Jewel-adorned ebonwood enshai

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Adapted from a post by ETANNIDOMHNAILL 1 April 2008

The ebonwood enshai was released as a master quality instrument at the Ebon Gate 2006 auction. It is still with the original owner, who has since departed from the game, but it was placed in the test server. Naturally, we grabbed it to get it sung to. For everyone's perusal, here is the loresong we were able to extract.


Verse 1:

1P: As you begin to sing to the enshai your mind is filled with the colorful trappings of a festival. Surrounding you are tapestries and bejeweled trinkets, their sparkle glinting off the dancing firelight. The sounds of happy voices and musical merriment flood your senses.

3P: First verse, third person: Singing soft and low at first, Bard holds the enshai in his hands, touching the instrument lightly.

Verse 2:

1P: You continue to sing, raising your voice an octave higher as your eyes follow a young Eritian woman who has entered the celebration hall. The surrounding crowd throws fragrant petals at her feet as she walks in circles around the room in time with the melody of the musicians song.

3P: Bard raises the intensity of his song as his eyes squeeze closed tightly.

Verse 3:

1P: Raising your voice up again, you watch as the woman rests at the center of the room where her bridegroom is waiting patiently. Through the pale candlelight you see whispers being exchanged between the couple and hands being joined. After a short time the couple stand and turn to face the surrounding crowd. A moment later the hall explodes in an eruption of applause and cheers.

3P: Bard continues his intense song, tightening his grip on the enshai.

Verse 4:

1P: As you continue to string together the notes of an uplifting melody, the bride and groom parade around the hall. The musicians begin a joyful tune which echoes across the stone walls. Your vision beings to blur into a colorful swirl of flowers and firelight before completely fading.

3P: Bard continues to weave a fluid string of notes, his chorus becoming bright and uplifting.

Verse 5:

1P: A muted tone comes from the enshai, then falls silent.

3P: A muted tone comes from the enshai as Bard weaves a song, then it falls silent.