Jeraud's Finery for the Groom

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Jeraud's Finery for the Groom is a boutique shop in Mist Harbor. It is located in the Great Hall in Ceiluir Glade, southeast of the foyer.

[Great Hall, Groom's Shop] RNUM: 19612
Stretching the expanse of one wall is the bas-relief mural of a traditional wild hunt. The verdant pigments painted into the piece's terrain are echoed in the smooth floor tiles, while the warm browns are accented by the mahogany flooring. Cherrywood tables and racks are placed throughout the shop, displaying their wares, and copper lanterns suspended from above offer ample illumination by which to shop.


Welcome to Jeraud's Finery for the Groom!

Shopkeeper Jeraud offers his catalog to browse.
Jeraud exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a lace-trimmed creamy rose boutonniere   11. a fitted black silk vest
  2. a beribboned tea rose boutonniere        12. a patterned viridian linen vest
  3. a colorful wildflower boutonniere        13. a pair of white silk trousers
  4. a leaf-trimmed white lily boutonniere    14. a pair of black linen trousers
  5. an embroidered silvery linen shirt       15. a pair of navy blue silk pants
  6. a loose-necked white silk shirt          16. a pair of black silk pants
  7. a frill-necked bloused white shirt       17. a pair of silver-tipped shoes
  8. a light-weight ecru linen tunic          18. some tooled black leather shoes
  9. a silver-edged cerulean blue vest        19. a pair of black dress shoes
  10. an elegant ebon-whorled vest            20. a pair of polished ebon boots