Jewels of the Sky

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Jewels of the Sky is the jewelry shop in Cysaegir. It is located above Claerine's twin sister, Claeresse's, store, Gems of the Earth. The twins imply that the jewelry sold in Jewels of the Sky is made from the gems they purchase at Gems of the Earth.

[Jewels of the Sky]
A patched canopy shields this tiny shop from sun and rain, though more importantly, the thick wooden rails along the perimeter protects patrons from suffering a terrible demise at the hands of gravity. The melodious warbling of songbirds sets a pleasant atmosphere for the jewelers to work under, crafting lovely baubles and trinkets. A circular table covered with velvet displays their beautiful creations. You also see the merchant Claerine.


Name Price
1. a strand of blue quartz beads 5000
2. a strand of yellow heliodor beads 5000
3. a strand of rainbow quartz beads 5000
4. a strand of errisian topaz beads 5000
5. a strand of fiery jacinth beads 5000
6. a strand of water sapphire beads 5000
7. a strand of smooth onyx beads 5000
8. a strand of shimmertine beads 5000
9. a strand of chrysoprase beads 5000
10. a strand of tigereye agate beads 5000
11. a strand of imperial topaz beads 5000
12. a reflective silver moon pendant 10000
13. a stylized gold sun pendant 10000
14. a platinum shooting star pendant 10000
15. a glaesine crystal bead choker 10000
16. some multihued glimaerstone earrings 10000
17. some moonglae opal feather earrings 10000
18. an emerald blazestar ivy earcuff 10000
19. a sylvarraend ruby phoenix earcuff 10000
20. a thin jet and ivory bracelet cuff 7500

The store possesses no backroom goods.