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Kastrel Tyraegen Faendryl is a Faendryl sorcerer who has been seen traveling throughout mainstream Elanthia for several years now. Unlike a number of traveling Faendryl, he has neither been banished from New Ta'Faendryl, nor has he abandoned his House; he is merely seeking to expand his knowledge of the world, sorcery, and the fabric of reality from a first hand perspective, instead of from a book or classroom. This whimful urge only came upon him in recent years, and he had spent the previous years of his life spending the entirety of his waking hours studying, hence, he is well knowledged for a Faendryl of his rather youthful age.

Kastrel is somewhat of a quieter sort, neither possessing the crueler characteristics of his sorcerous brethren, or the haughty attitude of the average Faendryl. Most often, he can be found resting quietly, often with a book in hand, in a more isolated location. He pays little heed to race, house, age, social status or professional persuasion, instead prefering to let an individual's skills and usefulness prove their worth. While he is a citizen of New Ta'Faendryl, he has earned citizenship in the Aelotoi town of Cysaegir, as he finds its isolation, peacefulness, and lack of crude individuals to be a rare occurance in the greater Elanthian area.

It is rare to find him in a particularly talkative mood. Kastrel will respond to comments directed towards him, and make an offhand comment from time to time, but it is uncommon to see him strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. The only ways to get Kastrel really going are to get him teaching, or to tickle his curiosity, as he will strive to learn that which he desires. This usually occurs between him and other sorcerers, who are some of the few people to see him speak often.

While Kastrel is well knowledged in nearly all aspects of magic, he is particularly interested and well versed in his own sorcerous pursuits, especially that of Demonology and Planar Studies. His first major published work was a guide for the use of the sorcerous spell Planar Shifting, which he released after experiencing first hand the occurances which led to its creation.

Other information:

Sex: Male Age: 75 Birthday: 6/23/5031 Race: Dark Elf Culture: Faendryl Profession: Sorcerer (Demonologist) Citizenship: Citizen of New Ta'Faendryl and Cysaegir House Membership: Member of Twilight Hall Guild: Member of the Sorcerer Guild, Master of Illusions