Island Shipping

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Island Shipping is the locker moving service in Mist Harbor. It is a small hut located at Oleander and Daisy Avenue.

Island Shipping

Small packages, barrels, and crates stack from floor to ceiling, crowding almost every inch of the hut.  Near the door, an overturned crate has been fashioned into a serviceable desk with a handwritten notice and a rates sign tacked to it.  You also see a young clerk.

>look at clerk
You see an attractive young lass wearing a simple breezy silk dress.  Her light brown hair is pulled back into a bun that's kept in place with a delicate coral comb.  Her skin is fair and her eyes dark brown.  Her manner is business-like but when she smiles she brightens up the whole room.

Room Messaging

The young clerk smoothes her dress.
The young clerk furrows her brow and says, "Now where did I put that file..."
The young clerk stretches.
The young clerk yawns, covering her mouth with a delicate hand.
The young clerk hums a pleasant little melody as she peruses a document on the desk.