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Timeline of Events: Second Half

July 2017

  • A temporal storm begins to flare up along Melgorehn's Reach and destabilizes the red portal in the Hendoran Outpost that leads to the Bleaklands. In turn, the portal begins to vanish, and re-appear all over the Lower Dragonsclaw and Upper Trollfang forest. Then, from the portal begins to spawn Blameless zombies, bleakworms, vultures, and other denizens of the Bleaklands. Finally the portal settles near outside of Wehnimer's Landing, and begins to grow in size, and a huge black floating maggot creature covered in teeth and arms can be seen nearing the portal, trying to cross through. The giant bloated creature even spawns swarms of insects that attack adventurers defending the town. The heroes use the pylons to help fire on the portal, weakening it so it begins to shrink. Grand Magister Dennet and his mages and golems finally escape the Bleaklands before the portal closes. Some of the mages die while trying to escape.
  • The next night, Grand Magister Dennet explains his findings in the Bleaklands will be made available in time. Later, Quinshon also mentioned that Subarashi will finally be given access to help observe Rodnay. In a war of words after the Hendoran Outpost conflict, many were angry Dennet had Rodnay, and some even tried to broker a deal if the stolen plinite could be given over to Dennet, he would in turn hand over Rodnay back to the town.
  • Sir Gregory, a Hendoran Knight informed some of the adventurers that he sent word to Earl Jovery to send a new commander, or name a new commander, in light of the murder of Sir Michol being discovered. He also informed the heroes that Osment "the Augment" was coming to Wehnimer's Landing to investigate the death, because it matched some dark magic used to murder a man named Johnathan in Chastonia. Johnathan was the nephew of Lady Sionwryn Chydenar, Baroness of Mestanir. She had sent Osment, who was a member of the Red Brigade, to use his anti-magic skills and items to find the murderer. The death of Sir Michol, and the dark magic at work, matched Osment's findings in Chastonia, so now he is staying in Wehnimer's Landing temporarily to get to the bottom of it.
  • Osment arrived in Wehnimer's Landing and found temporary residence in Wayside Inn. He was seen wearing a lot of anti-magic items, such as kroderine gauntlets, and a belt full of Mandis crystal shards. He said he would begin questioning people over the next few weeks in regards to his investigation into the murder of Sir Michol.
  • In River's Rest, during the Pickle Festival, the merchant Jellybeard showed up and had informed some people that some old woman had come to River's Rest several weeks ago, seeking him out to obtain some poison, which he later remembered to be called the Long Suffering. He did not have access or information to such a rare poison, but he did sell a magical brass crossbow to the woman, which was imbued with a powerful magical means of sighting, greatly increasing the user's aim.
  • Osment interviewed Captains Stormyrain and Shinann of the Landing Militia.

August 2017

  • Mayor Cruxophim allowed Ysharra and some others to visit Carenos in his imprisonment in the Brass Tower. They had questioned Carenos, but he was wild and hardly lucid, chanting and laughing and drawing pictures on the walls with his own blood. He even had tried to chew off half of his own mouth. He kept uttering random things like she's not his, she's not his, and blood of the shadow, and the Talon. Some other adventurers, such as Shinann, Kayse, Stormyrain, Cryheart, etc eventually stormed the tower to prevent what might be occurring. In the end, Carenos, in some moments of clarity, begged for his end. Making a tough choice, Ysharra cradled Carenos in her arms and slit his throat as everyone watched him bleed to death. His Long Suffering had ended.
  • Dennet and Reannah come to town, and ask the adventurers to show them a nice spot to dance. Everyone heads over to Silvergate's Ballroom where everyone dances the night away, including Reannah who seems to enjoy some melancholic moments with her husband, as if she knows her end may be coming. Reannah also announces her and her daughter may go south before the winter to help protect her health against the cold. Dennet also announces that his work should be completed by year's end and that he got a missive from Sir Thadston that he is returning to reclaim control of the Outpost. Many in the crowd do not actually believe Dennet about the letter from Thadston.
  • Dennet, making good on his word, offered to escort Subarashi down beneath the Hendoran Outpost to visit Rodnay in the magical coffin like he had promised. For that night only, Dennet allowed Subarashi to let others accompany her down there as well. Dennet left for awhile, and when others were in the presence of Rodnay, the boy seemed to come alive, his mind revealing memories of many present, and kept showing off an amethyst light. In time, he became erratic, and Quinshon arrived and quieted Rodnay and told those gathered they needed to leave.
  • Osment interviewed Chaoswynd and Severine.
  • Osment interviewed Cruxophim and Ysharra.
  • Osment interviewed Subarashi and Lornieh.
  • Osment interviewed Leafiara and Elementz.
  • Osment interviewed Xorus and Rhayveign but shortly after walking off with them he went missing. His scribe had been sent off to fetch some water, and when he returned Osment was gone. Rhayveign was questioned by many, but claimed Osment had felt ill and wanted to question them at a later time. No signs of foul play or anything further was noted in Osment's sudden disappearance. Xorus was nowhere to be found. When asked later the dark elven warlock dismissed the idea Osment is missing as the young human scribe being a "paranoid racist with an overactive imagination."
  • Dennet comes into town and talks with many gathered. He explains that within a few nights he plans, with the aid of Quinshon and others, to try to do a magical ritual to transfer the mind/spirit/soul of Cyph into a corpse, removing Cyph from the body that is poisoned with the Long Suffering. Mayor Cruxophim agreed to find a suitable body, young, male and not very damaged. In exchange, Dennet offered to make a generous donation to the family who volunteers the use of their loved one's corpse.
  • Osment reappeared once more and met with everyone at the Wayside Inn; he explained his absence to those present by the fact that he had gotten sick for a night or two, perhaps on too much brandy, and informed everyone of his conclusion that the Kestrel family was innocent of the murder of Sir Michol; as such, he stated that he would be departing the following morning to pursue his prior investigation in the south. Afterward, Dennet met with Mayor Crux and others gathered on the matter of acquiring a suitable body to transfer Cyph into. They proceeded to the Temple Graveyard, where a town guard brought a wagon with three 'properly' acquired corpses to inspect. Dennet decided upon the first body after poking them for a bit, thus concluding that bit of macabre business. The Mayor informed him that he had personally inspected the bodies beforehand, and assured Dennet he would clean and prepare the chosen cadaver for the ritual.
  • Reannah went swimming with many adventurers in the tidal pool in the North Shores neighborhood outside of the town walls. For a good amount of time, she seemed more full of life, even playful, but had some moments of sorrow as she told others of her concerns about Dennet's plan to transfer Cyph's mind into another body, and if it would be successful, and if it would still even be her son.
  • Dennet, Quinshon and a number of adventurers met in the Circles of Stones where the ritual to transfer Cyph into a new (deceased) body would happen. Dennet drew wards on the ring of stones, and adventurers watched as the process occured. Dennet placed a smooth obsidian device on the body's head, as Quinshon worked his magic and transferred the memories from Cyph in the glass coffin into the body they had prepared. During the process, some of Cyph's memories came to life, appearing before the crowd and showing that Carenos and a Cult of Mularos did infact torture Cyph in Immuron, but somehow he got away or escaped. But later, Cyph, in his rage, hunted down Carenos home and burned his two daughters alive, while making Carenos watch. After awhile, the ritual was declared successful, and Quinshon, at the request of Dennet, had taken some of Cyph's painful memories (like his murdering two girls and being tortured) and erased them, so if Cyph woke up, he would not remember those dark moments.
  • Drandrea showed up in town, very angry that Dennet performed the transference of her grandson's mind and warned those present that he better hope the process worked and when the new body woke up it was her grandson.

September 2017

  • Lady Drandea shows up again in town, physically angry and full of rage and claiming Cyph woke up, but is not her grandson. He sounds different, moves different, and doesn't remember a majority of their own time spent in Immuron. Drandea blames Dennet and cannot believe Cyph barely remembers his own grandmother. Some adventurers present tell Drandea that Dennet requested Quinshon erase some painful memories, so now Drandea believes Dennet erased most of her from Cyph's mind on purpose. She accuses Mayor Cruxophim of being in cahoots with Dennet but then she says she will testify to the murder of Lana Opherian, the girl from Landing, and that Dennet was responsible if they will apprehend Dennet, she will be able to provide more evidence if he is out of the way and that many soldiers in the Outpost do not trust him. In the end, no one believes Drandea and says she needs evidence now. Drandea threatens Cruxophim and storms off.
  • Cyph awakens in his new body. He is escorted to the Blue Phoenix Tavern in the Outpost by some soldiers. Many adventurers come to visit him. He remarks on his new physical features, noting he is more handsome than before. He still has clumps of missing hair. His speech is off, stammering some, and he appears weak, and was seen using a cane. After some time and some conversation, he returned to his quarters.
  • Thadston rides on a horse back to town, seemingly having ended his quest to hunt down Raznel and save his son Disean. Notably absent is Casiphia, the woman who Disean had fallen in love with and had traveled with Thadston to go find him. Thadston appeared very stoic and spoke very little. He told those gathered that he had returned, the witch was still at large, but his son was gone and shared no further details. Winston, the bloodhound, begins to snoop around the Mayor's office and seems to be unsettled by Thadston, but then Mayor Cruxophim feeds the bloodhound a black apple and the hound chows it down and seems content to rest. Thadston does not linger long, but does warn that he will have no tolerance for enemies of the Empire any longer.
  • Dennet shows up in the Mayor's office one night, claiming to be visiting on business, and casually comments on Thadston's rigged attitude lately, comments that Reannah and Naimorai are doing well, and Cyph is recovering his strength. Dennet does confirm when asked that he is indeed willing to trade Rodnay for the cache of stolen plinite the Rooks took, and he would like to avoid bloodshed. Dennet also explained he would watch the world burn and die if it meant saving his wife, and while he wishes to avoid bloodshed, he does not mean to be stopped in saving Reannah. That same night, Crook, a little urchin girl who presumbly works for the Brotherhood of Rooks, appeared in the Mayor's office and explained that some of the mana pylons had been transported through a blue portal to somewhere dark and she could not see what was on the other end. She was rewarded with gems and coins for her information.
  • Two militiamen appear in town and comment on some girl telling them about a corpse being found, but didn't say where. When they found nothing, the guards gave up their search. But some adventurers did their own search party and found a corpse in the Burrow Way tunnels beneath town, no sign of struggle or violence, just dried blood that had seeped out of his eyes. When Stormyrain tried to perform a loresong on the corpse, she was met only with blinding shadows. Leafiara recognized the corpse as Samuel, a dockworker who sometimes donated herbs to the town center. The heroes went to the docks, and some workers confirmed Samuel hadn't showed up in a day or two, and hint that he worked for the "King", which meant Rysus and the Brotherhood of Rooks. Some speculated that Quinshon had murdered Samuel and was seeking information from his mind.
  • Sir Thadston shows up one night to make an announcement. He declares that there will be no tolerance for enemies of the Empire, and that includes the Brotherhood of Rooks who had launched an attack just over a month ago on the Outpost. He said his goal was to hunt down the stolen plinite and kill Rysus. He refused to share details of his operations and plans coming up as he said there were too many sympathizers in the crowd. Mayor Cruxophim and the Militia Captains reminded Thadston he had no authority in the town and any raids within the walls would be viewed as crossing a line and defended against. Once Thadston returned to his outpost, Dennet appeared, as if invisible the whole time, and commented on Thadston's rudeness and rough behavior. He said to those present that he would try to keep Thadston distracted and at bay long enough for the plinite to be recovered with little to no bloodshed.
  • One night, Hendoran soldiers and Landing militia were found on the 2nd floor of Thrak's Inn, trying to arrest Lady Drandea. The Hendoran soldiers explained that they had discovered a magical sighted crossbow and a vial of empty Long Suffering poison in Drandea's quarters in the Outpost, and had tracked her new whereabouts to the Inn. The Hendoran soldiers were reminded they have no jurisdiction in Thrak's and the knights left. After some coaxing from those adventurers present, Drandea opened the door, but when others went inside it was blackened by magical darkness. Drandea used the cover to escape. She was later tracked down in the stash room of the pawn shop, where militia captains convinced her to go with them and they'd protect her in custody and keep her away from the Outpost. Drandea was escorted to the Militia Barracks in town. That same night, a tremor was felt through town, and Rysus appeared in the Mayor's office to tell them it wasn't the first tremor, there had been a few more underground ones days before. Rysus was asked if he'd give up or trade the plinite, he had no price to give, but said he'd be willing to listen to offers. Not long after, Rodnay reached out to Kayse's mind and warned her that someone was intending to kill him and he wished to live.
  • Mayor Cruxophim pardons Stephos and Alendrial DeArchon, and rumor of such spreads quickly. A brick etched with the word "Traitor" is thrown through his office window, perhaps signaling the first sign of unrest.
  • Several Militia members gather outside of Moot Hall, where they verbally and consecutively excoriate Mayor Cruxophim for his decision to pardon the DeArchons; they cite loved ones who died at the hands of krolvin armed by Stephos' profiteering, and throw away their Militia badges in angry protest. Judging by the diverse reactions of those also present, the decision remains contentious at best.
  • The Tehir shaman, Teuriz, opens a portal to the Shadow Realm using Evia's black veins, an intractable reminder of her last visit to the same dark world; once inside, an unlikely alliance of adventures attempt to locate and rescue Acorn... among other things. The rescuers eventually discover the urchin mired and helpless within a pool of blood and shadow, and using Lylia's soulstone (which once belonged to Aralyte, who was trapped there previously) as a guide, attempt to pull him free. A Faendryl woman presumed to be none other than Aralyte herself rises from the mire to help, and with what appears to be the last vestiges of her strength, the blind urchin is successfully extracted. Meanwhile, back in the Landing, a clash between Thadston, the Rooks, and several other parties arises down in the Burrow Way tunnels when Thadston attempts to find the stolen plinite on his own with brute force. He is ultimately unsuccessful in his mission, but many Rooks/Landing citizens lose their lives in the conflict. In a move for transparency, Stephos and Mayor Cruxophim reveal that the plinite was missing because it had already been recovered, and assure those present that it is being held safely until the exchange; Kayse later voluntarily confesses to having bartered the agreement for such through the Arbiter and on behalf of the Mayor.
  • The exchange between Mayor Cruxophim and Grand Magister Dennet (mediated in part by Kayse, as per their own agreement) goes off without a hitch, save for one minor snag... when Rodnay is released from the bane coffin, it is revealed that Maylan has conspired with the Rooks to murder Rodnay during this most vulnerable moment; however, Rodnay makes short work of the would-be assassins, sending a wall of arrows flying toward Maylan that stops just short of perforating her beyond all recognition. After Rodnay collapses, Kayse and a few others then sequester him in a more private location, where he can recuperate for some time.
  • Naimorai meets with various people on the Black Sands, and requests Deacon Irar's presence in the Temple of Koar; Naimorai then opens a portal directly to Tamzyrr, and allows the remainder of the entourage to wander around unsupervised while she and Irar have a private prayer session. Local gossip later suggests that Jellybeard was spotted consorting among the acolytes, and that the raven-haired woman (Naimorai) was seen giving Irar a vial of some sort.

October 2017

  • 10-3-17 - Cyph is still speaking slowly and his magic is gone, but he feels stronger and is walking without a cane or the help of soldiers. Cyph gives Leafiara a sack, saying she might find its contents useful; later in the night after he leaves, she tells everyone that healing herbs were inside. Cyph wants to join the Landing militia and become a citizen; Shinann says she'll submit the form to Marshall Thrayzar and Crux says he'll prepare the citizenship paperwork. After Cyph leaves, the ghosts of Carenos' daughters appear again.
  • 10-19-17 - Rodnay is aware that Dennet possesses a "Talon" which Quinshon wants, but he (Rodnay) doesn't know what it is. Rodnay seeks help to go to the Swale, where he'll be able to read the minds of five members of the Hall to learn what the Talon is, so long as Raelee can get him there and Landing adventurers will protect him. Raelee requests that Rodnay let her speak with them first, but (at least unless I missed it) Rodnay neither agrees nor refuses her.
  • 10-22-17 - Cyph hits on Leafiara. Cyph is speaking well and training hard. Naimorai wants back the vial she gave to Irar. Irar will not divulge to Cyph or Reannah, nor anyone else, what the vial is. Reannah has overheard (and seemingly isn't supposed to know) that, during the process of curing her, Dennet will need a group of volunteers to aid him with prep work beforehand in the Bleaklands while she'll have protection and remain here.
  • 10-24-17 - Some militia members are uncomfortable with Cyph, but Cyph tries not to mind it. Cyph forgets that he already had flowers delivered to Leafiara, thinking he should deliver them in person, and doesn't seem to know what day it is; adventurers discuss whether his mind is still troubled after the transfer. Rodnay again discusses his plan to go to the Swale, hearing out concerns. Rodnay stresses that he does not want the Talon for himself, but that getting it will be a measure of prevention from Dennet or Quinshon doing whatever it is they're working toward. Rodnay reveals/confirms that Naimorai is Quinshon's daughter. Rodnay agrees to Shinann requesting more time to consider what to do, but insists that everyone should move quickly. Rodnay reveals that Reannah has 60 days left to live, but it could be less if her condition worsens.
  • 10-26-17 - Dennet, having heard from Raelee that Rodnay knows about the Talon, takes several adventurers to a secret underground chamber beneath the Outpost to speak with them. Dennet assures that he won't let Quinshon have the Talon (and later in the discussion says he'll kill Quinshon to keep it from him if need be). During Cyph's transference, the fire elemental within him remained trapped in the bane coffin. Dennet now intends to travel to the Bleaklands and use the Talon there to transfer the elemental's power into the plinite and merge it with pylons to give Reannah an "endless source of stability" and "keep her ailment at bay". Dennet advises not to let Rodnay go to the Swale, saying it will draw too many eyes from the Hall toward the Landing. Kayse says Dennet can have their help for his information about the Talon; Dennet initially says Rodnay should only need to know that the Talon will be used in the Bleaklands and that Quinshon won't have it, but then relents because he "cannot afford" for Rodnay to "pry" in the Swale. Dennet gives a history lecture on (at least as he says) all the information about the Talon that Rodnay would have acquired if he went to the Swale, and says he will permit those gathered there to tell Rodnay.
  • 10-28-17 - Cyph chats with people and seems increasingly unable to remember things. Quinshon arrives and says, after being asked about Cyph, that he's dying, the body is rejecting the mindgraft, nothing can be done about it, and Dennet has been informed. Quinshon tells the group his real reason for coming out was to speak about the Talon, which he says he'll take from Dennet after he's done using it in the Bleaklands; he makes clear that he's not asking for permission. Quinshon says he wants the Talon to aid against the rise of the Blood God (Grishom Stone) and his Emerald Sun (Star of Khar'ta). After all of this, there was some very lengthy after-discussion among most of the regulars about who to trust, whether to help any specific party get hold of the Talon (including Rodnay, who doesn't even want it, or keeping it in the Landing), the destabilizing effect of the Talon, political repercussions, why Quinshon called Bekke "Lightbringer," the roles of Teuriz or Grishom Stone in all of this, and more.
  • 10-31-17 - Irar holds a prayer session in the small park, but collapses into a fit of coughing shortly after starting. Irar offers a vial to Leafiara, seemingly (but not confirmed) to be the one from Naimorai; she takes it after he insists. Irar continues coughing and choking, slowly getting words out one at a time and naming a few people like Goblyn, Lheren, and Naimorai without much of any clarity what it means. Leafiara eventually passes the vial to Kayse, who seems to have suspicions about poison, but the vial's contents aren't what she thought. Irar claims he's done his duty and wants to see his altar, so the group takes him to the blood marble altar at the Hendoran outpost, where he appears to "snap out of it". Irar holds another prayer session at the altar, seeming to not remember what happened in the park; still coughing, but less so, he acknowledges that some woman gave him whiskey and he isn't feeling well, so he goes to sleep. The group runs off to the mayor's office to investigate the vial further, where Kayse pours it into some blood wine, drinks it, falls into a state of euphoria, and dies. Shinann notes that the liquid in the vial was blue and Subarashi speculates that it might be Rodnay's blood since Rodnay said Naimorai and Quinshon were the ones who took it from him. Irar returns again, now realizing that he's lost the vial and asking where it is; several people won't tell him what happened, but even when others do tell him he seems to immediately forget about it and continue asking where it is. Kayse, wanting to feel the euphoric feeling again, drinks more wine, then quickly hides the remaining wine, before dying again--commenting that the death was welcoming and worth it to feel what she did when she consumed the wine.

November 2017

  • 11-4-17 - Dennet opens the portal in the Lower Dragonsclaw this time instead of at the Outpost, keeping the creatures further from town but making it more likely that they'll get through. In the Bleaklands, Dennet and Raelee prepare the area around the black sapling for the ritual. Golems deliver the plinite, the Talon, and the coffin with the fire elemental as blood rain begins to fall. Dennet begins to siphon the fire elemental with the Talon and it lashes out at everyone gathered with fire. Ysharra believes that the elemental is still under the effects of the Long Suffering, saying that the poison has a spiritual component and wondering if that too will become a part of the Talon. As the fire elemental is almost drained, its final attack is unleashing lightning elementals. The floating nebulous maggot covered in eyes and teeth is spotted approaching the group in the Bleaklands. As Dennet nears the end of the ritual, a small crack appears in his obsidian ring and several raise concerns that Quinshon will be able to screw with his mind now. After returning to the forest, the ritual seemingly complete, Dennet collapses and is returned to the outpost by the golems, with a visible ripple appearing along his face.
  • 11-7-17 - Dennet is recovering and Reannah is feeling hopeful about her cure. Reannah wants her mother Drandea back in the outpost both for her (Reannah's) sake and Cyph's; Shinann says she's free to go and Stormy says she has to check if the charges against her have been cleared, but will let her know Reannah wants her back. Quinshon has examined Dennet after the Bleaklands trip and Naimorai is tending to him. Reannah recalls her father people-watching with her from the rooftops and making up stories about them...and then suddenly seems to relive that moment in a daydream before snapping out of it and leaving for the night.
  • 11-12-17 - Dennet assures that his mind is still protected, but the crack in his Ithzir ring means its magic won't hold forever. Cruxophim offered temporary wardings to help with Reannah's mental instability in the interim while preparing her final treatment; Dennet agreed. Dennet mentions that in the Bleaklands was not his first time handling the power of the Talon, but he hopes it was his last. Dennet briefly lays out the plans for the last step of the cure, next Feastday: he'll need assistance infusing the pylon pillars with the new plinite, explaining there might be some magical side effects until the process is complete. Dennet says that after the next steps of the cure (yes, plural), he'll look to the group gathered there to decide the fate of the Talon and to ensure that Quinshon is "handled and dead".
  • 11-13-17 - Drandea is free to go as of tomorrow, as the militiaman who brought assault charges against her has dropped them. Grand Magister Octaven inquires by magical orb about whether "an artifact of importance" is located near the town as well as whether the plinite has been recovered; Magister Raelee confirms that they're with Grand Magister Dennet and Octaven thanks her, Mayor Cruxophim, and the town for the information, mentioning that the Hall was not aware of where Dennet was. Octaven says they'll send representatives soon to retrieve the plinite and the artifact.
  • 11-14-17 - Dennet expects the Landing to turn into a war zone when Octaven's group arrives. Dennet says he's "lied about a few things" but many he has not, and says he "almost pleaded" for an assignment in the Landing because he knew the plinite was here and needed it to save his wife. Dennet says Octaven is a member of a rogue group in the Hall of Mages, which he was also a part of in the past, and that the group had manned the ship containing the plinite, having stolen it from the Hall before the Rooks and some Landing adventurers stole it from them. Dennet says Octaven and her group will be arriving in around two weeks without the Hall's backing (as, if she succeeds, she'll claim afterward that she had to act in secrecy to protect the mission). Dennet says curing Reannah does need to happen near the Landing due to the established pylons and the power in the area. Dennet cannot ask the Hall for help because it would doom his own unapproved work. Dennet will "not yet" tell adventurers about the mein golem wearing flesh and, when questioned about Thadston, says "One cannot begin to imagine what Thadston has endured.". Naimorai is looking for Irar and will seek him out tomorrow (Leyan/Wednesday). Cyph will escort Drandea back to the outpost tomorrow.
  • 11-16-17 - Naimorai wants her vial back from Irar, who says he no longer has it and believes he was poisoned, saying he is sorry; she says she does not think he is sorry yet. Kayse, who does have the vial, returns it to Naimorai and she walks away, saying she hopes they can move forward from this slight and that she is sure Irar wishes he could forget all of it.
  • 11-16-17 - Cyph gives Leafiara an early Feast of the Immortals gift, a necklace from his grandmother; she's reluctant to take it and Irar interjects that she's not interested in him (Cyph), who seems disappointed but says he didn't mean anything by it and that it was thanks for looking after his mother. Cyph immediately forgets giving the gift, among other things, but remembers that he's there to escort Drandea to the Outpost, so the group heads to the barracks. Cyph begins reliving old memories and recounts the following.

1 - From when he was going to leave with Reannah for Immuron: he didn't want Naimorai to go with them, as she was cold and fought with Johnathan all the time, who gave her a locket 2 - From an unknown time: he stole Naimorai's journal and she wanted to go with Dennet to Toullaire, but Dennet wouldn't let her or anyone else 3 - From when he just joined the Hall of Mages: Octaven was his trainer 4 - From before he joined the Hall: Reannah cried at night and he thought it was Dennet's fault, as she heard her speaking to him in a language he doesn't know; Goat correctly guesses it's the Tehir "Vobriqi, rafir" 5 - From before he was going to Immuron: Dennet was saying he (Cyph) needed to master his power and wouldn't amount to much if he left 6 - From when he was still in the coffin and also from when after he was transferred: he saw Quinshon, Naimorai, and Dennet taking Rodnay's blood and Quinshon had some blood samples and muttered names, but he doesn't remember who 7 - From some time after arriving in the Landing: he was friends with Lana, who Dennet introduced him to 8 - From some time after arriving in the Landing: Naimorai's journal said she met with some locals beneath the Outpost and mentioned something about a doll

  • Cyph becomes lucid but weak and admits that he burned Carenos' girls alive and liked watching him suffer, and starts apologizing to them. Cyph realizes he's dying and says not to trust his father or "any of them," brings up the diary, says "she" killed Michol and is going to poison... but he can't finish the thought. Cyph expresses a lament that he wanted to live longer, kisses Leafiara in a "fleeting moment for boldness," apologizes again to the unseen ghost girls, and says he would have liked it in the Landing, then passes away. The ghost girls visibly look over Cyph's body, then disappear.
  • 11-18-17 - Dennet says the pylon plan has been delayed to next Feastday. Dennet says that Reannah doesn't know about Cyph, asks that no one tell her, and says he'll cut off everyone's access to Reannah until they can perform the ritual. Dennet says he did care for Cyph and thanks everyone for welcoming him, saying the Landing showed him more affection in a year than he did throughout his life. Dennet says to tell the Mayor he'll want the body. A hooded figure brushes by Irar briefly. Irar excuses himself to visit Koar's shrine, but a chill fills the air and he's later killed in the shrine, seemingly by a shade (...which Leafiara knows because she was spying on him)

. Irar claims that a shade boiled his flesh, turned his heart to ice, broke his body, and told him he failed (it's unclear as to failing at what). Irar continues saying that he wants to ask for a Watcher, and everyone who ran over continues saying no. (For those only following along in logs, I think I've cut this particular plot thread out in the past, but he's been asking for as many people as he can find to help him try to contact the Church. As far as I can tell, nobody's ever agreed until tonight when Hap said he might be able to get word via Sir Mires or Felcroth.).

  • 11-19-17 - Sir Thadston says the Koar shrine at the outpost will be closed off to all, including Irar, until they can be sure that the incident resulting in his death the night before will not be repeated. Irar is also requested to avoid the outpost in case of danger following him; failure to comply will mean imprisonment. Mayor Cruxophim doesn't yet have Cyph's body ready to give to Thadston, so Thadston says he'll return for him tomorrow. Mayor Cruxophim doesn't yet have Cyph's body ready to give to Thadston, so Thadston says he'll return for him tomorrow. Thadston doesn't have any leads about the coming assault and doesn't wish to share who called him back to the Outpost initially.
  • 11-25-17 - Grand Magister Dennet leads adventurers to six pylons located in underground tunnels near Melgorehen's Reach. While activating them, they cause temporal rifts and encounter old foes including Jantalarians, krolvin from the time of Talbot Dabbings, kobold bandits, Mularosians, and even demons controlled by Grishom Stone himself, along with bearing witness to a Drake. Though greatly struggling, Dennet completes his work with the pylons, returns everyone to above ground, and is taken back toward the Outpost by Naimorai.
  • 11-28-17 - Reannah seems to be improving, but Dennet has seen her health improve and then fail before, so it's a waiting game to see if it sticks. Dennet wants the Talon to be returned to the Hall (but not Octaven) rather than to go to Quinshon. Dennet warns to be prepared for Octaven's arrival in two or three weeks, saying he would expect spies in the area sooner than that (I'm leaving this as the bullet point, but quite a bit more discussion surrounds this about whether this is/should be the Landing's business, whether Dennet should leave, what happens if the Hall officially identifies Dennet and/or Octaven as rogue mages since they aren't currently identified as such, etc. and I'd recommend reading it if you have time). Drandea has been allowed back into the outpost and only she and Naimorai are allowed to see Reannah; both have agreed to keep Cyph's death a secret. After Dennet leaves, Quinshon arrives to reiterate that he'll take the Talon and later use it against Grishom Stone. If Dennet's work is finished before Octaven arrives, Quinshon will take the Talon and leave then; if not, he will help defend the Landing against Octaven and take it afterward; he warns against opposing him. After Quinshon leaves, Drandea arrives and says she'll find evidence against Dennet and Quinshon and present it to the militia captains (and specifically not to the mayor)

11-29-17 - Grand Magister Octaven reaches out to the Landing via communication orb and offers to ensure protection of the town if they will either aid her and the Hall, or at very least stand down, in apprehending Dennet, his family, and his projects--including Rodnay. Octaven denies being a rogue mage but says that Dennet has been one for years; however, she will not offer proof. Most of the Landing gathered there is most contentious about Rodnay; Octaven says he can be returned after being "fully investigated and presented" (but many are dubious of this too). After she breaks communication, Rodnay arrives and says a kind of "fog" is approaching that seems to be hindering his powers, something beyond the forests. Rodnay says he can get an occasional peek at Dennet and that he's planning one last thing to cure Reannah, but he (Rodnay) can't learn more yet. Rodnay does not know who Octaven is, but will not go with the Hall and says they will know suffering if they come for him .

December 2017

  • 12-1-17 - Grand Magister Octaven contacts Mayor Cruxophim again to ask if he's made a decision. He is not willing to hand over Rodnay but otherwise has no objection to her apprehending Dennet and his projects. She closes communications and shortly afterward explosions rock the Landing, destroying ballistas, pylons, and the defense towers of several Houses.
  • 12-2-17 - Four ships approach the Landing and their workers disembark, complaining of a thick fog that they went through for two days with winds that pushed them back and eventually returned them to the Landing. The captain makes the decision to deliver the supplies to Vornavis by land starting tomorrow. Afterward, Naimorai--or at very least someone dressed like her with her eye color--is briefly seen passing through town.
  • 12-4-17 - * Drandea says Reannah seems to be getting better. Drandea says she wants nooses for Dennet, Quinshon, and Naimorai, saying she has Naimorai's journal and evidence against the three of them regarding "the murder and experimentation of Lana among other town citizens, the murder and cover up of Sir Michol, the framing of Hapenlok, and the kidnapping and torture of Osment" Drandea requests protection from the militia but Shinann requests the evidence first; Drandea says that she's sent for it and it's on its way (there's some speculation I cut out about whether a red-haired militiaman who passed by earlier in the night was the intended delivery man, but he wasn't found any other time that night)

Drandea takes a drink of whiskey Kayse gave her earlier in the night and falls into a euphoric state; Kayse attempts to give her what seems to be an antidote, but is too late as Drandea dies, and giving her the antidote after death does nothing. Militia men carry Drandea's corpse off and muse about her having spent time with an "Andrew" [seems to be the same red-haired man who passed by earlier]. Kayse worries that she's suspected for murder and Shinann says she has no choice but to take her into custody until this is sorted out; Kayse goes along willingly and Shinann calls Hapenlok and Subarashi with her as witnesses and leaves the area

  • 12-9-17 - Octaven's group should arrive in the Landing by next Feastday and they will likely attack with golems and elementals, at least initially. Reannah is getting healthier and has not been informed of Drandea's death; access to her remains cut off until at least after the ordeal of battling Octaven is over. Shinann requests two of the Outpost's pylons be given to the Landing to help with defense; a lengthy debate between everyone gathered ensues, as Dennet would rather invite Landing defenders to come man them in the Outpost itself, but before the night is over he does agree to provide two pylons so long as the Landing. Dennet inquires about Drandea's body and Cruxophim offers to make arrangements to get it to him. After Dennet leaves, a hooded figure arrives and tells Stormyrain of a contact in hiding who will reach out to her in the coming week and says that Andrew has what she needs
  • 12-11-17 -Stephos DeArchon delivers wagons full of weapons for the coming conflict. He will not be here to help in battle directly, though, as he'll be down south.
  • 12-15-17 - Hapenlok proposes constructing elemental barriers around the pylons in advance of Octaven's attack to avoid a repeat of them being quickly destroyed. Shinann says he can't do that, as that magic hasn't been tested with the pylons before and it's uncertain what will happen, and he also didn't consult with the militia before starting to move forward with his plan. A night-long debate starts up about what to do with the pylons, but amidst it Hapenlok and Rhayveign begin to create the magical barrier. Shinann orders militiamen to arrest them if they continue, so Hapenlok and Rhayveign eventually stand down. Hapenlok resigns from the militia. About four dozen Landing townspeople have taken sanctuary beneath the Outpost so far. Dennet says warding the pylons was a good idea... weeks ago... but that Octaven might not come after them immediately since the Outpost is a high priority target as well. Dennet gives Raelee a list of names (unknown who or why). Dennet says Rodnay's powers will be hindered early on by the fog.
  • 12-16-17 - Bullet points
  • Portals open all throughout and outside of the Landing, besieging the town with--among other things--steam elementals, water elementals, fire elementals, lightning elementals, frost arachnids, hawk-owls, frost golems, steel golems, blue crystal golems, vapor hounds, constructs, and fire beings. Octaven's attack intensifies with patches of darkness around town and a slowing effect that makes movement difficult. Battle continues throughout the entire night to close the portals.
  • Octaven's forces make their way to the outpost as icy fog rolls in, discharging lightning. Initial lightning strikes are deflected by Dennet's wards, but eventually the lightning begins piercing the shields--with a bolt hitting Sir Thadston, whose skin melts away to reveal a now-defunct black mein golem. Seeing this, many Hendorans march back, angry at Dennet.
  • Rodnay tells the Hall to leave (unclear whether this is to Octaven, Dennet, or both) and telekinetically destroys many of Octaven's golems from a visible position floating midair. However, in the ongoing fray and with amunet communication temporarily disabled, a dissenting Landing militiaman fires on Rodnay, nicking him in the side; he falls and disappears.
  • Dennet takes to the sky and harnesses the power of the Talon to destroy many of Octaven's forces throughout the Dragonsclaw forest and create a wall barricading off enemies entering from the North Dock, then descends out of sight. As Octaven's forces slow--but do not stop--several defenders branch out to search for Rodnay.
  • Shortly afterward, a stone hand seizes Shinann and takes her underground. Dennet says she'll be the new host for Reannah and that they'll leave after he's done. Much later in the evening he reveals more of his final plan, saying that his and

Reannah's memories of their children, of Quinshon, and of the Landing will be erased and they'll have a second chance at a fresh romance.

  • Rodnay, though still in an unknown location, is alright and says the plinite pylons--previously established beneath the Reach in the Plinite Hollows created by Dennet--need to be destroyed. While opening a pathway to them, he provides an orb to look in on Dennet, Reannah, Shinann, Ysharra, and others, but most of the Landing defenders who got there are immobilized.
  • Rodnay finishes opening up the path to the Plinite Hollows, so Dennet seals off the outpost sanctuary with Landing townspeople and Bristenn buried inside, raising questions about whether they can simultaneously protect the town from its ongoing invasion, dig out the townspeople, and destroy the pylons. The Landing has no doubt it can.
  • Rodnay warns that Naimorai is in the shadows to attack the groups destroying the pylons, but before anything comes of it the groups begin to get transported through time--to Maelshyve Keep during the Undead War somewhen prior to at latest the year -15,185, when elves and giants aim to destroy Despana. Adventurers defend against undead until the temporal hole eventually returns them to the Plinite Hollows.
  • Naimorai's presence is felt, then attacks from the shadows begin severing Landing defenders' legs; they continue destroying pylons regardless and briefly see Naimorai in the shadows. Next the group is transported through another temporal hole to Toullaire somewhen prior to at latest year 4565. While staving off soldiers and mages, Naimorai's attacks continue as she's in Toullaire with the adventurers. However... after the hole in time returns the group back, Naimorai is not with them and a brief glimpse of the past reveals her stuck in Toullaire centuries ago.
  • The group continues destroying pylons, along with another trip back in time to Kezmon Isle somewhen prior to at latest year 4873. Meanwhile, at the outpost, the sanctuary is dug out and the townspeople safely escape. As the final pylon is destroyed shortly afterward, quakes rock the Plinite Hollows and the Landing above.
  • Adventurers move on to pursue Dennet and Quinshon--and Rodnay aids by opening the way to their chamber, but seemingly too late as Quinshon gains control over Dennet and ethereal motes melt into Shinann's body, the ritual to transfer Reannah seemingly complete. Before Dennet can give up the Talon, Rodnay intervenes and seems to magically attack Quinshon, as the Black Shaman's mouth is revealed to be filled with shadowy ribbons and teeth before he screams, grabs at his face, and disappears back into shadow.
  • Shinann is confused and seemingly thinks she's Reannah, but also shows signs of not even being sure of that; however, it's at least clear that she doesn't know she's Shinann. Reannah's own body is dead.
  • Dennet, realizing he's failed, surrenders the Talon to Octaven through a portal and says that it's better with her than Quinshon. The cavern around them begins to collapse, water rushing in through cracks, and Dennet tells the gathered adventurers to leave or die, seemingly intending to remain there and die with his wife. Many adventurers refuse to leave for various reasons, staying to see his end, even as rockfall hits them, until at last a jagged rock falls from the ceiling, impaling Dennet and Reannah.
  • A shouting voice from outside claims to have found Andrew, but Stephos over the amunet announces that he's coming to the Mayor's office, where he reveals that Andrew has met his end and that he has some remnants from Naimorai's mostly-burned diary. He reads them aloud and reveals the following:
  • Dennet had taken Lana and tested plinite in her blood, hiding his identity at Naimorai's suggestion by wearing a bone mask.
  • Naimorai had acquired a poison to bring Reannah "a quick and painless end," loving her but not believing Dennet would be successful in healing her.
  • Naimorai had found allies or even friends around the Landing who swore to keep her true powers a secret to others. She implies they are new teachers for her who will help her master the art that accidentally killed Johnathan in the past.
  • Naimorai unintentionally killed Michol, meaning to frighten him, but admits it felt good to watch him twist inside out. Her allies helped her cover up Michol's death and frame Hapenlok by providing the components for a voodoo doll; Quinshon implanted false memories; Dennet hid his body in the earth.
  • Naimorai had developed her talents under Quinshon, learned she was truly his daughter, and welcomed it.
  • Dennet, Quinshon, Naimorai, and her allies had planned to abduct Osment and give him new memories, with Quinshon allowing Naimorai to help to further her studies.
  • Naimorai had known that people would suspect Thadston to be a golem, but Dennet insisted on him to keep the soldiers in line and go after the Rooks.
  • Dennet and Quinshon had known that merging the plinite with the pylons would give Reannah enough temporary relief to transfer her into a living body, using Shinann as the host after Leafiara and Sareyna had been ruled out.
  • Naimorai had lost trust in Irar and wrote that she shouldn't have confessed anything to him; she meant to either get the poison back or end him.
  • Naimorai had been unmoved by Cyph's death, as Quinshon said it was a lesson in perfecting the ritual; the new plan was to give the transferred Reannah and Dennet new memories and erase her (Naimorai) and Cyph, which Naimorai felt was liberating to her.
  • Naimorai had bent the shadows to her form and "tore the Deacon open" at Koar's altar in the outpost, and mused that she could poison someone as effortlessly.
  • Quinshon and Naimorai had made arrangements to depart with the Talon to the Sea of Fire after the ritual with Reannah and Shinann, taking on new names. Naimorai's would be... Rachel. In other words: the Naimorai lost in time centuries ago will become Raznel.
  • Stephos gives the remnants of Naimorai's diary to Mayor Cruxophim, who says he'll make them public knowledge.

Naimorai's Journal

Stephos read the surviving excerpts of Naimorai's burned journal after the battle ended and Dennet was dead:

"...and my father has taken the young woman Lana. We're going to test new levels of plinite in her blood. He doesn't dare wish to experiment on mother. I've recommended that he wear a bone mask, like that of the Black Diabolist, to hide his identity and misguide the others should we be caught, or she witness too much...

...I've acquired the poison I need for mother. I do not do this lightly. I love her. She has always been there for me, despite the jealousy I sometimes catch in her eyes at how father dotes over me. Sometimes I feel there is something else in her gaze, perhaps doubt, like I was a mistake. But I love her. I do not think father will be successful in healing her. I know of no other option than bringing her a quick, and painless end. That is not cruelty. That is compassion.

...I've found a few allies, perhaps dare I say friends here in the north. They have sworn to keep my secrets and my true power to themselves and not alert the others. After I accidentally killed Jonathan, I had no way of truly understanding or mastering my art back home. The Hall, while they permit some, would never tolerate me. Not that I much tolerate them. I'm quite fond of what I may learn from some of my new teachers, especially...

...I did not intend death with Michol. But he spoke so harshly, and accused me of many things, and threatened to expose me, and my father. I meant only to frighten him. But I must confess, it felt good. I felt alive. The power in my veins, the turn of my hand as he twisted inside out. Some would never possess the stomach to witness it. Instead I looked upon it like art. Like observing the amazing brushstrokes of a masterful painter's work... new allies agreed to the plan and to help me cover up the death of Michol. Some were skeptical, but ultimately all were on board. They'll help provide the components needed to create a voodoo doll to help frame Hapenlok for the murder. It should be easily believable, as he is a known victim of some witch, and she has a hold over him they say. The black shaman will help infuse false memories, so even the poor halfling believes it himself. Father has already concealed Michol within the earthen walls...

...I've been growing exponentially in my arts. The black shaman has been teaching me many things, of blood and of shadow. Soon I may be able to pass into the shadows themselves, taking any targets unaware. I've learned the truth of my bloodline. Strangely, it was welcome. For so long, I had felt lost, and apart from it all, despite Dennet's adoration. Now I understand. Now I am aware of exactly who and what I am...

...and he'll discover everything, from Jonathan, to Lana, to Michol, to Hapenlok, and our future plans. I don't need Osment meddling now. Dennet and Quinshon have come up with a plan, and my allies here in the north have also agreed to participate and help. We'll abduct the young Mestaniri man and weave new memories for him. Quinshon has promised to allow me to help this time, to begin furthering my studies... which he denied, but I told him many people would suspect Thadston is not himself, and likely even predict he is a golem, like one of the original experiments they discovered in the woods. But Dennet is insistent that the guise of Thadston be used, to help keep the soldiers in line, and a figurehead to aim at the Rooks to gather the stolen plinite...

...there is now new hope for my mother. If the plinite can be merged with the pylons as Dennet claims, then she'll have some temporary relief for a while. Which is exactly what both Dennet and Quinshon said is needed for the final step. This time, it will work. We will use a living body. Out of the three, Shinann has been chosen as the host. The other two who watched my mother have been ruled out and…

...or so he claims. But I do not trust Irar any longer. I suppose I never should have in the first place. I was naive to confess so much to him. It was not even a year ago that the Church of Koar was hardly a reliable source. I'll get the poison back, or end Irar, one or the other. Part of me hopes he makes it a challenge... brother is dead. I suppose I should be moved by it. But Quinshon says it was a valuable lesson in perfecting the ritual and our powers. I suppose in a way he was dead long ago, when his magic overcame him and he was poisoned by Carenos. But now Dennet has changed his plans.

Once my mother's spirit is transferred to Shinann, he plans to have Quinshon weave new memories in their minds, erasing me, erasing Cyph, and giving them a new chance elsewhere. Should I be sad to be so discarded? In truth, it feels liberating...

...was so rewarding. It's finally come to pass. I have bent the shadows to my form, stepped through them, even walked upon the sacred ground of Koar's altar. I was alive as I tore the Deacon open. It was far more exhilarating than any death before. From the shadows, I can render flesh so easily perhaps even poison just as effortlessly...

...Quinshon has told me to be prepared. When Octaven comes, and the ritual with my mother and Shinann is completed, we will quickly depart amidst the chaos. We will need to travel by foot, since the Talon may bring about adverse effects moving through the shadows with it at this time. He's arranged transport to Phannus, then into the Sea. He will take a new name, and I as well. I've chosen to honor my mother's middle name... I will be Rachel."