Kahlyr's Precious Gems

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Kahlyr's Precious Gems is the jewelry shop in Solhaven. it is located in North Market Northeast. The proprietor of the salesroom is Denaru, who is located up the stairs of the gemshop.

[Kahlyr's Precious Gems]
A pure white snowflake against a jet black background covers the floor within the semicircle formed by the three display cases in this upper chamber. The central display case is flanked on the right and left by two glaes-paned display cases that enclose the room. The tight woolen pile of the carpet absorbs the sound of footsteps and creates a sense of inherent luxury. A carpeted stairway leads down to the first floor. You also see the gem merchant Denaru.


Welcome to Kahlyr's Precious Gems!

The gem merchant Denaru offers his catalog to browse.
Denaru exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a pair of silver hoop earrings   21. some leopard cowry earrings
  2. a small gold hoop earring        22. a tiger cowry necklace
  3. a pair of gold hoop earrings     23. some tiger cowry earrings
  4. a small silver earcuff           24. a snow cowry necklace
  5. a small golden earcuff           25. some snow cowry earrings
  6. a square-cut turquoise ring      26. a strand of black pearls
  7. a round-cut topaz ring           27. a pair of black pearl earrings
  8. an oval-cut amethyst ring        28. a strand of pink pearls
  9. a bezel-cut diamond ring         29. a pair of pink pearl earrings
  10. a gold engagement ring          30. a strand of golden pearls
  11. a jewelled engagement ring      31. a pair of golden pearl earrings
  12. a diamond engagement ring       32. a crystal seastar pendant
  13. a turquoise and silver band     33. some crystal seastar earrings
  14. a topaz and gold band           34. a crystalline seaspider pendant
  15. a diamond and amethyst band     35. a shark's tooth pendant
  16. a gold wedding band             36. a shark's tooth earring
  17. a white gold wedding band       37. a dwarf-cut emerald
  18. a red gold wedding band         38. a dwarf-cut blue sapphire
  19. a twisted gold torque           39. a dwarf-cut diamond
  20. a leopard cowry necklace