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Water and blood, the boy entered the world.

His lungs gave sound to the first sign of life, and in the golden reflection of his eyes his mother smiled. She had dreamt of this moment, and of this child. A son whom she prayed would find a different road than war. A son to be loyal, a son to uphold their faith, a son to be a beacon of light.

The father stood in the shadow of the corner, half in darkness, half in daylight, his eyes turned to the babe in the mother's arms, but his mind to the battlefield. The baby's cry brought him a wince, and he gritted his teeth to fight back a grimace. His hands did not wish to hold the child, but instead feel the comfort of steel in his grip, and hot blood over his knuckles.

The woman looked up, her eyes brimming with tears of joy, the strand of prayer beads around her neck capturing the breaking light of the dawn.

"What shall we call him?" came her voice.

The father stood, recalling the great history of their great empire. He knew of no prouder name, than he who stood as the most deciding ruler to help project their race and region forward. Finally, he smiled.



Flesh and blood, he was his son, but nothing like him.

The boy stood at the doorway of their home, the sunlight paling in comparison to the amber gleam of his eyes. His brothers looked back at him, all three, acknowledging him with a farewell. Their tabards were crisp, clean, and untested. The black triskelions against gold and red were bold, and even he felt a stir of pride at their sight.

His father marched ahead of the others, and he watched and waited, but he never turned. War was all his father knew and all he loved. It was his way. He remained as they vanished, melding into the column of polished soldiers and bright banners. Their departure stirred a cloud of dust that suffocated the sky, casting russet shades all across the fields.

He turned, fingers entwined with his prayer beads, and returned inside the home. His mother's devotions welcomed him, her voice drifting through the room like the whisper of an angel. Incense infused the air with sweet, almost heavenly nectar. He stood and watched his mother pray, opening his heart and mind to her words. Faith was all his mother knew and all she loved. It was her way.

He knelt beside her, closing his golden eyes. A boy of war. A boy of faith.

A boy destined to embrace both.


Glass and blood, his foot tightened with pain.

He had heard the window break, and he had run into the hall. The remnants of the shattered window had sliced his foot and he nearly fell, his shoulder hitting the wall hard. His mother's voice cried out, shrill and alarmed. Three shadows moved in the night, the dim candles barely illuminating their slender forms that were garbed in black.

"Run!" his mother's voice echoed loudly before her cry went suddenly still. He bounded down the hall, his arms and hobbled rush knocking things aside as he did. He flung the door open, the night air greeting him, the lights of shops in the distant. He heard the twang of the bow. He tried to twist, sensing the steel splitting the air as the arrow drove home.

His neck ignited with fire and pain and he fell to the cobblestones, his hand instinctively reaching to his neck, feeling the hot, sticky blood coursing over his knuckles. Cries echoed up and down the street, and the shadows slipped away as the heavy footfall of boots chased them. The world spun around him, the stars in the sky falling away as he closed his eyes.

He awoke, astonished faces surrounding him. One man held up a string of bloodstained prayer beads, where the assassin's arrow still dangled, its tip wedged between two stones.

"Praise be to Koar!" A voice shouted.

"Praise be to Koar!" Another joined in.

"Praise be to Koar…" He smiled.


Oil and blood, they cut his palms and anointed his head.

Blood trickled down his fingers, tiny sanguine beads splattering on the stone floor. He closed his eyes, as the consecrated oil rolled down his forehead, landing in the gilded bowl before him. He slowly lowered his hands into the golden-rimmed water, the thin wounds on his palms forcing him to clench his jaw.

The white-robed priests turned to face him.

"Blood that I give, my soul is spared. Blessed by the God-King, no sins will be bared. Washed of my past and reborn anew, my life and my purpose, to Koar I am true."

The oath rang out, and when he repeated it himself, he felt a new sense of purpose wash over him. His chest swelled with pride, and the priests before him smiled. One stepped forward and placed his hands upon his shoulders.

"Welcome brother Chaston, to the Everwatch Tower."


Sweat and blood. He spoke it, and they toiled in the mines.

Their hands were blistered, cracked and bloodied. Their backs were sore, their brows greased with sweat. They heard his command, and bent to his will. He stood at the balcony of the manor, his golden eyes trained on the mines and great northern mountains of Talador in the distance. It had been months since the Patriarch assigned him to the barony. It had taken only days to settle in his new home.

He looked back to the half-empty bottle of chrism on a pedestal, where he once had applied part of its contents to a gold-bladed sword. Davard, a new crusader for Koar, a new warrior to bring the Light of the God-King to the dark reaches of the world.

He smiled when the door opened. A tall human entered, his short black hair having tufts of grey scattered throughout. His moustache curled beneath his upturned nose.

"Prelate Chaston." The guest addressed him, bowing low.

"Lord Thermon. What news?"

"They are close, there have been glimpses of the marble. It may be another few weeks."

"What of the coming war?"

Lord Thermon nodded, "All is nearly ready. Talador marches by daybreak. You have anointed Sir Davard, and blessed his blade and armor. I am thankful for Koar's blessing in this." He paused, but then let his statement end there.

"You have reservations?"

Lord Thermon shook his head, "Sir Davard, he is still new of faith in Koar, I merely hope the light is strong enough in him to carry it through."

"There is more that can be promised to him." Chaston smiled.

Lord Thermon raised his brow, "I do not…" He paused once more, following Chaston's gaze to a portrait on the wall which depicted a very young black-haired woman with deep green eyes. The sprinkling of freckles across her upturned nose were drawn with painstaking detail.

He spoke it, and his command was heard.


Crystal and blood, the coffin held the endless monster.

He walked across the large spherical chamber, where the bright light of day shone in through a huge dome above. Faint, archaic hymns echoed from nearby corridors and it pleased him. He gazed at the coffin, lost for a moment within its smooth, crystalline surface. Behind the faint golden runes, the huge giantman stood, imprisoned and immortal.

He placed one hand on the crystal coffin, uttering a prayer as he did. He stepped away to the gallery, striding through double doors of gilt and glass. He stood at the balcony of the great temple, a wide courtyard and flower beds stretched out below him. The courtyard below was brimming with the faithful, their squirming bodies leaving little room, save for forming a respectful circle around the blood marble statue of a woman, where a sea of crimson rose petals surrounded her base.

He basked in the light of the sun, and his heart swelled with the roar of the crowd, their eyes and voices turned to him, rising up to greet him. Some wept, some prayed, some even began to sing. He held up his arms, inviting their praise, welcoming their adoration.

He lowered his hands, his eyes meeting the crowd, and silence blanketed the courtyard as they stood, aligned to his message. His golden eyes gleamed.

"Children of Koar, each moon's passing brings us closer to a new revival that is sparking here in our home, and spreading with fervor across the Empire. A true baptism of fire shall reach every corner of our world, driving out the shadows from every pocket of darkness in our lands…."


Fire and blood.

The air was rank with the pungent odor of burnt flesh.

Curls of smoke coiled up from the men's heads, where the crown-shaped burns had been seared into their flesh. Their eyes watered from the pain, and many gnashed their teeth, some even biting into their lips, but none cried out. None pulled away. None dared to back down from their oath to the God-King. None dared walk away from their divine purpose.

He stood and watched as one by one they marched before him, men of every age, strong of body, righteous of heart, loyal of mind. One by one, hair was shed from their scalps, falling down around them like wisps of sin, freeing them of the past. One by one, the brands were bared, and the oaths were uttered and repeated.

One by one, their numbers grew as they gathered before him. Their reborn bodies donned in polished white steel and their cold eyes reflecting Koar's mercy for the unjust. He grinned, his golden eyes gleaming like the first light of dawn.

Their voices carried through the chamber.

"We will rise."

"We will stand."

"We will fight."

"We are Blameless."

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Before the Dawn

I will try to add some details and key events of things that transpired before the official kickoff of Eyes of the Dawn, as this conflict has been slowly building up over the last few years.

  • One night in Wehnimer's Landing, the ghost of Davard began to haunt Town Square East. A number of adventurers attempted to interact with him, but Dergoatean was the loudest about trying to convince Davard to seek some measure of redemption and find peace. Davard responded by setting Dergoatean ablaze and appropriating parts of Dergoatean's body. The process continued until Chaston showed up and cast out Davard.

Timeline of Events

Chapter 1: Without a Prayer

  • Visions haunt followers of Kai and V'tull. Many gather in the Shrine of Heroes in the wooded hills near Wehnimer's Landing. Moonlight gleams on the adamantine speartip of the Kai statue, and throws the shrine into an amber haze, where the visions continue, viewable by all. The vision is that of Talador, where crowds are gathered in the street, where twelve burly warriors are chained and dragged into view, some of them clear followers of V'Tull, others of Kai. Prelate Chaston emerges from the crowd, calls on the warriors to admit their sins of dark worship to V'Tull and the slaughter if innocents. Even the Kai warriors confess to secretly worshipping V'Tull. Disean, Thadston's son, and a member of the Blameless, places kris blades down at the feet of each chained warrior, and then when Chaston declares justice must be done, the prisoners all reach down, take the daggers, and viciously stab themselves to death. Chaston then gives a short speech on redemption and atonement, and Drangell marches into view. Chaston declares Drangell has heard the call of the God-King and converted and will be a warrior for their holy cause.
  • Baron Spenser of Bourth departs from Wehnimer's Landing and travels south to Vornavis for a few days of business and trade talk with the Malwinds. His daughter, Lady Larsya, stays behind and is assigned to the care of the Hendoran knights, the Order of the Azure Sun, the Order of the Silver Gryphons, and the remaining Bourthian soldiers. During a storm, it is suggested to Larsya by Bekke that she could go stand on the deck of the Raging Sea Thrak ship that is docked at the north docks, and they could all pretend to be at sea, but without the dangers in the storm. While on the deck with dozens of adventurers, Larsya was shot at from an attacker's arrow from a dark alley on the docks. Mynon of the Azure Sun leaped into action, pushing her aside, but the metal of the arrow still nicked the side of her neck. The would be assassin disappeared into the streets, pursued by heroes and Bourthian soldiers alike.
  • Larsya was whisked back to the Hendoran Outpost where she began to age rapidly. Brieson showed up, commanded her taken to the base of Melgorehn's Reach, and some mages helped to infuse mana into the area. Hendorans brought out a bane coffin to the area, and Bekke and Raelee helped Brieson weave some magic into the coffin, imbuing it with temporal energy from Melgorehn's Reach, and they placed Larsya inside, sealing her away. The coffin and the temporal magic of Melgorehn's Reach, combimed, helped to stop Larsya from aging, but kept her in suspended animation until they could discover a cure. Brieson said after a week of rest, he would plan to head to Nydds in search of more information about the poison used on the arrow.
  • A day later, the Baron of Bourth returns and learns of the fate of his daughter. He snaps and lashes out, blaming Wehnimer's, blaming Thadston, blaming everyone. He has her coffin moved into the Shrine of Koar inside the Hendoran Outpost.
  • Reports circulate from witness accounts of the would-be assassin, and descriptions matching Archales and Wolfloner are given. The town guards and Hendorans search for them. The Baron of Bourth demands justice. In time, it's discovered it was not them, but a half-elf named Vinswith is found inside of House Phoenix, clearly insane and muttering about ticking cocks and hammering rocks. He looks like a strange mix of Archales and Wolfloner. The half-elf assassin is captured by the militia, and transported to the barracks, where Dame Evia and Hapenlok are assigned to watch over him. Baron Caulfield of Bourth demands the prisoner be moved to the Hendoran outpost, but Marshal Thrayzar declines. A day later, the orc marshal departs for Talador to investigate the vision of Drangell being released.

Record of Events with Citations

5116 (Continued) (Near Wehnimer's Landing)

Lumnea - The Transformation

  • -11 On Feastday night, at the end of the 2-week long rally at the new Temple that Chaston built in Talador, the gathered masses declared Prelate Chaston to be 'The Hand Of Koar'. Chaston concludes rally at Taladorian Temple of Koar with a stirring speech (spoiler, there was an assassination attempt). Katiesa shared a snippet of a small scene after the end of the Talador Rally: http://bit.ly/1UO5J7K
  • -14 The Fellowship of Koar among the refugees outside of the Landing including all those converts from that Temple of Koar Rally in Talador: http://bit.ly/1XUZmUH

Koaratos - Shameless Summer Acts

  • -9 Prelate Chaston Griffin forced 8 sisters of Ivas to confess against their will and then assassinated them in Chaston's temple in Talador on Feastday evening. Many followers of Ivas beheld the terrifying scene in visions. The Ivasian women were terrorized and slaughtered at the altar in Chaston's Temple by Disean with Chaston in attendance. Here's Aeavenne's account from the visions witnessed at the Temple of Ivas: http://bit.ly/29HJZdI
  • -9 Sareyna and Wolfloner begin to form a group to try to stand up against this horrible violence against any faith that does not follow Chaston
  • -10 Brother Wuldreth of the Cleric Shop shared a brief report from Lheren Hochstib's investigation of the so-called Dark Ronanites and a statement by the Prelate relating to it. The investigator found nothing. The Prelate responds to it by posturing with veiled threats.
  • -10 Sir Aydan sends report after successful protective escort of the Lady Casiphia to Vornnavis: http://bit.ly/29vXIm0
  • -11 News from the Empire: an heir to the Sun Throne is expected later this year: http://bit.ly/29zXvTS
  • -12 Lewella Parsnips, reigning Queen of Landing Gossip for over 25 years learns about some ... undiplomatic ... name suggestions for the Sun Throne Heir. #lol (GM Mikos is a hoot...) http://bit.ly/29uUBLg
  • -13 Baron Spensor Caulfield of Bourth and his daughter, Larsya, are expected in the area Friday Night. http://bit.ly/29IdLjA
  • -15 There was *shocking* news from the Landing on Friday night. The Baron and his daughter arrived, peaceful events followed, a small tour by ship delighted the lass, and all is well. via Maylan
  • -16 The Baron's sweet young daughter went out with almost 2 dozen adventurers to find her animal companion on Saturday Night. This outing, too, had nothing go wrong! She found a sharp-nosed golden brown wolf that she named Dawn.
  • -19 Calling the faithful of all Arkati, Liabo, Lornon, or Neutral: Sareyna, Archales, and Wolfloner host a summit to discuss The Chaston Problem on the Hearthstone Porch. The Call for Unity is born. http://bit.ly/29U8fqR
  • -22 Rodnay (the Landing's blue child, now a teen, somehow) woke up because he heard 'angry voices' (Koarites) in his head. Later, he had a glimpse of 'white butchers' (Blameless) on ships.
  • -23 Larsya, the Baron's adorable young daughter, took archery lessons while a dozen adventurers looked on last weekend. Skills, everyone needs them!
  • -26 Adventurers gathered at the Landing's small park for a Call For Unity between faiths where Kayse received a vision of water overtaking the land and it filled with white lilies. The visions eventually turned to blood. People realized the Shrine to Aeia in River's Rest was under threat.
  • -26 Dergoatean summarizes the huge forces brought to bear on the Aeia shrine in River's Rest by Blameless Crusaders - including some sort of anti-magic effect. http://bit.ly/2awl0ds Kayse shares her view of the visions and subsequent attack on Aeia's shrine in River's Rest: short: http://bit.ly/2afaSGy or the long one: http://bit.ly/2anado0
  • -27 Thrayzar chats up folks in the Landing on Wednesday night while later, white-robed individuals guided a wagon through the Landing.
  • -27 The altar at Ronan's Shrine of Dreams was destroyed and replaced by Blood Marble by a company of white-robed individuals. TownCrier Irar tells the brief story of this SHAMELESS deed at the officials: http://bit.ly/2anCHwZ

Phoenatos - The Eyes of the Dawn: 1. Without A Prayer

  • -1 Mayor Puptilian writes to Prince Eregrek Borthuum of Teras seeking an alliance against the growing incursion of the Prelate's Shameless actions. Letter at: http://bit.ly/2arXkb5
  • -3 House Phoenix opens the doors to their Quiet Temple to offer sanctuary for people who have lost a shrine and/or feel threatened in worshiping their deity of choice. They promise zero tolerance for religious conflict and more: http://bit.ly/2ahaSrb
  • -5 The Prelate brings chained captives to his temple in Talador again. Those present Friday night at the Shrine of Heroes watched the visions of faithful believers and servants of Kai and V'Tull tortured and then forced to kill themselves. TownCrier Correspondent Rovvigen recounts the shameless actions at the forums: http://bit.ly/2aC86tT
  • -6 Saturday night, an arrow from the shadows shot at the Baron's daughter, Larsya. Mynon was guarding her, so it only nicked her - but it was poisoned or magicked or something, and she began to age rapidly. Unable to find a cure, adventurers sealed her into stasis to protect her.
  • -8 WANTED posters found around the Landing featuring a description of two suspects in the attempt on Lady Larsya's life. One of the suspects wore a pin from the Great House of Brigatta. More at: http://bit.ly/2aGF0aI
  • -9 The adventuring community is aghast as Sir Thadston names Archales and Wolfloner as suspects in the Lady Larsya's attack.
  • -9 Tuesday night a messenger from Talador arrives, informing Baron Spensor that Prelate Chaston will arrive in the Landing or Vornavis on the Night of the Huntress. With his "Blameless" force with him.
  • -10 Wolfloner clears his name with Baron Spensor. The "witness" that targeted him and Archales was called unreliable. Details at Forum: http://bit.ly/2aN01Ej
  • -10 Was that arrow from Aurach the beginning of more battles with Chaston on Wednesday night? And what about those "Blameless" who ... can't be killed? This gets worse every time Chaston ... sneezes. http://bit.ly/2blO37f
  • -11 The Stage Is Set - and read for Chaston to talk to All Those Faithful near the Landing: http://bit.ly/2bjYViz
  • -12 Lady Larsya's would be assassin, who goes by the name Vinswith, confesses to Guard Captain Khylon and the Wehnimer Militia - at least a bit, between trances of rambling and paranoia: http://bit.ly/2bdAKoP
  • -12 Sir Thadston files report about how Crusaders were ambushed in the Landing area by a clan of Greater Orcs the other night. Yup, that's his story and we're sticking to it, right? http://bit.ly/2b3YxTM
  • -12 Prelate Chaston addressed a large crowd outside the city walls of the Landing. tl;dr Revisionist history lesson, and resurrection of Chaston's Edict: http://bit.ly/2begI9S
  • -13 Prelate Chaston appeared at Baron Dunrith's Court in Vornavis and ... an exchange ensued. Team Baron clear victor, Team Chaston's spin on it will clearly take time to figure out... via Rovvigen, TownCrier Correrspondent: http://bit.ly/2b9nqzh
  • -13 While people were at the Baron's Audience in Solhaven, the prisoner, Vinswith, being held for the assassination attempt on the Baron of Bourth's daughter, was found dead in the barracks. via Hapenlok in the wee hours: http://bit.ly/2b8pVjB
  • -17 And... the Plot Thickens: Stormyrain given Jastevian vision on Wednesday night: http://goo.gl/hpvVZs and writes a letter to Marshal Thrayzar about it: http://goo.gl/Ulm4ey
  • -18 The Chaston PR machine hits a new low as the Prelate's spin reaches beyond letters to officials and speeches. The first Crusader Chronicles has been published and is already being distributed among the townspeople of Wehnimer's by Morning on the Day of the Huntress. http://bit.ly/2b6tUPO
  • -18 Meanwhile an unhappy Hapenlok is confined and put under guard in the Landing on Niiman night. Whispers reference the Witch Raznel... http://bit.ly/2bmzH3N
  • -19 On the Night of the Huntress, Landing area Adventurers repelled two concerted attacks by Chaston's Crusaders on dark shrines in the area. Arachne's Temple was badly singed, but not desecrated. Luukos' shrine was the other one successfully defended. Afterwards, Blue Boy Rodnay warned of an ominous "Atonement" to happen around the week's end next week
  • -20 Reports arrive with news of an entire NE Mestinair village slaughtered by Chaston's Crusaders. They announced this victory over a supposed Luukos shrine, but learn that the Baron of Mestanir's nephew among the dead. Chaston spins the young nobleman's death: http://bit.ly/2b9g50h
  • -20 3 bloodied Crusaders spotted slinking out of the Landing near River's Ramble. At the end of the trail of blood, bloody half-elf corpses found in the wine shop cellar. Landing Defenders investigate
  • -22 Whispers of Dissent were squashed by Chaston's Crusaders without thought the other night in a local wine shop. Documents were found, casting doubt on all sorts of things: http://bit.ly/2bcJBlJ
  • -24 Chaston's Crusaders attack Hendoran and Landing Defenders, but are driven back. At the end, Hendorans bring in a dozen of the instigators and most are executed publicly from the walls of the Outpost. (Live tweets of battle and executions: https://twitter.com/GemStoneIVNews ) Sir Aydan's report: http://bit.ly/2bwI9yc
  • -25 Multiple Half-Elves and an Eorgina follower murdered in the Landing on Wednesday night. It all started when Newsby was smacked over the head, dragged from a table where she was working on the next day's headlines and murdered in the common room ... Half-Elves urged to never be alone during this crisis.
  • -26 By the next day, outright attacks by townspeople on adventurers start up in the Landing, and random murdering was still going on. At one point a guard killed a half-elf lass outside the Bank. Mayor warns *everyone* to go nowhere alone.
  • -27 The second issue of the Crusader Chronicles hits the streets of the Landing with sensationalized headlines and the Prelate's own spin on how to twist the truth. It's going to fan all the flames in this pressure cooker... http://bit.ly/2bHTxZB
  • -27 Rozy and Lylia exchange insults, and then blows, with a zealot outside of Moot Hall. Both are arrested for the death of the inflammatory priest, but it brings out a crowd of angry townspeople; some attack adventurers.
  • -27 Lylia's IC and OOC summary of the mob scene in the Landing is at the Forums: http://bit.ly/2bPyDqk
  • -28 The foretold night of Atonement started in Solhaven when the Vornavians stood up to the White Crusaders. Who ... seemed to fulfill their own line: His light spreads to all and Darkness is banished. Can't get much more banished than DEAD, Right? :) By Rovvigen, TownCrier Correspondent: http://bit.ly/2bsBZyo
  • -28 That Atonement night ended with blood everywhere: at Chaston's Temple, where the murdered Hendoran Nobles gathered, from from the green-haired Lady Drake, murdered at the hands of Drangell, and so many deaths. Catch up with the visions & leading events by Rovvigen, Town Crier correspondent: http://bit.ly/2bshncF
  • -29 The complete story of what happened Atonement night in Talador, bringing chapter 1, Without A Prayer to a close, and opening up Chapter 2, The Imperial Purge: http://bit.ly/2bVUfl1
  • Note: these that follow are part of the second chapter, but happened the last days of the month. Alas organization!
  • -30 Chaston begins 'Half-Elven Inquisition'; no one or nowhere in the Empire is safe from these shake downs by the Church of Koar. They expect people & officials of the Landing to fully participate. (He must be new here, Lylia said.) Disean and Ambrus to arrive Night of the Huntress to begin it. Leaflet surfaces in Landing, telling it like it is: http://bit.ly/2c3uRs1
  • -30 Mayor declares all half-elves welcome in Wehnimer's Landing as Chaston's Scrivener reads third proclamation of two from the Prelate.
  • -31 The Hallowed Inquisition and this new Inquistion push by Chaston. Folks, it looks like Thadston & his Knights are gonna need every bit as much protection as half-elves. (Someone explain to me again how an upstart Prelate of Talador has any jurisdiction over Wehnimer's Landing _or_ a HENDORAN Outpost, please?) http://bit.ly/2cuns6E
  • -31 Tolwynn Communes with Ivas during assault on Ivas Temple Wed. night. Seek out Tolwynn, Hadya, or Traiva for more information. http://bit.ly/2culZPs
  • -31 Chaston's Forces attack Ivas Temple in Vipershroud. Adventurers help Ivasian priestesses defend their home. After fending off the incursion despite mana-dampening mists, the Temple is saved from SHAMELESS assault.

Imaerasta - The Eyes of the Dawn: 2. The Imperial Purge

  • -1 Wehnimer's Mayor pens a letter to officially denounce Chaston and expose some of his shameless deeds. The Landing is taking a stand against the Prelate. Officially. http://bit.ly/2bEcDum
  • -3 The Imperial INQUISITION has shown up in the Landing area. Pay your respects at your own risk, though. Here's the abbreviated account of the encounter from Madmountan: http://bit.ly/2bU9GGu
  • -5 Crusader Chronicles, Issue 3, hits streets of the Landing, revealing just how low Chaston will stoop trying to keep hold over his blinded followers. OK, we *might* have to concede Chaston the LAST headline. But it didn't require an Inquisition to know that, did it? http://bit.ly/2cnes0l
  • -6 Ambrus, Disean, Chaston, Drangell, and Troops moving, and more of Rodnay's foretellings. Ask Lylia for more details of what they learned on the porch while the Inquisitor was ... Inquisitioning? Inquisiting? http://bit.ly/2c17ccq
  • -7 Disean threatens Gypsy troupe's free readings; Visions at Lake Eonak show Chaston's surprise invasion of N. Hendor and stealing the throne; Inquisitor and Disean "detained" in Landing; Many, many Rooks found slain in Landing tunnels. There's so many stories to tell of this night! Brief synopsis of events from Lylia http://bit.ly/2cMA4Xn
  • -7 An account and record of the visions that allowed Landing area adventurers to ... see what must be seen. Two Gold Sons, by Rovvigen: http://bit.ly/2cBgl9U
  • -8 Spreading the Truth - there's a report of a mysterious paper found in the Landing, trying to spread the news about the Prelate's real actions. Let us know if you find more. Who is behind it? What will the townspeople think? How far did it come ... Will it go? http://bit.ly/2ce3UjV
  • -9 The Sentinel of Faith - GM Kenstrom's storyline update about Where In The World is Chaston - and What's His New Title This Week? (and how many people died to let him give himself the new title...) http://bit.ly/2cMwRZ7
  • -9 There was smoke coming from the top of the Colossus on Friday night. http://bit.ly/2c06A3s A small group was researching & loresinging a necklace that belonged to Ambrus, the Chaston Inquisitor, the source of the terrible, unnatural black fire. Via Aurach: http://bit.ly/2ctL2R7

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