed for aiding the Grimswarm in attacking Mist Harbor. The shop was repossessed and in mid-5116 it was opened once again by Samentia.

[Island Boutique]
Two driftwood-framed windows stand to either side of the entry, each displaying a mannequin dressed in the latest fashions. Several display cases reside in the center of the room, the gems and jewelry pieces in each are illuminated by a lustrous chandelier that hangs from the slightly raised ceiling. Two corridors lead into different sections of the shop, and between them, an ivy-painted arch is flanked by potted palms that lend their exotic scents to the room.


Welcome to Island Boutique!

Samentia offers her catalog to browse.
Samentia exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a loosely knotted cotton sash               12. a pair of soft leather-tied sandals
  2. a knotted white ramie sash                  13. some ramie and smooth leather sandals
  3. a side-knotted umber silk sash              14. some golden leather thong sandals
  4. a dark aubergine silk sash                  15. some turquoise beaded leather sandals
  5. a thin dark orange organza belt             16. a pair of heliotrope silk sandals
  6. a softly folded black linen belt            17. a pair of pale braided bamboo sandals
  7. a folded niveous silk belt                  18. some teak-soled raffia sandals
  8. a distressed chocolate suede belt           19. some charcoal leather-thonged sandals
  9. an embroidered coral silk saewehni          20. some flat-soled thin leather sandals
  10. a bronze-beaded emerald brocade saewehni   21. some dark ankle-strapped sandals
  11. a tri-layered plum dupioni saewehni        22. a pair of ebon silk calf-laced sandals

Female Attire

[Island Boutique, Female Attire]
Painted silk screens are set before a wide driftwood window, blocking the view of the shop from anyone that might peep in from outside. The walls are the pale blue of the sky, and several colorful plaques set into the painted wood are shaped like indigenous birds. In the center of the room, tall faenor racks display various female clothing, while a long counter at the back of the room displays those garments not suited for hanging.
Obvious exits: southwest, west
  1. an ankle-length white chainsil skirt   8. a slit-sleeved iris chainsil blouse
  2. a calf-length thin ecru linen skirt    9. a cowl-necked cream chainsil blouse
  3. a layered jungle green skirt           10. a thigh-length raspberry linen tunic
  4. a multilayered natural linen skirt     11. an open-necked chamomile silk tunic
  5. some loose jade watered silk serwals   12. a side-knotted lapis chainsil saephua
  6. some tangerine painted silk serwals    13. a gold-sheened peridot organza saephua
  7. some fitted tawny golden serwals       14. an embroidered heliotrope silk saephua

Male Attire

[Island Boutique, Male Attire]
Golden sunlight spills across the polished white birch planks as it trickles through the open driftwood window. Painted a deep green that mimics the jungle canopy, the walls that surround the room are uninterrupted save for various oak brown mounted shelves that house a variety of folded clothing, while an open carved oak wardrobe occupies one corner and is filled with hanging garments.
Obvious exits: east, southeast
  1. a thin ecru woven cotton sweater      9. a wide-sleeved ecru linen tunic
  2. a soft pale green cotton sweater      10. some wide-cuff pewter ramie serwals
  3. a suede-backed sapphire silk vest     11. a pair of loose yellow chainsil serwals
  4. a gold-striped cobalt linen vest      12. a pair of rich marine dupioni serwals
  5. a hip-length storm grey vest          13. a pair of rust chainsil trousers
  6. a semi-sheer white linen tunic        14. some black and amethyst cotton pantaloons
  7. a coral linen leaf-patterned tunic    15. a pair of baggy beige linen pantaloons
  8. an open-necked aubergine silk tunic   16. some straight pale cotton pants


[Island Boutique, Accessories]
Glaesine orbs dangle from the ceiling and cast rainbow swirls upon the various wares on display upon the wide driftwood shelves that line the pale violet walls. Gem-inlaid jewelry trees shaped like tropical flowers are arranged on long green tables, displaying items that glitter in the colorful light. A plum-hued carpet stretches from this section of the shop into the central foyer.
Obvious exits: out

  1. a profusely belled silver anklet          8. a broad-brimmed woven reed hat
  2. a carved cocobolo armband                 9. an onyx-buckled white linen hip-purse
  3. a wide spiky oyster shell cuff            10. a linen-wrapped slim zebrawood case
  4. a teak-leafed twining copper bangle       11. a gold-hinged stained teak kit
  5. a wide cuff of burnished teak beads       12. a haon-toggled rust suede satchel
  6. a stack of six oiled cocobolo bracelets   13. a burnished toucan-tooled hip-case
  7. a solid sapphire linen headscarf          14. a sun-bleached sea grass back-basket