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Gender male
Venue Evermore Hollow

Jeem is a merchant. Jem doesn't work on frou frou. He worked in the Wrencrest Rookery at Evermore Hollow.


You see Ghostly Spirit Jeem.
He appears to be a ghost.
His translucent form shifts and wavers in the air currents.  He is taller than average with blue-tinged skin, and appears to be an adult.  He has short, fine brown hair swept back from the temples.  He has tired hazel eyes, a prominent nose, and a high forehead.
He is in good shape, for a spirit.
He is holding an avian-etched suit of ebon plate armor set with fiery viridian soulstones in his right hand.
He is wearing a sleeveless white cotton undershirt, a small leather belt pouch, some black wool breeches, and a pair of worn leather shoes.


In the Common language, it reads:
Today, I will do quick alterations [longs], lightening, or deepening.  No froo-froo dresses, or froo-froo AT ALL.  Reserve rights to say no to anything. 
10,000 silvers.

I will not work for you a second time in a day unless I say otherwise.