Ebon Gate 2006

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A map of Ebon Gate: Return of Velathae in the year 5106. See Ebon Gate 2006 (map) for additional maps.

Ebon Gate is a festival that is held annually, and the theme for 2006 is "Return of Velathae."

History of Ebon Gate Festival

Merchants of Velathae

  • Anfhuil
  • Anoi
  • Berla
  • Brighita
  • Caelis
  • Cetiei
  • Creidne
  • Crocus
  • Dottye
  • Ghoulisha
  • Haelis
  • Igan
  • Iellania
  • Ironwright
  • Kattika
  • Kiyolen
  • Korilev
  • Lyntha
  • Muirne
  • Myrellie
  • Prettonia

Ebon Gate Auction

The Ebon Gate 2006 auction will distribute 250 items. To be eligible for an auction item one must have bought a special auction ticket and only 250 of those were sold.


Full Map
Full Map, no room colors
Basic Map
Basic Map, no room colors
Basic Map, no room colors or numbers

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