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Gold rings are a common magical item drop from the treasure system that allow fast transportation between any two points within a realm. There are, as with Transference, certain areas that they cannot be used to get out of. Gold rings can sometimes be purchased in the backroom of pawnshops and at player run shops. Additionally, they can be purchased using bounty points at the Adventurer's Guild.


When a new ring is put on for the first time the wearer feels a pulse. This is the ring's signal that it is now set to the current location of the wearer. This location can be changed at any time to a new location by TURNing the ring while wearing it. When the ring is REMOVEd and then worn again two things happen: first, the current location of the wearer is set as the location in the ring, and second, the wearer is transported to the last location that was set in the ring.

Casting Elemental Detection (405) at a gold ring will indicate where the ring is set to:

You gesture at a twisted gold ring.
The essence swirls about the ring in a fog of meaningful patterns that indicate this is a powerful magical transference item that is attuned to teleport the person wearing it to Zul Logoth, Mine Extension
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Bob finds a ring and, while standing the the Graveyard crypt, puts the ring on and feels a pulse in it. Bob then goes to the Landing and while in Town Square Central, then removes and wears the ring. This transports Bob to the crypt and sets the location in the ring to Town Square Central. Bob then removes and wears the ring again, returning him to Town Square and making the crypt, once again, the location stored in the ring.


Each time a ring is used there is a chance the Chronomages will detect it and intercept the wearer. They bring the wearer to an unknown location, lecture them, steal their silvers (capped at 10,000 as of 12/18/2022), and then dump them in a location dependent on the realm.

You find yourself standing in a large, nondescript room which smells of old vellum and dust.  The chamber is dominated by a huge carved mahogany desk with a black-haired human sitting behind it.  A faint chiming noise fills the air as you adjust to your new surroundings.  Without even looking up, the young man behind the desk intones, "Use of an unauthorized transportation device, said item to be confiscated along with any silver in the bearer's possession."
With that, a pair of burly enforcers stride up and roughly take the large gold ring from you.

Their job done, they nod to the man behind the desk who makes a notation on a piece of parchment.  He then continues, "Very well, show our guest out."

None too gently, the brutish enforcers heave you through a shimmering, rectangular blue portal on the wall.

Other Forms

A variety of gold ring holders exist that can fit a gold ring.

Merchants have sold transportation items that operate similarly to gold rings in the form of boots and mirrors.

A Gold ring tattoo was found while Deep Sea Diving at Ebon Gate 2018.

Ring Variety

The treasure system generates rings with 21 different adjectives in order to help players sort their various rings, as well as add a bit more flavor to the world.

Unnavvable Gold Rings

Special gold rings that are unnavvable have been sold at high end pay events, including Duskruin Arena. Unnavvable rings are also available in the SimuCoins Store for 250 SCs in two forms: 30-day unlimited uses and 60 uses. It has been stated by other players that these rings do not work properly with 225. Until an official source, or a snippet of a log, can be acquired, take this as awareness only and not set in stone fact.

Teleportation Review

With the 2016 Teleportation Review, the range of gold rings was greatly extended in a majority of realms. West of the Dragon Spine Mountains, one can now ring directly between the realms of Icemule Trace, Solhaven, and Wehnimer's Landing, as well as Khazar's Hold outside of Zul Logoth. East of the mountains one can ring between the realms of Ta'Illistim, Cysaegir, Sylvarraend, Ta'Vaalor, and Zhindel's Post. However, when traveling frequently between two towns, an alternative is to get a day pass from the Chronomage Teleportation System for only 5,000 silvers and instantly traveling by RAISing the pass in the appropriate transport room. This method avoids any risk of silvers loss.

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