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River's Rest Map

This category lists all creatures found in the Karazja Jungle hunting area. The Karazja Jungle hunting area is nearest to the town of River's Rest. It is found on the River's Rest town map RR-riversrest and the original Tsoran map RR-riversrest.

The Karazja Jungle is located south of River's Rest. Though the jungle is so close to town that parts of the jungle have begun to encroach on the older areas of the graveyard, a clump of ferns marks the true edge of the deep jungle.

At least part of the jungle was once the site of what must have been fabulous gardens, writing on one ruined statue dates them back to the Kannalan Empire in 3878 BCE. Now those gardens have been reclaimed by the jungle and over run by trolls and wildlife. The Trolls having defaced the statues and idols which were once part of the gardens.

One the statues, located down a path still traveled enough to have avoided becoming overgrown, is an idol that has been crudely reformed by the trolls to represent one of their gods and still receives offerings. Though, those offerings must be far removed from whatever the original deity that was represented would have received. A loresong mentions similar trollish behavior and may possibly give some insight.

Landmarks and other information

Due to the rampant growth of the Karazja Jungle, mapping it is impossible. In fact, the jungle it's self seems to want to trap those who travel there indefinitely. One moment you have a clear path to the exit and in the next the wind picks up for a moment and your surroundings change faster then you can blink. Those who travel to Karazja Jungle would be wise to have a way out besides their feet, be it magical teleportation, a gold ring, or a society power.

Messaging that reflects a change in the jungle:

A sudden gust of wind blows the leafy undergrowth into your face. When the wind ebbs everything looks...different.


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