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Water and blood, the boy entered the world.

His lungs gave sound to the first sign of life, and in the golden reflection of his eyes his mother smiled. She had dreamt of this moment, and of this child. A son whom she prayed would find a different road than war. A son to be loyal, a son to uphold their faith, a son to be a beacon of light. Click to view more...

The father stood in the shadow of the corner, half in darkness, half in daylight, his eyes turned to the babe in the mother's arms, but his mind to the battlefield. The baby's cry brought him a wince, and he gritted his teeth to fight back a grimace. His hands did not wish to hold the child, but instead feel the comfort of steel in his grip, and hot blood over his knuckles.

The woman looked up, her eyes brimming with tears of joy, the strand of prayer beads around her neck capturing the breaking light of the dawn.

"What shall we call him?" came her voice.

The father stood, recalling the great history of their great empire. He knew of no prouder name, than he who stood as the most deciding ruler to help project their race and region forward. Finally, he smiled.



Flesh and blood, he was his son, but nothing like him.

The boy stood at the doorway of their home, the sunlight paling in comparison to the amber gleam of his eyes. His brothers looked back at him, all three, acknowledging him with a farewell. Their tabards were crisp, clean, and untested. The black triskelions against gold and red were bold, and even he felt a stir of pride at their sight. Click to view more...

His father marched ahead of the others, and he watched and waited, but he never turned. War was all his father knew and all he loved. It was his way. He remained as they vanished, melding into the column of polished soldiers and bright banners. Their departure stirred a cloud of dust that suffocated the sky, casting russet shades all across the fields.

He turned, fingers entwined with his prayer beads, and returned inside the home. His mother's devotions welcomed him, her voice drifting through the room like the whisper of an angel. Incense infused the air with sweet, almost heavenly nectar. He stood and watched his mother pray, opening his heart and mind to her words. Faith was all his mother knew and all she loved. It was her way.

He knelt beside her, closing his golden eyes. A boy of war. A boy of faith.

A boy destined to embrace both.


Glass and blood, his foot tightened with pain.

He had heard the window break, and he had run into the hall. The remnants of the shattered window had sliced his foot and he nearly fell, his shoulder hitting the wall hard. His mother's voice cried out, shrill and alarmed. Three shadows moved in the night, the dim candles barely illuminating their slender forms that were garbed in black. Click to view more...

"Run!" his mother's voice echoed loudly before her cry went suddenly still. He bounded down the hall, his arms and hobbled rush knocking things aside as he did. He flung the door open, the night air greeting him, the lights of shops in the distant. He heard the twang of the bow. He tried to twist, sensing the steel splitting the air as the arrow drove home.

His neck ignited with fire and pain and he fell to the cobblestones, his hand instinctively reaching to his neck, feeling the hot, sticky blood coursing over his knuckles. Cries echoed up and down the street, and the shadows slipped away as the heavy footfall of boots chased them. The world spun around him, the stars in the sky falling away as he closed his eyes.

He awoke, astonished faces surrounding him. One man held up a string of bloodstained prayer beads, where the assassin's arrow still dangled, its tip wedged between two stones.

"Praise be to Koar!" A voice shouted.

"Praise be to Koar!" Another joined in.

"Praise be to Koar…" He smiled.


Oil and blood, they cut his palms and anointed his head.

Blood trickled down his fingers, tiny sanguine beads splattering on the stone floor. He closed his eyes, as the consecrated oil rolled down his forehead, landing in the gilded bowl before him. He slowly lowered his hands into the golden-rimmed water, the thin wounds on his palms forcing him to clench his jaw. Click to view more...

The white-robed priests turned to face him.

"Blood that I give, my soul is spared. Blessed by the God-King, no sins will be bared. Washed of my past and reborn anew, my life and my purpose, to Koar I am true."

The oath rang out, and when he repeated it himself, he felt a new sense of purpose wash over him. His chest swelled with pride, and the priests before him smiled. One stepped forward and placed his hands upon his shoulders.

"Welcome brother Chaston, to the Everwatch Tower."


Sweat and blood. He spoke it, and they toiled in the mines.

Their hands were blistered, cracked and bloodied. Their backs were sore, their brows greased with sweat. They heard his command, and bent to his will. He stood at the balcony of the manor, his golden eyes trained on the mines and great northern mountains of Talador in the distance. It had been months since the Patriarch assigned him to the barony. It had taken only days to settle in his new home. Click to view more...

He looked back to the half-empty bottle of chrism on a pedestal, where he once had applied part of its contents to a gold-bladed sword. Davard, a new crusader for Koar, a new warrior to bring the Light of the God-King to the dark reaches of the world.

He smiled when the door opened. A tall human entered, his short black hair having tufts of grey scattered throughout. His moustache curled beneath his upturned nose.

"Prelate Chaston." The guest addressed him, bowing low.

"Lord Thermon. What news?"

"They are close, there have been glimpses of the marble. It may be another few weeks."

"What of the coming war?"

Lord Thermon nodded, "All is nearly ready. Talador marches by daybreak. You have anointed Sir Davard, and blessed his blade and armor. I am thankful for Koar's blessing in this." He paused, but then let his statement end there.

"You have reservations?"

Lord Thermon shook his head, "Sir Davard, he is still new of faith in Koar, I merely hope the light is strong enough in him to carry it through."

"There is more that can be promised to him." Chaston smiled.

Lord Thermon raised his brow, "I do not…" He paused once more, following Chaston's gaze to a portrait on the wall which depicted a very young black-haired woman with deep green eyes. The sprinkling of freckles across her upturned nose were drawn with painstaking detail.

He spoke it, and his command was heard.


Crystal and blood, the coffin held the endless monster.

He walked across the large spherical chamber, where the bright light of day shone in through a huge dome above. Faint, archaic hymns echoed from nearby corridors and it pleased him. He gazed at the coffin, lost for a moment within its smooth, crystalline surface. Behind the faint golden runes, the huge giantman stood, imprisoned and immortal. Click to view more...

He placed one hand on the crystal coffin, uttering a prayer as he did. He stepped away to the gallery, striding through double doors of gilt and glass. He stood at the balcony of the great temple, a wide courtyard and flower beds stretched out below him. The courtyard below was brimming with the faithful, their squirming bodies leaving little room, save for forming a respectful circle around the blood marble statue of a woman, where a sea of crimson rose petals surrounded her base.

He basked in the light of the sun, and his heart swelled with the roar of the crowd, their eyes and voices turned to him, rising up to greet him. Some wept, some prayed, some even began to sing. He held up his arms, inviting their praise, welcoming their adoration.

He lowered his hands, his eyes meeting the crowd, and silence blanketed the courtyard as they stood, aligned to his message. His golden eyes gleamed.

"Children of Koar, each moon's passing brings us closer to a new revival that is sparking here in our home, and spreading with fervor across the Empire. A true baptism of fire shall reach every corner of our world, driving out the shadows from every pocket of darkness in our lands…."


Fire and blood.

The air was rank with the pungent odor of burnt flesh.

Curls of smoke coiled up from the men's heads, where the crown-shaped burns had been seared into their flesh. Their eyes watered from the pain, and many gnashed their teeth, some even biting into their lips, but none cried out. None pulled away. None dared to back down from their oath to the God-King. None dared walk away from their divine purpose. Click to view more...

He stood and watched as one by one they marched before him, men of every age, strong of body, righteous of heart, loyal of mind. One by one, hair was shed from their scalps, falling down around them like wisps of sin, freeing them of the past. One by one, the brands were bared, and the oaths were uttered and repeated.

One by one, their numbers grew as they gathered before him. Their reborn bodies donned in polished white steel and their cold eyes reflecting Koar's mercy for the unjust. He grinned, his golden eyes gleaming like the first light of dawn.

Their voices carried through the chamber.

"We will rise."

"We will stand."

"We will fight."

"We are Blameless."

Notable NPC's

Notable Groups

Notable Locations

Before the Dawn

I will try to add some details and key events of things that transpired before the official kickoff of Eyes of the Dawn, as this conflict has been slowly building up over the last few years.

  • One night in Wehnimer's Landing, the ghost of Davard began to haunt Town Square East. A number of adventurers attempted to interact with him, but Dergoatean was the loudest about trying to convince Davard to seek some measure of redemption and find peace. Davard responded by setting Dergoatean ablaze and appropriating parts of Dergoatean's body. The process continued until Chaston showed up and cast out Davard.

Timeline of Events

Chapter 1: Without a Prayer

  • Visions haunt followers of Kai and V'tull. Many gather in the Shrine of Heroes in the wooded hills near Wehnimer's Landing. Moonlight gleams on the adamantine speartip of the Kai statue, and throws the shrine into an amber haze, where the visions continue, viewable by all. The vision is that of Talador, where crowds are gathered in the street, where twelve burly warriors are chained and dragged into view, some of them clear followers of V'Tull, others of Kai. Prelate Chaston emerges from the crowd, calls on the warriors to admit their sins of dark worship to V'Tull and the slaughter if innocents. Even the Kai warriors confess to secretly worshipping V'Tull. Disean, Thadston's son, and a member of the Blameless, places kris blades down at the feet of each chained warrior, and then when Chaston declares justice must be done, the prisoners all reach down, take the daggers, and viciously stab themselves to death. Chaston then gives a short speech on redemption and atonement, and Drangell marches into view. Chaston declares Drangell has heard the call of the God-King and converted and will be a warrior for their holy cause. Click to view more...
  • Baron Spenser of Bourth departs from Wehnimer's Landing and travels south to Vornavis for a few days of business and trade talk with the Malwinds. His daughter, Lady Larsya, stays behind and is assigned to the care of the Hendoran knights, the Order of the Azure Sun, the Order of the Silver Gryphons, and the remaining Bourthian soldiers. During a storm, it is suggested to Larsya by Bekke that she could go stand on the deck of the Raging Sea Thrak ship that is docked at the north docks, and they could all pretend to be at sea, but without the dangers in the storm. While on the deck with dozens of adventurers, Larsya was shot at from an attacker's arrow from a dark alley on the docks. Mynon of the Azure Sun leaped into action, pushing her aside, but the metal of the arrow still nicked the side of her neck. The would be assassin disappeared into the streets, pursued by heroes and Bourthian soldiers alike.
  • Larsya was whisked back to the Hendoran Outpost where she began to age rapidly. Brieson showed up, commanded her taken to the base of Melgorehn's Reach, and some mages helped to infuse mana into the area. Hendorans brought out a bane coffin to the area, and Bekke and Raelee helped Brieson weave some magic into the coffin, imbuing it with temporal energy from Melgorehn's Reach, and they placed Larsya inside, sealing her away. The coffin and the temporal magic of Melgorehn's Reach, combined, helped to stop Larsya from aging, but kept her in suspended animation until they could discover a cure. Brieson said after a week of rest, he would plan to head to Nydds in search of more information about the poison used on the arrow.
  • A day later, the Baron of Bourth returns and learns of the fate of his daughter. He snaps and lashes out, blaming Wehnimer's, blaming Thadston, blaming everyone. He has her coffin moved into the Shrine of Koar inside the Hendoran Outpost.
  • Reports circulate from witness accounts of the would-be assassin, and descriptions matching Archales and Wolfloner are given. The town guards and Hendorans search for them. The Baron of Bourth demands justice. In time, it's discovered it was not them, but a half-elf named Vinswith is found inside of House Phoenix, clearly insane and muttering about ticking cocks and hammering rocks. He looks like a strange mix of Archales and Wolfloner. The half-elf assassin is captured by the militia, and transported to the barracks, where Dame Evia and Hapenlok are assigned to watch over him. Baron Caulfield of Bourth demands the prisoner be moved to the Hendoran outpost, but Marshal Thrayzar declines. A day later, the orc marshal departs for Talador to investigate the vision of Drangell being released.

Record of Events with Citations

5116 (Continued) (Near Wehnimer's Landing)

Lumnea - The Transformation

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All posts by GM Kenstrom unless otherwise signed or noted.

  • -11 On Feastday night, at the end of the 2-week long rally at the new Temple that Chaston built in Talador, the gathered masses declared Prelate Chaston to be 'The Hand Of Koar'. Chaston concludes rally at Taladorian Temple of Koar with a stirring speech (spoiler, there was an assassination attempt). Katiesa shared a snippet of a small scene after the end of the Talador Rally: Click to view post
Speaking quietly to Mohrgan, you murmur, "It is probably nothing. Just my imagination."

Another white-armored crusader glances over at you, his hand slowly tightening over the handle of his sword.

Mohrgan stands in front of you.

In a brisk move, Mohrgan slides a mirror-finished kroderine pavis edged in blackened steel off his shoulder.

In one blurring motion, Mohrgan snatches a matte argent rolaren-hafted waraxe from his harness, brandishing it for 

Mohrgan quietly seethes, "Try it..."

A young boy in the crowd turns, facing Mohrgan, worry in his eyes.

The young boy eyes Mohrgan's waraxe nervously, stepping back and hiding behind the leg of his mother.

Xorus removes an etched dark urnon longsword from in his leather sheath.

(Xorus flashes his demonic slaughter etched longsword toward the young boy.)

The young boy screams at the sight of Xorus' sword, and darts off into the crowd, his mother chasing after him. A few others glance disapprovingly at Xorus.

Lylia gazes in amusement at Xorus.

Speaking quietly to some white armored crusaders, you say, "I am armed only with my prayerbeads."

You touch your black opal prayerbeads lightly, pondering the messages of Ronan.

You think to yourself, "Oh, and maybe a Ronan warrior, but pay no mind to that."

A few in the slowly dispersing crowd begin to murmur, "...Night's Blades...." Others begin to whisper feverishly, but hushed.

Speaking amusedly to Mohrgan, Cruxophim remarks, "I like that I can stand here, right next to you, and -you're- the perceived monster. It's a refreshing change of pace."

Cruxophim grins wickedly at Mohrgan.
  • -14 The Fellowship of Koar among the refugees outside of the Landing including all those converts from that Temple of Koar Rally in Talador: Click to view post
The refugees from Mestanir have been steadily settling in around Wehnimer's Landing, quite pleased to be so welcomed into their new homes. Many have even begun to host small gatherings in town, or in homes, to help spread the message of the Godking Koar and enjoy the fellowship of others of like-minded faith.

In other recent news, a majority of the townspeople who traveled to Talador with Prelate Chaston to embark on a two week long revival of faith, have returned, many seemingly eager to share about their new purpose and renewed faith. 

Koaratos - Shameless Summer Acts

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All posts by GM Kenstrom unless otherwise signed or noted.

  • -9 Prelate Chaston Griffin forced 8 sisters of Ivas to confess against their will and then assassinated them in Chaston's temple in Talador on Feastday evening. Many followers of Ivas beheld the terrifying scene in visions. The Ivasian women were terrorized and slaughtered at the altar in Chaston's Temple by Disean with Chaston in attendance. Here's Aeavenne's account from the visions witnessed at the Temple of Ivas: Click to view post
Tonight, a number of us gathered at Moot Hall to hear Wuldreth, the cleric, summarize reports from Lheren's investigation of the Ronanites and the Prelate's response. As people were dispersing, Aeavenne noticed a greenish wisp of smoke and then heard a woman's scream. This scream repeated several times, but at first it seemed Aeav was the only one to hear it. As she was wondering if she were going mad, her companions told her that her eyes swirled with greenish smoke and she heard someone whisper in her ear that she had sinned.

It soon became apparent that other Ivasians in town that night had been hearing and seeing the same events. They felt compelled to go somewhere…something was pulling at them. They decided to travel to the Temple of Ivas in the Vipershroud area near Landing. I think Sareyna, Chemaine, Panndoris and Aeavenne were the Ivasians present along with a number of other adventurers (if I missed anyone, I apologize). 

The Ivasians began experiencing visions, such as "You look down, your body is slender, nearly nude, the curves of your body wreathed in silver and ivory silk scarves. Your wrists and ankles are ringed with dried blood, each movement still painful as the chains dig into your flesh.". Women began to appear around them, all chained, bruised and bleeding. It seemed that the women were in the new Koarite Temple in Talador. Again, for most of it, only the Ivasians could see the visions. 

A man with golden eyes followed by another male (Chaston and Disean) began accusing the women of sin. This was transmitted to the Ivasians in the Temple of Ivas as accusations against themselves. Something forced them against their will to proclaim their sins and to beg for mercy from the God-King, likely echoing the forced confessions of the captives in Talador.
Five of the six women were forced to kneel, but one remained defiant. The five kneeling women were killed by Disean, then the sixth threw herself on his blade in utter defiance. Disean seemed perhaps moved by the last woman's death.

I believe that some of us felt these shared visions may have been sent by Ivas, as a warning. Others believe it was Chaston's telepathic powers that forced these visions on us. Either way, it is apparent that with the Ronanites exonerated by Lheren's investigation, the Ivasians are next to join the other non-Koarites in the flames. 
  • -9 Sareyna and Wolfloner begin to form a group to try to stand up against this horrible violence against any faith that does not follow Chaston
  • -10 Brother Wuldreth of the Cleric Shop shared a brief report from Lheren Hochstib's investigation of the so-called Dark Ronanites and a statement by the Prelate relating to it. The investigator found nothing. The Prelate responds to it by posturing with veiled threats.
  • -10 Sir Aydan sends report after successful protective escort of the Lady Casiphia to Vornnavis: Click to view post
To: Gurbah, Captain of the Baronial Guard

In the early hours of 10 Koaratos, Lady Casiphia, formerly in the employ of Prelate Chaston Griffin to oversee the newly-built chapel to Koar in the Hendoran Outpost, approached members of the Order of the Azure Sun seeking to accept a prior offer of protection.

The situation in the Protectorate regarding the worship of Koar influenced by Prelate Griffin has left Lady Casiphia uncertain of her own health and well-being, and while I acknowledged the offer of protection remained and I granted it without condition, some additional verification did imply that the concern of danger was real.

Knowing that her safety could not be assured by remaining in the Protectorate, and recognizing that Lady Casiphia had knowledge and eye-witness information regarding the methods that Prelate Griffin employs to extend his reach and following, I invoked my authority to place her under His Excellency's protection and escorted her to the city.

Given the perceived need for a quick response in order to ensure Lady Casiphia's safety, taking local political considerations into account was not viable. I will attempt to resolve any such disputes as required.

The Captain of the Watch for the night met us at the gates upon request, and Lady Casiphia was given into his safe custody. Please afford to her all consideration and care necessary with my appreciation. I believe that Lady Casiphia's safety is of the highest concern and is a matter of Baronial security. Though the offer of protection was not conditional on her willingness to do so, I have requested that she consider addressing His Excellency regarding Prelate Griffin and the threat that he poses to Imperial and Baronial interests.

If Lady Casiphia proves willing to address His Excellency, I will request an audience at a later date in order for Lady Casiphia to speak, and to present relevant testimony from others in the hopes of offering counsel to His Excellency in the days ahead.

Your Brother-in-Arms in service to Our Liege,

Sir Aydan Estore Mursilis
Knight Banneret of the Turamzzyrian Empire
Captain of the Vornavian Reserve
Protector of Solhaven
Adjudicator, Order of the Azure Sun
  • -11 News from the Empire: an heir to the Sun Throne is expected later this year: Click to view post
Last summer, Emperor Aurmont Anodheles was married to Lady Samynthra Kestrel Wierlund and all were invited to attend the ceremony in the imperial capitol of Tamzzyr. Almost a year later, it has been officially announced that the new Empress is expecting a child, who local healers predict will be born near the end of Jastatos, 5116.

It is rumored that a Grey Mystic of Yssian, who dwells in the Imperial Palace and helps counsel the Emperor has foretold the child is a boy and his birth shall spark the beginning of a new golden age for the Turamzzyrian Empire. 
  • -12 Lewella Parsnips, reigning Queen of Landing Gossip for over 25 years learns about some ... undiplomatic ... name suggestions for the Sun Throne Heir. #lol (GM Mikos is a hoot...) Click to view post
Following the recent news of the upcoming birth of an imperial heir, rumors of injudicious comments and overtly disrespectful suggestions have followed involving potential names for the as yet intra-uteran tyke.

In particular, a pair of Cholen-esque monastics assumed that the newborn would be most easily referenced by his status as Heir precipitating one's suggestion of the name "Brush" and the other "Freshnur". Both were severely reprimanded. A third, too enthralled with his own creativity to learn from the mistakes of others publicly offered his choice, "Kleer", based upon the assumption that the child's status as heir would be appended as a parenthetical qualifier.

Immediately upon the heels of this embarrassing revelation, it came to light that the envoy from the Elven Nations had lost no time in making light of the soon-to-be-mortal offspring's christening. His suggestions included "Heir Toodaigahntoomara", a second choice, "Issyuman", based on the recognition that Elven communication with the child would be almost exclusively via communique, and hence would be pre-pended with the address, "To: Heir...", and a third suggestion, "Monkey-tailless", which was offered, "...because it is overtly derisive, and because it rhymes with his familial name. The fact that it rhymes should make it much easier for him and his subjects to remember."

The envoy's departure from Tamzyrr followed close upon the tendering of his proffered suggestions. He was seen to engage in a manual ritual with his newly arriving replacement, a ritual referred to as a "high five" by those familiar with the customs and vernacular of the immortal race.

- Lewella Parsnips, Gossipmonger-at-Large
  • -13 Baron Spensor Caulfield of Bourth and his daughter, Larsya, are expected in the area Friday Night. Click to view post
Baron Spensor Caulfield and his daughter, Larsya, are expected to arrive in Wehnimer's Landing this week, on the Eve of the Huntress. The Baron has promised his daughter a vacation near the sea, and the Baron seeks to open up discussions with Sir Thadston, and Mayor Puptilian and the Town Council in increasing trade between the two regions. 

The Baron of Bourth and his daughter are expected to stay within the Hendoran Outpost and it's said they may remain in the area for several weeks. 
  • -15 There was *shocking* news from the Landing on Friday night. The Baron and his daughter arrived, peaceful events followed, a small tour by ship delighted the lass, and all is well. via Maylan
  • -16 The Baron's sweet young daughter went out with almost 2 dozen adventurers to find her animal companion on Saturday Night. This outing, too, had nothing go wrong! She found a sharp-nosed golden brown wolf that she named Dawn.
  • -19 Calling the faithful of all Arkati, Liabo, Lornon, or Neutral: Sareyna, Archales, and Wolfloner host a summit to discuss The Chaston Problem on the Hearthstone Porch. The Call for Unity is born. Click to view post
On a crisp white parchment hastily written in common in an elegant scripted penmanship:

To the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing, to our neighbors of Icemule and Solhaven, to those over the Dragon Spine in the Elven Nations, to the Isles of River's Rest and Teras....heed our call:

We gathered as a collective to express our opinions of Chaston and the Blameless the other evening when another religious group was slaughtered. The common theme in our discussion was unity and standing together. Now is the time to do so.

Tonight a group of us met to discuss a starting point to move forward on a plan of action. I am calling on everyone again to attend a mass prayer to reach out to our patrons in an interfaith service. It will happen in the small park located in Wehnimer's Landing on Tilamaires the 26th of Koaratos. We will gather at approximately 11:30pm elven. 

Bring your idols, your prayer-beads, your meditation mats. However you wish to communicate to your Lord or Lady or honor them is your choosing and right, but most importantly bring your voice.

Everyone is welcome; no, everyone is needed: citizens, Militia men and woman, Knights, even the Rooks. We all have stake in this struggle. 

From Eorgina to Kai. From Aeia to Zelia. From Imaera to Mularos. We will come together as one voice to ask for guidance and assistance to our patrons against Chaston. 

Written by my hand,
Kayse Thaellian 

The letter is signed with eleven names, varying in script and size and intensity. Below all the signatures in bold block letters, CUF
  • -22 Rodnay (the Landing's blue child, now a teen, somehow) woke up because he heard 'angry voices' (Koarites) in his head. Later, he had a glimpse of 'white butchers' (Blameless) on ships.
  • -23 Larsya, the Baron's adorable young daughter, took archery lessons while a dozen adventurers looked on last weekend. Skills, everyone needs them!
  • -26 Adventurers gathered at the Landing's small park for a Call For Unity between faiths where Kayse received a vision of water overtaking the land and it filled with white lilies. The visions eventually turned to blood. People realized the Shrine to Aeia in River's Rest was under threat.
  • -26 Dergoatean summarizes the huge forces brought to bear on the Aeia shrine in River's Rest by Blameless Crusaders - including some sort of anti-magic effect. Click to view post
That invasion was freaking awesome :-) Most fun I've had in a while. It really felt like we could either succeed or fail, and the shrine would stand or fall based on it. The anti-magic was a nice twist. I personally enjoy that more than mass dispels, certainly!

Here's my IC retelling of event in River's Rest. Before this, there was a meeting for unity amongst faiths in the Landing small park, and Kayse had visions of a threat to Aeia's shrine in the Rest.

(Shrunk, and lightly edited for accuracy)

You [Local]: "If anyone would like to hear about the attack on Aeia's shrine just now, find me on the porch."

You say, "Kayse's visions were prescient."
Kyulen takes a drink from his dwarven ale.
Kyulen looks rather relaxed.
Bekke just arrived.
Primayanathangi says, "So we heard."
You feel more refreshed.
>'She and Rowmi arrived in River's Rest just in time to see the ship arrive.
You say, "She and Rowmi arrived in River's Rest just in time to see the ship arrive."

You say, "[*] arrived, then another few trickled in on smuggler's runs during the course of action." -- Edit: when I got there, it was Hapenlok, Fyonn, Rowmi, Harkel, Stormyrain, Secretary Kayse
You say, "Crusaders, clad in shimmering white, appeared at Aeia's shrine in the citadel, which we were guarding."
You say, "They stood silently for more than a minute, I'd say."
You say, "Only examined the surroundings, at first."
You say, "Heavy armor, sword, and shield - each one of them."
You say, "We were civil; asked them to identify themselves and state their business."
You say, "They remained silent."
You say, "Then they attacked."
Primayanathangi curiously asks, "No verbal order?"
You shake your head.
Primayanathangi says, "Interesting."
You say, "Not a spoken word from them during the entire incident."
You say, "Half of us fell rather immediately."
Primayanathangi asks, "How did they seem? Were they wearing any visible bloodmarble?"
Roelaren says, "I saw the death toll."
You say, "Our numbers, in non-corpse terms, dwindled as low as four at points."
You say, "Theirs swelled to as many as twenty at a time, I'd say."
Speaking to Primayanathangi, you say, "Simply their combat gear."
Speaking to Primayanathangi, you say, "No visible bloodmarble, Koarite markings, or the like."
Jesyme curiously asks, "Who attacked first?"
Speaking to Jesyme, you say, "Them."
You say, "We initially turned the tides by staying near each other and casting spells of wide effect."
You say, "Massive elemental waves. Dozens of corpse arms dragging them down. The searing light of the spirits forcing them to their knees."
You say, "We fought off a wave that way, and that we might have won the day."
You say, "Moments later, a crusader in the distance threw something into the shrine, which spread a green mist."
You say, "It prevented all use of magic."
You say, "Then the second wave fell upon us."
Jesyme says, "That.. sounds familiar."
You say, "I switched from this."
You indicate the witchwood runestaff as a possible option.
You say, "To this."
You indicate the blue mithril pike as a possible option.
You grin.
Kyulen gazes up into the sky.
You say, "It was a heavy blow to not use magic, but Hapenlok and I both keep with our weapon training, and the others were largely of more physical professions."
You say, "It was also a boon; they could no longer damage us with great elemental waves either."
Bekke says, "The Blameless are given their orders by the Prelate. They do not question said orders, but embrace them."
You say, "The fight went on for some time, then."
You say, "But we finally emerged victorious, and the shrine remains whole."
You say, "We tended to the dead and wounded, then."
You say, "And scouted."
You say, "The ship had sailed off while we were busy, apparently."
You say, "And there was no further sign of their presence."
You ask, "Did anyone have further questions about the affair?"
Roblar deeply says, "Blameless blood was spilt."
Roblar grins at you.
Primayanathangi tiredly asks, "Will it lead to better plans being made?" [Great question!]
Speaking to Cruxophim, you say, "You missed some first-class carnage tonight."
Kayse shares her view of the visions and subsequent attack on Aeia's shrine in River's Rest: short Click to view post
After the visions in the Landing, Kayse and Rowmi hopped on the cutter in Marshtown, once they got to River's Rest this is what played out.

The clouds light up in an array of blue, white, and violet hues.

You worriedly say, "That....doesn't look good."

Rowmi's eyes scan the heavens.

Speaking to Rowmi, you ask, "Can you help me keep contact with the town?"

Speaking to Rowmi, you ask, "Back to our other home?"

Rowmi says, "However I can, yes, of course."

Several lightning strikes cause the area to be blinded in a searing white light.

The ship glides closer to the River Beach, and more white-armored figures appear on the deck of the vessal. Their eyes are cold, dark and hollow, like a starless night sky.

You worriedly say, "No."

Lots of thoughts about needing help and such on the amulet.

A large ship ship arrives at the River Beach outside of town.

Suddenly, sky blue lightning lashes in all directions from a point in midair. A rift opens at that point, and Dergoatean steps out of the rift. Twisting magical energy halos Dergoatean for a moment before fading away as the rift vanishes.

Dergoatean slowly empties his lungs.

Rowmi firmly growls, "We will not let them hurt your home."

People show up, we travel to the shrine.

[Citadel, Gardens]
Lined with tile, a large pool rests in the center of the citadel's garden. A statue carved in the likeness of Aeia, a local goddess of the earth, stands in the middle of the pool. The water that feeds the pool seeps forth from the base of the statue.
Also here: Hapenlok, Fyonn who is kneeling, Rowmi, Harkel, Stormyrain

l pool
The large tile lined pool is filled with clear cool water that seems to flow from the base of the statue. Water lilies float upon the calm water providing vivid colors, a sweet scent and also a habitat for a variety of insects and fresh water creatures.

Fyonn wipes the sweat from his brow.

You casually glance around the area.

Hapenlok nods at Rowmi.

You serenely say, "This is her shrine that I saw in my vision."

Fyonn kneels down.

Dergoatean asks, "Has anything more happened here?"

Dergoatean asks, "And what of the ship approaching the shore?"

Rowmi slowly says, "No, not since we saw the soldiers on the beach."

Heavy footfall can be heard nearby. (can't believe we missed this at first, lol)

Dergoatean asks, "Whose soldiers? Blameless?"

Rowmi says, "White armored, we can only assume."

You say, "We can scout the beach as well."

Dergoatean says, "I'll take a quick scouting trip."

Hapenlok says, "Let me and Goat go."

Rowmi nods once at Dergoatean.
Hapenlok says, "We're good at this."

Hapenlok grins mischievously.

Fyonn dubiously asks, "Maybe tonight is only a warning, and they don't mean to attack?"

Rowmi says, "Call out if you make contact."

Speaking to Rowmi, Dergoatean says, "Certainly."

Heavy footfall can be heard nearby.

Hapenlok says, "Wait."

Dergoatean says, "Hm."

Hapenlok says, "Reform on kayse."

You narrow your eyes.

Rowmi swings his leather gloves in front of himself.

(Kayse glances around her quickly.)

Speaking softly to you, Harkel says, "What vision did you have."

Speaking softly to you, Harkel asks, "What are we seeking?"

Rowmi quietly says, "Aeia warned us."

Speaking tiredly to Harkel, you say, "Multiple ones."

(Rowmi's expression moves from thoughtful to confused to curious and back to thoughtful all in a span of a second.)

A white-armored crusader just arrived!

A white-armored crusader just arrived!

A white-armored crusader just arrived!

A white-armored crusader just arrived!

Dergoatean says, "Welp."

Rowmi warns, "Hold."

You narrow your eyes to mere slits.

Harkel takes a deep breath.

(Fyonn nods warily in greeting at the crusaders.)

Rowmi calmly says, "No need to start spilling blood yet."

Dergoatean says, "Kindly identify yourselves."

Speaking firmly to a white-armored crusader, you ask, "What do you want?"

Harkel takes a deep breath.

You clench your jaw.

Mohrgan and Katiesa arrive.

Speaking quietly to Katiesa, Rowmi says, "Form on Kayse. Our friends just arrived, we are awaiting a salutation."

Speaking to a white-armored crusader, Hapenlok exclaims, "G'morning, gents!"

Speaking to a white-armored crusader, Hapenlok exclaims, "Welcome to River's Rest!"

Mohrgan whispers to the group, "We of Ronan's faith are here to support you."

You nod appreciatively at Katiesa.

Stormyrain whispers to the group, "I ask no one use my name--I am unrecognizable thanks to my moon pendant--to any who do not know me exceptionally well. I would prefer to stay that way for several reasons, in case violence occurs."

You quietly whisper to Mohrgan, "I appreciate that, thank you."

You whisper, "Of course." to your group.

l at storm
Through a faint golden brown haze, you see a sylvan Champion of Jastev with flawless ivory skin and tempestuous silver-flecked dark amethyst eyes.

Dergoatean whispers to the group, "Acknowledged. In contrast, if there's violence, I intend to be involved and identified."

One of the crusaders tilts his head, surveying the area with cold, dark eyes.

Rowmi whispers to the group, "Feel free to use my name if violence occurs."

Katiesa whispers to the group, "Well, the Blameless may recognize me and Mohrgan."

Dergoatean agrees with Rowmi.

(Kayse takes a slow step back, her daggers drawn at her sides.)

Hapenlok whispers to the group, "Unlike her, i don't care if the bastards know my name. i'm marked either way. heh."

Harkel whispers to the group, "Golden crown on a white field?"

Rowmi stares at a white-armored crusader.

Katiesa squints at a white-armored crusader.

Mohrgan whispers to the group, "They already are sure to recognizeus, and I care not who knows that I oppose them."

You incline your head.

Dergoatean whispers to the group, "Indeed, Katiesa. WHile I'm glad you and Mohrgan are here, I wonder if you'll encourage aggression from them."

Speaking calmly to a white-armored crusader, Mohrgan asks, "Something we can help you with?"

A white-armored crusader's cold dark eyes survey the area.
A white-armored crusader swings a razor-sharp white steel sword at Fyonn!
AS: +450 vs DS: +340 with AvD: +29 + d100 roll: +67 = +206
... and hits for 19 points of damage!
Flattened Fyonn's right hand.

The white-armored crusader whales away, consumed with bloodlust!
A white-armored crusader swings a razor-sharp white steel sword at Fyonn!
AS: +483 vs DS: +340 with AvD: +29 + d100 roll: +71 = +243
... and hits for 30 points of damage!
Slash to Fyonn's chest!
That heart's not broken, it's only scratched.

...and again!
A white-armored crusader marches in, cold dark eyes surveying the area.
A white-armored crusader marches in, cold dark eyes surveying the area.

Mohrgan yells, "For Redding! For the Night's Blade!"

Rowmi angrily shouts, "You will NOT take this shrine!"

This went on for awhile and we were able to keep the shrine protected. Legaci, Roblar, and Sarenya also showed up to help during. Rowmi, Legaci, and Kayse took shifts watching the shrine overnight.

Buy deeds, oh, and if you know an invasion is going to happen don't carry around 20k in coins during it -_- 
or the long one: Click to view post
You hear the faint lapping of waves.

You give your eyebrow a little workout.

Cryheart says, "Prayer as I see it is a way to communicate with the Arkati, and it is the Arkati who choose when or what to reveal to us."

You curiously ask, "Do you hear that?"

You glance over your shoulder.

You slowly ask, "Waves?"

Shinann shakes her head.

Rowmi glances appraisingly at you.

Fyonn shakes his head.

Speaking curiously to you, Rowmi echoes, "Waves?"

Cryheart looks over at you and shakes his head.

Cryheart asks, "You mean like ocean waves?"

Stormyrain gives a sidelong glance at you.

You reflectively say, "Waves on the sea as they crash into each other."

Stormyrain shakes her head.

You laugh softly, trying to hide your amusement.

Rowmi looks thoughtfully at you.

You dismissively say, "I must be hearing things."

Mohrgan casually notes, "The last time we attempted to commune with the powers, my mentor, Redding, was murdered in retaliation. Tread lightly, as Chaston is far seeing."

For a brief moment, the lamplights in nearby buildings dim.

You glance suspiciously around the area.

Rowmi reaches over and gently rests his hand on your arm.

You quickly ask, "Did you see that?"

Evia looks over at you and shakes her head.

Rowmi warmly says, "Tell us, Kayse."

Nolofinwe peers quizzically at you.

You slowly say, "The lamps in the buildings were dimming...."

Nolofinwe quietly says, "Hmmm."

Legaci rubs his frost blue eyes.

Speaking to Rowmi, you ask, "Weren't they?"

Mynearth continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Shinann says, "I am not seeing."

Shinann glances around the area.

Cryheart says, "Then hae faith that your Arkati whom ye worship will respond or show a sign in time."

Speaking simply to you, Rowmi says, "Maybe, but not to us."

Fyonn softly says, "The vision seems to be yours alone."

(Kayse rubs her eyes and holds a hand up to her face and waves it.)

Within the cracks of the cobblestones beneath you, water begins to trickle out, slowly spilling out across the ground.

Goldstr rubs his Kai symbol.

You glance down.

Rowmi leans over and whispers, "Perhaps Aeia is showing you something, my tara. Watch and listen and remember."

(Kayse quickly lifts up a foot and gasps.)

Katiesa gives a sidelong glance at you.

Areigha glances at you.

You quickly say, "There's water leaking out of the cobblestone."

Cryheart glances at you.

Evia says, "Hmm."

Rowmi glances down.

Shinann says, "No..."

Cryheart says, "I see no water."

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Shinann glances down.

(Kayse leans forward and runs her fingers over the cobblestone.)

Katiesa tilts her head down.

Nolofinwe frowns at you.

Areigha shakes her head.

You quietly whisper to Rowmi, ".....it couldn't....could it?"

You glance skeptically at Rowmi.

Goldstr asks, "Cobblestones where?"

Shinann blinks.

Legaci glances at you.

Rowmi gazes into your eyes.

Fyonn glances at you.

Goldstr peers quizzically at you.

Tercolla peers quizzically at you.

Rowmi removes a deep green spherical sapphire from in his black leather belt.

Rowmi kneels down.

You say, "Under our feet."

You act puzzled.

You fan yourself.

Mikalmas asks, "A sign, surely, that someone is listening. Kayse, what God is your patron?"

For a brief moment, Kayse's pear green eyes turn white as lilies

Fyonn whispers, "Saw a reflection of something in your eyes for a moment. Turned them almost white instead of green."

Legaci tilts his head down.

Speaking concernedly to you, Katiesa says, "How is your sight now? Your eyes look.... a bit... light."

Sareyna says, "Aeia."

Speaking worriedly to Katiesa, you ask, "White?"

Shinann says, "That was her goddess."

Speaking warmly to you, Rowmi says, "Your eyes turned white. Like a lily."

Katiesa nods slowly to you.

Legaci says, "Give her room to breathe."

Shinann says, "White as a lily."

You glance at a fragrant white lily.

Shinann nods.

Goldstr nods at Rowmi.

You mouth, "Aeia."

Shinann says, "And... that."

Shinann nods to you.

Sareyna raises her moonstone prayerbeads to the sky, shouting the name of Ivas to the heavens.

Speaking to Rowmi, Dergoatean says, "I was going to say more like alabaster but I think you've nailed it."

Mikalmas asks, "Someone then, we have a message. beseech Aeia to answer our call. Are there any dedicated among us who follows her?"

Speaking curiously to you, Rowmi murmurs, "What do you think she is telling you?"

Evia says, "Waves and rising waters, tides perhaps, water seeping through the cobblestones, and lights dimming in the buildings."

You glance about with a look of concern on your face.

Shinann raises an eyebrow.

Fyonn thoughtfully asks, "An invasion by sea?"

Legaci says, "No."

The water comes up to the edge of your toes now, obscuring the ground completely. The wooden pallisade walls of Wehnimer's Landing disappear before you, as the horizon turns to an endless sea.

Speaking worriedly to Rowmi, you say, "Is it going to be a vision like the others."

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Tolan says, "Means we are all drowning in ignorance, blinded to the truth."

Speaking to you, Rowmi assures, "I am here. You are safe."

Legaci stares at you.
You faintly say, "The ground is completely gone--covered in water."

Shinann says, "Like."

Legaci turns an inquisitive ear toward you.

You continue, "The town of the Landing disappears....."

Mohrgan slowly mentions, "The blue-veined child did mention seeing a boat, upon the sea."

Katiesa looks thoughtfully at you.

You quietly say, "All I see is water on the horizon."

Speaking to you, Sareyna says, "We are here with and for you friend."

Goldstr nods at Mohrgan.

Cryheart asks, "Is their a shrine or such of Aeia?"

Evia says, "Oh this sounds somehow familiar."

Evia furrows her brow.

You look down, and a white lily floats by your feet.

Speaking to Cryheart, you say, "Only in River's Rest."

Stormyrain swears under her breath.

Katiesa murmurs, "Big water. It does sound familiar."

Cryheart says, "Too far."

Cryheart frowns.

(Kayse glances down at the ground and smiles to herself.)

You pick up a fragrant white lily.

Speaking to Shinann, Evia asks, "We saw this through someone, yes?"

Fyonn blinks.

Rowmi bites his lip.

You fondly say, "A lily is floating at my feet."

Rowmi gazes with interest at you.

Areigha shakes her head.

(Dergoatean glances down at the ground and does not smile to himself.)

Speaking quietly to Cryheart, Stormyrain asks, "Is there a way to send word to the Rest, to someone there that could go see after those in the shrine?"

Katiesa nods slowly to you.

Dergoatean furrows his brow.

Dergoatean ponders.

Fyonn asks, "Is there no shrine to Aeia in Icemule's temple?"

You look down, and another lily floats by your feet. Then another, then another. Soon, the water is nearly suffocated by white lilies floating by.

(Kayse twirls the lily between her fingertips, a gentle smile painting her features.)

Cryheart says, "Can try a global connection."

Puptilian says, "By time we got message there it would be too late."

You blink.

Mikalmas says, "Perhaps omeone here should call to the earth Goddess."

Puptilian says, "If its happening now."

Stormyrain paces back and forth.

Speaking to himself, Legaci says, "Insight, without a direction answer... be careful what you ask for."

(Kayse quickly glances around her.)

Stormyrain clenches her jaw.

You exasperatedly say, "There's lilies everywhere...I am covered in them."

Shinann takes a moment to observe you.

Dergoatean says, "I can't remember a single time when an Arkati gave clear advice on what to do."

Speaking to Legaci, Dergoatean says, "It's maddening."

Speaking to you, Legaci says, "What else is around you? Can you see."

Elbromo smiles at Dergoatean.

Looking down, a white lily floats by, its bright petals speckled with red. Stained with blood.

Dergoatean frowns at Elbromo.

Mikalmas says, "There is an area here in the Landing, dedicated to Aeia. though it is not considered a holy Shrine."

Archales inclines his ear, listening intently.

Bekke says, "I'm sure if we stepped towards the water, it would do as a makeshift shrine."

You slowly say, "I---"

Mikalmas says, "It is in the Cleric guild."

Fyonn turns to face you.

(Kayse examines her lily for a moment and looks up with a horrified face.)

Cryheart says, "Only clerics can enter."

Fyonn concernedly asks, "What is it?"

Speaking quietly to Mikalmas, Stormyrain says, "It is always a temple, or shrine--and it has yet to be here. But they are coming."

You darkly say, "This new lily is speckled with blood...."

Katiesa quietly says, "There seems to be little reason to move at the moment."

Another white lily floats by, freckled with blood.

Fyonn blinks.

Shinann frowns.

Katiesa looks at you with concern.

Mikalmas asks, "There is none among us who can commune to her?"

You slowly say, "There's another one...."

(Fyonn's hand moves involuntarily to touch the acorn at his neck.)

Cryheart raises an eyebrow.

Rowmi furrows his brow.

(Kayse clutches the lily in her hands tightly.)

Shinann shifts her weight.

Evia says, "Soon it will likely be all of them, I imagine."

Speaking to you, Legaci asks, "Blood.. where does it come from?"

Legaci says, "Above.."

You carefully ask, "Are they respresenting bodies?"

Mikalmas says, "The blood comes from the innocents, no doubt."

Two, three, seven, ten. Soon there are no white lilies absent of blood splattered along their petals. The bloodstained petals continue to float, but then seem to drift closer to you, forming a sanguine ring around your feet.

Cryheart gazes up into the sky.

Speaking to you, Evia says, "They may represent the faithful."

You shake your head, totally at a loss.

Goldstr peers quizzically at you.

Bekke says, "More accusations and false confessions, no doubt."

Legaci says, "Lillies, white stained in blood. More innocence to be slaughter."

Areigha softly says, "What a better time to defeat those rising against you...then when they are all gathered plotting."

Shinann says, "Or are being slaughtered." 

You worriedly say, "The white lilies are being overtaken by the blood splattered ones. There's so many now the water surrounding me is now sanguine."

You stand back up.

Dergoatean asks, "That's a good sign, right?"

Dergoatean says, "Er..."

Dergoatean frowns.

Fyonn blinks.

Rowmi stands up.

Rowmi tightens his grip on his spherical sapphire.

Mikalmas exclaims, "This demands a response!"

Fyonn sadly asks, "War...?"

Mikalmas sighs.

Evia says, "The lily is if not mistaken, a symbol of Aeia, I ponder they represent her faithful in this vision."

(Kayse glances around the small park, her gaze narrowed as she stares at her surroundings.)

Areigha gazes up into the sky.

Rovvigen waves to you.

Speaking to Mikalmas, Stormyrain says, "It does--as do all the slaughters before it--and a response will come, but it would be folly to attempt a direct attack on Chaston at this point."

One by one, the bloodstained lilies begin to pile around your feet, brushing up against your skin, growing and rising up your leg, the mound of lilies grows.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Dergoatean says, "Of course, we cannot commune with the Arkati by ourselves once we get there."

Stormyrain nods slowly at Dergoatean.

Mikalmas says, "No need to visit the rest. We need to find someone among us or in town worthy of seeing Aeia's guidance."

Areigha softly says, "The stars are disappearing....we have someones attention."

Mikalmas says, "As I have been saying since the beginning."

Goldstr says, "Chaston bouts ta slaughter da faithful a Aeia."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Stormyrain asks, "I'm not sure what the message is, quite yet. Mayhaps this is a broader message?"

Speaking to you, Legaci says, "Are there any other animals, flowers..."

(Kayse pushes downward in every direction around her as she says, "They're piling up, they won't stop.")

You look at Legaci and shake your head.

Tolan gazes up into the sky.

Mikalmas touches you.

Evia says, "You do realize that visions may not be from who one assumes them to be from."

Roelaren says, "Goodness."

Rowmi leans over and whispers, "I know it feels real, but you are here. I am here."

Speaking to you, Dergoatean says, "Stay with us. Just visions."

You give a sidelong glance at Mikalmas.

Roelaren gazes up into the sky.

You nod at Rowmi.

You nod at Dergoatean.

Speaking to Evia, Puptilian says, "That is always the risk and a reason we dont put all our thought, decisions and actions based on those visions."

Nolofinwe gazes up into the heavens.

Speaking to you, Mikalmas says, "Find peace, Kayse. In the Chaos, find peace."

Nolofinwe gazes up into the sky.

Speaking curiously to your white lily, you ask, "What are you trying to say?"

Evia agrees with Puptilian.

Tolan says, "Smells like more trickery and deception from someone adept at tinkinger with the minds of others."

Your feet and knees become encased in a growing layer of blood speckled lilies. You look up, at the endless sea beyond, and beneath the silver light of the moon, a ship is spotted on the horizon.

Shinann frowns.
Areigha softly says, "I wonder if Rodnay is also having a vision."

Speaking to you, Legaci asks, "The waters, stained with blood. Can you see the direction in which the blood flows?"

Speaking to Areigha, Tolan says, "Or causing them..."

Areigha agrees with Tolan.

Suddenly, the vision and feeling subsides, the water, lilies, and blood are gone. The small park and familiar faces are before you.

(Kayse stares outward, her gaze settling on something in the distance.)

Mikalmas asks, "Does anyone have symbol of Aeia? Some candles? A means to commune for more answers?"

You quietly say, "A ship....on the horizon amongst the endless sea."

Legaci squints.

Shinann says, "He saw that."

Shinann nods.

Speaking mildly to Mikalmas, Katiesa says, "Perhaps we could wait and see what Kayse's vision unfolds to be."

Salvashion ponders.

Speaking to you, Legaci remarks, "Can you see what this ship looks like."

Speaking to Mikalmas, Puptilian says, "If the visions come from Aeia then I doubt a commune is necessary. Lets see where the visions take us."

Goldstr says, "Blameless goin ta slaughter."

Goldstr nods.

(Kayse quickly blinks and takes a step back as she looks at the crowd in the park.)

Shinann glances at you.

Bekke sighs in frustration, lightly pressing her fingertips to her temples.

You faintly say, "I can see you all again..."

Rowmi smiles at you.

Rowmi gazes into your eyes.

Your cheeks flush with a soft pale rose shade, darkening your freckles even more.

Speaking to you, Legaci says, "It's stopped.. you'll need water.."

Speaking to you, Legaci says, "And lemons.."

Shinann asks, "So... they are headed to kill... maybe?"

Shinann asks, "Warning?"

You ruefully say, "The town was covered in the sea."

Rowmi rubs a deep green spherical sapphire in his hand.

You smile at Rowmi.

You quietly whisper to Rowmi, "It was Aeia right, we are sure it is not Chaston?"

Speaking thoughtfully to you, Rowmi asks, "A warning? A plea for help?"

Rowmi leans over and whispers, "Your eyes glowed like lilies."

Goldstr says, "Lady kayse's visions looks loke Chaston's Blameless be goin after anudder Arkati group be Aeia dis time."

>>Lots of discussion about what the visions meant THEN:

Thunder rumbles loudly around you, followed by the lapping of waves.

Evia says, "What is the focus about River's Rest? I missed something."

You gaze in wonder at your surroundings.

Roelaren says, "But just as soon as we sent a group of defenders to the Rest, Landing would be attacked as well."

You curiously ask, "You hear that right?"

You slowly ask, "The thunder and the waves?"

Shinann asks, "Again?"

Goldstr peers quizzically at you.

Speaking firmly to Rowmi, you ask, "Did you hear the thunder and waves?"

Rowmi looks over at you and shakes his head.

(Kayse holds her hands up to her temples and gently rubs them.)

Shinann says, "I was hoping that was a warning..."

Shinann shifts her weight.

Stormyrain offers you a cup of warm sylvan tea. Click ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

Speaking to you, Legaci says, "It's the after shoch.. the residue of the aura which surrounded you."

You accept Stormyrain's offer and are now holding a cup of warm sylvan tea.

You nod understandingly at Legaci.

Speaking appreciatively to Stormyrain, you say, "Thank you."

Speaking quietly to you, Stormyrain says, "It has some properties that will help ease your mind, especially after a disturbing vision."

For a brief moment, you see the image of a dark citadel rising up high, casting long shadows across a garden and a patch of deciduous trees.

You quickly ask, "What?"

Mikalmas says, "So events are set in motion. 

(Kayse stares out into the night air, vacantly.)

Stormyrain gives a sidelong glance at you.

Speaking to you, Legaci remarks, "It will last for a few days, sadly as well. As the visions become clearer, the headache will become worse, prepare for them."

You say, "The citadel is rising up.....casting a shadow over Aeia's garden."

Stormyrain raises her eyebrow, the dark bloodjewel half-ring set within only enhancing her skeptical expression.

Speaking confusedly to you, Rowmi asks, "Citadel?"

Fyonn blinks.

Goldstr nods.

Fyonn swears under his breath.

Speaking quickly to Rowmi, you say, "Back home."

Elbromo says, "It is the Rest."

Evia says, "At the Rest."

Shinann says, "Oh."

Cryheart nods to you.

Goldstr says, "Da Rest."

Sareyna says, "'in the rest."

Shinann winces.

Speaking to herself, Stormyrain murmurs, "Not over then."

Speaking breathlessly to Rowmi, you ask, "He wouldn't attack there, right?"

Elbromo says, "Dun sound like Chaston."

Speaking firmly to you, Rowmi says, "He will attack everywhere if not stopped. We will stop him."

For a brief moment, you see the murky waters of Maelstrom Bay. A ship glides slowly through the dark of night, rain and clouds above.

Speaking to Elbromo, Goldstr says, "Do sound likes him to me."

(Kayse shakes her head quickly over and over again.)

Shinann glances at you.

You distantly say, "I see Maelstrom Bay....there's a ship moving in through the dead of night."

Shinann frowns.

Goldstr nods to you.

Katiesa looks thoughtfully at you.

Legaci turns an inquisitive ear toward you.

You coldly say, "It's raining, dark.....there's clouds."

Falvicar tilts his head toward you, examining you intently as the tip of one ear twitches briefly.

Cryheart nods to you.

Stormyrain slowly empties her lungs.

Nyatherra grins at Nolofinwe.

Speaking to herself, Katiesa murmurs, "Is it not always?"

Sareyna says, "Rowmi is right chaston will not stop with the landing this will be an Elanthia-wice problem i fear."

Falvicar winks at Katiesa.

Roelaren agrees with Sareyna.

Goldstr agrees with Sareyna.

(Kayse's hand shakes as she holds her cup of tea, her eyes unfocused staring into the distance.)

Mikalmas says, "So the storm comes."

Salvashion says, "Forewarned is forearmed."

Shinann says, "Something else..."

Falvicar gazes up into the sky.

Goldstr peers quizzically at Shinann.

Rowmi quietly murmurs, "We are here. You are safe."

Rowmi reaches over and gently rests his hand on your arm.

(Kayse flinches slightly at Rowmi's touch, but keeps her gaze locked ahead.)

Speaking softly to you, Katiesa urges, "What more?"

You cock your head.

(Kayse shakes her head a moment.)

You quietly whisper to Rowmi, "Do we need to head there?"

You hesitantly ask, "Do I need to head back home?""

Puptilian says, "If you go dont go alone."

Elbromo asks, "'there's a Shrine to Aeia where at Rivers Rest?"

You say, "There's a few."

Katiesa nods to you.

Elbromo asks, "In Miasma?"

Fyonn says, "A garden dedicated to her there as well."

You thoughtfully say, "But the one I saw in my vision is a garden dedicated to her...outside the citadel."

You nod at Fyonn.

Elbromo says, "Wow."

Fyonn wistfully says, "You can't imagine all the herbs found there in such a small garden."

Rowmi whispers, "I do not know. Perhaps we can devise a plan to keep tabs on his movements.."
  • -27 Thrayzar chats up folks in the Landing on Wednesday night while later, white-robed individuals guided a wagon through the Landing.
  • -27 The altar at Ronan's Shrine of Dreams was destroyed and replaced by Blood Marble by a company of white-robed individuals. TownCrier Irar tells the brief story of this SHAMELESS deed at the officials: Click to view post
Your humble TownCrier correspondent, Irar, reporting on the events on Leyan evening, Koaratos 27, 5116 in the Landing.

The night began with Militia Captain Thrayzar briefing all present in front of Moot Hall with his scout reports. He related that he'd been tracking hordes of Blameless, mainly around Talador, and that they now numbered in the thousands. He also warned that he'd overheard something about "the Atonement" though he couldn't make out any specifics, and was too hesitant to get closer to gather more information. After taking a few questions, he departed to read reports from his scouts abroad.

Shortly thereafter, a wagon rolled past Moot Hall, led by white-robed priests. All gathered briefly spotted a glimpse of blood-veined marble slabs underneath the wagon's covering. Little else occurred until reports came in that the wagon had been spotted heading towards Upper Trollfang. Several groups set out to search for the wagon. One was led by Sir Cryheart, another by Sir Aydan. Mayor Puptilian also assisted in scouting. Eventually, all were directed to Ronan's shrine. 
It was then discovered that the shrine of Ronan had been defaced. Ronan's altar had been stolen, replaced by a blood marble altar. Despite the efforts of all involved, the altar could not be destroyed or dislodged. Cries from unidentified individuals then came in, announcing that the wagon had been spotted in another part of Upper Trollfang near Danjirland. 

When the wagon was located, it was discovered that it had been abandoned, but was surrounded by fragments of broken marble. These were apparently the remnants of the altar to Ronan, and the pieces were distributed to various individuals. Mainly Ronan followers received fragments.

Little else of note occurred that night that your humble correspondent personally observed. 

Phoenatos - The Eyes of the Dawn: 1. Without A Prayer

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  • -1 Mayor Puptilian writes to Prince Eregrek Borthuum of Teras seeking an alliance against the growing incursion of the Prelate's Shameless actions. Click to view post
~A copy of the letter sent to the prince of Kharam Dzu posted in TSC for public view
To Eregrek Borthuum, Prince of Kharam Dzu and Clan Leader of the Borthuum Clan:

For many years Wehnimer's Landing has called the Dwarves of Kharam Dzu friend. This friendship has grown out of travel and trade between towns and blood as the two people have brought aid to the other in time of need. 

I write with a heavy heart Prince Eregrek that I ask to test this friendship again. A darkness, hiding in the light of Good has fallen over all the lands west of the Spine. The name of this darkness is Prelate Chaston of the Church of Koar. From his place in power and far from the eyes of the Church and Imperial Leadership, this false Prelate has used his power to bring his own views of justice to all races and beliefs. He leads a group of fanatical believers in Koar named The Blameless who force through blood their own beliefs in the only worship of Koar where your only options are to convert or die. 

To bring an understanding on how much the trouble has grown, this false Prelate has brought his own justice to innocent Sylvan Imaerites, the false prosecution of local Order of Night's Blade followers of Ronan, and the destruction of a Church of Eonak in Talador to be replaced with the Church of Koar. His circle of influence started inside the Empire but has grown bold enough that he and his Blameless army has been harassing non-human and non-Koar followers locally here in Wehnimer's Landing. 

Sadly the followers of this false Prelate have grown to a size that concerns not only non-Koar followers inside the Empire but also the surrounding areas. This is a darkness if unchecked will reach far and threaten us all. I write to you Prince Eregrek to request any help you may be willing to offer Wehnimer's Landing. Only in the joining of many allies can we stand against the army of darkness that threatens us all. Will Clan Borthuum stand with the other allies of Wehnimer's Landing in an Free Alliance against the false Prelate?

Puptilian Peregrinus
Ranger, Defender, and Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing
  • -3 House Phoenix opens the doors to their Quiet Temple to offer sanctuary for people who have lost a shrine and/or feel threatened in worshiping their deity of choice. They promise zero tolerance for religious conflict and more. Click to view post
In continuing a tradition of offering sanctuary to those in need, The House of The Rising Phoenix has opened the doors to the Quiet Temple religious facility on site for those who may have lost a location, feel encroached by a rising threat, and wish to continue worship to their deity of choice. There will be a zero tolerance of religious conflict, all are welcome to worship who and how they deem appropriate. The House of The Rising Phoenix will offer this shelter until whatever that may approach, has passed.

"Fear not the night, for it is in darkness that hope is born." ...~Phoenix~... "

To access the facility, approach the House of the Rising Phoenix east on Wisraith Lane. Enter the gated modwir archway, go through the oaken door, then through the warmly-lit archway.

House Phoenix
  • -5 The Prelate brings chained captives to his temple in Talador again. Those present Friday night at the Shrine of Heroes watched the visions of faithful believers and servants of Kai and V'Tull tortured and then forced to kill themselves. TownCrier Correspondent Rovvigen recounts the shameless actions. Click to view post
5 Phoenatos 5115, by Rovvigen at the Shrine of Heroes

Visions of snakes and clouds overhead the Landing concern many residents. Noises at every turn, and finally Chaston appears in Talador. Landing residents can do nothing but watch from the Shrine of Heroes through visions as Twelve followers of Kai are made to slaughter themselves for not converting.

The adamantine speartip held by the statue begins to almost glow no, gleaming more lustrous than before, and its edges begin to blur as it shines like a metallic torch.

Stray ribbons of moonlight seep through the huge glaes windows, seemingly to be drawn towards the glowing adamantine speartip. In turn, each band of metallic light branches out, like ethereal fingers curling into a fist, bathing the shrine in a thickening haze. Followed by a voice saying, "You have sinned."

Columns of mist rise up, shaping into buildings, as the ground expands and forms of cobblestone. A cold wind stirs, and the sound of chains dragging can be heard.

Within the haze, the great northern mountains rise up to brush the sky. The high stone walls are lined with soldiers, marching back and forth, their tabards emblazoned with the crest of a white square on a field of black. Below the walls, in the city streets, blood marble pillars rise like beacons of polished light, the moon clinging to their smooth, red speckled surfaces, and each one mounted with a flapping white banner bearing a large golden crown.

Sounds of Chains drag across the floor then The mist continues to thicken and swirl about the shrine, as the streets and sky of Talador appear in ethereal form all around you. Muffled voices echo all around.

Aydan says, "Talador fell on hard times after the war. By building with blood marble, Griffin is flat-out saying that Talador is HIS land. He made it this way."

From within alleys and crooks of buildings, from doorways and arches, townspeople emerge into the night, filling the streets of town, gathering where two circular roads converge. To the east, great nothern mountains blot the stars. To the west, a grand temple upon a hill stands like a polished jewel.

Slowly led into view, a row of burly men appear, their muscular frames garbed in stained grey robes. There are twelve in total, seven of them wearing silver fist-shaped medallions around their necks, the others with black scimitar talismans lined in red.

Balantine quietly says, "Lord Kai, give yer followers the strength to resist this devil."

Shannivar asks, "Those are not all of Kai. They rounded up the servants of Kai and V'Tull together?"

Aydan says, "Even if we all set out for Talador right at this moment - a monumentally stupid idea to do without a large army and an actual strategy - we'd not get there to stop this."
Kayse kneels down.

The twelve men, both of Kai, and V'Tull, are led through the cobbled roads, chains binding their wrists and feet, scraping the ground as they march between two columns of white-armored soldiers.

Goldstr recites:
"Walks wid dem me Lord Kai!"

Cryheart says, "Give them strength and protection, o' Lord Kai."

A vacillating sun spirit wraps its arms around its body and engages in the aerial version of pacing back and forth.

Puptilian says, "We know Talador has little in the way of an army. There are lots of mercs that went that way."

The crowd of townspeople and onlookers begins to part like a sea of flesh, and a golden-eyed man steps into view, coming to stand at the two converged roads, smiling as the chained warriors are led towards him.

Aydan quietly says, "Twelve former followers of the most martial of the Arkati. Those would make for effective leadership of those thousands."

"We have sinned." The voices of the chained begin to speak out, as they continue their march. The crowds surrounding them begin to jeer, spitting and shouting, some even throwing small sticks and stones.

The white-armored crusaders herd the robed prisoners into a semi-circle line, their muscular, grimy faces turned to the majority of the gathered crowd who continue to shout and jeer.

Speaking quietly to herself, Stormyrain chants, "Resist. Find your true God's power, resist."

Chaston steps forward, as if appearing almost next to Stormyrain. He raises one hand, and the jeering crowd silences, but their eyes are still burning with righteous hate towards the chained prisoners.

Chaston says, "You have sinned."

Regwen quietly says, "Chaston is the sinner."

Speaking to herself, Stormyrain says, "Resist, find V'tull, find Kai, find their power..Resist."

Chaston's eyes sparkle like the bright glimmer of dawn and he asks, "What are your sins?"

Those of Kai, lower their heads, "We have turned our hearts to V'Tull, hidden behind Kai. We have brought suffering to the innocent, we have spilled the blood of the weak."

Those of V'Tull stand firm, their eyes forward, but confess, "We serve the Lord of War, we have awakened the fools of Kai, and drank the blood of the weak."
The faint blue glow fades from around Jemiquist's hands.

Speaking to a magnificent granite statue, Risanya says, "Please, take them back, do not let that evil man have them."

Regwen reverently says, "Lord of night intervene in this farce we see."

A mixture of confusion and curiosity crosses Cruxophim's mien as he studies Stormyrain.

The crowd suddenly erupts, voices echoing all around you, as if you stand within the very streets of Talador yourself. "They have sinned! They have sinned! They bring shame to this world, let the Light of Koar purge them!"

(Kayse's body tenses up as she watches the vision, her eyes mere slits as she focuses on the image in front of her.)

(Shannivar swats her hand through the misty figure of Chaston in irritation before folding her arms over her chest.)

Roelaren says, "We stand as a witness to this slaughter."

Emerging from the crowd of townspeople, Disean appears, his steel grey eyes a direct match of his fathers, Thadston. His armor is bright white and gleaming in the moonlight, the crown-shaped scars prominent around his bald head. He carries a wide gold-lined case in his hands.

Chaston nods, and Disean steps forward past him. He hesitates for a moment, almost clenching his jaw, but not daring to let anyone see. One of the white-armored crusaders looks his way, then Disean quickly steps closer to the robed prisoners.

Amerek says, "Perhaps Chaston has grown considerably more powerful."

Disean suddenly pauses, looking almost directly at Stormyrain.

Chaston turns, following Disean's gaze.

Speaking to herself, Stormyrain chants, "Resist. Resist. Resist."

Stormyrain closes her eyes for a moment.

Heavy droplets of sweat drip from Stormyrain's brow.

Balantine moves away from Roelaren, over to Stormyrain, and stands ready to protect her from attack.

Speaking quietly to Stormyrain, Regwen says, "We are here for ye."

Chaston smiles.

(Stormyrain looks up, her eyes unfocused, and trained right on Chaston.)

(Puptilian stabs at the image of Chaston, putting the dagger in the eyes.)

Disean fumbles for a moment, snapping open the clasp on the case in his hands. He moves before the robed prisoners, and removes a small kris blade from the case. He places it at the feet of one prisoner. He steps to the next, removing another blade, and placing it at his feet. One by one, Disean puts small daggers at the feet of each prisoner, then closes the case and walks back to Chaston's side.

Stormyrain's eyes glaze over as she stares, unfocused, into the distance.
Risanya glances at Stormyrain.
Kayse looks at Stormyrain with concern.

Stormyrain's hand trembles.

(Stormyrain shakes her head violently.)
Chaston smiles, "You have sinned. I shall pray for your souls, may Koar judge you."
Regwen beseeches her deity for some divine assistance.

Kayse takes a moment to observe Stormyrain.

Stormyrain closes her eyes for a moment.

Stormyrain mumbles, "They can hear--Disean heard. No, Dirra. Too dangerous, for you right now."

Chaston looks up to the sky, closing his eyes. He opens them again, his golden eyes gleaming. "You have been judged. Blood you have stolen, blood you will return." Chaston nods.

Risanya exclaims, "Resist!"

Risanya exclaims, "Everyone say it. Resist!"

Maags loudly exclaims, "Resist!"

Aoife exclaims, "RESIST!"

A robed Kai follower reaches down, and picks up a blade. Then another. A V'Tullian bends, picking up a dagger. One by one, until all twelve, the moon glinting along the small kris daggers in their hands.

Stormyrain chants, "Resist. Find your God's true power..Resist."

Cryheart says, "Kai protect their souls."

The crowd begins to chant, "Glory be to Koar! Glory be to Koar! Glory be to Koar!" The prisoners turn the daggers around in their hands, blades drawn inward.

A robed Kai follower reaches down, and picks up a blade. Then another. A V'Tullian bends, picking up a dagger. One by one, until all twelve, the moon glinting along the small kris daggers in their hands.

A macabre chorus of flesh tearing, bones snapping or sliced, blood suckling and rushing in to fill the sudden onslaught of vicious wounds. Each prisoner stabs violently at themselves, driving the blades into their stomach, over and over and over. They scream, some of them almost enjoying it, as the sticky blood pours over their hands and arms like a sanguine curtain."

(Kayse stands wide-eyed, her hand slightly trembling as she holds the lily in her hand.)

Stormyrain's eyes glaze over as she stares, unfocused, into the distance.
Kayse shakes her head, totally at a loss.

Dirra says, "Miss Stormyrain. You told me to dive deep, swim far.....do it."

Risanya hisses, "He must be stopped."

The gathered crowd's jeers turn into a higher, escalated praise! Some begin to weep, praying to Koar, others begin to chant and pray. Others seem to sway, as if locked in some sweet, religious ecstacy.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Dirra says, "Dive deep and swim."

(Stormyrain walks foward to where the blood of the mist figures pools at her feet and stares, her eyes completely unfocused.)

It seems to last for hours, but is infact over in mere moments. Each prisoner, their grey robes now blackened with heavy patches of blood, have all crumbled into the streets. Their bodies fall over each other, a wide pool of blood pouring out all around them.

Some in the crowd begin to gasp, a few turning their heads to look behind them, towards the Temple of Koar.

Roelaren says, "Chaston descretes the temple and name of Koar."

Chaston's voice rings out, "Some walk in sin, and are judged, and pay the price. Others, have spent much of their life in sin, but the God-King smiles upon them, with mercy and grace."

Chaston raises his hands, "We have one among us, who has confessed his sins, turned from darkness, and has found grace in the Light of Koar, and now has been sworn to his service."

(Dirra holds out her hand towards Stormyrain.)

Stormyrain's concentration shifts and becomes more focused as she slightly tilts an ear in a particular direction.

The crowd begins to part away, providing a path from the base of the Temple to the street. Some begin to gasp, others begin to pray. A huge, white-cloaked figure marches into view, towering over even the tallest in the crowd."

Stormyrain slowly strides over to stand before Drektor.
Kayse put a fragrant white lily in her oval vanity case.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Puptilian says, "We may need to speak with the druids from the woods again. How to defeat everblood...."

Stepping to the front of the crowd, standing before Chaston, a huge, hulking giantman stands, his enormous frame draped by a heavy white cloak. He pulls back his hood, his dark amber eyes brooding, his short thick russet hair interspersed with a few strands of grey. His bulky body is encapsulated in a suit of heavy, polished white armor. Drangell bows, then rises back to his feet."

Turns back to the townspeople, many whom stand nervously, unsure of what to say, or whether to look away.

Cryheart says, "Great Kai and Koar, hae mercy on the Empire and free folks."

Chaston smiles, and Drangell raises his head high and shouts, "All hail the glory of the God-King!" The crowd suddenly erupts in a rising chorus of praise, chanting right along with Drangell. "Glory to the God-King! Glory to the God-King! Glory to the God-King!"

Cryheart says, "Well..Chaston has his true champion now."

Hadya quietly says, "Chaston has the most power, why wouldn't he make a good alliance. Honestly? If I weren't a devoted servant to my Master, I would align with Chaston."
  • -6 Saturday night, an arrow from the shadows shot at the Baron's daughter, Larsya. Mynon was guarding her, so it only nicked her - but it was poisoned or magicked or something, and she began to age rapidly. Unable to find a cure, adventurers sealed her into stasis to protect her.
  • -8 WANTED posters found around the Landing featuring a description of two suspects in the attempt on Lady Larsya's life. One of the suspects wore a pin from the Great House of Brigatta. Click to view post
After the failed assassination attempt on Lady Larsya Caulfield, daughter of Baron Spensor Caulfield of Bourth, there have been a number of witnesses who have come forth both to Wehnimer's Landing militia and guard officials, as well as reports sent to Sir Thadston in the Hendoran Outpost.

The young lady was struck by an arrow while with a group of adventurers on the deck of the Raging Sea Thrak, which was docked at the North Dock. The assassin fired the arrow from an alleyway along the street. Mynon was able to push Larsya away, but the arrow still nicked the skin of her neck, and it was soon discovered a strange, magical poison had been imbued into the arrow. The young woman began to rapidly age before she was whisked away and placed in a crystalline coffin, her aging process placed on hold by connecting the vessel to magic emanating from Melgorehn's Reach. 

The hunt is still on for the identity of the would-be assassin, or any information that can help lead to his or her capture.

There have been two descriptions reported by witnesses:

One, is a humanoid with jade-infused grey eyes and nut brown skin. His hair is shoulder length and bluish-black and he wears a golvern mask. 

The other description is that of a humanoid with shadowy grey eyes, dark hair, streaked with silver. He was wearing wraps on his hands and feet, used a shadowy longbow, and was wearing a cracked white skull symbol with black obsidian, marble, or onyx eyes. He also wore a golden phoenix pin, hinting at membership with House of the Rising Phoenix.

Any information about these individuals is to be reported to Guard Captain Khylon or Marshal Thrayzar or Militia Captains Khristal, Stormyrain or Shirkon at once. 
  • -9 The adventuring community is aghast as Sir Thadston names Archales and Wolfloner as suspects in the Lady Larsya's attack.
  • -9 Tuesday night a messenger from Talador arrives, informing Baron Spensor that Prelate Chaston will arrive in the Landing or Vornavis on the Night of the Huntress. With his "Blameless" force with him.
  • -10 Wolfloner clears his name with Baron Spensor. The "witness" that targeted him and Archales was called unreliable. Click to view post
Ha just beat me to it Aydan. Was going to also mention that Baron Spensor did come back to the Landing and reacted like any father would, very upset. He had the coffin with his daughter moved to the Koar Shrine and proclaim that he will get justice for the crimes. Sir Thadston told the Baron that Archales and Wolfloner were the two people mentioned on the wanted posters (by the way...issued by Thrazyar). Thanks to Stormy's actions we now believe the two are innocent and that the "witness" was not reliable (I let Stormyrain talk on this if she wants) and she gave such information to the Baron. Baron Spensor called to speak with the two men which Wolfloner did answer the call (I do believe Arch was logged out for the night so I can't say if he would have gone or not). After speaking with Wolfloner, the Baron did receive a message from Prelate Chaston that he was sorry for what happen and that he was on his way. It may well be noted that its implied the Blameless and Chaston were already in route so the timing is kind of interesting.

As Aydan mentioned, the Blameless might show up tonight either in the Landing or Solhaven (or both). The Mayor will ask the militia to increase patrols and to keep eyes on the shrines in and around town. Hope is to catch sight of the Blameless before they get a chance to act.

Post by DMWCINCY/Puptillian
  • -10 Was that arrow from Aurach the beginning of more battles with Chaston on Wednesday night? And what about those "Blameless" who ... can't be killed? This gets worse every time Chaston ... sneezes. Click to view post
Honorable mayor and town council,

Last evening we were standing in front of Moot Hall, I think, awaiting for Baron Spensor to again ask to speak with the then alleged attackers of his daughter. We were informed they had located the true alleged attacker in the House of Phoenix. We were lead into the House of Phoenix by Sir Geijon and we went on a tour. The Wehnimer Landing militia joined us. Last stop was the observatory platform where we came across the alleged attacker, whom matched the description given to us. (I forgot his name, must be getting old)

Anyway the poor soul was indeed off the deep end. He kept repeating tick, tick...it makes the sounds be quiet or similar. In short the militia came to take him into custody, and I think he was taken to the militia barracks. We went back to stand in front of Moot Hall. A messenger came and delivered a note to Bekke. She stated that the Blameless had been sighted. Eventually it was determined that the Blameless were south of the caravansary as reported by Sir Aydan and his group. We marched south to encounter the Blameless and came across them just South of the caravansary area. When we stopped, they told us in no friendly terms that they were the followers of Koar and for us to stand aside.

Therefore, verbal replies were thrown back and forth but no one committed any act of violence for a time. Greater orcs became the typical annoyance, and were dealt with the Landing group. Both sides were getting edgy and the air was thick with tension. Finally, Aurach shot an orc, and that triggered the Crusaders to attack us. The conflict began and losses began to pile up for the Crusaders, however, many Landing citizens and associates of other towns fell as well. Just a note, before the battles began, Rysus thought to us on the amulet saying "if you cowards won't do it, then we shall do it for you." The Rooks finally entered the battle after several minutes, then what was left of the Blameless was nae much.


Sir Cryheart Thaxin
  • -11 The Stage Is Set - and read for Chaston to talk to All Those Faithful near the Landing. Click to view post
Local Koarites in Wehnimer's Landing, many of whom participated in the recent holy pilgrimage to Talador and have since returned, have begun building a large stage in the grasslands, wedged on the trail between Wehnimer's Landing and the Hendoran Outpost.

In addition, wooden crates have been spotted, each containing supplies likely used to build tents.

When questioned, one follower of Koar said, "The Prelate Chaston Griffin, in all of his divine glory, will be arriving to the area on the Night of the Huntress. He intends to deliver a speech, and we intend to set the stage for his message."
  • -12 Lady Larsya's would be assassin, who goes by the name Vinswith, confesses to Guard Captain Khylon and the Wehnimer Militia - at least a bit, between trances of rambling and paranoia. Click to view post
Early today, Guard Captain Khylon and some members of the town militia, and guard, questioned Vinswith during some brief periods of lucidity. During those moments, the half-elf Vinswith confessed to trying to assassinate Lady Larsya of Bourth, the daughter of Baron Spensor Caulfield. When pressed why, he claimed to have wanted to send a message to the corruption within the Church of Koar and the Turamzzyrian Empire.

When asked about any further connections, or the origin of the magical poison used, he refused to speak and it was mere seconds later that he fell into another trance of rambling and paranoia. 

Additional investigations by the town guard and militia revealed that Vinswith is indeed a citizen of Wehnimer's Landing, and records indicate for nearly two decades. He has no known family in the area, and has held a few simple jobs at Beldrin's Gaming Hall, and later Frith's Inn. He went missing during Talador's siege on Wehnimer's Landing, presumed to have been yet another victim in that conflict. The speculation is that he may have been among some of the townspeople to flee before the war even began in full.

Despite Vinswith's claim of being a member of House of Phoenix, it was learned that such was false, and he is not, and has never held membership with the Greater House, but had been seen by witnesses to be residing within the House for several weeks, along with many other townspeople who had been offered sanctuary there.

Other witnesses claimed Vinswith might have had ties to a local Onarian sect in the area, known as the Dae'Randir, but no evidence was discovered for, or against this claim and remains a rumor.

Vinswith remains under protection and guard in the militia barracks. Marshall Thrayzar, before departing on a special operation, left specific orders that Vinswith was to remain in the custody of the town militia and would not be released to Baron Spensor or any other imperial entity until the town's investigation was fully concluded. 
  • -12 Sir Thadston files report about how Crusaders were ambushed in the Landing area by a clan of Greater Orcs the other night. Yup, that's his story and we're sticking to it, right? Click to view post
Sir Thadston Andrews, Commander of the Hendoran Outpost, released a brief statement today in regards to some recent activity and rumors circulating around some Blameless zealots seen in the region between Wehnimer's Landing and Vornavis.

"There has been reports of crusaders of Koar, known as the Blameless, were spotted south of the foothills, traveling along the trails between Wehnimer's Landing and Solhaven. This was but mere days ago. I had sent my loyal Hendoran soldiers to investigate the rumors of a conflict in the area. We have concluded that a number of Blameless crusaders had been killed, along with a small clan of greater orcs in the area. It is my judgment that the crusaders, not familiar with the area, walked into an ambush by a monster horde and few survived, if any. It is my recommendation that should any holy crusaders find themselves wishing to travel through the region again that they first seek out the Hendoran Outpost to provide them with an escort. The wilds are dangerous out there, and I cannot ensure the safety of any travelers without the proper protection in place."


Sir Thadston Andrews
Commander of the Northern Outpost
Lord of Hendor
Knight of the Order of Llaestal's Guard
Defender of the Broken Kingdom
  • -12 Prelate Chaston addressed a large crowd outside the city walls of the Landing. tl;dr Revisionist history lesson, and resurrection of Chaston's Edict. Click to view post
12 Phoenatos 5116, upon an improvised stage outside the walls of Wehnnimer's Landing

Prelate Chaston Griffin prepares to speak to the amassed crowd. 

Along the parapets of the Hendoran Outpost, a bit south of here, Sir Thadston comes into view.  He's too far away to tell, but he's probably glaring.

{Some sort of crier announces Chaston as the "Messenger of Koar" to the crowd.}

Stepping up onto the stage, Prelate Chaston comes into view.  The night is broken by the roar, applause and praise of the gathered crowd.  Well, most of them.  Flowers are thrown upon the stage, women weep and hold their babies up to present them to the Prelate.

Many in the crowd begin to chant, "Chaston, Chaston. Chaston."

Many in the crowd grow silent, watching, waiting, hanging on the next word of the Prelate.

Chaston says, "Please, followers and faithful alike...onlookers...the lost and blind...."

Chaston says, "I am but only a man."

Chaston says, "All glory belongs to the God-King, may we walk forever in his light."

Chaston walks to the center of the stage, and many in the crowd lurch forward, eyes drawn to the Prelate, transfixed and almost unmoving.  Enthralled.

A faint, warm breeze stirs through the area, washing over the crowd.

Chaston pauses for a long moment, watching and observing the crowd, as if memorizing faces.

Chaston steps forward, and more in the crowd quiet, listening, awaiting.

Suddenly, Chaston's grin turns into a frown.

Chaston recites:

"Tonight we gather in the wake of a solemn event. A precious daughter of the Empire has been unjustly targeted and the life of her, and her family may never be the same. More importantly, an innocent child of Koar has become a senseless victim, all because of her blood, and her faith."

"Tonight we gather to represent our united support of Bourth, to tell them that Talador, the Church of Koar, and those of true devout faith, will share in their grief and justice. We have all known loss and suffering, but we needn't all stand by and allow it to endure. Tonight, we stand with Bourth."

"So on this eve, we shall revisit the days of old. It is imperative not only to our minds, but our souls, that we remember the first spark of the true faith, and it is vital that we continue to fan the flames of righteousness, lest we fall to the wayside stained in wickedness."

"In the year 4721, Empress Lyssandra was the first Ruler of the Sun Throne to gain the blessing of Paltrach, the Patriarch of the Church of Koar. With both support of the imperial military and the church, Empress Lyssandra finally settled the Empire into a measure of order and peace. This union between the Empress and Patriarch not only bound both law and faith, but through their joining of flesh, the blood of the righteous and the noble were interwoven into the royal lineage of the Turamzzyrian Empire."

"The child of the Empress and Patriarch would be declared stillborn amidst the wild rumors and controversy surrounding the unmarried Empress. But in truth, the child, Harland, was secreted away and future generations guarded and raised by House Kestrel"

"In 4737, Koar was declared as the patron deity of the Empire, and for decades the Church grew as more and more came to know the truth of the God-King and basked in his glory"

"In 4799, the Church and the Throne clashed as part of the clergy interpreted Koar's tenets to claim that the priesthood should lead the Empire, while the throne declared they simply existed to provide support and guidance. It was deemed part of the Church was found to be rebellious, in direct violation of the Rysus Codex, a record of imperial laws and authority which to this day remain flawed. By 4800, the wrongfully named religious rebellion was silenced, and actions taken to make it difficult for the Church to ever challenge the Throne."

"In 4841, with the backing of the Church of Koar, the Turamzzyrian Empire waged war against the Faendryl in the Third Elven War. It was seen as the will of the Arkati, the will of the God-King, that decisive, divine action be taken against a culture of such sin and depravity, that even their fellow, yet flawed races, cast them out. It was of no surprise that the Light of Koar sought to snuff out the black sorcery that the Faendryl unleashed time and again into our world."

"In 4921, House Kestrel comes forward to support the claims of a young man named Trydall, who claims to be a descendant of Empress Lyssandra's bastard, Harland.  There is much conflict and uproar and political maneuvering in the days that ensued, but weeks later the Patriarch of the Church declares that Harland was indeed the bastard child, and Trydall of his blood line."

"The truth was revealed to the Patriarch in a commune to the God-King, who was moved in a time of great chaos to reach down and place his hand firmly once more on the lineage of the Empire, reuniting faith and law once more. Even an assassination attempt is thwarted, providing further credence to the power and glory of the God-King."

"In 5092, after the mad Baron Hochstib conquered Mestanir expels all mages from the claimed territory, even in his wickedness, he does not stop the pilgrimages to holy sites dedicated to Koar. Even evil, and the followers of Lornon, submit to the glory of the God-King and do not dare invoke his wrath."

The crowd remains transfixed on the Prelate, eyes wide and drawn in.

"It is also important to grasp that the Turamzzyrian Empire is a direct result of the divine blessing of the God-King. Within humankind lies the holiest, purest connection to Koar. We, humans, are the perfect race forged in the white fires of Koargard, our spirits bound to the mantle of the God-King. There is no other race who comes as close as humans to the faultlessness of Koar. We have fallen, as blood and flesh and spirit, but through his light and grace, we may one day stand beside him in the golden halls of his kingdom."

"In 4310, it was Emperor Chaston Kestrel who heard the divine voice of Koar, and through an imperial decree, established Chaston's Edict. At the heart of the proclamation, was that all elven descent was forbidden from owning property in the Turamzzyrian Empire. This led to the first Age of Purification, with the seizure of elven property and thousands migrating out of the Empire, ensuring an increase of refinement of our great people."

"In 4479, Emperor Roginard in another display of celestial wisdom, amended Chaston's Edict to include what we know to be Ordlyn and Hathlyn, which encompasses all non-humans except elves, and the latter to be half-elves."

"Today we stand upon the precipice of a new dawn. A new Age of Purification. Today I stand as your messenger, and leader. I have been guided by the God-King and commanded to unite those of the true faith to bring forth a new revival that will cleanse our Empire and rectify the wickedness of the past that has been permitted to stain our history and diminish our bloodlines."

"We need no greater example than what has recently transpired in the shadowy pit of Wehnimer's Landing, where a young woman, a devout follower of Koar, has been made to suffer for the darkness that continues to spread like weeds in the garden of the righteous. Are you then shocked, to learn the would be assassin is half-elven?"

"The deceased Baron Hochstib of Jantalar, a half-elf, was driven mad by his bloodlust fell victim to the whispered temptations of Luukos. Baron Malwind of Vornavis, a half-elf, is blinded by the folly of tolerance. He has allowed Solhaven to exist and grow under the belly of Vornavis, and within the region sits evil temples to all of Lornon. He would feast with both Liabo, and Lornon as equals. It is madness."

"We have been tasked by the King of the Arkati to restore glory to our Empire and purity to our people. Darkness grows rampant in the pockets of our lands, and many walk among us as abominations. Half-elves, half-krolvin, they are atrocities to the righteous bloodline, blessed by Koar."

"Those who pray to the black spirits of Lornon are our enemies. Those who taint the blood of Koar's children are our enemies. This is a matter of both the heart, and the flesh. We cannot be strong in one, and weak in the other. We must see both purified and made whole. The alternative is weakness, and falling short of the grace of Koar."

"So you see, throughout history Koar has guided our great Church, Empire, and People. Our future shall be no different."

"Now is the time to remind the rulers of the Turamzzyrian Empire that Chaston's Edict is not one man's decree, but in fact the heavenly command of Koar. I call upon Wehnimer's Landing to align with your brothers in the Empire and the Church, and to reject such darkness and blemish. It is not too late, for those of no faith, or the wrong faith. I will reside in the region for a short time, you are welcome to partake in the sermons and prayers we will be performing over the next few days."

"Today is the day you find your true purpose in the Light of Koar. Will you join us as we usher in this new golden age?"

Chaston says, "With eyes to the future...a new dawn has come."

Many in the crowd fall to their knees, crying out to Koar, shouting praises, offering worship and prayers.  "May we forever walk in his light!"

Some shout, "Cleanse our land, our minds, our souls!"

Chaston recites:
   "May you forever walk in the light of Koar."

  • -13 Prelate Chaston appeared at Baron Dunrith's Court in Vornavis and ... an exchange ensued. Team Baron clear victor, Team Chaston's spin on it will clearly take time to figure out... via Rovvigen, TownCrier Correrspondent. Click to view post
Feastday, Phoenatos 13th
By Historian Rovvigen

Hours before Baron Dunrith arrived few people gathered in Solhaven, North Market to await his arrival. At about 11pm (est) Baron Dunrith arrived a led a group to Solhaven's Vornavis, Great Hall.

An aged chamberlain continues to watch as people arrive into the Great Hall.

Speaking to an aged chamberlain, Deavon says, "Good to see you again, sir."

An aged chamberlain says, "It is always good to have knights of Vornavis return home."

Speaking kindly to an aged chamberlain, Bristenn replies, "And it is always good to be home, lord chamberlain."

An aged chamberlain says, "I will remind all here to be mindful of proper decorum while here."

An aged chamberlain says, "Weapons, shields, and the like have no place being drawn here at Court."

An aged chamberlain gives the Great Hall a final once over and then nods.

An aged chamberlain raises his green staff and thumps the end of it on the floor several times.

An aged chamberlain exclaims, "This session of the Court of Vornavis is now in session. Make way for his Excellency Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis!"

Baron Dunrith just came through a small side door.
Goldstr snaps smartly to attention!
Bristenn snaps smartly to attention!
Dunrith stands in front of some regal chairs of state.

Speaking softly to Dunrith, Deavon says, "My liege..."

An aged chamberlain says, "And his Lordship Salnim Malwind of Vornavis."

Puptilian nods respectfully.

Dunrith turns his gaze over all of those assembled in the Great Hall and smiles.

Dunrith says, "It is good to see so many faces here tonight for this session of Court."

Dergoatean appears less confident and fearless.

Dunrith says, "We are especially pleased to see the faces of the many knights who have ties here with Vornavis."

Dunrith says, "It has been far too long since our last open session of Court. But we are glad we can correct that tonight."

Dunrith says, "And speaking of things in need of correction, we are pleased to speak of our first order of business this night."

Dunrith nods to the aged chamberlain.

An aged chamberlain says, "Order of Azure Suns, please present yourselves before his Excellency."

Members of the Azure Suns each stride a few steps forward to the chamberlain.

Dunrith gazes down from the dais at those assembled before him.

Speaking to Dunrith, Aydan greets, "The honor is ours, Excellency. It has been too long since we have last been in your presence."
Bristenn nods respectfully.

Bristenn formally answers, "And we are gladdened to be in your service, Your Excellency."

Speaking to Aydan, Dunrith says, "Indeed, Sir Aydan. And we are happy to have you back here amongst us again."

Dunrith says, "You and your Order have always done right by Vornavis, seeking to represent it in the field, and be our eyes and ears where we need them to be."

Dunrith says, "However for many months now an injustice has existed towards your Order."

Dunrith says, "Whilst you have always been a knightly order in our eyes, proper recognition from the rest of the Empire was missing due to the lack of your inclusion in the Tomes of Immuron."

Dunrith says, "It is my pleasure to announce that this injustice is over."

Dunrith says, "The Order of the Azure Suns have been added to the Tomes of Immuron, where they properly belong."

Bristenn faces Dunrith and smartly brings his right fist up to his chest. Holding it there, he bows deeply.

Individuals baring witness to this occasion in court start applauding at the accomplishments of the Azure Sons.

Aydan bows respectfully before Dunrith, his eyes fixed firmly on the ground.

Speaking to Aydan, Dunrith says, "It was regretful that this endevour took so long to be seen through. It seems there were some rather...zealous...clerks which made things rather more involved than usual."

Speaking to Bristenn, Dunrith says, "You and yours have always done this, Sir Bristenn."

Speaking to Aydan, Dunrith says, "We can only hope that the clerks were simply being ever careful in these times. Regardless of their reasons, the injustice of your inclusion has been resolved."

Bristenn politely reasons, "If I may say, Your Excellency, it isn't a reason to -not- double our efforts, at home and abroad."

Speaking to Dunrith, Aydan agrees, "Surely only a wish to ensure it was done right and proper."

Speaking to Bristenn, Dunrith says, "We always expect the best and the most of our knights, Sir Bristenn. And we shall hold you to that."

Bristenn nods gravely, clasping his hands behind his back.

Speaking to Aydan, Dunrith says, "I am sure that was the reason."
Dunrith nods to the aged chamberlain.

Speaking to an aged chamberlain, Dunrith says, "I believe we are ready for the next order of business."

An aged chamberlain says, "Order of the Azure Suns, you may stand down."

Dunrith says, "Whilst our first order of business was a thing of joy, what we move to now makes our heart heavy."

Dunrith says, "In recent times the situation for much of the North has been difficult and troublesome throughout the region."

Dunrith says, "An innocent girl struck down in a horrific attack."

Dunrith says, "And a call to use this tragedy to drag the Empire backwards instead of moving forward."

Dunrith says, "Over the past several decades Vornavis has seen its share of troubles, conflicts, and tragedies."

Dunrith says, "But one thing which has always remained a source of hope and inspiration to stand stalwart in the face of these things has been how its people have stood together."

Dunrith says, "We have seen men and women shed blood and gives their lives in defense of not only this barony, but to aid and defend others in need."

Dunrith says, "People of all different backgrounds, from all different places -of all different races - working together for a common cause."

Dunrith says, "To that end, I wish for it to be clear to everyone, that people of all races are welcome within this Barony."

Dunrith says, "If others are so foolish as to not wish them be present, then there will be a place for them here."

Dunrith smiles faintly.

Dunrith nods to the aged chamberlain.

An aged chamberlain raises his staff once and strikes it on the floor.

Captain Gurbah a half ogre and half bull centaur just arrived in Court Room

Gurbah gives those assembled a stern gaze and then takes up a position near the dais by the chamberlain.

Mynon turns toward Gurbah and renders a sharp hand salute.

An aged chamberlain says, "His Excellency will now be taking petitions from those present in the Court. Those wishing to speak should whisper their intentions to Captain Gurbah. When called upon, you make present yourself before the court."

An aged chamberlain says, "The first petitioner before the Court is Mayor Puptilian Peregrinus of Wehnimer's Landing."

Speaking to an aged chamberlain, Puptilian says, "Thank you."

Speaking to Dunrith, Puptilian says, "Baron Malwind, thank you for taking the time to allow us to address the court."

Dunrith nods at Puptilian.

Puptilian says, "I come here as a representative of Wehnimer's Landing to address the court as friends of old. It is a shame I have to do so in dark times but I feel its important to speak of the matters at hand."

Puptilian says, "Over the course of many months, our town has had dealing with one Prelate Chaston of the Church of Koar and his followers who call themselves The Blameless."

Puptilian says, "This Prelate and his followers have brought harm to the area of Wehnimer's Landing and especially to followers of Ronan and Imaera. The Blameless has gone on to place harm on the Shrine of Ronan."

Speaking to Puptilian, Irar says, "Replaced the Shrine of Ronan, more like."

Puptilian says, "This does not even cover the many rumors that follow this Prelate and his followers around the Empire."

Puptilian says, "Just last night Prelate Chaston made his announcements at the doorstep of the Landing. His views for the Empire and all lands is one against the very essence of what makes up Wehnimer's Landing and its people."

Puptilian says, "His views and actions not only reach the Empire but of those outside the Empire. I fear that he will turn his eyes and army to the town I have been given to represent."

Puptilian says, "And for what reason? The same reason you yourself announced tonight. We welcome all people, all races, and all beliefs to our town."

Puptilian says, "The people of the Landing will stand strong against anyone that will try to force their will on us. We will stand strong against Prelate Chaston if he comes to our town to force his views of prurification."

Puptilian says, "We too will announce to the world, ALL are WELCOME. We will allow any race, any belief to live with us as free people."

Puptilian asks, "I come to you Baron Malwind as friend. I come to ask if Vornavis will stand with us as Sir Thadston from Hendor does against this purification?"

Puptilian says, "I believe that all of us need to stand as one against one as this Prelate."

Puptilian says, "And I do hope our friendship continues as we help each other in this dark times."

Puptilian says, "Thank you again for your time Baron Malwind."

Speaking to Puptilian, Dunrith says, "One thing that we have become most aware and clear about over the years is the strength of the independent spirit of the town of Wehnimer's Landing."

Puptilian agrees with Dunrith.

Speaking to Puptilian, Dunrith says, "And despite some difficult moments, Vornavis has always viewed your town with friendship, and has always been our hope that such might be strengthened again in time."

Dunrith says, "As for Prelate Griffin, of whom we have heard much, we can only hope that all this energy of his would not forget the many of his own people back in Talador whom have suffered much these past several years."

Dunrith says, "As there are those who would be better suited to be aided in these times. As we know first hand through our efforts in the North."

Speaking to Dunrith, Puptilian says, "The Landing does still see Vornavis as friend and I hope we can continue to strengthen that bond."

An aged chamberlain gently taps his staff on the floor.

Meanwhile in the Landing, Hapenlok sees "and on the trail to Solhaven: Some townspeople and white-robed priests, dozens and dozens, slowly march by."

An aged chamberlain says, "The next petitioner before the Court is Irar, a Templar of Koar."

Irar bows to Dunrith.

Speaking to Dunrith, Irar says, "The Mayor has voiced many of my concerns already."

Speaking to Dunrith, Irar says, "And now that my associates inform me of an exodus currently taking place..."

Speaking to Dunrith, Irar says, "I am a Templar of Koar, but not Blameless. I consider them an affront, but this is probably obvious."

Speaking to Dunrith, Irar asks, "If you see Blameless operating within or around your town, carrying out the activities they have become infamous by carrying out in the Landing, what action would you consider taking?"

Speaking to Dunrith, Irar asks, "And what would you have your fine Knights do?"

Irar glances at Aydan.

Dunrith nods at Irar.

Dunrith says, "The laws of Vornavis are very clear when it comes to matters of unwarranted violence and destruction of property."

Speaking to Irar, Dunrith says, "And such apply to any who are within the Barony of Vornavis."

Speaking to Irar, Dunrith says, "I believe that should clarify matters when it comes to your question."

Speaking to Dunrith, Irar says, "Thank you, your Excellency."

Speaking to Dunrith, Irar says, "May Koar guide you."

An aged chamberlain taps his staff on the floor.

Ylandra says, "Aye, not all who follow Koar are ... as distasteful as those who follow that fraudster Chaston."

Mikalmas says, "I agree whole-heartedly, Ylandra."

An aged chamberlain says, "The next petition before the Court is Sir Aydan Mursilis, Knight Banneret."

Speaking respectfully to Dunrith, Aydan says, "Excellency, it is good that Mayor Puptilian had the opportunity to speak of his concerns for the town and people he represents. The fears he has for them are similar to my own that I have for the Barony, and the Empire as a whole."

Aydan says, "As we know, the free worship of the Pantheon of Liabo and those neutral, yet benevolent spirits associated with them is a right granted to all citizens of the Empire."

Aydan says, "And as such, I would never find fault with a sincerely-held belief and faith, whether that be to Koar, Lumnis, Charl, or any other."

As Court continues Prelate Chaston has arrived in Solhaven's North Market

Speaking quietly to Gurbah, Raelee murmurs, "The Prelate is in North Market."

Speaking quietly to Gurbah, Raelee says, "You may need to send men."

Cryheart says, "Settle down folks."

Cryheart says, "Be calm."

Aydan says, "But the man, Chaston Griffin, would argue differently. He has sent his Blameless to several loc-" he hesitates for a moment before continuing, "locations, both within the Empire and abroad, claiming to act against corruption and purging their faiths."

Aydan surreptitiously glances at Raelee.

Speaking to Dunrith, Aydan says, "There is a measure of mental domination at play in this. Squire Dirra Crawfinn would be one who can testify to this. Lady Casiphia is another."

Speaking quickly to Gurbah, Raelee says, "They are coming. They are headed for the gate."

Speaking to Dunrith, Aydan says, "I have taken the liberty of inviting several others who can testify as witnesses to many of these events, and in one occasion, those who were present in time to prevent it from occurring. It is my hope, if they have not done so already, that they have informed Captain Gurbah of their desire to address you."

A din of voices can be heard outside, beyond the walls of the hall."

Speaking to Aydan, Dunrith says, "Before we move on to the different person you wish to bring forth, I do wish to say the missive you have sent have been most useful."

Aydan nods once at Dunrith.

Speaking to Aydan, Dunrith says, "While we may not be able to dispatch missives in turn, that does not mean they are not valued."

Gurbah moves slowly towards the entrance of the Hall, gives glances to guardsman as he moves across the room.

Speaking to Dunrith, Aydan says, "Of course, Excellency."

Cryheart says, "Shield the weapon and shield please."

Echoing from outside, prayers and song fill the night. Praise to Koar!

Captain Gurbah just went out.

Deavon exclaims, "Keep those weapons sheathed!"

Rowmi tiredly says, "If you must unsheath your blades, take them outside."

Deavon says, "As well as your shields unharnessaed."

Speaking to Aydan, Dunrith says, "Please continue, Sir Aydan."

Through a narrow window, the crowd outside can be seen. They lift up white candles, the small flames flickering in the night as they stand together.

Speaking to Dunrith, Aydan says, "I had intended before last night to present a much more in-depth case to you, but in light of the Prelate's words in the north last eve, I feel that there is little else I can say that makes his intent more clear."

Evia says, "Silence, respect and decorum in his Excellencies court, if you please."

The Prelate Chaston is entering the Great Hall in Solhaven, soon to be in the presence of the Baron!

Prelate Chaston just arrived.
Chaston flashes a wide grin.

Chaston says, "Your Excellency...."

Speaking to Dunrith, Aydan says, "Excellency, I believe I shall yield the floor at this point, as there is little else that I can say even now."

Chaston nods at Dunrith.

Chaston smiles, his golden eyes glimmering like the dancing flames of an amber fire.

An aged chamberlain says, "Now see here, there is a decorum to follow."

An aged chamberlain says, "You cannot simply barge into a Court session like this my good fellow."

(Aydan turns to face Chaston, though he doesn't return to his previous location amongst the audience.)

Chaston grins at an aged chamberlain.

Irar asks, "I'll breach protocol this once. Was he given leave to speak?"

Speaking to an aged chamberlain, Dunrith says, "I believe we can let this fellow by, just this once."

An aged chamberlain nods.

Areigha softly says, "I agree I want to hear what he has to say."

Speaking to an aged chamberlain, Panndoris says, "I will not draw my weapon.. but let the court know that I would gladly rid it of this imposter..."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith asks, "Prelate Griffin, what brings you to Vornavis most unexpectedly this night?"

Chaston says, "I bring the will of the God-King."

Dunrith says, "Many were invited here this night, but we do not recall yours being amongst those names."

An aged chamberlain strikes his staff on the floor loudly.

Irar says, "Koar is already here."

An aged chamberlain says, "Decorum will be observed in this court."

Ragz stamps his feet at Chaston!

Chaston says, "Vornavis has not escaped the darkness of the past...with the War of Shadows...with the roots of evil to the north in Wehnimer's Landing..."

Chaston says, "The Dark Alliance has brought great suffering to this Barony countless times..."

Chaston says, "...yet here some of them stand, amongst your Hall."

Chaston says, "I have come with one simple message, and in truth, a warning."

Chaston says, "Solhaven exists as a blemish on the luster of Vornavis."

Chaston says, "Within Solhaven, the streets are lined with Temples to both Liabo, and Lornon."

Chaston says, "That is a dangerous path, to allow such to remain."

Speaking in Halfling, Sbinna deeply says, "You exist as a blemish on the luster of my..."

Dunrith gazes down at Chaston from the dais, no expression upon his face.

Chaston says, "It was not long ago...that you and yours chided Wehnimer's Landing for their complacency in allowing evil to set root and prosper within their walls."

Chaston says, "...yet you fail to recognize the poison in your own well."

Speaking to Dunrith, Panndoris asks, "You listen to this??"

Chaston says, "I have come, to encourage you."

Chaston says, "Reject the darkness of Lornon."

(Aydan sneaks a glance up the dais toward Salnim, taps his forehead, and then sneaks a glance toward the Baron and the Prelate.)

Chaston says, "Crumble the dark temples, before the snake in the garden ruins all your family holds dear."

Chaston steps back, nodding.

Panndoris glances at an aged chamberlain.

The aged chamberlain prods Panndoris in the back with his staff.

Panndoris says, "But.."

Panndoris glances at Chaston.

Dunrith says, "Before we speak further, we would be remiss to point out the fact that those forces you spoke of troubling this region were defeated in turn. In part due to the efforts of those who call this region their home."

Dunrith says, "It is good that you speak of watching over your own, Prelate Griffin."

Dunrith says, "For we wished to ask you about the people of Talador, your own people. The ones to whom you have sworn to serve."
An aged chamberlain raps his staff on the ground several times.

Chaston says, "The people of Talador prosper. All of Talador prospers."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "We have heard that following the terrible things that befell Talador, that you were the beneficiary of the blood marble discovered in the mines."

Chaston says, "It is through our great region, that a new revival shall wash across the Empire, restoring faith to the lost. Purging darkness from the land."

Chaston asks, "Is it then, that you disagree with the tenets of Koar? That you have doubts of the Church's purpose?"

Puptilian nods once.

Chaston peers quizzically at Dunrith.

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "Such a thing must have been quite the boon given so many of your people were suffering, lacking in food and shelter."

Chaston says, "A woman's cries and blood give way to the spark of a new life."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith asks, "And what was it you did with the funds from all that blood marble?"

Speaking neutrally to Chaston, Rowmi mentions, "If you can prove to me Koar wants your brand of zealotry, I would be more inclined to believe you."

Chaston says, "Talador is fed."

Chaston says, "Talador has found new life, and new faith."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "Yes Talador was fed."

Dunrith says, "But no thanks to you."

Dunrith says, "Your people were starving and lacked shelter, and you were flush with money from your blood marble."

Chaston says, "It falls to the rulers, the Lords of Hendor, to see to the simple needs of Talador. Surely you must understand such."

Dunrith says, "For one that cares for his people so much, we would think you would do whatever was needed to care for your people."

Chaston says, "With the opportunities bestowed upon me by the God-King, I have given Talador more important things than just food and sheltar."

Chaston says, "I have given them faith. I have given them a future."

Dunrith says, "And yet when you were prospering with funds, you in turn built a temple."

Dunrith says, "But you did not give them the things they needed most. The things they needed to survive."

Dunrith says, "Vornavis amongst them."

Chaston says, "You are correct."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "A Half-Elf gave them what they needed to live."

Chaston says, "Talador's children owe many of their full bellies to the generousity of Vornavis."

Chaston says, "Hathlyn are still half pure, there can be moments."

Aydan incredulously mutters, "Half-pure? He REALLY just said that?"

Speaking neutrally to Aydan, Bristenn replies, "I believe he has insulted our liegelord."

Chaston says, "While Vornavis has fed their own, and those of their cousins in Talador and Mestanir...."

Chaston says, "They have been ignorant to the rot growing from within."

Speaking quietly to Bristenn, Aydan murmurs, "I believe he did."

Chaston says, "Because of Talador's debt to Vornavis..."

Chaston says, "I have come."

Chaston says, "Bearing the God-King's stark warning."

Speaking casually to Aydan, Bristenn ventures, "I find it wholly unorthodox, genrally."

Dunrith says, "Typically when one owes another a debt, they repay it in kind."

Chaston says, "There is no seat, no house, and no shadow safe in the Turamzzyrian Empire for the followers of Lornon and those who support such depravity."

Chaston says, "You have helped to sustain the flesh and blood of Talador's people."

Chaston says, "In kind, I have come to help bring sustenance to the soul of your people."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "We would say to you that you should see that your own house is in order, before you begin knocking on the doors of others."

An aged chamberlain bangs the end of his staff on the floor and gives the crowd a stern look.

Chaston says, "The Church is in order, and long has it been. Before the folly of a few permitted darkness to taint both land and blood."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "When it comes to judging others, it is often best to judge their deeds, not what you believe. Actions and deeds will show you the measure of the man."

Chaston grins at Dunrith.

An aged chamberlain gives Chaston a scandalized look!

Chaston says, "I came here, to invite you to participate in a new dawn for our Church and Empire."

Bristenn briskly corrects, "His Excellency, -Baron- Dunrith Malwind."

Bristenn firmly adds, "Swan Lord of Vornavis, -Your Eminence.-"

Speaking sternly to Chaston, Dunrith says, "Prelate Griffin, we are not on familiar terms."

Speaking quietly to Bristenn, Aydan murmurs, "Mires, stand down."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "Before you say anything further, there is a matter you seem to have forgotten."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "You serve the Patriarch. He serves at the pleasure of the Emperor. And we serve the Emperor."

Chaston says, "I have carried the message of the God-King."

Chaston says, "It is yours, to heed or reject."

Chaston says, "I will pray for your people, that all will know the light soon."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "For the road home, we have a story for you in turn."

Chaston says, "May you forever walk in the light of the God-King."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "We believe you will appreciate this one, as stories such as these are often used in sermons."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "As you see, you remind us of another man we knew once before. He found that the world was not what he felt it to be. That it was unjust and was against him."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "He reached out to those with power to support him in his endevours, for his was a holy cause that would be done."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "But this man was wrong in the end. And he failed to achieve to bring all before him to heel."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "But when faced with this, he could not accept it. He would not accept it. And so he turned to whatever power he could find to see his will done."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "And in doing so, this man became an actual monster in fact, as well as in deed."

Dunrith says, "And it destroyed him."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "I am sure you are familiar with this story, given where you come from."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "As the man I spoke of was Lerep Hochstib."

Chaston flashes a wide grin.

Chaston says, "The folly of Hochstib."

Chaston says, "I am quite pleased to hear you reference such a tale."

Chaston says, "For there exists many lessons in such."

Speaking to Chaston, Dunrith says, "Indeed there are."

Chaston says, "Even when the mad Baron conquered Mestanir, he bowed to the power of the Church and the God-King."

Chaston says, "Despite his title and land and power, he recognized the might and grace of Koar."

Chaston says, "While he expelled mages and those of dark arts, even in madness, he saw clearly enough to allow the pilgrimages to holy sites of Koar to remain."

Chaston says, "And his descent into darkness..."

Dunrith says, "And when he was defeated in Mestanir, it was due on part to the Fist of Koar destroying his Mandis Crystal. But also due to a good push of a wagon by people of all backgrounds and races."

Chaston says, "Is merely further illustration to the fact that hathlyns, being impure, are suspectible to darkness."

Chaston says, "I have said what was needed. The Church thanks you for your time and service...Your Excellency."

Chaston flashes a wide grin.

Speaking to Chaston, Ylandra says, "I am Ylandra, High Priestess of Cholen. I say to you that Chaston's Will is not Koar's Will."

Speaking calmly to Chaston, Mohrgan informs, "As it happens, your Emminence, I was there the night that Hochstib died and watched his last breath leave him."

Chaston says, "May you forever walk in the light of the God-King."

Prelate Chaston just went out.

Dunrith says, "It seems we cannot wish that nothing ill befalls him upon his journey."

Bristenn dryly offers, "May he walk in the light of Koar, then, my liege?"

Speaking to Aydan, Lylia asks, "Now, what were you saying before that man came in and interrupted you so rudely?"

An aged chamberlain shakes his head and mutters to himself, clearly flustered.

Speaking amusedly to Lylia, Aydan says, "Nothing else to be said."

Speaking to Dunrith, Salnim says, "You do enjoy telling that story."

Puptilian swears long, loud and well.

Speaking to Dunrith, Mikalmas says, "I rather like that comment."

Speaking to Salnim, Dunrith says, "I would rather wish I would not need to make the comparison."

Speaking softly to an aged chamberlain, Areigha asks, "Where do you go from here?"

Speaking to Deavon, Dunrith says, "Given the rather...emotional topic of discussion, some allowance can be made, Dame Deavon. Some apologies should be offered to our chamberlain in turn, as it certainly is an affront to his sensibilities."

An aged chamberlain appears to perk himself up and take a more formal stance.

Speaking to Dunrith, Deavon says, "You are a-right, my Lord."

Speaking to an aged chamberlain, Goldstr exclaims, "Me apiligies Sir!"

Speaking to an aged chamberlain, Deavon says, "I am deeply sorry you needed to deal with such uncouth persons."

Dunrith says, "While we know there were other petioners who wished to address the Court, given the late hour, we believe it will be best to adjorn."

Dunrith glances over those assembled in the Great Hall.

Dunrith says, "We also have a feeling that some of those concerns were addressed tonight."

Puptilian says, "Thank you Baron Malwind for your time to listen to us from Wehnimer's Landing."

Lylia says, "Thank you for opening your hall to so many visitors, your Excellency, even if some could not be troubled to remain civil."

An aged chamberlain raps the end of his staff on the floor.

An aged chamberlain says, "This session of the Court of Vornavis is now concluded."
  • -13 While people were at the Baron's Audience in Solhaven, the prisoner, Vinswith, being held for the assassination attempt on the Baron of Bourth's daughter, was found dead in the barracks. via Hapenlok in the wee hours. Click to view post

As ordered by my captain, I deliver a report on the death of the prisoner Vinswith

Shortly after midnight, as the crow flies, i turned over guard duty to two other men, outside your office, and went out into the forest for a brief respite. Dame Evia was attending court in Solhaven. I was confronted with approximately one hundred priests and townspeople being lead by Chaston, heading in the direction of the freeport of Solhaven.

While tracking and observing the movements of our people and Chaston to Solhaven...The prisoner was given a meal of Broth and some water. He constantly was muttering Tick-Tock Tick-Tock pound the rock....according to the men guarding him. Eventually he fell silent, the guards were not suspicious of this, they thought he was asleep. But that was not the case, he apparently bit his tongue off, and choked on his own blood. 

We do not believe the prisoner committed suicide, Poison is suspected, We have secured his body and the bowl that his broth was in for further study. the bowl is in the custody of Stormyrain, the body is in the possession of the healers. 

A list of all people that were in contact with him aside from myself and Dame Evia are being compiled.

The cook responsible for preparing the meal is also being sought at this time. 

I bear my share of responsibility in this matter, the safeguarding of the prisoner was my responsibility. and i allowed myself to be distracted. I accept any action that you and Captain Stormyrain would wish to take. 

It seems that we're left with nothing. Again. I had hopes that his mind could be healed and we could get some proper information from him. 

On the Morrow, (the 15th of Phoenatos) i will begin my inquiries in the usual manner, all though i don't expect them to bear fruit. Which means....I will be spending more time in the sewers and back alleys of this town again.

More reports to follow if my investigation turns anything up. 

Stormyrain's Company
Wehnimer's Landing Militia
  • -17 And... the Plot Thickens: Stormyrain given Jastevian vision on Wednesday night, and writes a letter to Marshal Thrayzar about it. Click to view posts
Stormy was given a vision, through a water formed crystal ball, last night. Everyone around her was able to see what she saw. Below is what happened:

Water from the sky begins to pool in Stormyrain's cupped hands, small rivulets dripping down between her fingers.

A ripple of grey light moves across the water forming in Stormyrain's hands.

One of the white-armored crusaders glances over.

Surrounded by many, and blocked to some, the water begins to curve upward in Stormyrain's hands, almost forming into a fluid crystal ball.

From within the watery sphere, a gutteral, yet squeeky voice can be heard. Then another, perhaps arguing? Monsters, but, ignorant. Rambling, spitting, shouting. Goblins.

Within the watery sphere the image of a goblin appears, silver stilettoos tattooed on his scrawny wrists. He argues with some other goblins, then pushes them aside as he paces before a row of cramped, metal cages. The darkness of a cave stretches all around him.

Within the watery sphere an old, hunched over figure appears. Short and slender, bone white tendrils of unwashed, white hair dangle out from the shadowy cowl of her hood. She cackles with her approach, her bony fingers picking at her rotted teeth.

Within the watery sphere the old crone's voice cackles, "...which of you will do....which of you will do...."

Within the watery sphere the old crone stops before a cage, kneeling down, and looking inside. The goblins behind her stand motionless, nervous, and yet in complete adoration.

Within the watery sphere the old witch taps the bars of the cage with her long, yellow nails. "Wakey...wakey..."

Within the watery sphere a voice cracks, broken, and gruff from the cage, "...tick tock...tick tock...he said...he said...take the hammer...break the rock...."

Within the watery sphere the old crone cackles, "Oh, you'll do just fine!"

The images within the water begin to shift.

Within the watery sphere the water ripples, and shows a small office. There is a carved red oak desk, and the hides of a velnalin, gak, troll and manticore on the wall. In the corner, a half-elf rocks back and forth, chained to the wall, rambling.

Within the watery sphere the half-elf rocks back and forth, rambling, "tick..tick...tick tock...."

Within the watery sphere the half-elf suddenly looks up and the sound of the door unlocking.

Within the watery sphere the half-elf stops rambling, and his stomach even rumbles with hunger. He looks up, and the door opens. In walks a tall halfling, with steel grey eyes and pale skin. His blue-black hair is unruly with a white streak running through it. His dimple cheeks exist even with his straight, stern face. The brown of his wizard's hat matches the bubbling broth in the bowl in his hands.

Within the watery sphere the half-elf greedily takes the bowl, hungrily devouring the broth, as the halfling turns, eyes almost glazed, and walks out of the office, closing the door behind him.

The visions ended here with the collapse of the watery-ball. 
The early morning rays shone through the window of her room, striking the desk and the parchment she was furiously scribbling on. She noticed them and sighed. She felt as if every ounce of energy had been pulled from the core of her being and slung across the room like dice from the hands of a drunken pirate. The same bone-aching weariness that plagued her physically encroached upon her mind and her heart in an impending tidal wave of darkness and despair. 

She finished the parchment, her signature a tangle of swirls and scribbles and dropped the quill unceremoniously. Leaning back in her chair she glanced over the pile of papers on her desk. Letters to Thrayzar, Thadston and Aydan sat on one side while another, thicker parchment sat separately. That one would be the hardest to send, but without an intact scrying bowl it was the only way to get the information on Stiletto to her friend. Soon one of the Academy's students would be by her room and she would send them all off to be delivered to their intended recipients. Then the real work would begin.

One of the parchments reads:
Marshal Thrayzar,

I write to you with news even more grave than my previous report. Last night we were granted visions of the past by My Lord, Jastev. In them we learned several important details: First, I am sorry to tell you this, Stiletto is with the witch, Raznel. From the glimpse we were given it seems as if he is in her employ, willingly, and not a prisoner. Who knows what kind of strange magic she has spun to make this true. I still hold hope for him, as do others here, as I know you will.

Second, we heard an exchange between Raznel and someone who sounded a lot like Vinswith. The person repeated the same phrases as the half-elf, about tick tock, hammer, rock. She seemed to be choosing him for something. Unfortunately, there was no confirmation of what--or when--or who--it was beyond the Witch and the Goblin. Third, we saw a vision of your office when the half-elf was still alive and a prisoner there. We witnessed the door opening and a bowl of broth being delivered by one of our soldiers, Hapenlok. It was noticed that his eyes seemed glazed during this replaying of the past. That was the end of the visions.

Afterwards I was called to the barracks to take report from Hapenlok and several of other militiamen who state that the night before Hapenlok came to them and gave them an order that he insisted to them was from me. The order was to remove the body of the prisoner and throw it into the ocean. They complied.

I gave no such order and Hapenlok has no recollection of the incident. Hapenlok also has no recollection of giving the prisoner broth that night. Given that the Witch still has in her possession a doll she created of Hapenlok, the Witch's skill with strange magic, and the strange occurrences as of late I have relieved Hapenlok from duty, given orders that he be confined to barracks unless accompanied by someone who can subdue him if need be, and made it clear that from now until further notice no order from the halfling soldier should be followed. If I have orders I will get them to the men another way.

I am sure this only further complicates the situation with the Baron, however it also answers several nagging questions while leaving us with many more. We will continue to investigate as we can here, and will await further orders either by your hand or when you return.

In service to Wehnimer's Landing,


Captain of the Landing Militia
  • -18 The Chaston PR machine hits a new low as the Prelate's spin reaches beyond letters to officials and speeches. The first Crusader Chronicles has been published and is already being distributed among the townspeople of Wehnimer's by Morning on the Day of the Huntress. Click to view post
For a brief time, the local scribe of Wehnimer's Landing served as an interim Councilman. Jenkin never cared for the life of politics, and preferred the freedom his thoughts and words and writing provided him. In recent months, a swell of worship to Koar has spread throughout Wehnimer's Landing, and the town scribe has recently declared his renewed faith in the God-King. Many fellow believers have urged the scrivener to become a greater voice in the community, to bring light to the justice and glory of Koar, and bring attention to the darkness taking root in and around Wehnimer's Landing.

As of today, the first edition of The Crusader Chronicles has been distributed among townspeople of Wehnimer's Landing, some caring little for what is within, while others eagerly absorb the information and readily share it. 








OOC Note:

I'm not actually going to write up a bunch of fake articles, hah. But I thought some religious propaganda pro-Koar pro-Chaston in the town would be interesting. You can only imagine how the "articles" would be, given the headlines. So expected me to do some more editions of the Crusader Chronicles over time!
  • -18 Meanwhile an unhappy Hapenlok is confined and put under guard in the Landing on Niiman night. Whispers reference the Witch Raznel... Click to view post
After the debacle of the previous night, Hapenlok was confined to the barracks, stripped of duty. and was guarded by no less than four elite guards. 

Under the watchful eye of Captain Stormyrain he was disarmed. and dispelled. His weapons and armor stored in a crate. 

All he could do was submit.

It wasn't like Torre. When he defied all to return to his wife, and his home under siege.

All he could do was comply. and pace. and stew.

"Try to get some sleep," said Stormyrain, Gently.

Right. Like i could sleep.....But strangely enough, that was exactly what he did. for a few hours. Until the nightmares.
Scarabs. bloodworms. Blood Rain. The cackling......Oh, yes. That Cackling.

He awoke with a start, a shout. The guards next to him drew their weapons.

He ignored them.

He went out to the courtyard, his captors moving as fast as their heavy armor would allow them. 

The men in the courtyard all stopped. stared at him, some expressions neutral. some avoiding his gaze, and others giving gazes of outright hatred.

He ignored them. It didn't matter.

Find Raznel. Find what was taken. 

For one of the few times in his life, he felt helpless.



He glanced at his badge, and tabard.

Years spent defending this town. All come to this. he thought(out loud...more habits which made his guardians exceedingly nervous)

He startted to mutter to himself. 

Enough was enough.

If this wasn't enough to make them listen.


A vision in his head, Raznel in flames. 

He took off his badge, looked at it. Years of defending this town.

One of the men, from the other squad. A snide remark in passing "Traitor Scu-URGH!"

All four guards were required to pull Hapenlok off the person who made that remark. He was forcibly removed back to the barracks. 

His trips outside were curtailed. Thankfully, he wasn't chained to his bunk. They had no orders for such an occurance. Yet. 

on the way back upstairs, he asked to be brought to the armory. His badge and tabard were placed with his weapons. Not as long as Raznel breathed could he consider himself in the Militia. Too much was at stake. 

He was a caged animal. He spent most of his waking moments, pacing the floor at his bunk. 


Not saying much. 

The guards were nervous.

They thought they could see flames in his eyes.

Their minds must have been playing tricks on them. 
  • -19 On the Night of the Huntress, Landing area Adventurers repelled two concerted attacks by Chaston's Crusaders on dark shrines in the area. Arachne's Temple was badly singed, but not desecrated. Luukos' shrine was the other one successfully defended. Afterwards, Blue Boy Rodnay warned of an ominous "Atonement" to happen around the week's end next week
  • -20 Reports arrive with news of an entire NE Mestinair village slaughtered by Chaston's Crusaders. They announced this victory over a supposed Luukos shrine, but learn that the Baron of Mestanir's nephew among the dead. Chaston spins the young nobleman's death: Click to view post
Reports have traveled around about a recent incursion in a small farmstead in northeast Mestanir, about a day or two from the region's border with Talador. The fledgling village was attacked by a group of Blameless, white-armored zealots dedicated to purifying the world of all enemies of Koar. The villagers were slaughtered, every last one. It has been said that beneath a grain storehouse, a secret shrine to Luukos was discovered, and a handful of cultists were put to death.

In the aftermath of the crusader's attack, representatives of the Blameless announced that one of the dead cultists was a young man named Aldon Chydenar, the nephew of Baron Seurdyn Chydenar of Mestanir. Further complicating the matter, the young noble Aldon was also a member of the Church of Koar, hand-picked by the Prelate of Mestanir to serve beside him in the rebuilding of faith in Mestanir after the War of Shadows.

When hearing of the news of a successful assault against dark cultists, but also the troubling noble connections, Prelate Chaston made a brief statement.

"These recent revelations provide only further credence to the work we are doing in the name of the God-King. Darkness has taken root in every facet of our great Empire, and wickedness has managed to infiltrate even the Church, which makes our movement even more important. Let it be known that even those of noble blood and pious words can be using both to hide their evil. No seat, no house, and no throne shall escape the truth and light of the God-King Koar."
  • -20 3 bloodied Crusaders spotted slinking out of the Landing near River's Ramble. At the end of the trail of blood, bloody half-elf corpses found in the wine shop cellar. Landing Defenders investigate
  • -22 Whispers of Dissent were squashed by Chaston's Crusaders without thought the other night in a local wine shop. Documents were found, casting doubt on all sorts of things. Click to view post
A few nights ago, a group of Blameless crusaders led a raid on a wine merchant's shop on the east side of Wehnimer's Landing. It was reported that there was a secret meeting of members of the anti-imperial group known as the Scions of Shaundara, an organization made up of half-elves and other sympathizers. Shaundara was once a legendary half-elf who fought for half-elven rights in the Turamzzyrian Empire, and founded a group of freedom fighters known as the Silver Eagles. In time, Shaundara and her movement were squashed. 

It is said that during the raid, the Scions resisted being apprehended and immediately attacked the Blameless, which forced their hand. None of the Scions present survived. Documents, ledgers and sealed parchments were gathered from the bodies and the cellar where they were meeting. Given the conflict and the intense battle, a representative of the Blameless said that it's very possible some evidence was left behind, but felt the officials of Wehnimer's Landing would be able to help ensure justice was properly handled. 

Troubling most of all was the information gleaned from the documents. The details were compiled and handed over to Lord Ambrus, a trusted inquisitor of Prelate Chaston, who then promptly submitted the evidence to the Patriarch of the Church of Koar, who presides over the entire faith of the Empire. The documents revealed that the Northern Sentinel, Earl Jovery, was secretly communicating with Sir Thadston in the Hendoran Outpost outside of Wehnimer's Landing, specifically commanding him to undermine the wood trade deals trying to be struck between the town and the Barony of Bourth. In addition, the letters shed light on the treasonous plans to break from the Empire, and create the New Kingdom of Hendor, absorbing Bourth as part of that plan. Furthermore, the New Kingdom of Hendor would openly denounce Chaston's Edict, and provide a new haven for all non-humans and all walks of faith, creating a promised sanctuary against the tenets of the Turamzzyrian Empire. 

Additional evidence linked Sir Thadston and the New Kingdom of Hendor movement with the Scions of Shaundara, adding another level of subterfuge and potential high crimes against the Empire. 

There has been no official refutation from Earl Jovery at this time, but it is said Sir Thadston has publically denied these claims and called them political maneuvering, and warned action against the Blameless and any who seek to capitalize on this information.

One townsperson in Wehnimer's Landing commented and said, "It's no surprise, really. Hendor has always done what they wanted, when they wanted. I hope they finally bring justice to Sir Thadston and his men, and don't take it out on us."

Another townsperson spoke up as well, "The Blameless aren't victims. I saw it. I saw the blood and the bodies. It was a slaughter. It wasn't self-defense. Those bald bastards are dangerous!"
  • -24 Chaston's Crusaders attack Hendoran and Landing Defenders, but are driven back. At the end, Hendorans bring in a dozen of the instigators and most are executed publicly from the walls of the Outpost. (Live tweets of battle and executions: https://twitter.com/GemStoneIVNews ) Sir Aydan's report: Click to view post
Captain Gurbah,

Reports have reached me regarding armed crusaders bearing the trappings of the Blameless marching through the Cairnfang. With the recent news of the attack on the border of Mestanir that resulted in both the tragic loss of civilian and noble life, the prevention of the Blameless violating the sovereignty of Vornavis, along with the expectation of retaliation due to recent events at home and abroad require increaesed vigilance.

Effective immediately, I am mustering eight Lances of the Vornavian Reserve, with a term of duty consisting of fourteen days, with the possibility of an extension this term or full mobilization of the Reserve to be determined as necessary. With a large number of the Baronial Guard still safeguarding the Barony of Mestanir, the Reservists should be sufficient to patrol the Cairnfang and the northeastern borders of the Barony.

The Reservists are not under orders to directly engage any Blameless unless hostilities are initiated on their part, or all attempts to ensure compliance with Vornavian sovereignty have failed. Even then, the Reservists are trained as skirmishers rather than infantry, and have been trained to withdraw after an initial attack. Ideally they would have a line of advancing Regulars to fall behind after taking a few shots at the enemy at range, but they will be instructed to skirmish and withdraw to alert the city should hostilities commence.

In addition, reports say that our Hendoran allies to the north took a number of Blameless captive last night and allowed a mob execution, followed by firing directly into the Koarite camp. While it would seem that the Blameless had indeed engaged in hostilities, the execution of the Blameless in such a fashion would likely constitute a war crime were there to be an actual war, along with firing upon a camp that had contained civilians. That this conflict has yet to be declared anything at all, let alone an actual war only reinforces the view that this is and should be considered a criminal act. Retaliation should be expected.

Pragmatism may unfortunately require looking the other way for a time, though I will investigate this situation further as time allows and offer my findings in a future report. Until then, I have ordered those under my command to refuse compliance with any Hendoran directive until further notice. I have no intention of allowing myself or any who stand beneath the banners to participate in criminal acts of butchery.

We will continue to work to ensure the safety of the civilians in the Protectorate, but as always will shift our focus to the Barony at a moment's notice.

In Loyal Service to our Liege,
Sir Aydan Mursilis
  • -25 Multiple Half-Elves and an Eorgina follower murdered in the Landing on Wednesday night. It all started when Newsby was smacked over the head, dragged from a table where she was working on the next day's headlines and murdered in the common room ... Half-Elves urged to never be alone during this crisis.
  • -26 By the next day, outright attacks by townspeople on adventurers start up in the Landing, and random murdering was still going on. At one point a guard killed a half-elf lass outside the Bank. Mayor warns *everyone* to go nowhere alone.
  • -27 The second issue of the Crusader Chronicles hits the streets of the Landing with sensationalized headlines and the Prelate's own spin on how to twist the truth. It's going to fan all the flames in this pressure cooker... Click to view post





  • -27 Rozy and Lylia exchange insults, and then blows, with a zealot outside of Moot Hall. Both are arrested for the death of the inflammatory priest, but it brings out a crowd of angry townspeople; some attack adventurers.
  • -27 Lylia's OOC and IC summaries of the mob scene in the Landing. Click to view post
Just a quick OOC summary for anyone who missed last night's chaos or was busy hunting up bloodrunes: 

A street preacher appeared in front of Moot Hall to inveigh against the wickedness and waywardness of the Landing, promising that Koar's Light would cleanse all during the Atonement. The crowd listened and made jokes about giving townspeople up for Atonement or offered snide comments about where Chaston Griffin can stick Koar's light, and a few advocated ignoring him. I got an idea that may or may not have had to do with the sangria I'd had after dinner: "Hey, I wonder if this is an attackable NPC or if he's warded as Chaston always is? Why would my character stand here and listen to this guy tell her she's unclean, anyway? Should I leave? Or wait...what would happen if I just -- " So I ventured a little Bloodburst. Rozy finished the job emphatically and atomized him with an Implosion, and then all hell began to break loose with the townsfolk, both PC and NPC. There were some monsterbold messages about the townspeople casting horrified glances at Lylia and Rozy, which I thought was great and Lylia thought was ominous. :)

Around this time, Lylia got arrested, so I didn't get to see a lot of the resulting riots, but I did see angry townspeople and harried militia moving through the streets later and heard there were a few deaths. After I got sprung from the jail, I got on the amulet from my undisclosed location and made some noise about "Maybe NOW you'll see this stuff's serious business!" while finishing off the last of the fig and walnut biscotti and thinking about how this all fit into Lylia's larger plans (because even though I rarely have one, Lylia always has a larger plan). I also sent a couple of PMs to folks so they knew it was meant in fun and purely roleplayed, which I hope made it through the screen scroll. 

Thadston offered to help quash the violence in town, but Pup told him it was in hand, and everything simmered down -- at least, it did until tonight. DUN DUN DUNNN, the Atonement's coming! 

--- Lauren, Lylia's player

Now, from an IC perspective:

Quin Telaren may send roltons away from the gates, but he is powerless to stop the rising tide of zealotry within the town's own walls. It seems no one cares to stop it despite the waves of murderous behavior such hateful rhetoric has incited. We cannot even walk the streets without being accosted by mad Koarites proclaiming our incipient doom and frothing at the mouth about this Atonement, and that is if we are lucky. The unlucky ones, those of mixed heritage, get a crossbow bolt or a knife in the dark. 

A white-robed priest occupied a place in front of Moot Hall itself and was not chased away; instead, he was welcomed to whip the crowd into a frenzy, giving courage and purpose to those very murderers who kill our own citizenry. While our own mayor stood before this zealot and made jests about handing over a citizen -- no, not just a citizen, but a former political rival of his, which I believe is no coincidence -- for their monstrous Atonement, I believed it was time to take action. 

My original intent was simply to open a vein in the man's neck and choke off his words, proving to the assembled townsfolk that Koar could not save this man from the merest expression of sorcerous displeasure. I soon realized, though, that this was an opportunity to make a greater point: This is no laughing matter. While our human leadership jokes about handing over one of the town's most prominent non-human, agnostic citizens to Chaston Griffin's Atonement, I felt the need to end such jests -- no, to drench them with the blood such cavalier disregard demands. I was clearly not the only listener in that crowd who shared this sense of outrage. How fitting, then, that the one who ended the priest's miserable life is also not human, also a sorceress, also with something more to lose. 

Some may deplore the violence that occurred last night. I am with you in condemning it. What many do not see, though, is that the priest's speech would have ended in blood regardless -- only if he had not died, it would have been the blood of our half-elven citizens, our Lornon worshippers, our non-believers, our Aelotoi and Faendryl and Dhe'nar. These zealots will not stop until they see a world that mirrors them. We cannot treat it as a jest. We cannot afford to indulge this hatred under the guise of free worship even if the Liabo-loving humans among us fail to perceive the enormity of the threat this warped faith represents. 

We do not have the luxury of laughter. Now perhaps you see this clearly. 

-- Lylia Rashere Faendryl
  • -28 The foretold night of Atonement started in Solhaven when the Vornavians stood up to the White Crusaders. Who ... seemed to fulfill their own line: His light spreads to all and Darkness is banished. Can't get much more banished than DEAD, Right? :) By Rovvigen, TownCrier Correspondent. Click to view post
On the Feastday, Phoenatos 27 in Solhaven, Liabo Plaza a small crowd gathers to watch events unfold between the Blameless and the Vornavis Guard.
By Rovvigen

The priest Kindarel says, "You and your ilk are not welcome here! You should not have come."

A white-armored crusader stares down at Kindarel, his expression unchanging.

Bristenn clears his throat.

Speaking to a white-armored crusader, Bristenn demands, "From where did you come?"

Mikalmas asks, "What's the line of the day, priest?"

A white-armored crusader says, "We came to see Koar's will done."

Bristenn narrows his eyes.

Bristenn slowly counters, "..perhaps you did not hear me."

The priest Kindarel points a finger at the crusader, "Koar does not need you here. We have gotten along just fine without you."

A white-armored crusader says, "We come from everywhere. We are everywhere. We will see Koar's will done."

Bristenn adjusts the position of a steel-bound leather scabbard on his leather swordbelt.

Speaking to a white-armored crusader, Mikalmas says, "I think its been made clear your presence is not needed nor desired here."

A white-armored crusader glances down at Kindarel, "Has the church been prepared for us?"

Reedus asks, "Pretty sure as the King of the Gods, Koar doesn't need any help. So I guess it's your will huh?"

Reedus glances at a white-armored crusader.

Bristenn briskly states, "Your order stands in violation of the laws written within the Rysus Codex. Vornavis will have no business with you, nor its port of Solhaven."

The priest Kindarel says, "Nothing has been prepared for you. You are not wanted here."

A white-armored crusader says, "Koar is Justice and Koar is the Law. His will will be done."."

Speaking to a white-armored crusader, Reedus asks, "Do you have any other independant thought?"

The priest Kindarel says, "The likes of you should not be here! I saw what men like you do! The cut down the innocent, just like Keryth was so many years ago."

A white-armored crusader says, "Koar comes before all."

Beloran asks, "I'm, well. A neutral observer, for the most part. But. Shouldn't Koar be able to speak for himself?"

Speaking to a white-armored crusader, Reedus asks, "And he told you this, himself? Or is it just one big huge strange guess of yours?"

A white-armored crusader says, "Through us his Will is done."

Bristenn slowly counters, "We may all be subject to Koar's law when we pass, but here and now, you are subject to the laws of men."

A white-armored crusader says, "His Light spreads to all and Darkness is banished."

Speaking to a white-armored crusader, Reedus asks, "And why would a God King need the help from someone like you?"

Speaking sternly to a white-armored crusader, Bristenn demands, "Mount your wagon, and take your pilgrimage elsewhere. There is no need for this to become untoward."

The priest Kindarel says, "I will be no part of your madness here. Go back to where you came from. This city is not for you."

The priest Kindarel gives the crusader a defiant stare and then turns to march back into his shop.

Bristenn glances at a white-armored crusader and folds his arms over his chest.

A white-armored crusader stands there, the expression on his face never changing.

Mikalmas says, "I doubt people here will be as quick to strike without provocation. So we wait."

Bristenn dryly agrees, "We can certainly do this all evening."

Speaking to a white-armored crusader, you ask, "And why are you still here?"

Salnim says, "So this is what all this consternation was about."

Bristenn clearly greets, "Your Lordship."

Bristenn bows respectfully before Salnim, his eyes fixed firmly on the ground.

Speaking to Bristenn, Salnim says, "Sir Mires."

Beloran says, "I think most likely he is waiting on someone to attack. So as to have someone to blame."

Salnim says, "I had thought tonight a good night for a stroll in the Free Port. But it seems the night is not so pleasant."

A white-armored crusader turns his gaze towards the new arrival Salnim.

Speaking wearily to Salnim, Bristenn agrees, "Rather, sire. These pilgrims from the Everwatch's offshoot have come expecting Solhaven to play host."

Ordim says, "Theres more in the wagon...."

Bristenn gives a sidelong glance at a white-armored crusader.

A white-armored crusader says, "We bring the Light of Koar to this city. All doors should be open to this blessing."

Bristenn slowly adds, ".. this is, of course, after their spiritual guide condemned our barony with right hateful language."

Salnim says, "I am afraid you and your men have travelled long and far for naught."

A white-armored crusader says, "Our work is never for naught. Koar's Will shall be done."

Tuilinneth quietly repeats, "In the wagon?"

Bristenn cocks his head at Ordim.

Ordim glances at a battered white wagon covered with white tarp.

Tuilinneth bites her lip.

Bristenn nods understandingly at Ordim.

Bristenn whispers to the group, "Always more, as luck would have it."

Ordim says, "Wicked wagons whisk whimpy worshipers with whimpering words."

Ordim twitches, trying to control a vocal outburst, before settling into a disdained grumble while regaining composure.

Salnim says, "A pilgrimage such as yours requires the proper permits and authorization to come to the Free Port of Solhaven. Without such, you and yours must return to where you came from."

Tuilinneth slowly asks, "Aren't we standing in the shadows of Koar's Fane? Doesn't his will touch upon us now without the help of mortal hands to sully it?"

A white-armored crusader says, "Slips of paper do not matter when it comes to Koar's Will. We are meant to be here."

Speaking wearily to Salnim, Bristenn comments, "I believe he is inviting us to a philosophical debate, sire."

Speaking to a white-armored crusader, Reedus asks, "And he told you this, himself? Or did you just fall into that Helga Haze from drinking too much and imagine it?"

Mikalmas says, "A civil conversation, a debate if you will, is welcomed. Blind proselytizing I don't take so well to."

Mikalmas says, "But that is not my call to make, as I defer to Salnim, of course."

A white-armored crusader gazes at all assembled, the expression on his face never changing.

A white-armored crusader tilts his head towards the wagon.

Mikalmas says, "They have been rather active."

Bristenn remarks, "Insanity or not, he and his fellows have already overstayed their welcome."

Beloran says, "They defiled Ronan's Shrine in the Landing I hear."

More men emerge from the wagon, all are armed, but they move only to stand behind their commander.

Ordim glances at a white-armored justicar.

Mikalmas asks, "So. Are we supposed to be...intimidated?"

A white-armored crusader says, "You should be in awe of the Light of Koar. Bask in the wisdom it brings."

Salnim looks at the crusader and his men and frowns.

Mikalmas says, "While the group is small, we will not be provoked, Crusader. our hands are steady. Speak your business, or move on."

Tuilinneth says, "Right now, we are sheltered in the shadows of his Fane, but I appreciate the offer."

Mikalmas says, "My thoughts are you came to be a martyr. To shed more blood. To further your cause. So far, you are failing."

Salnim looks beyond the group of Blameless and their wagon, and tilts his head slightly at something unseen.

Bristenn casually observes, "And, these are all the men you brought."

Ordim glances at a battered white wagon covered with white tarp.

Speaking slowly to Bristenn, Tuilinneth commands, "Maybe not.. poke at the egos of the men with the big swords...."

The sound of many boots striking cobblestone can be heard in the distance, quickly growing closer.

Bristenn lightly relents, "I'll do my best, I suppose."

Mikalmas says, "Bristenn has a calm hand, Tuilenneth. I agree that if they are going to speak they need to state their business or move on."

Speaking to Bristenn, Ordim says, "I hope those are friendly boots."

Bristenn nods in agreement at Ordim.

Captain Gurbah just arrived.

Mikalmas says, "I know Rovvigen is doing his best to document the real events here, despite what Chaston's followers will report."

Ordim raises his illthorn runestaff in triumph!

Ordim turns to Gurbah and cheers!

As Captain Gurbah arrives, a regiment of Vornavian Guardsmen follows him. Each has a crossbow slung over their shoulder.

Speaking to Salnim, Gurbah asks, "Making new friends, Little Lord?"

Bristenn dryly agrees, "Yea, it would appear Koar's Light has come to fill our darkness."

A white-armored crusader takes in the newcomers, but the expression on his face never changes.

Also here: Captain Gurbah, Tuilinneth, Lord Salnim, Grand Lord Mikalmas, Great Lord Beloran, Reedus, Duskruin Arena Combatant Ordim, Sir Bristenn

Speaking to a white-armored crusader, Salnim says, "Now then, I believe this is where you return to your wagon and return to where you came from. There is no need for this to escalate further."

Mikalmas says, "Captain Gurbah is well respected by the Malwind family, no doubt. And probably watched over Sir Salnim since he was a toddler."

A white-armored crusader says, "There will be no returning. We are here to see Koar's Will done."

Tuilinneth hesitantly asks, "So you wish to pray in the Faen?"

Speaking to Tuilinneth, Bristenn murmurs, "One of our squires does, Dirra. However," he casts a brieft glance towars the crusader, "There's some right awful darkness in there."

Mikalmas asks, "Do you think we fear you? Or your minions?"

Speaking to a white-armored crusader, Reedus says, "Guess you'll be waiting a while then."

A white-armored crusader takes a step forward towards the nearby buildings.

Mikalmas says, "I would rather watch my blood spill than to bow to the likes of you, or Chaston."

Salnim narrows his eyes as the Blameless move forward.

(Bristenn moves directly into the white-armored crusader's path of travel, arms folded.)

Beloran says, "Oh dear."

Reedus yells, "Kindarel, they're stepping towards your building!"

Speaking clearly to a white-armored crusader, Bristenn states, "No further."

Salnim says, "It appears you are mistaken about some facts of this matter."

Salnim says, "Let me start again."

Ordim walks toward Bristenn.

Salnim says, "My name is Salnim Malwind. I am the son of Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis, the ruler of this barony and its people."

Salnim says, "You and your...order... are not welcome here in Vornavis. This includes the Free Port of Solhaven."
A white-armored crusader stares ahead at Salnim, the expression on his face never changing.

Salnim says, "You will return to your wagon and leave this city and the barony at once."

Lasindriel says, "Not sure they are even able to hear past the rot in their brains."

(Bristenn stands, with the others amongst him, in a wall between the white-armored crusader and the Fane. Certainly fraught with imperious expressions of defiance.)

Mikalmas says, "And we stand with the defenders of the town."

A white-armored crusader says, "We are here to serve Koar's Will. The will of a man such of you matters not in wake of such."

Mikalmas says, "So avoid bloodshed tonight. Go."

Mikalmas stares at a white-armored crusader.

Salnim says, "I see you are making another mistake."

Bristenn drags the toe of one of his leather boots along the ground to create an imaginary line.

Salnim says, "This is not a conversation."

Salnim says, "You will leave this city at once. Or the Vornavian Guard will remove you."

Tuilinneth paces to her right, moving in a circle around a battered white wagon covered with white tarp.

Gurbah raises his fist.

Mikalmas says, "A standoff."

Bristenn tugs on his steel-plated gauntlets, adjusting the way they fit on his fingers. Apparently satisfied, he lowers his hands.

Mikalmas says, "No good citizzens or defenders of Solhaven draw the first blood. It only adds to their propaganda."

The regiment of Vornavian Guardsmen moves at once, unslinging the crossbows from their shoulders, and moving into formation.

The front rank of the Guardsmen takes a kneeling position, while the second rank stands behind them. Each raises their crossbow in turn.

Ordim defiantly exclaims, "The city of Solhaven rejects the blameless and what they stand for!"

Gurbah says, "Men should go. Guardsmen not miss."

Bristenn firmly declares, "Your final warning. Withdraw, or be subject to the laws of -men.-"

A white-armored crusader says, "The Light of Koar cannot be snuffed out by such as you. His Will shall be done."

You say, "Stand strong."

A white-armored crusader takes a step forward towards the buildings and Salnim.

Gurbah is in motion as soon as the cruader moves, putting himself between Salnim and the man.

A white-armored crusader looks at Gurbah a moment, the expression on his face never changing.

A white-armored crusader moves forward another step, his sword arm beginning to move.

Gurbah headbutts the crusader

Ordim turns to Gurbah and cheers!

A white-armored crusader staggers backwards several steps to where the rest of the Blameless stand.

Salnim glances at Gurbah.

Bristenn drops all defense as he moves into a battle-ready stance.

Gurbah glances at Salnim.

Speaking to a white-armored crusader, Ordim exclaims, "Stay back now!"

Speaking to a white-armored crusader, Mikalmas says, "Go. While you still can."

Salnim says, "Leave now. Do not test my patience any further. Leave on your own, or you shall be moved. It need not end like this."

A white-armored crusader raises a hand to his face, and wipes away some blood.

A white-armored crusader says, "The Light of Koar shall free the wicked of the darkness. Blood will not stop us."

Speaking to Gurbah, Salnim says, "Captain."

Mikalmas says, "The will of Koar is NOT the same as the will of Chaston. And I pity that you think it is."

Speaking serenely to a white-armored crusader, Katiesa says, "Those who bear the Light in their souls need never fear the darkness."

Gurbah raises a single fist in the air.

Mikalmas says, "The heart of man has corrupted the will of Koar. And that man is Chaston. Take that message to him, Blameless."

Tuilinneth glances between Gurbah and a white-armored crusader.

Mikalmas says, "If you want your presence to be of some purpose, take our message back to Chaston. Don't die here needlessly."

The Blameless all loosen their weapons and begin to step forward. Before they can move more than a few feet there is the thunderous sound of dozens of crossbows firing at once.

Ordim quickly ducks to the side and out of the way.

Katiesa ducks her head.

Reedus says, "Looks like we're fighting in the shade."

(Tuilinneth flattens herself against a building.)

(Bristenn leans left, as a quarrel whizzes right past his cheek and imbeds itself into the wall of the Priestly Purchases.)

You say, "Stand strong everyone."

Tuilinneth sighs at a white-armored crusader.

Mikalmas says, "Don't draw blood first."

Reedus says, "Or, no fight at all."

At this close of range the bolts do not miss, and the Blameless fall the ground, pierce by many bolts.

Ordim exclaims, "Watch the wagon!"

Ordim points at a battered white wagon covered with white tarp.

(Lasindriel turns and salutes the crosssbowmen.)

Mikalmas says, "And somehow, we will be blamed for this. But I wouldn't expect any less."

Katiesa glances at a white-armored crusader.

Tuilinneth regretfully murmurs, "What a waste of life."

Speaking to Gurbah, Salnim says, "Make sure the men know they did fine work tonight with their shooting."

Beloran says, "That was an impressive display."

Lasindriel asks, "That wagon secure?"

Katiesa lightly asks, "Is no one else curious about what a gaggle of Blameless pack for an Atonement?"

Bristenn lets out a long, contemplative breath.

(Ordim wanders over to the wagon again.)

Mikalmas says, "So again, it seems, there is no reasoning."

Reedus says, "Nothing it would seem as Koar thinks as much of them as we do."

Gurbah gestures towards the Guardsmen, and they move forward. Several check the wagon, while the others take up positions near the dead Blameless.

Speaking wearily to Gurbah, Bristenn agrees, "Sister Katiesa is correct. We should investigate their wag-"

Bristenn glances at a battered white wagon covered with white tarp.

Mikalmas says, "They will only respond to bloodshed."

Bristenn wryly admits, "One hoof ahead, I see."

As the tarp is pulled aside, it reveals nothing but an empty wagon.

Speaking amusedly to Bristenn, Katiesa says, "Two, I think."

Clearly the wagon was used to transport people and nothing more.

Speaking to Salnim, Lasindriel says, "Well played M'lord, you could teach the Landing Mayor a thing or two."

Ordim says, "Its empty."

Lasindriel bows to Salnim.

Mikalmas agrees with Lasindriel.

(Tuilinneth looks under the wagon.)

Mikalmas says, "I do wish he would be more...steadfast."

Katiesa cheerfully observes, "Well. They apparently do not bring much to an Atonement."

Speaking to Gurbah, Salnim says, "Captain, given they have left us a wagon, perhaps the corpses can be moved to within. And then sent back to where it needs to be."

Gurbah gestures towards several of the Guardsmen, who move forward and begin to move the corpses into the wagon.

Rozy animates a dead crusader

Speaking to Gurbah, Rozy exclaims, "Am thoughts might be helpfuls!"

Speaking to a frosted buttercake muffin, Ordim exclaims, "May you always stand to remind us of this day!"

Speaking to Rozy, Salnim says, "When a soldier puts down an enemy, the last thing he wishes to see is it rises back up again."

Speaking to Salnim, Rozy offers, "But could get informations from hims!"

Speaking to herself, Rozy says, "Hard to get informations when deads."

Last of all the body of the crusader is loaded into the wagon.

Bristenn sternly adds, "And, the Faendryl Rashere would argue that such a form of necromancy is simply using the corpse as a puppet, and the soul is gone."

Lasindriel gently says, "Roz I think the minds of these men have been gone for a long while."

Bristenn notes, "Thus, no information."

Mikalmas says, "Send your corpses back to Chaston."

Salnim says, "Information is well and good. But I do not believe further information could be gained from these."

Speaking wryly to Tuilinneth, Bristenn counters, "Undead are my speciality, as it were."

Salnim glances down at the cobblestones a moment, and shakes his head.

Speaking to himself, Salnim says, "Such a waste."

Mikalmas says, "What bothers me is the innocent who likely died here."

Speaking to Salnim, Ordim says, "Its okay My lord, that muffin stood for something more."

(Lasindriel points to the wagon, showing Kessut the pile of white armored corpses.)

Ordim nods slowly at Salnim.

Speaking quietly to Salnim, Bristenn murmurs, "This will of course bring repurcussions, my lord."

Speaking to Gurbah, Salnim says, "Captain, have the wagon taken into Vornavis. Then we can see about returning it to Talador."

Mikalmas says, "But in times of conflict, its often impossible to know who is following out of loyalty and who is following out of fear."

Speaking to Bristenn, Salnim says, "Of course it will Sir Mires. But they were coming regardless."

Salnim says, "I do not want violence for violence sake. But what was done tonight was necessary."

Salnim says, "Had the Guardsmen not fired, more blood would have been shed."

Salnim says, "And I will not see the townsfolk of the Free Port or Vornavis harmed when I could do something to stop it."

Mikalmas says, "One of the tragedies of war. It is not black and white."

Speaking to Salnim, Mikalmas says, "And we are glad you came."

(Bristenn casts a glance over the blood-soaked cobbles, melancholy crossing his already rather unhappy features.)

Gurbah gives several hand signals to the Guardsmen, who move the wagon east down the Esplanade to Vornavis.

Bristenn neutrally agrees, "Men of violence, not violent men."
  • -28 That Atonement night ended with blood everywhere: at Chaston's Temple, where the murdered Hendoran Nobles gathered, from from the green-haired Lady Drake, murdered at the hands of Drangell, and so many deaths. Catch up with the visions & leading events by Rovvigen, Town Crier correspondent. Click to view post
Wehnimer's Landing South Ring Road
By Rovvigen

Feastday, Phoenatos 27th

A small group of local residents gathers around the small well next to the palisade. As individuals watched the horrid visions of happenings in Talador coming from the well, many had thoughts of revenge and disgust in their hearts.

Within the well, a pool of greyish-blue water appears.

Pale motes of golden light flicker among the grey-blue water, drifting about like bulbous fireflies just beneath the surface.

A young woman arrives with an empty bucket. She looks at the line of people and sighs. She then sees the swirling, grey-blue water in the well. She shakes her head and walks back home.

Within the grey-blue water, images begin to take on a more sharp, distinct view. A pair of bridled oxen move down a lane, hauling a dark-haired teamster and a wagon full of bricks. Across the road, two soldiers stand guard on a corner, a white square on a field of black on their tabards. Behind them is a tall blood marble pillar with a broad white banner emblazoned with a golden crown.

The sound of a loud church bell rings out, echoing from deep within the well.

From within the well, voices can be heard. "We will rise."

From within the well, voices can be heard. "We will fight."

From within the well, voices can be heard. "We are Blameless."

From within the well, voices can be heard. "We will rise."

Within the grey-blue water, the great mountains of Talador rise in the distance. Standing as a monolith among the city, is a huge white marble temple upon a hill. Carved stone steps rise from the base of the cobblestones creating a steep slope up to the entrance of the grand structure. All along the steps, statues of all Arkati are represented. Many of them have been smeared with blood at their feet.

Within the grey-blue water, a sea of white winds up the stone steps of the temple like an elongated alabaster serpent. Beneath the glow of the moon, a host of white-armored men stand along the steps, crown-shaped scars burned into their bald scalps. At the high point of the stairs, before the temple's doors, a huge white-cloaked figure stands, his back to the steps.

Puptilian says, "Chaston isn't a large man. Most likely Drangell."

Within the blue-grey water, the huge white-cloaked figure turns around, casting aside his hood. Drangell smiles, wide, and wicked. The sea of white soldiers below him reflects in his wild eyes. Along his arms and neck and shoulders, dozens and dozens of wounds are present, each one slowly healing as you watch.

Within the grey-blue waters, a dozen white-robed priests appear from behind Drangell, carrying with them golden chalices, brimming with a sanguine liquid. Each priest steps before a row of Blameless, handing the ornament cup forward. One white-armored crusader takes a sip, then another, then another. Slowly, the cups pass along the columns of soldiers.

From within the grey-blue water, Drangell's voice echoes out, as if right beside you, "My Atonement is at hand! Let my blood make amends for my wickedness! May Koar ignite in you the everlasting life, may you cheat the final curtain of death as you bring the God-King's justice to this world!"

A young woman walks by and shouts, "It is not too late to know the Light of Koar! It is not too late to walk in his grace and be bathed by his glory! Turn from wickedness, embrace the God-King!"

Within the blue-grey water, the images faded. Soon they are replaced by another scene. You see the inside of a hall, with a long wooden table and high-back chairs. Some servants move about in the corners of the room, while a handful of men sit around the table, talking and drinking. On each of their hands is a signet ring depicting the image of a blue phoenix on a field of silver. Behind then, hangs the banner of Talador as well above a hearth.

Within the blue-grey water, there is a loud crack, as the doors of the meeting room explode inward. The men and servants scramble, alarmed and uneasy. Within the open door, Prelate Chaston stands, his eyes golden and glowing. Two dozen Taladorian soldiers stand behind him.

Within the blue-grey water, the Lords of Hendor ruling over Talador reach for weapons, drawing steel and throwing over the table. The Taladorian soldiers flood the room, ruthless and savage, screaming to Koar as Chaston stands on, watching. The conflict is quick, both sides experts in battle, but the sheer numbers overwhelm the Lords of Hendor, and the Taladorians slaughter each one in a brutal, bloody display. One servant survives, whimpering in the corner.

Within the blue-grey water, Chaston approaches the servant in the corner.

Within the blue-grey water, the servant whimpers, looking up with tear-streaked cheeks. A pool of urine spreads beneath him. Chaston smiles, catching his eye. Chaston whispers something unheard, and the servant begins to claw at his own eyes, scratching at his face ruthlessly until he collapses.

The water within the well churns again, the images changing. Another scene appears. You see a grey-cloaked red orc, scaling the exterior of a huge white temple.

A few young children awkwardly march through the street, clumsily trying to keep in step with one another. Between giggles, they chant, "Praise be to Koar and his everlasting Light."

Within the grey-blue water, the red orc comes into clearer view. He drops through a window, landing in a large spherical chamber. The marble floor is white and pristine. At the end of the chamber, a huge glass coffin rises up like a crystal sarcophagus. Witin the vessel, a green-haired woman resides, her eyes frozen in surprise.

Within the grey-blue water, the rec orc pads slowly towards the coffin. He reaches into his cloak and pulls out a small crystal talisman filled with a bubbling cerulean liquid. He places it along the side of the coffin, muttering something, as the liquid begins to drain out of the talisman. Suddenly, doors within the walls of the chamber open.

Within the grey-blue water, the red orc suddenly snaps around, instantly drawing his kelyn-bladed longswords. His snarl says it all, as the chamber begins to fill with white-armored soldiers. The crystalline surface of the coffin behind him begins to slowly melt away.

As folks in the landing watch the visions in the well human militia pikemen continue to charge in and out of the area
A human militia pikeman charges in!
A human militia pikeman charges in!
A human militia pikeman charges in!

Within the grey-blue water, the crystalline coffin's front side finally melts away. The green-haired woman lets out a labored gasp of breath, her eyes squinting in rage. The red orc sniffs, as more Blameless step into view. The orc's eyes widen, and he turns and retreats towards a window. The Blameless rush in, and the green-haired woman shouts loudly, a cascade of gold and green flames leaping from her fingertips, washing the entire approach of white-armored crusaders in a glowing viridian fire!

Within the grey-blue water, the entire chamber glows with an emerald light from the dancing flames. The red orc is no longer seen. The viridian fires continue to lick the walls and floors of the hall. The green-haired woman steps down out of the coffin.

Within the grey-blue water, the wall of emerald flames continues to burn. Suddenly, the host of Blameless march out of the fire, their flesh scorched and bubbling with pus. Their bodies begin to regenerate as they rush towards the woman, their bodies still wreathed in flames but unstoppable.

The Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing informs folks to pay close attention.
Puptilian says, "Pay close attention. As you can see that is the results of everblood. And more dangerous then what we witnessed so far in the Blameless."

Wiithin the blue-grey water, the emerald flames still rage violently. The army of Blameless grow in size, rushing through the viridian inferno. The green-haired woman begins to utter another spell, just as a huge giantman leaps through the wall of flames, the fire searing his flesh and his response is laughing wildly back at it. A huge greataxe arcs up over his head, and as the woman tries to gesture, Drangell buries his axe into her slender form, cleaving her from shoulder to hip, her body collapsing under the weight of his strike and crashing against the coffin.

(Woman with green hair was Lady Noralia, an Imperial Drake, who was murdered by the hands of Dragnell himself.)

Puptilian says, "We need to break the curse of the everblood if we are going to win this war."

Within the well, the grey-blue water suddenly goes back to normal.

Many people joined the Commander and got ready for battle (from the Landing) as the marched into the city of Talador through the purple fog. 

After the well water returned to normal the Commander of the Hendoran Outpost which is located outside the landing in Lower Dragonsclaw arrives after townsfolk witness the gruesome and chilling visions that took place in the city of Talador. 
Sir Thadston just came marching in.

Speaking slowly to Thadston, Aydan says, "I think you're the only surviving Lord of Talador at this point, too."

Thadston clenches his jaw.

Speaking to Thadston, Puptilian says, "We witnessed it. They perfected taking the everblood from Drangell and giving it to the blameless. Her fire spells did not stop them."

Speaking to Thadston, Puptilian says, "We need to find a way to counter that curse."

Thadston says, "We need to get to Talador."

Thadston says, "NOW."

Puptilian recites:
"Save the orc, Save the Hendor Nobles, Kill anything that is from Talador. What you attack and be ready to help as you can"

Thadston says, "We shall move out."

Thadston says, "I do not know if the portal will keep them from coming to our side."

Thadston says, "So we must not open it in town."

Thadston says, "I will not have those horrors released here."

Thadston says, "Join me."

Puptilian recites:
"We go to save Hendor Nobles and our Red Orc. Watch what you attack, keep hendor alive, and kill any talador or blameless in our way"

Thadston recites:
"Some of my men will accompany us, and be doing our mission of retrieving the Lords and their families. If you see HENDORAN knights, be wary not to strike them! "

Thadston recites:
"Everyone else DIES!"

Thadston says, "Fight, and defend."

Thadston recites:
"Fight, and defend. My men will seek out the Lords and their families. If you see the orc, show him the way out."

Thadston glances at a thick cloud of purple fog.
Thadston throws his head back and howls!

Thadston wanders into the thick cloud of purple fog, disappearing.

Once in the fog people encountered many of Chaston’s Crusaders, Justicars, and Templars.. Bodies once in the fog were piling up within the confines of the North Trail to Talador. Thadston ventured on with his army in tack to the Temple. What seemed like hours passed Thadston showed up and said he had failed at his conquest and his men had all perished.
  • -29 The complete story of what happened Atonement night in Talador, bringing chapter 1, Without A Prayer to a close, and opening up Chapter 2, The Imperial Purge. Click to view post
Church bells rang out from the High Temple of Koar in Talador. Just days ago, a new era of leadership and a revival of faith were forever crystallized into history in the Barony of Talador. Many citizens of Talador, and those of faith, witnessed a spectacular event known as the Atonement. Upon the high perch of the Temple, Drangell was brought before a host of Blameless crusaders.

Drangell was once a mercenary in the employ of the Turamzzyrian Empire, and then went on become one of the most notorious criminals the imperial provinces had known. For a time, he was seen as one of Talador's greatest enemies for his involvement in the murder of Cosima. Because of such, Drangell had been captured and encapsulated inside of one of the Hall of Mages' bane coffins, where he was kept safe and unable to harm others. The coffin, with Drangell inside, was transported to Talador as a peace offering from Wehnimer's Landing, handing over Cosima's killer to the people who deserved justice.

As it turned out, Prelate Chaston Griffin and his disciples often visited the confined Drangell, offering daily prayers and vigils before the coffin, hoping in good time that the light of Koar would reach out to the madman's heart. Weeks ago, Prelate Chaston had Drangell released, and he was greeted with mixed emotions by the people of Talador, but many fears were quieted when the Prelate revealed that Drangell had converted to Koar and was now a devout follower, and in time would make amends for his sins by offering up his atonement. 

Such an atonement did in fact take place, when priests of Koar issued up a mass prayer before Drangell spilled his own everlasting blood, over and over, filling anointed chalices with his life's fluid. In turn, these cups of blood were passed among the ranks of the Blameless, bestowing Koar's gift of immortality upon his most fervent and righteous followers. Drangell then took his new place as an appointed Commander of the Blameless, taking on the title of Wrathbringer. 

Shortly after the Atonement, the faithful of Talador rose up and wrestled power away from the Lords of Hendor. For almost two years, Hendor has ruled over Talador in the aftermath of the War of Shadows, until a time when Talador could prove themselves and rule once more. After recent revelations (or rumors) of Hendor trying to break free from the Turamzzyrian Empire, and undermine many of their supposed allies in the process, Talador sought to put an end to such attempts and regain control of their lands. Official reports out of Talador claim that the Lords of Hendor were offered a chance to surrender or leave, but instead chose violence, and so they were dealt with accordingly. 

In the wake of Talador's new rise to power over its own lands, there were seven nobles of Talador who aligned themselves as a measure of interim leadership, calling themselves the Council of the Upright. They have declared Talador free of Hendoran rule and have renewed their pledges to the God-King, declaring the worship of Koar as prominent in the region, and that followers of Lornon shall be put to death. Furthermore, the Council has, with the backing of Prelate Chaston Griffin, reintroduced the imperial laws of Chaston's Edict, even declaring half-elves and half-krolvin as abominations and would face justice as such. 

The following day, Baron Spensor Caulfield of Bourth, who currently resides in the Hendoran Outpost near Wehnimer's Landing, also dispatched a series of letters. One letter expressed open support of Prelate Chaston and the Council of the Upright in Talador, publically offering the Barony of Bourth's support in Talador's latest actions. A second letter was dispatched to Emperor Aurmont in Tamzzyr, requested an impartial investigation into the evidence and claims of Hendor trying to break free of the Empire, and undermine Bourth in the process. The Baron stressed the importance of Bourthian wood to the Empire's capital as a main supply of lumber for their shipwrights and demanded an escalated response. 

Adding to the war of words, Earl Jovery released a public statement denying the allegations of Hendor trying to rebel against the Sun Throne and blamed overzealous politics and faith for the recent influx of rumors. The Earl of North Hendor went on to explain that he would gladly travel to Tamzzyr to address any questions or concerns and reinforce his loyalty to the Sun Throne. The Earl has also requested consequences to be dealt out for what he described as Talador's slaughter of their Hendoran brothers. 

Meanwhile, reports have already circulated about multitudes of Blameless already on the march in various directions, prepared to carry out the work of the God-King.

Last Sat night officially brought Chapter 1: Without a Prayer, to a close.

We now are in Eyes of the Dawn: Chapter 2 - The Imperial Purge.

Hope you've all been enjoying yourselves! Things are about to get even more interesting. Buy deeds.
  • Note: these that follow are part of the second chapter, but happened the last days of the month. Alas organization!
  • -30 Chaston begins 'Half-Elven Inquisition'; no one or nowhere in the Empire is safe from these shake downs by the Church of Koar. They expect people & officials of the Landing to fully participate. (He must be new here, Lylia said.) Disean and Ambrus to arrive Night of the Huntress to begin it. Leaflet surfaces in Landing, telling it like it is. Click to view post
[Single sheafs of parchment bearing blocky writing begin being disseminated in both the Landing and parts of Solhaven, ferried by urchins that, if pressed, only mumble something about a dark elf with plenty of silver.]


Once again malign forces from without seek to infiltrate, destabilize, and turn the Landing and its people into a bloody conquest. But the weapons they try to wield are not merely blades and arrows but its own people, twisted by evil power, their minds and wills broken by a false "faith" which serves no end but Chaston's. Wielding occult and evil power Chaston has begun breaking and bending the minds of those he deems useful tools to his own greedy ends. Those who do not bow are hewn at the knees to better help them kneel.

Chaston's talk of light and goodness are betrayed by the tools he freely uses now in his campaigns of conquest: Raznel, blood witch, servant to dark powers, bringer of woe to the Landing and Empire alike. Drangell, monster and murderer of Cosima, the Imperial Drake Noralia, and countless others. The use of Drangell and his appointment as commander of Chaston's armies is a great and ironic insult to the people of Talador, now conquered and subjugated by Chaston as the result of a vicious and bloody coup that saw not only the lords overseeing its council murdered, but every lowly servant and peasant who bore witness tortured to death. Chaston now seeks to discredit Hendor itself, a long ally of the Landing and a true servant of the Sun Throne, in his bid for power.

Now, through vile blood rites using Drangell's own blood, Chaston's army -- the Blameless -- are nigh-unstoppable in their campaign of slaughter and death. Though their original purpose was supposedly a noble one, these are no Lornon cults these empty-eyed, empty-hearted Shameless beasts are exterminating, but quiet and peaceful worshippers of Ronan, Imaera, Aeia, and others. Their shrines are desecrated, altars shattered, and worshipers put to the sword or worse. Even now, whispers spread of bad harvests and restless nights sweep through the region as those who keep true faith know that these insults to the gods cannot be borne.

To those within and without Wehnimer's Landing, we say beware these agent provocateurs. Beware the agents of Chaston, who sow discord and seek nothing but to use men as tools to further the ends of evil. Chaston is a king of puppets, offering only subjugation or death to those in his path.

To those in the Empire, in particular those half-elves facing persecution at the hands of Chaston, unluckily chosen as scapegoats in order to throw the yoke of fear around the throats of common men, the Landing supports you. The Landing welcomes you.

We are free people, willful and ever-bright. We know that purity of blood is a foul and dreadful lie, and what matters is purity of will and action. We have endured great darkness and great pain, and we will endure this as well. We have no kings, and we will not be puppets!

[Across the bottom is an illustration: http://i.imgur.com/c0Ci1kx.png]

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  • -30 Mayor declares all half-elves welcome in Wehnimer's Landing as Chaston's Scrivener reads third proclamation of two from the Prelate.
  • -31 The Hallowed Inquisition and this new Inquistion push by Chaston. Folks, it looks like Thadston & his Knights are gonna need every bit as much protection as half-elves. (Someone explain to me again how an upstart Prelate of Talador has any jurisdiction over Wehnimer's Landing or a HENDORAN Outpost, please?) Click to view post
Prelate Chaston, speaking as the voice of the Church of Koar in Talador and surrounding provinces, has proclaimed a new imperial crusade, many of whom have called the Hallowed Inquisition. In light of the recent discovery of a half-elven movement to undermine the Turamzzyrian Empire, in possible connection with Hendoran rebels in a bid to break from the Sun Throne, the Prelate has begun a new series of investigations and campaigns in the northern provinces, and is set to push further south as well. 

The Prelate went on to cite Chaston's Edict, which was created in the year 4310 by Emperor Chaston Kestrel, which forbid all citizens of the Empire of elven descent from owning property. The Edict was then amended later on to include all non-humans. The Edict was responsible for the mass migration of many non-humans out of the Empire. In the recent decades, many provinces, especially those in the north, have begun to ignore the tenets of the Edict. Prelate Chaston has now argued that such loose interpretations and adherence to the Edict has allowed an unsettling amount of evil to take root within the Empire. Furthermore, half-elves, sometimes called hathlyn, have still existed within the Empire and many among the Prelate's followers view them as an abomination, a taint on the pure blood of humans. 

To this end, the Hallowed Inquisition has two primary targets, which are half-humans, including half-elves and half-krolvin, and those followers of Lornon. While the Church has always pursued justice against the evil of Lornon, the recent zealous activity of the Blameless has ushered in a new age of warfare against the darkness. 

Prelate Chaston went on to say, "We must be pure of heart, and pure of blood. The lies and darkness of Lornon threaten to poison our hearts. While the existence of hathlyn serve to further diminish our Empire and the human race as a whole. The Hallowed Inquisition shall bring about a new golden era for our land and people. To that end, we shall seek an imperial purge, cleansing our Empire of hathlyn and Lornon, and their sympathizers. There is no seat, no house, and no shadow in the Turamzzyrian Empire that will be safe from these inquisitions."

In other news, Prelate Chaston has dispatched Lord Ambrus, a newly appointed Inquisitor, and his guardian, Disean Andrews, to Wehnimer's Landing to investigate further the connection of half-elven rebels and Sir Thadston and the Hendorans in the area. They are set to arrive this week, by the Eve of the Huntress.
  • -31 Tolwynn Communes with Ivas during assault on Ivas Temple Wed. night. Seek out Tolwynn, Hadya, or Traiva for more information. Click to view post
Tolwynn indicates his Ivas symbol with a smile.

Tolwynn raises his russet scroll and gestures.
Sparks begin to fly between the russet scroll and Tolwynn's fingers.
With a sudden burst of enthusiasm, the sparks jump into Tolwynn's hand and he seems to glow with power.

Tolwynn gestures at a polished jade statue.
Tolwynn falls into a deep trancelike state while muttering softly, the exact words you cannot discern. After a few silent moments, Tolwynn calmly opens his eyes.

Traiva folds her wings across her back.

You remove some emerald prayer beads from in your bone reliquary.

Fixing your eyes firmly on the ground, you bow respectfully.

Tolwynn asks, "Lady Ivas, please hear us and tell us, how might we yet serve You and Your glory?"

For a brief moment, a flash of light appears in the spherical ruby in the statue's tentacle.

Speaking to a polished jade statue, Tolwynn asks, "Your very temple was breached this evening by foul agents of Koar, how might we stop such a thing from happening anew?"

Traiva gazes at a polished jade statue.

You close your eyes for a moment.

Speaking to a polished jade statue, Tolwynn says, "I exist but to serve you, my Lady, please guide us in this dark moment."

You stand back up.

Speaking to a polished jade statue, Tolwynn says, "Once before we came to see Your temple restored, this eve we stood in its defense."

The stylized flame within the ruby sphere begins to glow brightly.

You take a few graceful steps backward.

You kneel down.

Speaking to a polished jade statue, Tolwynn says, "We would not see it brought low again, it is unfitting of Your glory."

(Traiva removes her armor as she rises to her feet. With graceful movement, she slides in a circle around Tolwynn and the statue, weaving as if deflecting blows.)

Traiva stands up.

The stylized flame within the ruby sphere begins to glow brightly, casting a sanguine hue along the ground.

Speaking to a polished jade statue, Tolwynn says, "What is your bidding, my Lady?"

(Traiva faces the statue and arches her body, her hands lifting up toward the ruby. She then falls forward, her hands curving in a protective posture.)

Speaking to a polished jade statue, Tolwynn says, "Take us as You will, allow your beloved to see Your will brought to fruition."

The glowing specks of energy surrounding Traiva suddenly shoot off in all directions, then quickly fade away.

You quietly whisper to Tolwynn, "May I speak?"

Tolwynn nods to you.
(Traiva pulls her hands to the center of her breast as she spins to face away from the statue. Her leg stretches languidly to the side as she makes her way to Tolwynn, letting her hands fall to caress his shoulders and wisp marking on his neck.)

(Hadya crawls towards the statue and bows.)

You say, "Lady, I ask your permission, humbly, to invoke protections of my Master upon your sacred ground... to protect your priestesses and priests."

For a brief moment, within the scarlet glow on the ground, a web of branches appear. They are draped with tendrils of wispy moss, that waver as if stirred by a gentle breeze.

Tolwynn raises his Ivas symbol skyward!

You say, "I would consider the alliance a favorable one, in these times."

You say, "If you so desire it..."

You incline your head.

(Traiva falls to the floor and stretches her arms toward the branches, her emerald wings spreading across her back.)

Traiva lies down.

Speaking to a polished jade statue, Tolwynn says, "You honor us, Lady, to take even fleeting notice in those so unworthy."

You say, "I merely wish to keep your temple safe, most beautiful of dancers."

The ruby continues to glow, and faint wisps of smoke seep out of the statue's mostly closed eyes, slowly obscuring parts of the inner sanctum.

(Traiva rolls onto her back and raises her torso slowly, her chest and shoulders following her abdomen until she is sitting, one leg bent while the other stretches in front of her.)
Traiva sits up.

(Hadya fusses with her prayer beads keeping her head lowered.)

[Temple of Ivas, Inner Sanctum]
The room is bare except for thick crimson rugs that cover the stone floor apart from a wide ring around a central dais. Candles set in niches carved into the walls of this sunless chamber cast their flickering light on vivid fresco, making the painted figures seem to writhe. The massive jade statue of Ivas crouched upon the dais is a commanding presence despite her lowered gaze. You also see a slender blood vial, a six-pointed rich sanguine garnet, a dehydrated heart, a pale green jade wisp, a tentacle of dragon's-tear ruby, a falcon feather, an iron bucket, a grizzled dusky curhound, the black Tolwynn disk, a belligerent luck spirit that is flying around, a handaxe and a carved seared stone arch.
Also here: Lady Traiva who is sitting, Lord Tolwynn who is kneeling
Obvious exits: none

Within the mix of red and grey, scarlet light and dark smoke, a backdrop of pale ochre clay soil can be seen, neatly blending with the golden grasses that grow tall nearby. Tiny insects move among the wavering stalks, watched silently by a sharp-eyed goshawk nearby, its feathers a dusky blue-grey.

(Traiva rolls onto her feet and follows the smoke, weaving among the wisps.)

Traiva stands up.

Tolwynn quietly says, "Where..."

You say, "I do not know..."

(Tolwynn stares into the roiling smoke, eyes intent on the unfolding image.)

(Traiva stalks toward the grasslands, her torso falling so her chest presses against her thighs.)

Speaking to a polished jade statue, Tolwynn says, "Grant us clarity, good Lady, that Your will might be done."

(Traiva's torso twists as she turns, her left shoulder leading her rise to an upright position, her arms stretched up to the sky.)

[Temple of Ivas, Inner Sanctum]
The room is bare except for thick crimson rugs that cover the stone floor apart from a wide ring around a central dais. Candles set in niches carved into the walls of this sunless chamber cast their flickering light on vivid fresco, making the painted figures seem to writhe. The massive jade statue of Ivas crouched upon the dais is a commanding presence despite her lowered gaze. You also see a slender blood vial, a six-pointed rich sanguine garnet, a dehydrated heart, a pale green jade wisp, a tentacle of dragon's-tear ruby, a falcon feather, an iron bucket, the black Tolwynn disk, a handaxe and a carved seared stone arch.
Also here: Lady Traiva, Lord Tolwynn who is kneeling
Obvious exits: none

Within the smoke and light, a drastic precipice rises up, overlooking a barren wasteland. The plateau's geologic composition is varied, consisting of alternating layers of umber, red ochre and a pale vanilla. From this distance, a gnarled, dense patch of cactus is visible at the mountain ledge's base. The mist swirls and dissipates, the ruby's glow returning to normal.

You say, "The Sea of fire..."

You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.

You say, "Perhaps.."

You ponder the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.
Tolwynn indicates his Ivas symbol with a smile.

You say, "It looks like it."

You feel more refreshed.

Tolwynn says, "Blessed we were this evening, and perhaps there is chance to yet make right."

(Traiva's hands slowly fall and she weaves around Hadya before moving to kneel beside Tolwynn, her palms pressed against the floor.)

Traiva kneels down.

Speaking to a polished jade statue, Tolwynn says, "Thank you, my Lady, we exist but to serve."

Post by SED17
  • -31 Chaston's Forces attack Ivas Temple in Vipershroud. Adventurers help Ivasian priestesses defend their home. After fending off the incursion despite mana-dampening mists, the Temple is saved from SHAMELESS assault.

Imaerasta - The Eyes of the Dawn: 2. The Imperial Purge

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  • -1 Wehnimer's Mayor pens a letter to officially denounce Chaston and expose some of his shameless deeds. The Landing is taking a stand against the Prelate. Officially. Click to view post
~A copy of the letter sent throughout the Empire posted on the tree in TSC~
Too all concerned People living inside the Empire,

There comes a time when leaders stop speaking for the people and only speak for their own wants and wishes. These people, when in power, can be the most dangerous because they believe they are righteous in their actions. The problem comes when the action of these men do more harm then good yet their powers go unchecked. The question is what to do with these type of people? Do you run and hide and hope they go away or do you stand tall against their abuse of power and protect those that can not be protected? 

Such a man has risen to power and threatens the foundations of life in the north. This man calls himself a Prelate of the Church of Koar and says he is the messenger of Koar. This man has murdered in the name of Koar, defaced shrines to Liabo, and associate with criminals wanted by the Hall of Mages and other parts of the Empire. This man leads a group of fanatical followers calling themselves the Blameless, an order known for questionable tactics and an order not officially recognized by the church. Rumors of sightings of these Blameless and events witnessed first hand are too disturbing to put to pen. 

There are people that will stand against such a person. Wehnimer's Landing will be that source of light for those that need it. We will accept any that want to seek refuge against the false prelate and his decree to purify the Empire. We will accept all races and all peoples of faith as long as you follow the laws of Wehnimer's Landing. Wehnimer's Landing denounces this new decree and will ignore any attempts to force Chaston's Edict on the town. The town will do its best to protect you from any that will come to do you harm. I ask any that want to be safe, you can find a home here in Wehnimer's Landing. 

Puptilian Peregrinus
Imaera Ranger, Defender, Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing
  • -3 The Imperial INQUISITION has shown up in the Landing area. Pay your respects at your own risk, though. Here's the abbreviated account of the encounter from Madmountan. Click to view post
Lord Ambrus's group just arrived.

Ambrus exclaims, "Grand evening to you all!"

Puptilian says, "Evening. Yet to be seen if its good or not."

Cryheart says, "Evening, Lord Ambrus."

Ambrus says, "The harbingers of truth and justice have arrived! We look forward to working with our brothers and sisters of faith."

Linsha asks, "Which faith might that be?"

Cryheart says, "Evening Disean."

Ambrus says, "The faith, of course."

Ambrus bows to Puptilian.

Ambrus says, "Well met, Lord Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing."

Puptilian asks, "Lord Ambrus, or do you go by Inquisitor now?"

Disean says, "I am well and renewed in the light of the God-King."

Speaking to Disean, Goldstr says, "Goods ta hears ye fine."

Ambrus says, "Lord Ambrus, Lord Inquisitor, Brother."
Ambrus nods at Puptilian.

Ambrus says, "We have come on a mission of peace."

Ambrus says, "It is just I, and Disean, Guardian of the Faith."

Speaking to Ambrus, Puptilian says, "I would think you would be housed down in the Outpost. If needed I'm sure Hearthstone just north of here has a room you can rent. The last Inquisitor stayed there for his time here."

Disean says, "You are a child of the Serpent, your complaint is disregarded. Your heart and work is dark."
Disean nods at Hadya.

Disean says, "Be fortunate the God-King suffers your presence this moment."
Disean clenches his jaw.

Ambrus says, "Now now..."
Ambrus nods at Disean.

Ambrus says, "A mission of peace."

Ambrus says, "I am merely here to perform my task for the Church, and the Patriarch."

Cryheart says, "I would think that mission of peace would allow tolerance of other's beliefs for the time being."

Ambrus says, "The connection between the half-elven rebels and Hendor is one of great alarm. We must discovery how wide spread this truly is."

Puptilian says, "If it is Hendor you are worried about you are way far away from that Barony. I suggest a more South Eastern Route to get there."

Ambrus says, "We had made brisk travel plans, and so, we had hoped for some lodgings in your fair town."

Disean says, "Lady Casiphia, of the One Faith, may offer us shelter within."
Disean nods at Ambrus.

Ambrus says, "There is, perhaps that option."
Speaking to Disean, Lylia says, "Casiphia, now there is a name I have not heard in some time."

Aydan says, "Casiphia hasn't been seen in these parts in a few months."

Disean quietly asks, "Where is she?"

Aydan says, "Not here, that's for certain."

Speaking to Ambrus, Albanus says, "Although, as the Mayor has suggested, the Hearthstone Manor to the north has housed past Inquisitors."

You say, "Watch out for orcs."

Mohrgan quietly says, "There are some Sea caves not far from here. Raznel used to favor those. Perhaps you can sleep there."

Evia says, "Why yes she did, Chaston Griffin must know all about them in that case."
Seomanthe suggests, "There's always the Hanging Inn a lil way back down the road. Very dilligent waitstaff there."
Disean whispers something to Ambrus.

Ambrus looks over at Disean and shakes his head.
Speaking heartily to Disean, Chamorr says, "Indeed."

Speaking to Disean, Sareyna says, "Killed any defenseless women of late you pathetic puppet."

Ambrus says, "A mission of peace, Defender. Let her wild tongue dig the grave, not you."

Ambrus begins chuckling at Cryheart!
Ambrus asks, "All half-elves?"
Cryheart smiles at Ambrus.
Ambrus says, "That would be absurd."

Ambrus says, "We are merely here to uncover how far and wide the connection between the Scions and Sir Thadston and Hendora allies stretch."

Ambrus says, "If the rebellion has been squashed, pray be to Koar."

Ambrus asks, "If the seeds of unrest and treason still linger in this area?"

Ambrus shakes his head, clucking his tongue.

Ambrus says, "Now then, there's quite a few voices, and chattering."

Ambrus asks, "Lord Mayor, have we quarters to use within the town?"
Ambrus peers quizzically at Puptilian.

Speaking to Ambrus, Puptilian says, "As mentioned earlier you can stay in the outpost or I am sure Hearthstone will work for your needs."
Evia says, "I heard the inns were all full."

Ambrus says, "We would like to begin our work tonight, and of course, be as quick as possible in our investigation, but of course thorough as well."
Evia says, "Something about Frontier Days."

Ambrus says, "I would rather avoid the Outpost. It is of course, a subject of our investigation. But I wish to be as impartial as possible."

Puptilian says, "Inquisitor Brieson found his time in Hearthstone comfortable."
Puptilian shrugs.

Speaking to Ambrus, Albanus says, "I assure you that Hearthstone Manor is quite impartial, and neutral ground."

Ambrus says, "Hearthstone Manor? I suppose that will suffice. It will be a further walk to all of the locales we intend to visit within the town, but, perhaps you are running out of room due to the festival soon."

Speaking to Ambrus, Puptilian says, "If you have business with peole in the town you can make arrangements to speak with them at the Hearthstone Manor. Until I hear from Thadston or Earl Jovery over my opinions on an Inquisitor here, no Inquisitor will set foot inside the gates."

Ambrus says, "With all due respect Lord Mayor, the Earl Jovery and Sir Thadston are in no position to speak with any authority on this matter, as they are themselves subjects in the investigation."

Ambrus says, "I have been sent by the Church of Koar of the Turamzzyrian Empire."
Hadya says, "Odd, I thought the Mayor had authority over who he lets in town."

Speaking to Ambrus, Albanus says, "Brother Ambrus, far be it from a simple acolyte as myself from telling you Church business...but the Landing does not lie within the Empire."

Disean says, "Silence your tongue Ivasian whore, or I will rip it from your throat."

Ambrus glances with dismay around the area.

Speaking to Ambrus, Puptilian says, "And Inquisitors that have come inside the town tortured, kidnapped, and hired thugs for killing. I nor the town are fond of Inquisitors as a whole even if Brieson did a good job."

Ambrus glances at Disean.

Ambrus shakes his head, clucking his tongue.

Ambrus says, "He is a passionate one, young Disean."

Speaking to Ambrus, Puptilian says, "Its more about the fact that the Earl and Baron Malwind have their protection over this town and will hear my petitions. Its about authority and not opinion."

Speaking to Ambrus, Hadya says, "He is, do forgive me; making it difficult to believe you are here peacefully."

Ephya says, "Now now.. everyone. The last two inquisitors died horrible deaths... what is this one going to think if we talk to him this way."
Ephya gazes in amusement at her surroundings.
Ambrus says, "Oh, trust in me, if we were not here peacefully, the young Blameless would not have tolerated her breath, let alone her words."

Speaking to Ambrus, Puptilian says, "And the fact you bring a Blameless with you worries me about being impartial. Until those worries are resolved we are not permitting anyone including an Inquisitor in town."
Faint golden lines trace across Raelee's skin as she appears to focus...

Disean clenches his jaw.

Ambrus says, "I will need access to town to complete our investigation."

You see Lord Ambrus the Inquisitor of the Church of Koar.
He appears to be a Human.
He is average height and appears to be advanced in years. He has deep-set blue-green eyes and dark skin. He has very short, thick dark brown hair shaved at the temples. He has a long face, a crooked nose and a neatly-trimmed dark brown beard.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a crystal amulet, a trimmed white leather coat, a strand of blood marble prayerbeads, a hammered rolaren breastplate emblazoned with the image of a golden crown on a field of white, a pair of smooth leather gauntlets with polished white ora studs, a simple silver wedding band, a gold-stringed dark canvas pack, a gold-bound ebonwood scabbard, some padded dark suede trousers, and a pair of heavy black leather boots.

You see Disean Andrews the Blameless.
He appears to be a Human.
He is tall and appears to be very young. He has dark steel grey eyes and tanned skin. He has a bald head. He has a clean-shaven face, a thin nose and a broad chest. A ring of fresh scars in the shape of a crown have been burnt into the flesh of his head.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a gold-veined pure white Koar symbol, a pale suede longcloak lined with grey fur, a tailored grey leather satchel, a snowy white linen shirt, a crown-embossed white tabard of resplendent white wool, some drake-etched gilded bracers, a pale lacquered sheath bound in gold filament, some cross-buckled grey lambswool trousers, a pair of black leather boots embossed with invar plates, and a strand of blood marble prayerbeads.

Speaking to Ambrus, Puptilian says, "Then have the Church send a more impartial Inquisitor in your steed without Blameless escorts."

Ambrus says, "Luckily, the Baron of Bourth has already agreed to provide escorts in the town, when we conduct some of our work."

Cryheart asks, "He has?"

Evia says, "This seems highly irregular."

Speaking to Ambrus, Puptilian says, "And he has no authority here to do so."

Ambrus says, "If Disean troubles you, I can can conduct my work in town, without him at my side."

Ambrus says, "Compromise, after all."

Ambrus asks, "We seek truth, do you not?"

Ambrus says, "I find it certaintly concerning, a wide range of known criminals, and those of Lornon, are permitted so easily within your town."

Speaking to Ambrus, Puptilian says, "If you seek truth then send someone else. His relation to you and the Blameless makes you less then impartial. If you plan to stay then conduct your interviews in Hearthstone. I wont stop anyone from coming to you willingly. That said I wont let you in town."

Ambrus asks, "But a truth seeker of the church is finding it challenging to be let in?"

Speaking to Ambrus, Puptilian says, "People of all faiths are permitted in this town. That is our freedom to choose our own faith."

Ambrus says, "Understand Lord Mayor, you are also involved in the investigation. I had hoped to question you sooner rather than later, as I can imagine your schedule is...hectic."

Speaking to Ambrus, Puptilian says, "I will gladly let you speak to me. Lets head north and settle you in and I'll be the first interview....outside of the Landing."

Cryheart asks, "Ye hae a list of whom ye intend to question, Lord Ambrus?"

Disean says, "I will go arrange our quarters."

Disean nods at Ambrus.

Disean just went north.

Ambrus twists his head slightly, cracking his neck. He looks relieved.

Speaking to Ambrus, Aydan repeats, "Is there a list of persons of interest you're intending to question?"

Ambrus says, "There is."

Ambrus nods at Aydan.

Aydan asks, "Who is on this list?"

Ambrus says, "And it is subject to shrink, or expand, as the investigation continues."

Ambrus says, "I am sorry, that information is not public."

Ambrus says, "To help protect the integrity of the investigation."

Ambrus asks, "Silence is often the most damning evidence, wouldn't you say?"

You ask, "Where's Turinrond when you need him?"

Ambrus says, "We are investigating the half-elven Scions and Sir Thadston, and his Hendoran allies."

Disean just arrived.

Ambrus peers quizzically at Disean.

Disean says, "The rooms are full in the Manor. They were just bought up, the doorman claims."

Ambrus says, "I see..."
Evia says, "Aah a pity."

You say, "I swear I didn't send an urchin to buy up all the rooms just now."

You grin evilly.

Speaking to Disean, Puptilian says, "Tell the doorman to make room and not to give you a hard time about it. The rooms are not full, he is giving you a hard time to enjoy himself."

Ambrus nods at Disean.

Ambrus says, "Tell him the good mayor said so."

Ambrus nods at Disean.

Disean just went north.

You say, "He needed time to sneak some half elves through the back door into your quarters."

Ambrus says, "Now then, I shall conduct most of my questioning, from those who accept such, at Hearthstone."

Ambrus nods.

Ambrus says, "However, I will investigate a few locations within town as well."
Ambrus nods at Puptilian.

Speaking to Ambrus, Puptilian says, "That will be up to discussion at a later time once youare done with your interviews."

Ambrus says, "It really is not up to debate, as a protectorate of the Turamzzyrian Empire. You have no laws forbidding me to enter."

Ambrus says, "And it would be extremely careless to create any obstacles for my investigation."

Speaking to Ambrus, Puptilian says, "As a protectorate you have no laws stating you have authority. Even Sir Thadston respected our laws. So did Inquisitor Brieson."

Ambrus says, "I would remind you, it is Sir Thadston's questionable behavior, that has drawn this attention here."

Ambrus asks, "Now then, any further questions before I go get settled, and perhaps begin some of my work?"

Speaking to Ambrus, Albanus says, "I have a question, Brother."

Ambrus peers quizzically at Albanus.

Speaking to Ambrus, Albanus asks, "Is it true that Koars' Light is as grossly incandescent as his followers say?"

Ambrus says, "There is no light brighter than the glory of the God-King."

Speaking to Ambrus, Hapenlok says, "Except one of your Blameless soldiers on fire."

Ambrus says, "I shall get settled, and perhaps conduct some business tonight, if not, certaintly tomorrow evening and for the days to come."
  • -5 Crusader Chronicles, Issue 3, hits streets of the Landing, revealing just how low Chaston will stoop trying to keep hold over his blinded followers. OK, we *might* have to concede Chaston the LAST headline. But it didn't require an Inquisition to know that, did it? Click to view post







  • -6 Ambrus, Disean, Chaston, Drangell, and Troops moving, and more of Rodnay's foretellings. Ask Lylia for more details of what they learned on the porch while the Inquisitor was ... Inquisitioning? Inquisiting? Click to view post
The board's seen some great use as a propaganda vehicle and a place for IC posts, but I'm going to step OOC for a bit to see if we can catch each other up to date on the latest happenings. Please chime in with anything I've skipped! 

- Inquisitor Ambrus has been questioning people about Thadston, Puptilian, and others in an attempt to determine any connection between Lornonite activity, half-Elven treachery, and the local leadership.

- Disean appeared on the Hearthstone porch last night and asked about Casiphia, the onetime faithful Koarite who lost her faith in Chaston and fled south. Disean wanted to make sure she was safe and "far, far south of here." 

- The doorman mentioned reports of Chaston Griffin and Drangell departing Talador some days ago. They appeared to be headed in different directions, he said. 

- Rodnay, the blue boy, also visited the Hearthstone porch talking about visions of people with their white curtains drawn. He also mentioned Chaston and Drangell on the move. (Other people will have to fill in more here; I missed Rodnay as Lylia was being questioned by Ambrus at the time -- and if anyone wants to know more about that, please feel free to ask her.) 
  • -7 Disean threatens Gypsy troupe's free readings; Visions at Lake Eonak show Chaston's surprise invasion of N. Hendor and stealing the throne; Inquisitor and Disean "detained" in Landing; Many, many Rooks found slain in Landing tunnels. There's so many stories to tell of this night! Brief synopsis of events from Lylia Click to view post
Whew, busy night last night! I hope I got this substantially right; please amend anything I didn't quite catch, other folks who were there. :)

It started with the Gypsy Troupe's Frontier Days presentation of fortune-telling. Disean showed up and said, in essence, "I have a fortune for you. Here's your future -- eternal damnation because you didn't turn to Koar!" Then, Rovvigen and others among the group got visions of an old man telling Rovvigen and others to gather along the shores of Lake Eonak. When they got there, the mirror-like surface of the lake changed to reveal visions of Chaston arriving in Hendor, at the largest settlement there, a walled city -- Lolle. He and his Blameless ordered the gates opened, and Hendoran soldiers lined the walls, but someone opened the gates.

The soldiers on the walls never turned. Possibly held there in thrall by Chaston's spooky mind-control nonsense, they faced outward even as the Blameless filed into the city and fired on them with crossbows. We saw the Blameless converging on the keep in the center of the city. Doors opened and townspeople poured forth, but not to fight the Blameless; they fought the remaining Hendoran forces, and in the vision, we saw the torchlight glinting from their prayerbeads and symbols of Koar. They broke through and laid waste to the Earl's audience chamber, and although Earl Jovery himself wasn't killed, he was taken by the Blameless through some kind of portal, leaving Chaston Griffin on the seat of the Northern Sentinel.

Ambrus and Disean were both captured alive (Ambrus after getting a raise, heh) after trying to flee the area, having accomplished all they set out to do, according to Ambrus.

I know other people will have logs to post and more detailed information -- I left out a lot of fabulous details -- but wanted to give an at-a-glance rundown for anyone who missed it. I was there, and I apparently missed a good part of it because people set me straight on some facts I had scrambled. Thank you for clarifying! 

--- Lauren, Lylia's player
  • -7 An account and record of the visions that allowed Landing area adventurers to ... see what must be seen. Two Gold Sons, by Rovvigen: Click to view post
Leyan, Imaerasta 7th
By Rovvigen

*On the night of Leyan, Imaerasta 7th at 9pm (est) the Gypsy Troupe prepares for their event of Divination and Discussion as Frontier Days continue. Ordim, Tuilinneth and myself set up the silk amethyst tent and refreshment cart. As individuals start gathering inside the tent visions of the future are provided for all inquiring individuals. As I finished up my next to last reading, I offered Disean (a Blameless soldier) a general reading using Tarot Cards. Below is the conversation we had.

Speaking to Disean, you say, “Would you like a general reading from the tarot cards?”

You nod at Disean.

You gather the gold-edged cards from a small compartment inside the agate-inlaid case.

You cut the gold-edged cards several times, then softly stroke the top card with one finger. You flip the card over and place it carefully in view, face up. It is the card with the artwork of five gems upon it. You glance at the card for a moment, deep in thought, then place it back into the deck.

You say, "Loss, unemployment, money problems, destitution."

Speaking to Disean, you say, "You will come into trouble in your near future."

Speaking to Disean, you say, "But do not fret with great courage and stride the outcome will be peaceful."

Speaking to Disean, you say, "I see you being fearless in any dilemma you come accross."

You take a drink from your dark roast coffee.

You set the gold-edged cards into a small compartment inside the agate-inlaid case.

Disean asks, "You...think I have come for my reading?"

Disean says, "I have come to deliver yours."

Speaking to Disean, you say, "I do, this is what we provided tonight."

Speaking to Disean, you ask, "You have?"

Disean says, "There is a baptism of fire coming. This world will be purged of the tainted blood of hathlyn, and the followers of Lornon will burn, and we shall scatter their ashes on the wind."

Tuilinneth blinks at Disean.

Ordim squints at Disean.

Disean says, "Dark magic will be driven into extinction, and your demonic sight of the future, squashed."

Speaking to Disean, you say, "There is no need for that here."

Disean says, "That is your future."

Speaking to Disean, Alisaire asks, "Do you posses the sight of the future, then?"

Speaking to Disean, you say, "We are simply offering readings to those who have requested one."

Disean says, "That is the truth of your fate, whether your dark cards speak it or not."

Speaking to Disean, you say, "You did ask for a general reading."

Disean says, "Your dark magic will not survive long in the new dawn."

Disean just marched out.

*After providing readings and shutting the Gyspy Troupe event down in the landing, I along with other Jastev followers begin to see an Old grey haired man out of the corner of our eyes. Followers of Lord Jastev share the same vision as I accross the lands, but through my gift of "sight" (divination), we are able to see happenings which took place in capital of North Hendor.

You see an old grey-haired man out of the corner of your eye.

You ask, "Can i help you?"

The old grey man wanders off, beckoning you to follow.

You ask, "Where do i need to go?"

The old grey man appears out of the corner of your eye. He faintly whispers, "Call the children of tomorrow."

The old grey man appears out of the corner of your eye. He faintly whispers, "Call the children of tomorrow. Those of the sight."

You say, "Ordim and I are of the sight."

You say, "Can we help you."

You say, "The children of the sight are assembled. Bring forth your business."

You say, "Our numbers are small, but our faith is strong. We will answer your call."

The old grey man appears out of the corner of your eye. He faintly whispers, "Call the children of tomorrow. Those of the sight, and those of Jastev."

Speaking to you, Ordim asks, "Who are you looking for ?"

You say, "I am of Jastev."

You ask, "I am of Jastev and the two of sight are here? Would you like a reading?"

Speaking to you, Ordim asks, "Are you talking to the air ?"

The faint image of an old, grey-haired man appears briefly out of the corner of your eye.

Speaking to Ordim, you say, "Talking to old man who is appearing to me."

Speaking softly to you, Ordim asks, "What does he look like ?"

Ordim says, "Mysterious men make many maddening musings more mystical."
Ordim twitches, trying to control a vocal outburst, before settling into a disdained grumble while regaining composure.

You say, "You keep appearing out of the corner of my eye and i am getting impatient."

You ask, "May we help you?"

You say, "As i have said you requested the follower of Jastev and the sight seers and we are here."

The faint image of an old, grey-haired man appears briefly out of the corner of your eye. He wanders off, towards Lake Eonak.

Stormyrain [Local]: "The visions are showing us that our Lord wishes us to head to Lake Eonak for those who wish to join."

*As Lord Jastev has led me to Melgorehn's Reach, Lake Eonak, 

You ask, "I am the follwer of Jastev and the sight seers are here, may we help you?"

Speaking to you, Stormyrain says, "You are among others."

The old grey man appears before you, wandering out into the waters of the lake. "Make your sacrifice here, leave your gift. See what must be seen." He whispers to you.

The old grey man appears before you, wandering out into the waters of the lake. "Make your sacrifice here, leave your gift. See what must be seen." He whispers to you.

You gather the gold-edged cards from a small compartment inside the agate-inlaid case.

You say, "I offer these cards as a gift."
You raise your gold-edged cards skyward!

A brief gust of wind stirs around Rovvigen, tugging a gold-edged card from his small hand. The card flips through the air, fluttering on the wind like a feather before it lands face up on the surface of the lake. The image is that of two golden suns. The card sinks beneath the water.

Speaking to you, Ordim exclaims, "Two gold suns!"

Evia says, "Extraordinary."

A shimmer of grey light ripples across the surface of the lake.

Speaking to Areigha, Stormyrain says, "Our lord often operates in the grey."

The moonlight bends along the surface of the lake, lines of silvery light stretching from shore to shore. Soon, the lines begin to curve, bending towards Rovvigen who stands at the bank.

A faint humming plucks at the back of your mind, but the sensation is elusive and passes quickly.

You say, "Two golden suns represent a question of whether to hold on."

Speaking to you, Stormyrain says, "--I don't think that is what he's trying to say. If history is any indicator, we're about to see much more."

You say, "I am a proud follower of Jastev."

Speaking to you, Ordim says, "I think we are about to find out just how proud."

Speaking to you, Archales says, "One must have absolute certain to walk his path."

You say, "And i stand by my faith."

Speaking to Archales, you say, "And i do have absolution."

Puptilian says, "Lets witness the whole of the vision and maybe it will make more sense."

The surface of the lake begins to shift and churn, deepening to a solid silver light, no longer reflecting the sky and stars above, but appearing more like a stretch of captured moonlight.

Speaking to you, Stormyrain says, "A precursor to the message our Lord is bringing through your hands."

Speaking to Stormyrain, you say, "I accept with open arms."

Within the lake, the images churn and reform. The icy peaks of mountains are still in view, but so is the wide, tall, fortified stone walls of a huge city. Stretching up above the walls is a large stone keep, and countless silver banners whose blue phoenix emblem flap in the wind.

Within the lake, a blink of pale green light appears in the distance. Soon after, a small flame appears. Then another, then countless more. Like a roving sea of fireflies, the host of torches move out of the dark of the wilderness, and towards the massive gates of the huge fortified city.

You ask, "Tell me of the city we see?"

Aydan says, "Lolle, it's the capital of North Hendor."

Aydan says, "Earl Jovery rules from there."

Within the water of the lake, an army of white-armored crusaders appears, the light of their torches casting an eerie, orange glow across their stone faces, shadows filling the creases of their crown-shaped scars along their bald scalps. They are countless, and before them walks another garbed in white, the collective torch light pale in comparison to the inferno of his golden eyes.

Speaking gently to you, Stormyrain offers, "And myself, and Archales--but he's using your gift, to show us what is happening."

Speaking quietly to you, Stormyrain says, "He has shown us bits and pieces like this in the recent weeks--a way to keep us informed as to what Prelate Chaston is doing--with his army of Blameless."

Within the water of the lake the sea of crusaders approaches the gates, where Hendoran soldiers line the ramparts like a polished wall of steel. A voice, gruff and commanding, shouts down at the golden-eyed man and his army of Blameless.

Within the water of the lake, the golden-eyed man speaks. His voice is loud. His words echo all around you, as if he stands before you. "Open the gates, allow Koar's work to be done."

Within the water of the lake there is a loud cranking sound, and the wide gates of the city of Lolle begin to open.

Speaking to Lylia, you say, "The voice came to me asking me to open gates and allow Koars work to be done."

Within the water of the lake the golden-eyed man marches through the opened gates of Lolle, his army of Blameless flowing in behind him. As they enter into the streets, many in the back ranks of the Blameless stop, slowly turning to withdraw crossbows from their flowing white cloaks. The Hendoran soldiers stand upon the ramparts, many unmoving, backs turned to the Blameless, their eyes still drawn to the outside of the city.

Speaking to Beldannon, Stormyrain says, "Hard to know with our Lord whether we are watching what has happened, what is happening, or what will happen."

Within the water of the lake the echo of the crossbows is resounding. A line of bolts arc up towards the walls, where the soldiers backs are still turned. Many cry out in surprise, as dozens fall out of sight, some tumbling over the walls, others gasping as the bolts dig into their backs or sides. Chaston pauses for a moment, looking back at the gates they passed through, nodding as blood begins to drip from the ramparts.

Within the water of the lake the streets of Lolle open wide, many homes shuttering their windows. The golden-eyed man and his army continue their march, slowly approaching a hill where a huge stone keep stands as a looming sentinel over the city. At the base of the hill, a small army of Hendoran soldiers have already formed, weapons drawn, shouting at the crusaders as they approach.

Within the water of the lake, flecks of light begin to appear along the narrow and winding streets and alleys of homes and buildings. Suddenly, in between the Blameless and the Hendorans, crowds of townspeople begin to pour out into the streets, weapons and torches in hand.

Within the water of the lake the light of the townspeople torches comes into view, as nearly a hundred flood into the streets. The glow of the torches finally illuminates the townspeople...and the light catches along the surface of their gold and white medallions and prayerbeads.

Within the water of the lake the cries of battle echo out, as if all around you. The Hendoran soldiers pause briefly, and it costs them. The townspeople fall on them like vultures, clawing, fighting, slashing, stabbing, stomping, burning every soldier in there way. Having no other course of action, the Hendorans strike back, doing their best to defend and fight. Many of the townspeople fall quickly, no different then grain to a farmer's scythe.

Within the water of the lake the streets run wet and red. Townspeople pile up, as do Hendorans, a sea of groaning, bloodied bodies. Soon the golden-eyed man moves forward again, he and his Blameless stepping over the sobbing, wounded bodies of both commoners and soldiers alike. Chaston makes his way to the keep on the hill.

Within the water of the lake the images shift and churn, slowly changing.

Within the water of the lake a grand hall appears. Its ceiling is expansive, decorated with huge banners, tapestries, and stone-framed windows. Columns of stone serve as rows and rows of support for the huge chamber, their surfaces chiseled with patterns and other images.

Within the water of the lake the rest of the chamber comes into view. Dozens of Hendoran soldiers stand before an old, stone throne, where a man of declining years sits, a parchment in his hand. There is little color left in his short, white beard. The light of the room's torches enhance the color of the gold coronet on his head. His pale blue eyes look up, as the doors of his throne room fly open. He lets out an audible sigh.

Within the water of the lake the cacophony of battle echoes out once more. The throne room is a blur, a flurry of white, blue, and blood.

Within the water of the lake the sound of painful groans hangs in the air. The carved stone columns are painted red in the blood of the soldiers, and behind them, dozens of Blameless rise back up to their feet, wounds healing as they press on. The Earl lays near his throne, hands almost as bloody as his blade. His blue and silver tabard is soaked with blood, his gold coronet fallen on the ground beside him. He coughs, blood, spit, and curses.

Within the water of the lake the golden-eyed man steps towards the throne, slowly kneeling beside the broken Earl. He places a hand on his cheek, grinning wide, his golden eyes gleaming. With his other hand, he grabs up the coronet on the ground, then tosses it against a stone column, where it clanks and bounces away. The golden-eyed man climbs up onto the throne, as white-armored crusaders move in around the injured Earl, jerking him up to his feet.

Within the water of the lake a flash of green light appears, swirling into existence within the throne room. Three white-armored crusaders approach it, dragging the bloodied Earl with them. They disappear into the portal, as the golden-eyed man nods approvingly from the seat of the Northern Sentinel.

Within the water of the lake churn one last tie, and then returns to normal, reflecting the sky and the stars above.

*Almost immediately as the water of the lake churns Inquisitor Ambrus says they have concluded the investigation and making their way out of town. All of a sudden a War horn blows and a group following Major heads to the Hendorian Outpost.
Sir Thadston gives the order to his soldiers to apprehend Inquistor Ambrus and Young Disean, a Blameless soldier. From there a search accross the eastern side of Elanthia persists to apprehend the two. Inquisitor Ambrus was apprended shortly thereafter at the Glatoph Ruins, however, Disean was no where in sight. Thadston again gave the order to his soldiers to find and arrest Disean. Under the city, adventurers came across a lot of dead Rooks. Roblar found Disean, who was taken into custody and held in the Brass Tower, Second Floor. Ambrus, too, is under lock and key.
  • -8 Spreading the Truth - there's a report of a mysterious paper found in the Landing, trying to spread the news about the Prelate's real actions. Let us know if you find more. Who is behind it? What will the townspeople think? How far did it come ... Will it go? Click to view post
Early in the morning, before sunrise, a piece of white paper was discovered on the town square bench.

The page, written in Common, reads as follows:

~* THE WITNESS *~ Vol 1; Issue 1

In today's news:
* Chaston's Talador Temple Scene of Blood Rituals & Blood Magic as Troops Drink Blood
* Inquisition Member Calls Jastev's Gifts Dark Magic
* Church Official from Talador Conquers North Hendor with Blood-fueled Legions, Takes Earl Jovery Prisoner
* Piles of Townsfolk in Landing Found Dead Underground at Hands Of Prelate's Hand-Picked Shameless Soldier
* One Earldom Throne Down-Will Chaston Set Sights on Empire Throne Next?


It seems as if someone is spreading the truth around the Landing!

Post by ESTONE
  • -9 The Sentinel of Faith - GM Kenstrom's storyline update about Where In The World is Chaston - and What's His New Title This Week? (and how many people died to let him give himself the new title...) Click to view post
Within the last few days, in the region of North Hendor, the conspiracy and rumors regarding Hendor trying to break free from the Empire, while utilizing half-elven allies, has reached a fever pitch. A host of Blameless crusaders, led by Prelate Chaston Griffin, marched on the city of Lolle, the capital of North Hendor and the seat of Earl Jovery's power over all northern provinces. The gates of Lolle opened and welcomed the Prelate and his host of faithful warriors, but some witnesses describe an uncalled level of butchery in response to some Hendoran forces that did not take kindly to their arrival. Others claimed that it appeared as if some of the Hendoran soldiers were in a trance, unable to defend themselves.

A conflict of reports have since trickled out of Lolle, where some claim radical Koarite citizens of Lolle took to the streets and savagely murdered Hendoran soldiers that were defending the Earl's Keep. Other reports are a stark contrast, saying that the Hendoran soldiers tried to wrongfully squash protests of the faithful, and in the end it turned violent, but the followers of Koar prevailed. By the end of the night, Prelate Chaston and the Faithful had reached the throne room of the Earl's Keep, where more fighting ensued, but the unyielding Blameless were victorious. It is said that Prelate Chaston had Earl Jovery apprehended for his crimes against both the Church and the Sun Throne. The Earl was alive when captured, and supposedly escorted to an unknown location to face trial. 

From the seat of North Hendor, Prelate Chaston declared himself the acting Northern Sentinel of the Turamzzyrian Empire, and swore to uphold the faith of the Church and the true tenets of the God-King. A trove of evidence, including documents and witness reports, were then securely dispatched from Lolle, to the Patriarch of the Church of Koar in Tamzzyr, along with details of such sent to Emperor Aurmont and the Council of Lords. 

The Prelate has claimed that he will shoulder the burden of the Northern Sentinel's responsibilities until such a time when a new successor can be named, once the Hallowed Inquisition has concluded in full and all remnants of corruption have been eradicated from the Empire. 

A swirl of rumors have already spread, that Prelate Chaston, the Sentinel of Faith, has left the city of Lolle and is scheduled to travel to various locations in the Northern Provinces of the Empire, where he intends to make a very important announcement, and a call of unification among the faithful.
  • -9 There was smoke coming from the top of the Colossus on Friday night. Via Aurach: Click to view post
[Colossus, Crown]
The king's stone locks have been blasted by centuries of wind, and the head that was once crowned and full is bald now except for a few rounded protrusions. As you gaze up at the stars which fill the sky from horizon to horizon, you feel as though you too are an immortal ruler surveying your domain. But the lands are barren and the chill night wind buffets you with fits of mocking laughter. You also see a chipped and fractured ear and a great furrowed brow.

(Aurach carefully takes the wrapped necklace out from a pocket in his cloak, setting it down.)

Stormyrain says, "Last time I was here was for the crowning of Aiska, if you will."

Stormyrain smiles.

Lylia nods at Stormyrain.

Stormyrain says, "That--that was Koar."

Speaking in Faendryl, Alasatia says, "I was just thinking how much I miss her."

Lylia says, "Indeed."

Alasatia says, "I was just thinking how much I miss her."

Lylia nods at Alasatia.

Lylia says, "I miss her too."

You remove an enruned black coral amulet from in your obsidian wool cloak.

Alasatia says, "And it was the last time I was here, too."

Alasatia says, "Fitting."

You softly ask, "Do we sing, or have a sorcerer and mage examine first?"

Drektor takes a bite of his cocoa-dusted almonds.

You speak quietly in flowing elven, preparing the Sun Burst spell...
Your spell is ready.
You gesture.
A sudden burst of bright light emanates from your hand!
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

You offer your black coral amulet to Alasatia, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Click CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.

(Stormyrain kneels down and runs a bit of dirt through her hands, chanting softly under her breath.)

A low rumbling can be heard off in the distance.

Alasatia has accepted your offer and is now holding an enruned black coral amulet.

Stormyrain leans back.

Stormyrain dusts off her hands.

Alasatia turns over her black coral amulet.

Alasatia takes a moment to observe her black coral amulet.

Alasatia murmurs, "The runes are not something I recognize."

You steeple your fingers, quietly observing your surroundings.

Alasatia murmurs softly under her breath, preparing a spell...

Alasatia gestures at an enruned black coral amulet.

Alasatia thoughtfully taps a finger against her lips.

Alasatia murmurs softly under her breath, preparing a spell...

Alasatia gestures at an enruned black coral amulet.

Alasatia hurls a stream of fire at an enruned black coral amulet!

The black coral amulet glows with a warm aura then quickly cools off.

Waves of fine mist scurry around you in a somber dance.

Lylia makes a quick gesture while calling upon the powers of the elements...

Lylia gestures at a black amulet.

The air around you sparkles briefly.

Someone sings of Kai's many triumphs, lifting your spirits.

The mirror images surrounding Stormyrain undulate and grow stronger.

Alasatia says, "It is the same as the others though."

Stormyrain furrows her brow.

Alasatia says, "Not the kind we can get at the magic shoppe in town."

Alasatia murmurs softly under her breath, preparing a spell...

Alasatia gestures at an enruned black coral amulet.

Alasatia gazes thoughtfully at her black coral amulet.

Alasatia offers Lylia a large red apple.

Alasatia offers Lylia an enruned black coral amulet.

[Colossus, Crown]
The king's stone locks have been blasted by centuries of wind, and the head that was once crowned and full is bald now except for a few rounded protrusions. As you gaze up at the stars which fill the sky from horizon to horizon, you feel as though you too are an immortal ruler surveying your domain. But the lands are barren and the chill night wind buffets you with fits of mocking laughter. You also see a chipped and fractured ear and a great furrowed brow.
Also here: Drektor, Stormyrain, Azryen, Lady Lylia, Alasatia
Obvious paths: none

Lylia furrows her brow.

(Lylia looks a little tentative about reaching for the amulet.)

Lylia accepts Alasatia's black coral amulet.

Lylia put a cherry-filled loaf of dark bread in her wrap.

A low rumbling can be heard off in the distance.

Shadows dance between Lylia's outstretched fingers as she issues a command in archaic Faendryl.

Alasatia reminds, "Caution with words.. and thoughts."

Lylia gestures at an enruned black coral amulet.

Lylia makes a quick gesture while calling upon the powers of the elements...

Lylia gestures at an enruned black coral amulet.
Nothing happens.

Lylia offers Alasatia an enruned black coral amulet.

Alasatia cocks her head at Lylia.

Alasatia accepts Lylia's black coral amulet.

Lylia admits, "I could tell little about it."

Alasatia offers Stormyrain an enruned black coral amulet.

Drektor takes a bite of his cocoa-dusted almonds.

Stormyrain nods in agreement at Drektor.

A light mist drifts down from the grey skies.

Lylia says, "It defied Phasing, and I could not corrupt its essence."

You steeple your fingers, quietly observing your surroundings.

Drektor takes a bite of his cocoa-dusted almonds.

A low rumbling can be heard off in the distance.

Alasatia offers Stormyrain an enruned black coral amulet.

Azryen folds his hands.

For a brief moment, a ripple passes over the black coral amulet.

Stormyrain accepts Alasatia's black coral amulet.

Lylia looks less calm and refreshed than a moment ago.

Lylia narrows her eyes.

Speaking in Faendryl, Azryen asks, "Do we trust that human she's towed along?"

Alasatia frowns.

Stormyrain gives a sidelong glance at an enruned black coral amulet in her hand.

Stormyrain casts an appraising gaze over her surroundings, seemingly taking in every detail.

You slowly and deliberately empty your filled lungs.

Alasatia examines her fingernails.

Lylia nods at Azryen.

Alasatia says, "It.. It."

You are now speaking Faendryl.
Speaking in Faendryl, you softly say, "Yes."

Azryen shifts his weight.

Alasatia asks, "Did you see that?"

You are now speaking Common.

You feel the protection of your deity's influence fade.

Azryen nods slightly.

You nod slowly.

Alasatia wrings her hands.

Stormyrain says, "I would politely remind you all that I have no idea what you're saying in Faendryl."

Stormyrain carefully inspects her black coral amulet.

Stormyrain closes her eyes for a moment.

You are now speaking Common.

Alasatia says, "When it rippled."

Drektor gazes up into the sky.

(Stormyrain covers the amulet with both hands, murmuring softly under her breath.)

Alasatia whispers to the group, "It may be transmitting.. I wonder, if .. Well, if it can be reversed."

Alasatia's expression is ponderous as she chews on one side of her lip.

Stormyrain softly chants, "May the protection of Jastev be upon me. May the darkness held within this amulet remain there. May my song show us what we need to see, without opening a channel to the darkness within."

The mirror images surrounding Stormyrain undulate and grow stronger.

Stormyrain renews her songs.

Stormyrain sings something in Guildspeak that you don't understand.

The black coral amulet seems to respond to the magic of Stormyrain's song.

Stormyrain sings something in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
The black coral amulet seems to respond to the magic of Stormyrain's song.

Stormyrain sings something in Guildspeak that you don't understand.

The black coral amulet seems to respond to the magic of Stormyrain's song.

Stormyrain sings something in Guildspeak that you don't understand.

The black coral amulet seems to respond to the magic of Stormyrain's song.

Stormyrain slowly empties her lungs.

For a brief moment, a ripple passes over the black coral amulet.

Stormyrain gives a sidelong glance at an enruned black coral amulet in her hand.

Alasatia narrows her eyes.

A sudden gust blows the rain at you in a stinging attack.

Stormyrain says, "Nothing ..of note but some definite heat at the end, again."

Stormyrain turns over her black coral amulet.

Alasatia nods slowly.

Drektor says, "I feel like i can smell it too."

Drektor makes a sour face.

A mote of golden light burns into existance within the black coral amulet.

Lylia nods at Drektor.

You feel more refreshed.

Lylia narrows her eyes.

Stormyrain squints at an enruned black coral amulet.

You softly say, "Golden eyes..."

A second mote of golden light burns into existance within the black coral amulet.

Stormyrain nods in agreement to you.

Alasatia murmurs, "Gold has never been my color."

You softly say, "Perhaps set it down.."

Stormyrain says, "Don't have to tell me twice."

Stormyrain carefully places an enruned black coral amulet on the ground.

Stormyrain dusts off her hands.

You nod slowly.

Alasatia takes a moment to observe an enruned black coral amulet.

Your thoughts and feelings stray outward, as they impinge upon your companion's thoughts, you edge a bit of tiredness to them and soon your companion feels the need to rest.

Waves of fine mist scurry around you in a somber dance.

Lylia closes her eyes for a moment.

The voice of Chaston says, "That does not belong to you."

You feel more refreshed.

Alasatia smirks.

Azryen arches a skeptical eyebrow as he takes in his surroundings.

You feel your companion has found a place to rest and curled up for awhile.

Speaking to an enruned black coral amulet, Stormyrain says, "No? Well, it happened upon my path and I was simply trying to determine who it does belong to. Like any bard would."

Alasatia asks, "No? Is it yours?"

Drektor glances suspiciously around the area.

>mychar 'nor does Hendor belong to you but now it is claimed.
Aurach 'nor does Hendor belong to you but now it is claimed.

The voice of Chaston says, "We know of your true art, blood mistress."

Stormyrain raises her eyebrow, the dark bloodjewel half-ring set within only enhancing her skeptical expression.
Delicate mist clings softly to your exposed skin.

Stormyrain says, "Oh, that's a good one."

Speaking to Drektor, Stormyrain says, "We should add that to the list."

Speaking to Lylia, Alasatia comments, "Did you know use of these amulets in the past have been frowned upon by the church of Koar? Dark magics, they say."

Speaking to an enruned black coral amulet, Stormyrain says, "Interestingly enough, not a drop of blood was used. Yet you accuse."

The voice of Chaston says, "Dabble, steal, meddle, all that you wish."

Lylia says, "The one who held it last seems to have no need of it now."

Drektor shifts his weight.

Speaking to an enruned black coral amulet, Alasatia repeats, "Dark magics."

Azryen glances at you.

Stormyrain folds her hands behind her back.

The voice of Chaston says, "The Baptism of Fire is coming. The revival is spreading. Darkness is on the run, and shadows will not thrive when the world is blanketed in the light of the God-King."

Lylia echoes, "Dark magics."

Lylia says, "I have heard that phrase before."

Alasatia asks, "Fire?"

Alasatia claps her hands.

Azryen says, "I've yet to see anyone running."

Lylia smiles quietly to herself.

The voice of Chaston says, "It is not too late for you yet."

Lylia says, "We have faced worse from stronger foes, you know."

The voice of Chaston says, "Accept the light of the God-King, or fade with the shadows."

Alasatia says, "I do however, think it is too late for you."

Alasatia nods to an enruned black coral amulet.

The voice of Chaston says, "I am not your foe."

The voice of Chaston says, "I am your savior."

Lylia says, "The strongest light casts the harshest shadows."

The forlorn howl of a wolf can be heard in the distance.

Deep in thought, Lylia laces her fingers before her.

Drektor rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Lylia says, "The Faendryl need no saviors."

Azryen cocks his head.

A light mist drifts down from the grey skies.

Lylia says, "We are not a lost people."

Lylia says, "I daresay none here are."

Speaking to an enruned black coral amulet, Stormyrain says, "My Lord shows me paths around shadows and into light--but I thank you for the offer."

You feel more refreshed.

Lylia surveys the area.

Speaking simply to Lylia, Alasatia says, "Humans."

Alasatia shakes her head, clucking her tongue.

Drektor flatly comments, "I can probably save myself."

Stormyrain gives a sidelong glance at Alasatia.

Azryen chuckles to himself.

A sudden burst of white light briefly illuminates the dark clouds overhead.

Speaking softly to an enruned black coral amulet, you say, "I am curious who you have there with you.. whispering in your ear.."

Stormyrain glances up.

The voice of Chaston says, "I speak on behalf of the God-King, he guides me, and for a time still, he offers his mercy."

The voice of Chaston says, "But that time is running out. Soon, all will be judged. No shadow or corner safe."

Lylia says, "Curious. We have seen Koar appear here, in this very place."

Alasatia agrees with Lylia.

The voice of Chaston says, "You have seen nothing yet."

Stormyrain smiles.

The mirror images surrounding Stormyrain undulate and grow stronger.

Stormyrain renews her songs.

Lylia quietly says, "You seem a much smaller man, following a much smaller Arkati."

Drektor says, "All might include you."

Alasatia says, "We have seen a great many things."

Delicate mist clings softly to your exposed skin.

Speaking to Lylia, Alasatia says, "Tiny even."

Alasatia holds up two fingers and slowly pinches them together until they are almost touching.

Speaking softly to an enruned black coral amulet, you say, "Does he now, thrice before I have watched your delusions stir up such troubles and on each, you failed..."

The voice of Chaston says, "I will gladly die for the cause, and be judged. I follow the truth and the light of the God-King."
You feel more refreshed.

Drektor slowly empties his lungs.

Drektor warns, "That might come sooner than later.."

Stormyrain quietly says, "I think you truly believe that."

Alasatia agrees with Stormyrain.

Lylia nods slightly at Stormyrain.

The voice of Chaston says, "There is no greater truth."

Azryen narrows his eyes.

Lylia asks, "And what of the one who held this amulet before we encountered it?"

Lylia tilts her head back.

Lylia mutters something about rain.

Lylia asks, "Is he another to be sacrificed for the god-king?"

Chaston's voice trails, slowly fading from within the black amulet. "...that is not yours..."

[Colossus, Crown]
The king's stone locks have been blasted by centuries of wind, and the head that was once crowned and full is bald now except for a few rounded protrusions. As you gaze up at the stars which fill the sky from horizon to horizon, you feel as though you too are an immortal ruler surveying your domain. But the lands are barren and the chill night wind buffets you with fits of mocking laughter. You also see an enruned black coral amulet, a chipped and fractured ear and a great furrowed brow.
Also here: Drektor, Stormyrain, Azryen, Lady Lylia, Alasatia
Obvious paths: none

Lylia replies, "Not yours either, now."

A low rumbling can be heard off in the distance.

You nod slowly.

Alasatia tiredly says, "We've covered that, already."

The golden motes of light disappear. The area around the amulet begins to heat up.

Drektor fans himself.

Lylia takes a few steps back.

Lifting first one foot and then another, Alasatia slowly backpedals.

Alasatia says, "Careful now."

Lylia gestures while calling upon the lesser spirits for aid...

Lylia gestures.

A wall of force surrounds Lylia.

Stormyrain leaves your group.

Stormyrain joins your group.

The magic surrounding Aurach extends to Stormyrain.

You softly say, "Step back."

Drektor leaves your group.

Azryen takes a few steps back.

Stormyrain takes a few graceful steps backward.

Drektor joins your group.

The magic surrounding Aurach extends to Drektor.

A burst of flames erupts from the ground and soon a furious fire begins consuming anything combustible there.

You nod slowly.

Azryen ducks his head.

Alasatia murmurs softly under her breath, preparing a spell...

Stormyrain swears under her breath.

Drektor carefully looks himself over.

Speaking to Drektor, Stormyrain asks, "Why is it always fire?"

Alasatia glances at a shadowy black fire.

The fire is burning furiously. Flames leap and flare, sparks snap and fly, and thick smoke curls away into the air.

Stormyrain suddenly bursts into flames!

Drektor suddenly bursts into flames!

Lady Lylia just went down a chipped and fractured ear.

Stormyrain falls to the ground screaming in agony!

Stormyrain rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.

Stormyrain rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.

Alasatia begins to frantically roll Stormyrain around on the ground trying to put out the flames!

Alasatia fails to put out the flames surrounding Stormyrain!

The flames surrounding Stormyrain flare up and sear her skin!
... 10 points of damage!
Burst of flames to chest toasts skin nicely.
The flames surrounding Drektor flare up and sear his skin!
Some dark leather armor partially deflects the onslaught of the fiery attack.
... 10 points of damage!
Burst of flames to left arm burns skin bright red.
Alasatia begins to frantically roll Stormyrain around on the ground trying to put out the flames!
Alasatia manages to put out the flames surrounding Stormyrain! Stormyrain sits up and brushes some smoldering ashes from her clothing.
Alasatia rolls Stormyrain over.

Alasatia rolls Stormyrain over.

Stormyrain rolls around on the ground.

Drektor screams in agony as the flames continue to burn the flesh from his bones.

Azryen rolls Stormyrain over.

Stormyrain stands up.

Azryen pushes on Stormyrain without much success.
The flames surrounding Drektor flare up and sear his skin!
Some dark leather armor partially deflects the onslaught of the fiery attack.
... 5 points of damage!
Minor burns to head. That hurt a bit.
Smoke continues to rise from Stormyrain as her clothes smolder.

>symbol of return
The power from your symbol dissipates into the air.
An occasional droplet splashes down from the sky with a soft PLINK.

Azryen suddenly bursts into flames!

You invoke a guiding spirit, imploring it to return you to safety...
Your spell is ready.
You gesture.
Nothing happens.
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Alasatia suddenly bursts into flames!
Azryen screams in agony as the flames continue to burn the flesh from his bones.

Suddenly you burst into flames!

The flames surrounding Drektor flare up and sear his skin!
Some dark leather armor partially deflects the onslaught of the fiery attack.
... 5 points of damage!
Minor burns to neck. Looks uncomfortable.
Alasatia rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.
Stormyrain raises her voice in rhythmic song, commanding the aid of the elements.
Stormyrain skillfully begins to weave another verse into her harmony.
As Stormyrain sings, a squall of wind briefly swirls around you. You feel yourself moving a bit more smoothly and quickly than before!
[ Song of Tonis: +0:01:00, 0:00:59 remaining. ]
Smoke continues to rise from Stormyrain as her clothes smolder.
Alasatia rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.

Azryen falls to the ground screaming in agony!

Azryen rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds him.

Alasatia rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.

You exclaim, "Put it out! Someone put it out!"

Stormyrain begins to frantically roll Azryen around on the ground trying to put out the flames!

Stormyrain fails to put out the flames surrounding Azryen!

Alasatia rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.
The flames surrounding Azryen flare up and sear his skin!
... 15 points of damage!
Burst of flames to left arm toasts skin to elbows.
He is stunned!
The flames surrounding Alasatia flare up and sear her skin!
... 30 points of damage!
Flames cook Alasatia's abdomen. Looks about medium well.
She is stunned!
Stormyrain begins to frantically roll Azryen around on the ground trying to put out the flames!

Stormyrain fails to put out the flames surrounding Azryen!

The flames surrounding Drektor flare up and sear his skin!
Some dark leather armor partially deflects the onslaught of the fiery attack.
... 5 points of damage!
Minor burns to abdomen. Looks painful.
The flames engulfing you flare up and sear your skin!
... 5 points of damage!
Minor burns to left arm. That hurts a bit.

Smoke continues to rise from Stormyrain as her clothes smolder.

You are in far too much agony to do that.

Stormyrain begins to frantically roll Azryen around on the ground trying to put out the flames!

Stormyrain fails to put out the flames surrounding Azryen!

Azryen manages to put out the flames and brushes some smoldering ashes from his clothing.

The flames surrounding Alasatia flare up and sear her skin!
... 25 points of damage!
Flames burn neck into a bubbling mass of flesh. Forget lunch.
Drektor suddenly bursts into flames!
Azryen stands up.
The flames surrounding Drektor flare up and sear his skin!
Some dark leather armor partially deflects the onslaught of the fiery attack.
... 5 points of damage!
Minor burns to head. That hurt a bit.
The flames engulfing you flare up and sear your skin!
... 10 points of damage!
Burst of flames to left eye bakes eyelid.
You are stunned for 1 round!
Azryen suddenly bursts into flames!
Stormyrain begins to frantically roll Alasatia around on the ground trying to put out the flames!
Stormyrain fails to put out the flames surrounding Alasatia!
Stormyrain suddenly bursts into flames!
Smoke continues to rise from Stormyrain as her clothes smolder.
Stormyrain rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.

You are still stunned.
Stormyrain rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.
Smoke continues to rise from Azryen as his clothes smolder.

You are still stunned.
Stormyrain rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.

The flames surrounding Drektor flare up and sear his skin!
Some dark leather armor partially deflects the onslaught of the fiery attack.
... 5 points of damage!
Minor burns to chest. That hurts a bit.
The flames surrounding Alasatia flare up and sear her skin!
... 25 points of damage!
Flames incinerate scalp completely and blacken skullcap. Not very fashionable.
You are in far too much agony to do that.

Stormyrain rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.

Azryen suddenly bursts into flames!
You are in far too much agony to do that.
The flames surrounding Drektor flicker and die out.
The flames surrounding Azryen flare up and sear his skin!
... 25 points of damage!
Flames incinerate scalp completely and blacken skullcap. Not very fashionable.
He is stunned!
The flames engulfing you flare up and sear your skin!
... 15 points of damage!
Burst of flames to back fries shoulder blades. Youch!
You are stunned for 1 round!
You are still stunned.
Stormyrain rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.
You are still stunned.
You are still stunned.
Stormyrain rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.
You are still stunned.
The flames surrounding Stormyrain flare up and sear her skin!
... 15 points of damage!
Burst of flames to back fries shoulder blades. Youch!
She is stunned!
You are still stunned.
You are still stunned.
Smoke continues to rise from Azryen as his clothes smolder.
You are still stunned.
Stormyrain appears to struggle against her incapacitation.
Stormyrain somehow rises smoothly to her feet!
You are still stunned.
>symbol of trans
The flames surrounding Drektor flare up and sear his skin!
Some dark leather armor partially deflects the onslaught of the fiery attack.
... 3 points of damage!
Minor burns to left arm. That hurts a bit.
The flames surrounding Alasatia flare up and sear her skin!
... 25 points of damage!
Back bursts into a spectacular display of flames. Bet it hurts too.
You are in far too much agony to do that.
Smoke continues to rise from Drektor as his clothes smolder.
The flames surrounding Azryen flare up and sear his skin!
... 20 points of damage!
Nasty burns to back. Won't be sleeping on that for awhile.
The flames surrounding Azryen flare up and sear his skin!
... 20 points of damage!
Flames incinerate muscle tissue in neck exposing the trachea. More than you ever wanted to see.
The flames engulfing you flare up and sear your skin!
... 10 points of damage!
Burst of flames to left hand burns fingers bright red.
Alasatia screams in agony as the flames continue to burn the flesh from her bones.

Stormyrain rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.

You are in far too much agony to do that.

The flames surrounding Stormyrain flare up and sear her skin!
... 15 points of damage!
Burst of flames to left leg blackens kneecap.
She is stunned!
Alasatia staggers to his feet moaning.

Dark smoke rises from the crown of the Colossus.
Smoke continues to rise from Azryen as his clothes smolder.

You are in far too much agony to do that.

You are in far too much agony to do that.

The flames surrounding Drektor flare up and sear his skin!

Some dark leather armor partially deflects the onslaught of the fiery attack.
... 5 points of damage!
Minor burns to back. Looks uncomfortable.
The flames surrounding Alasatia flicker and die out.

You are in far too much agony to do that.
Smoke continues to rise from Drektor as his clothes smolder.
The flames surrounding Azryen flare up and sear his skin!
... 20 points of damage!
Nasty burns to left hand. Gonna need lots of butter.
The flames surrounding Azryen flare up and sear his skin!
... 25 points of damage!
Flames incinerate right leg to the bone. Not a pleasant sight.
He is knocked to the ground!
The flames surrounding you flicker and die out.
Stormyrain manages to put out the flames and brushes some smoldering ashes from her clothing.
You feel at full magical power again.
Stormyrain stands up.

You concentrate on the Symbol of Need.
You sense an interference and realize the full image did not send.
The Symbol of Need begins to burn in your mind and an image appears before you of Aurach, but the image fades quickly.
[Prime]-GSIV:Zodiark: "final boss is when you, your dragon and it are thrown from medival times to the present and fight over a city"
Smoke continues to rise from Azryen as his clothes smolder.
Stormyrain shoves futilely at you.
Stormyrain suddenly bursts into flames!
Drektor carefully looks himself over.
Stormyrain rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.
The flames surrounding Drektor flare up and sear his skin!
Some dark leather armor partially deflects the onslaught of the fiery attack.
... 5 points of damage!
Minor burns to back. Looks uncomfortable.
Smoke continues to rise from Alasatia as her clothes smolder.
Stormyrain rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.
Stormyrain rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.

You lie down.
Smoke continues to rise from Drektor as his clothes smolder.
The flames surrounding Azryen flare up and sear his skin!
... 20 points of damage!
Nasty burns to left arm. Gonna need lots of butter.
* Azryen drops dead at your feet!
A silver light faintly flickers around Azryen, then fades.
The light blue glow leaves Azryen.

Azryen seems hesitant.

Azryen seems slightly different.

The deep blue glow leaves Azryen.
Smoke continues to rise from Stormyrain as her clothes smolder.
Smoke continues to rise from you as your clothing smolders.
Stormyrain rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds her.
Alasatia gently rolls the lifeless body of Azryen over.
Stormyrain rolls around on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire that surrounds

(skip too many die, many come to aid and we return to landing)

[Town Square, East]
Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night. You also see a roly-poly flamepoint sand kitten, a trail of colored ribbons leading north, a large purple wooden barrel and a raffle table with some stuff on it.
A small group was researching & loresinging a necklace that belonged to Ambrus, the Chaston Inquisitor, the source of the terrible, unnatural black fire. Via Aurach: Click to view post

Also here: Rjuric, Albanus, Kirlokin who is kneeling, Losus, Hapenlok, Legaci, Cruxophim, Lord Chamorr, Ragz, Drektor, Stormyrain, Great Lady Leafiara who is sitting, Lord Kyulen, High Lord Beldannon, Headless, Kamman, Theolakiss who is sitting, Kaching, Siierra who is sitting, Luckoh who is sitting, Journeyman Salveo who is kneeling, Lady Neshira, Novice Seraphiend, Wagley, Galenblackbard, Alenn, Oeirin, Kronious, Milusia who is kneeling, Jeliara
Obvious paths: northeast, east, southeast, southwest, west, northwest
Albanus just arrived.

You hear the faint whisper of Hapenlok saying, "I figured it was something like that."

Risanya adopts an agreeable expression.

Azryen begins to look a little better.

Your voice carries itself to Hapenlok, "East."

Sareyna seems hesitant, looking unsure of herself.

Muzgal seems slightly different.

Muzgal just went west.

The verdant emerald blazestar on Sareyna's forehead flickers softly, causing verdant emerald flames to briefly flare within her eyes.
Galenblackbard just arrived.

[Town Square, East]
Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night. You also see a deceptive glacier spirit that is flying around, a deceptive lake spirit that is flying around, a roly-poly flamepoint sand kitten, a trail of colored ribbons leading north, a large purple wooden barrel and a raffle table with some stuff on it.
Also here: Galenblackbard, Albanus, Alasatia, Ephya, Maylan, Sareyna, Dergoatean, Azryen, Risanya
Obvious paths: north, east, south, west
Legaci just arrived.

Galenblackbard joins your group.

Galenblackbard looks empowered.

Sareyna looks empowered.

Galenblackbard basks in the glow of the sphere.

The magic surrounding Aurach extends to Galenblackbard.

The sense of peace and security begins to wane from the area.
With great skill, Galenblackbard removes one of the chords from his harmony while maintaining the symmetry of those that remain.
Delicate mist clings softly to your exposed skin.
Sareyna looks slightly alarmed as she begins to gag for no reason. During a short coughing fit, a brittle alum file is exposed under Sareyna's tongue.

Galenblackbard whispers to the group, "What happened?"
A small dark cerise will-o'-wisp mischievously flits out from inside Sareyna's blue-black rose seed, hovering around the illthorn runestaff in her right hand and retreats back inside the seed.

Stormyrain's group just arrived.

Hapenlok just arrived.

Cruxophim just arrived.

Albanus glances around the area.

A disheveled bat-eared fox pads in.

Lord Chamorr just arrived.

Lord Kyulen just arrived.

Lady Lylia just arrived.

Lady Lylia just went east.

You softly say, "The necklace from Ambrus was reasearched by a group of various professions, then loresong was attemped."

Mjuerkattd slowly fades into view with a gasp of breath and a slightly disoriented look.

Stormyrain glances with dismay at Alasatia.

Alasatia blinks at Stormyrain.

Alasatia pulls Stormyrain closer to herself.

Maylan exclaims, "Oh!"

Stormyrain gives a sidelong glance at Cruxophim.

Azryen begins to look a little better.

You feel at full magical power again.

You softly say, "A short conversation with Chaston was had."

Alasatia nods to you.

Cruxophim nods absently to you.

Lady Lylia just arrived.

Risanya asks, "Through the necklace?"

The bat-eared fox raises her ears, glancing around the area.

Risanya furrows her brow.

Kyulen blinks.

Ragz's group just arrived.

Azryen nods at Risanya.

Lylia attends to her grey linen robes, making the robes as presentable as possible.

You softly say, "The group was kept small, as we expected, the resulting damage, in some.. manner."

Cromos's group just arrived.

Cromos's group just went north.

Alasatia says, "Nothing was said that hasn't been said before."

A low rumbling can be heard off in the distance.

Mjuerkattd just went north.

Speaking defensively to Stormyrain, Cruxophim reminds, "Hey, I attempted to save your arses."

Speaking to you, Dergoatean asks, "Go on?"

Alasatia tinkers with Cruxophim's appearance.

Stormyrain gets a blank look on her face.

The dim aura fades from around Muzgal.

Mirage-like distortions surround Siierra as she prepares a spell...

Cruxophim nods to you.

Siierra gestures at Ragz.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Alasatia says, "Thank you, for that."

Cruxophim shrugs at Alasatia.

Azryen begins to look a little better.

Speaking amusedly to Alasatia, Cruxophim admits, "I was on fire a bit, too."

Cruxophim reaches inside his sleek dark body armor and scratches himself under the arm.
Lylia sets about preparing Cruxophim to be as presentable as possible.

You softly say, "We heard nothing that we have not seen in visions, or heard from Chaston himself in person."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Lylia says, "It was a good look for you."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Albanus says, "It's a good look for you."

Ragz chuckles.

Maylan giggles.

Kyulen snickers.

Dergoatean asks, "Why did you all choose the top of the colossus for that?"

Lylia looks like she was about to say something to Albanus, but she hesitates, obviously having changed her mind.
Cruxophim glances between Lylia and Albanus.
Stormyrain nods in agreement at Ephya.

Lylia shakes her head.

Risanya glances between Lylia and Albanus.

Hapenlok whispers, "Didn't the other one blow up in rather spectacular fashion, too?"

Stormyrain says, "I suggested someplace outside of town."

Dergoatean nods at Stormyrain.

Sareyna's brass earring pulses with energy. The pulsing fades and a shining brass ring accented with a rock crystal remains.

You softly say, "To avoid needless explosions in town."

Stormyrain says, "Someone else came up with the Colossus."

A light mist drifts silently to the ground.

Schmoobly just arrived.

Schmoobly just went south.

Azryen begins to look a little better.

Speaking amusedly to you, Cruxophim praises, "Bold move that, yankin' that away from Disean the other night."

Cruxophim flashes you a toothy grin.

Alasatia grins at Lylia.

Dergoatean asks, "But no particular reason to go there than the other million places outside of towns?"

You feel more refreshed.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Albanus says, "Was a good idea, really. The colossus is completely stone. Unlikely the fire could spread."

You softly say, "Or summoned crusaders or whatever manner of ill, he might offer."

Cruxophim grins mischievously at Siierra.

Stormyrain says, "..but really it was a safe choice. Rock, not much grass."

Stormyrain nods in agreement at Albanus.

Alasatia nods at Dergoatean.

Cruxophim glances at his shadow cloak.

Siierra laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Dergoatean nods at Alasatia.

Cruxophim nods at Siierra.

Alasatia says, "Out of the way."

Dergoatean nods at Stormyrain.

Kyulen nods slowly.

Lord Chamorr just went east.

Albanus shifts his weight.

Lylia says, "Well, I would not have imagined fire would burn so hotly there. Bare stone and all."

Katiesa surveys the area.

You nod at Cruxophim.

Lylia says, "Black fire, no less."

Greenish-black flames spring to life in Lylia's hand...

Dergoatean agrees with Lylia.

Albanus says, "Unnatural fire."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Cruxophim says, "Hindsight, and all that."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Stormyrain says, "And really it was an interesting place because, well the last time I was there Koar's true voice was heard."
Rising on the air, the sound of horses' clip-clopping hooves greets your ears, and within seconds you recognize the source as a pair of ghostly horses surrounded by a blue nimbus. They draw a black lacquered coach behind them and stop before Galenblackbard, who steps into the small, wheeled wooden box and closes the door behind him. Neighing once, the horses ride off, pulling the coach behind them.

Legaci raises an eyebrow in Lylia's direction.

Shadowy tendrils rise from the ground and wrap around Cruxophim's legs as they quickly engulf his entire body. The shadows quickly retreat back into the surroundings, leaving no trace of Cruxophim.

Alasatia kisses Katiesa tenderly on the cheek.

Speaking to Lylia, Hapenlok says, "Well, the top of a stone monument, hundred feet high. it's rather windy there. feeds the flames."

Dergoatean says, "Seemed water still worked despite its blackness."

Lylia nods at Legaci.

Speaking to Lylia, Risanya asks, "Black as in deviod of light?"

You nod at Stormyrain.

Katiesa curiously asks, "It was the amulet, then?"

Albanus says, "Not all water."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Stormyrain says, "Very little tinder or fodder for a fire, though."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Dergoatean says, "I did not remember that. Interesting."

You feel more refreshed.

Alasatia nods at Katiesa.

Azryen begins to look a little better.

Legaci rubs his chin thoughtfully.

The opalescent aura fades from around Muzgal.

A low rumbling can be heard off in the distance.

The flamepoint sand kitten watches a deceptive glacier spirit carefully.

Speaking to Dergoatean, Stormyrain says, "Aiska, that was where Aiska was crowned by Koar if you will."

Albanus says, "For whatever reason, holy water had no effect on the flames."

Stormyrain smiles.

Cruxophim suddenly fades into view.

You softly say, "Well, my memory is old, not always forgetful however."

Speaking to Risanya, Lylia says, "Indeed. The flames that consumed me were darker than my Balefire."

You wink at Stormyrain.

Cruxophim nods.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Dergoatean says, "Then I guess I will."

Stormyrain grins at you.

Alasatia rubs Katiesa gently.

Albanus says, "Which is troubling."

Stormyrain adopts an agreeable expression.

Lylia pets a roly-poly flamepoint sand kitten, which nuzzles her hand softly.

Speaking to Lylia, Risanya asks, "Ironic, isn't it?"

Maylan says, "It happend so fast that I didn't even feel the burns."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Dergoatean says, "I haven't seen Aiska in some time."

The obsidian black fire in Cruxophim's hand continues burning, the flame quivering.

Albanus ponders.

Lylia nods at Maylan.

Risanya glances at Cruxophim.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Hapenlok says, "Well, when it comes to how the amulet was created....that's its own fuel source, i'd wager."

Cruxophim offers Risanya a ball of black fire.

Risanya declines Cruxophim's offer.

Kyulen blinks.

Sareyna agrees with Siierra.

Cruxophim disappointedly admits, "Pale imitation."

Katiesa softly murmurs, "Wonder if its mate also burned?"

Dergoatean says, "Clearly there's some powerful stuff going on in that amulet."

You softly say, "There is little else, the amulet burst into flames and the results you all witnessed."

Dergoatean nods.

Cruxophim brings his right hand towards the black fire and rubs it affectionately.

A sudden gust blows the rain at you in a stinging attack.

Risanya slowly empties her lungs.

A group of townspeople move through the area, chattering amongst themselves about Frontier Days.
Speaking to Katiesa, Alasatia says, "One would hope, but I think not."

Maylan says, "Clearly Chaston is involved in very dark arts."

Cruxophim nods at Dergoatean.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Risanya says, "That's a relief."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Guess they put in a safeguard."

Without hesitation, Cruxophim raises the ball of black fire to his mouth and swallows with a dramatic gulp.
You nod at Maylan.

A few young children awkwardly march through the street, clumsily trying to keep in step with one another. Between giggles, they chant, "Praise be to 
Koar and his everlasting Light."

Dergoatean says, "Pardon a moment..."

Kyulen nods at Maylan.

Maylan says, "The same magic he seeks to end."

Cruxophim frowns.

Stormyrain sighs slightly and rubs her temples.

Kyulen quietly says, "Chaston's a hypocrite, what a surprise."

You feel more refreshed.

Lylia nods at Kyulen.

Drektor agrees with Stormyrain.

Maylan says, "Perhaps he seeks to stop dark magic so that he maintains sole control over it."

Azryen gazes at his reflection in the silver mirror.

Speaking gently to Stormyrain, Cruxophim says, "Perhaps get some rest after that, but I wouldn't mind speaking with you at some point, if you have the time."

You softly say, "I appreciate the healing, Siiera, very quick in the inferno."
Risanya says, "Fanatically regilous people usually are."

You nod respectfully.

Azryen lets out a sigh of relief.

Lylia nods to you.

Siierra nods to you.

Allysandra just arrived.

Allysandra just went east.

A sudden burst of white light briefly illuminates the dark clouds overhead.
Kyulen nods at Risanya.

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Rinhale's amulet didn't do that. it just ...broke."

Cruxophim grins at Azryen.

Alasatia leans on Katiesa, giving her a companionable grin.

Cruxophim's eyes cloud over with dark shadows as he prepares a spell...

There is a bright flash and a cherry-filled loaf of dark bread appears in the air, then falls into Cruxophim's right hand.
Cruxophim offers Azryen a cherry-filled loaf of dark bread.

Albanus says, "Attempting to control something like that. Sounds like a fools' errand."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "And we learned a lot from it."

Stormyrain nods at Ephya.

Azryen accepts Cruxophim's loaf of dark bread.

You nod at Hapenlok.

You softly say, "Interesting."

Speaking sagely to Albanus, Cruxophim disagrees, "You never know until you try."

Azryen nods gratefully at Cruxophim.

Lylia nods at Risanya.

The mirror images surrounding Stormyrain undulate and grow stronger.

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "So, it makes sense he'd put some form of trap on it."

Speaking to Albanus, Stormyrain says, "No one was trying to control anything."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Albanus says, "Try not to combust."

Stormyrain furrows her brow.

Cruxophim glances at Albanus and slowly exhales.

Alasatia's spirits are no longer lifted.

The air stops shimmering around Alasatia.

Lylia sets about preparing Cruxophim to be as presentable as possible.

Cruxophim holds his breath.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Albanus says, "Well, I imagine Chaston is."

A dark veil coalesces around Cruxophim's sleek dark body armor, gathering into black tendrils of shadow that erupt outward and encircle him with building momentum. The caliginous shadows storm wildly as their depths illuminate with random tiny arcs of silver light, a rising aphotic tempest of chaos and capricious fury. The violent maelstrom swirls and writhes before abruptly spiraling inward to dissipate completely into his exposed flesh, leaving only a collapsed silence in its wake.

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "But we already know enough. they're that way."

(Hapenlok points towards vornavis.)

Sareyna's brass ring pulses with energy. The pulsing fades and a dull gold ring accented with a diamond remains.

Cruxophim nods absently at Hapenlok.

You nod.
Hapenlok says, "They're coming."

Delicate mist clings softly to your exposed skin.

Hapenlok says, "The only thing i need to know ...probably wasn't in that amulet anyway."

Maylan removes a bottle of peaty whiskey oil from in her paeline cloak.

Hapenlok grins evilly.

Maylan pours a few drops of perfume from her peaty whiskey oil on herself.

You softly say, "He did make one comment early on..."

Maylan put a bottle of peaty whiskey oil in her paeline cloak.

Stormyrain nods slowly at Albanus.

Albanus nods at Stormyrain.

You softly say, "We, know who you are."

The bat-eared fox turns its gaze on a roly-poly flamepoint sand kitten.

Hapenlok gets a distant look in his eyes.

Legaci raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Stormyrain folds her hands behind her back.

Risanya looks thoughtfully at you.

Deep in thought, Lylia laces her fingers before her.

Kyulen rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Speaking thoughtfully to you, Cruxophim muses, "We, eh?"

Speaking to herself, Risanya says, "We know who you are...hmmm."

You shrug nonchalantly.

Sareyna grins at Cruxophim.

Albanus says, "Sounds like a thinly veiled threat."

Zedorra just arrived.

Zedorra just went south.

Legaci glances away.

Cruxophim shakes his head at Sareyna and clucks his tongue.

You feel more refreshed.

Ephya says, "Those present.. or.."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Lylia asks, "Interesting point. "We." Was this the royal plural, I wonder?"

Ephya says, "Those there could be in danger."

Cruxophim winks at Sareyna.

Hapenlok says, "They were already in danger."

Albanus ponders.

You quietly whisper to Lylia, "I believe, it sounded like a slip, since he is not in this alone."

Speaking wryly to Lylia, Cruxophim remarks, "Perhaps Chaston has one of those divergent personalities."

The sense of peace and security begins to wane from the area.

Stormyrain shifts her weight.

Speaking to Lylia, Risanya asks, "Or Chaston and his Master?"

The sense of peace and security passes away from the area.

Legaci removes an elongated veil iron katana from in his crimson cape.

Legaci moves into a defensive pose, his katana tilted to the left while using his eyes to look for any incoming attacks.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Maylan says, "He smells like cabbage. This much I know."

Cruxophim looks thoughtfully at Stormyrain.

Albanus says, "We, as in, the Blameless. All of them. You, as in, everyone that might be important here. Or that Ambrus questioned."

Cruxophim begins chuckling at Maylan!

Lylia says, "He claims, as he ever has, that his master is Koar."

Stormyrain gives a sidelong glance at Cruxophim.

Lylia looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.

Hapenlok says, "The more i see, the more this smells of ...Grishom Stone."

Lylia whispers, "Let us hope it was."

You feel more refreshed.

Siierra looks thoughtfully at Albanus.

Cruxophim thoughtfully asks, "A collective, eh?"

Albanus cocks his head at Hapenlok.

Speaking to Hapenlok, Stormyrain says, "No, I don't think so."

The bat-eared fox rolls around on the ground for a moment.

Lylia whispers, "I like it when he is fallible."

You nod at Lylia.

Ephya flails her arms about.

Maylan asks, "Did Grishom smell like cabbage as well?"

Speaking to Hapenlok, Stormyrain says, "Grishom would never address me, or Satia, like that."

Legaci agrees with Stormyrain.

Cruxophim looks over at Hapenlok and shakes his head.

Kyulen shrugs his shoulders, lifting his wings slightly.

An occasional droplet splashes down from the sky with a soft PLINK.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Hapenlok says, "I'm just commenting, i'm not saying he's involved."

Speaking brusquely to Hapenlok, Cruxophim ponders, "I don't, either."

Alasatia agrees with Stormyrain.

Lylia says, "Nothing about this seems like Stone to me, for what it is worth."

Lylia nods in greeting at Seomanthe.

Seomanthe smiles at Lylia.

Sareyna grins at Cruxophim.

Speaking to Hapenlok, Stormyrain says, "I don't think he is. It may feel or seem similar because Raznel also practices Destructive Blood Magic though--she marries it with..well whatever else she can."

Maylan pets a disheveled bat-eared fox, which nuzzles her hand softly.

Seomanthe turns toward Alasatia and renders a sharp hand salute.

Albanus says, "Hmm."

Seomanthe waves to Stormyrain.

Hapenlok says, "Wouldn't surprise me to find out that Chaston has red robes in his wardrobes, though."

Sareyna gives Cruxophim a warm buss on the lips.

Stormyrain waves to Seomanthe.

Alasatia blows a kiss to Seomanthe.

Risanya muses, "What about another Akarti...."

The runner heads west in a determined manner.

Cruxophim leans on Seomanthe, giving her a companionable grin.

Seomanthe tinkers with Sareyna's appearance.
With an almost audible thud, a flamepoint sand kitten flops onto her back and rolls around in a moment of joyful abandon. Trilling her satisfaction, she flips back onto her paws and proceeds to bathe herself casually.

Hapenlok pets a roly-poly flamepoint sand kitten, which nuzzles his hand softly.

Seomanthe pushes on Cruxophim without much success.

Legaci glances at Risanya.

Speaking to Hapenlok, Albanus asks, "You think Chaston might also be under some sort of influence or manipulation?"

A sudden gust blows the rain at you in a stinging attack.

Speaking to Albanus, Hapenlok says, "Can't rule it out. can't prove it."

Risanya smiles at Legaci.

Hapenlok holds up his hand and tilts it side to side in a so-so gesture.

The misty halo fades from Stormyrain.

Speaking bemusedly to Seomanthe, Cruxophim begins, "Bard."

Speaking to Legaci, Risanya says, "Just a thought."

Hapenlok says, "The problem with many things. i can say things, but proving it..."

Hapenlok says, "Another question."

Speaking slowly to Cruxophim, Seomanthe says, "Yes..."

Seomanthe glances inquiringly at Cruxophim.

The air shivers about Katiesa, glistening faintly before stilling to normalcy.

The misty halo fades from Katiesa.

Hapenlok says, "In the end, it changes nothing."

Speaking slowly to Seomanthe, Cruxophim continues, "Heeeelloo."

Cruxophim grins slowly at Seomanthe.

You softly say, "We may twart his efforts and still not know.."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Hapenlok asks, "Agreed?"

Drektor carefully looks himself over.

Speaking uncertainly to Cruxophim, Seomanthe says, "Oh, er hi."

Maylan says, "I must renew my magical protections. If you'll excuse me."

Legaci smiles faintly towards Risanya before returning his attention back to the local surroundings.

Maylan bows low, spreading her wings for all to see.

Sareyna's gold ring pulses with energy. The pulsing fades and a bright gold earring accented with a diamond remains.

Speaking casually to you, Cruxophim admits, "A lot of it is unknown, and will likely remain so. As usual."

A large iridescent bubble floats into view and drifts down to the ground, its form changing shape before your eyes. As the bubble floats downward, its outer skin bursts with an audible POP, creating a spray of miniscule droplets and depositing Maylan in front of you.
Waves of fine mist scurry around you in a somber dance.
You feel more refreshed.

You adopt an agreeable expression.

Speaking to Hapenlok, Stormyrain says, "I would be surprised, actually--Chaston believes what he says. He truly believes that Koar is leading him."

A bashful forest spirit fades into ethereal form and wafts away.

Stormyrain says, "..that's my sense anyway."

You nod at Stormyrain.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Hapenlok says, "Well, the madmen usually do."

Legaci agrees with Stormyrain.

You softly say, "I think you may be correct."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Hapenlok says, "Thurfel Morpholik was convinced that what he was doing ....was right."
The flamepoint sand kitten pads off.
Albanus furrows his brow.

Stormyrain nods at Hapenlok.

Stormyrain asks, "If you will pardon me?"

Speaking to Stormyrain, Hapenlok says, "And a lot of people followed him in his quest to bring back the Council. and icemule nearly burned."
Cruxophim begins chuckling at Hapenlok!

Lord Kyulen just went west.

Hapenlok shrugs.

You softly say, "Well, I apologies but I have duties in the nations yet to conduct..."

A sudden burst of white light briefly illuminates the dark clouds overhead.

Sareyna says, "I think chaston seeks to supplant koar as "the god-king"."

Stormyrain nods at Hapenlok.

Ephya gives Stormyrain a warm buss on the lips.

Risanya glances up.

Violetie just arrived.

Stormyrain gives you a lingering kiss on the cheek.

You nod respectfully.

Seomanthe furrows her brow.

Stormyrain smooches Alasatia on the cheek.

Ephya hugs Stormyrain, who wraps her in a warm embrace.

Stormyrain gives Ephya a warm buss on the lips.

Sareyna gives Stormyrain a warm buss on the lips.

You softly say, "Good eve."

Cruxophim amicably announces, "Well, good evening all. I've had a bit of fun with fire, time to ponder my life choices again."
Cruxophim flashes a toothy grin.

As Cruxophim rubs his obsidian ring, a ball of jet black fire builds in his right hand.

You lower your hand to your side and your fingers lightly graze a faenor key. The world blurs around you for a moment and when you are able to focus again, you realize you are home.

[Isil Dae'gonn, Lor Chamber]

Aurach pauses, allowing the street noises of the landing to fade, as the quiet surrounding forest cloaks him once more. 


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A Rising Swan

Posted 28 September 2016
Captain Kimrella walked the deck of her vessel, overseeing her crew as they tied up at the docks of Tamzyrr. Even with the sun just beginning to rise above the horizon, the sound of the bustle of the capital city could be heard down at the port. She was interrupted from further thought with the sound of heavy boots behind her. Click to view more...
"Permission to disembark, Captain?" asked Salnim Malwind, a short smile on his face.

Kimrella turned, and offered a short bow, "We are secured in port, m'lord. You may leave at your convenience."

"I will try to send word before we return from the palace. I do not know when it will be. An audience happens when it does, and takes as long as it takes. While we are gone, please see that word is sent home to Vornavis. I know they will be eager to hear we have arrived."

"It will be seen to immediately. We will be here, ready and waiting. And be careful out there my lord."

"Watching my back is what they are for, Captain. Gurbah saw to that," Salnim replied as he walked down the gangplank off the ship, joining a half dozen Vornavian Blademasters that stood waiting. "Some would say we have been too careful, Captain. Time for that to change."

Flanked by his ring of protectors, Salnim began the long walk from the docks up into Tamzyrr proper. To the imperial palace. To see the Emperor. To see to the future.

A Defiant Swan

Posted 29 September 2016
Despite this unfortunate up swell of intolerance towards Half Elves as of late, Vornavis remains open to the presence of people of all racial descent. Now with this scourge plaguing those of mixed blood, it is more important than ever to not turn aside from those who are afflicted, but to render what aid we can. We call upon our Hospitallers, our healers, our mages and Magisters, we call upon all those willing and able to help find a cure to this disease. This is not a time to give into fear and turn upon those who are ill. This is not a time to lash out at the sick who need our help. This is a time to show what our humanity truly means, and help those who need it the most. To come together and show what we as an Empire can do as a united people. Click to view more...
To that end, we have seen too much division and strife amongst ourselves as of late. And we can lay much of the blame for these troubles at the feet of one man. A man who has shown time and again he does not believe in or follow Imperial law, who does not believe in the actual justice the Empire provides, and who sees the lives of the thousands who have died due to his actions as nothing more than stepping stones to climb to new power. We formally call to task one Chaston Griffin. He has overstepped the bounds of any authority he might have once had, and grossly violated imperial law. Chaston Griffin has made clear he willingly usurped the position of Northern Sentinel from Earl Jovery of North Hendor and claimed it for his own. Furthermore his Blameless ignore all territorial borders, local laws, and jurisdictions to unlawfully enforce their own personal views of justice. Actions which have directly or indirectly resulted in the deaths of thousands of individuals.

These atrocious deeds have forced us to formally call upon Emperor Aurmont Anodheles to intervene. We call for the immediate release of Earl Jovery, for the so called Blameless to stand down and disarm, and for Chaston Griffin to submit to judgement. Our Envoy has already been granted a personal audience with his Imperial Majesty and these charges have been formally made. 

Until such judgement is rendered, Vornavis stands ready and loyal to the Empire. And defiant to all those who would usurp its lawful ways.

By Our Hand,

His Excellency Dunrith Malwind
Baron of Vornavis

A Fallen Swan

Posted 30 September 2016
A number of rumors and reports are coming in from Vornavis this night concerning Baron Malwind. Word that he oversaw the deployment of a regiment of Vornavian Guardsmen this afternoon, off to defend the borders of Vornavis from further Blameless incursions. Others indicate the Baron was in long meetings with various ministers and members of his inner council, discussing the relief effort towards displaced and afflicted half elves. And most disturbing of all that Baron Malwind collapsed en route to a meeting within the Vornavian Keep, and has not been seen since being taken to his personal quarters.

While observers have noted an upswing in activity both around the Vornavian Keep and the walled city as a whole, no further information has been forthcoming. Additionally with Salnim Malwind away in Tamzyrr, it is unknown who may be overseeing matters in Vornavis if the Baron is incapacitated.

Rumors from Vornavis

Posted 6 October 2016
Rumors abound from Vornavis concerning a ship that came into the Bay this afternoon. The vessel was clearly Vornavian, as the Rising Swan banner flew prominently. Some who saw the ship swore it showed signs of damage. Others very clearly saw the large contingent of the Vornavian Guard on its deck. All parties without fail claim that Salnim Malwind, heir to Vornavis, was clearly visible at the bow of the vessel. While many were excited to see the expedition to Tamzyrr had clearly returned, it is still uncertain as to what came of the Imperial audience. Also of concern was another person many saw on the deck of the ship as it traversed the Vornavis Canal. Details on this individual are few, as he or she wore a hooded cloak that concealed their features, but was never far from the presence of Salnim.

What all this portends for Vornavis and its ailing Baron remains to be seen.

Trouble on the Western Front

Posted 29 October 2016
Over the course the last week the Vornavian Guard has reported numerous skirmishes with those known as the Blameless. These attacks have been noteworthy as the Blameless have appeared without warning, having not marched overland as done in their past attacks. Soldiers reported sightings of green and yellow flashes around the times of these raids, so it is believe magical portals are being used to transport the Blameless into position. Click to view more...
The source of these portals is believed to be the former Imperial Drake Noralia, who was slain and turned into a puppet of Raznel. The last reported sighting of Noralia was on a Chaston controlled vessel where she was given orders to attack Vornavis. If she is in the field coordinating these strikes, the opportunity to eliminate her now exists.

Malvernus of the Hall of Mages aims to take this chance and deal with Noralia. With the escalating nature of these attacks, a more potent one is expected on the morrow. Those interested in aiding in the defense of Vornavis, as well as mounting a counter strike against Noralia itself are advised to be ready tomorrow night. It should be noted that things occurring a bit after 10 pm EST would be rather likely.

Righting the Wrong - Am Imperial Decree

Posted 11 November 2016

It has been days now since the fall of Prelate Chaston and his truly unholy crusade. In no small part to adventurers out of Wehnimer’s Landing and Vornavis and beyond, Chaston’s connections with the witch Raznel were exposed, and their plans to unleash a tide of fiery destruction to level Tamzzyr and its surroundings, were thwarted. It would appear Chaston, and the witch’s, original targets were the Imperial Palace, which houses the Emperor and his family, as well as the Temple of Steps, which houses the Patriarch of the Church of Koar, and the main headquarters of the Hall of Mages. The horror of such death, both in thousands and thousands of lives, and the very heart of the Empire’s leadership and faith, would have been devastating and crippled the Turamzzyrian Empire.

Despite all of that, in the final dying moments of Chaston’s life, he still saw to it that he would take out a section of the Empire, which ironically was so influential in his rise to power. An ancient obelisk, forged of blood marble, and powered by the potent blood of half-elves, which carry both human and elven traits, was activated and released a wave of golden, burning light that washed over all of Talador, turning a majority of the once lush Barony into a haunting wasteland now referred to as the Bleaklands. There had not been witnessed such destruction on a wide scale since the creation of the Wizardwaste.

As the dust settled after the massive carnage, it has been surmised that thousands of imperial soldiers and support were lost on the ground in Talador, not to mention the thousands and thousands of citizens all throughout the Barony’s capital and various cities, towns and other hamlets. The only known survivors were a few dozen Imperial Drakes and over two hundred soldiers who were spared the impact of the blast by magical shields. This instinctively quick action of some of the Drakes left patches of unblemished land around Talador, which many now aptly call “The Tears of Koar.”

In the aftermath of one of the most devastating losses of life in the Empire’s recent history, all of the great land mourns. It is said that because such evil and hate was allowed to foster, even within the Empire’s own borders, that Emperor Aurmont Anodheles has issued a command that in the coming weeks and months he will be gathering his Council of Lords to begin work on finally passing law that ends Chaston’s Edict, or even the notion of it. Even in light of the tragedy, many cheered the Emperor’s decision and praised it as a great step in helping to right much of the wrong that the Empire has done in the past, when it comes to the rights and persecution of non-humans. Meanwhile, others speculate that it came too little too late, and argue it could take years for such an act to happen given the often gridlocked politics and arrogance among imperial nobility.


Posted 13 November 2016

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The mud-caked floorboards creaked as loudly as the knees of the old woman who shuffled slowly across the room. The blood bubbled and churned inside the beaker she carried, before she hoisted it up over a wide-lipped cauldron and poured its sanguine contents inside. Wisps of sallow mist coiled up from the vat, soon billowing out to suffocate the ceiling with a dense yellow fog.

The witch smiled, her yellowed teeth positioned crookedly, few and far between her thin, ashen lips. Her viridian eyes gleamed as the liquid inside the cauldron began to thicken and darken. She tossed a handful of bone chips into the muck, and stepped back, mesmerized by her concoction. Long moments passed, and the old crone stepped away to fetch small mortar and pestle crafted from blood marble.

She leaned forward, dipping the bowl into the vat and filling it with some of the reddish-black liquid. Her gnarled, bony fingers sprinkled some fried white leaves into the mix, and with her pestle she stirred and mixed the contents. Her feet shambled as she crossed the room, stopping before a young bald man chained to the wall, his eyes as grey as polished steel.

The prisoner looked away, but otherwise did not resist. The witch took her bent fingers and dipped them into the red-black muck, slowly smearing the liquid along the crown-shaped scars on the sides of the young man's head. The shadowy and sanguine fluid seem to meld into the creases of the scars, causing the old wounds to now glow bright red, like runes of blood. Click to view more...

"Look at me…" the witch cackled.

The prisoner refused.

"Look at me!" the witch howled.

The prisoner's jaw clenched and slowly his head turned, his steel grey eyes staring out at her.

"That's my boy…" The witch reached up, patting his smooth face with her twisted, sore-covered fingers.

Just then a dark-eyed goblin scurried out of the shadows, two silver stilettos sheathed at his sides. The witch turned around, just as the goblin handed her a small note. The witch squinted her eyes at the letter, and tossed it to the ground, stomping on it repeatedly, over and over and over. She spun back around and scowled at the goblin, "Where did you find this?"

The goblin swallowed hard, inching back, "I've had it for sixteen years."

The witch blinked, "…and you just now…" She shook her head, seeming to realize the foolishness of what she was just about to ask. "Yes, of course…to be delivered on this day."

Without another word, the witch, the gleam now gone from her eyes, hobbled off into the shadows. The prisoner, the scars on his scalp still bright and red, looked down at the wrinkled parchment.

It read:

"Dear Rachel, it's been long enough. We're coming for you. Love, Peter."

The land was desolate and broken, with an endless terrain of fragmented grey earth caked in layers of ash. The air was suffocating with a thick, rancid odor and rippled with a faint heat. The sky was bleak, resembling an expanse of ink-whorled slate. Rows and rows of crumbled, charred stones were strewn about the landscape, where once the towering walls of Talador stood.

The hot wind swirled and danced about, scattering ash and smoldering debris. A dense insipid fog hugged the distance in all directions, leaving little to be seen without having some short proximity. Emerging from the wall of smoke, a blue-robed figure appeared. A golden hawk medallion hung loose around his thin neck. His eyes were the color of a summer sky, soft and blue. Tufts of white hair were peeled over his ears, his receding hairline long having exposed the top of his head to the world. He squinted, seeing an obscure form on the ground, several feet away from him.

He called behind him, "Over here, I've found something."

Stepping out of the fog came a second figure, garbed in a similar deep blue robe, his greyish-brown hair tied back into a sleek ponytail. A two-headed golden hawk talisman hung down around his neck and pale archaic tattoos were barely visible along his forearms, seen only when the sleeves of his robe shifted as he moved. His eyes were multicolored, one brown, one blue. Both narrowed as he approached, kneeling down to a small figure sprawled out on the ground, seemingly untouched amidst the devastation that wracked the land.

The multihued-eyed man placed his hand to the chest of the fallen boy, whose skin was dark blue, his head bald and smooth. The man waited a moment, watching, listening.

"Is that a…" The first figure asked.

The multihued-eyed mage held up his finger to silence the other. He stood to his feet, lifting the blue-skinned boy in his arms. "Say nothing of this."

Together, the two robed mages disappeared back into the cloud of smoke, carrying the boy right along with them.

Bells rang out across the cobbled road that connected the Imperial Palace to the Temple of the Steps. For days, the people had been in mourning. Their faces have been chiseled from stone, grim and dark, thankful to be alive, but shaken by the tragedy of their cousins in Talador. But now, a much-needed cheering filled the courtyards of the imperial plaza. From countless balconies of the palace, voices cried out, "Empress Samynthra has given birth! An heir is born, an heir is born!"

The eerie silence that had hung over the city like death's gallows had been broken. Citizens burst into tears, shouting both praise and cheers at the sound of the glorious news. The black of night exploded into a frenzy of color, illuminated by crimson and gold fireworks echoing out across the very heavens. It mattered little what the hour was, as the plaza began to become flooded with people and well-wishers. It seemed as if, even if for just a moment, the calamity in the north was forgotten.

Again, the voices declared, "An heir is born! An heir is born!"

Deep within the palace walls, Emperor Aurmont stood beside his wife, his granite-flecked ashen blue eyes regarding his new born son with a true sense of accomplishment and unconditional love. His once stoic look at least now temporarily replaced by eyes framed with tears, suddenly aware of emotions he had not entirely expected. He squeezed his wife's hand, and Empress Samynthra looked up, her pale crystalline blue eyes catching those of her husbands. Both cried, embracing one another, as the cry of their baby son was welcome music to their ears.

The Emperor and Empress remained enraptured, heads pressed against each other as the baby lay upon his mother's chest, still crying as his first moments in the world continued forth. The baby boy's eyes were bright blue, a perfect mixture of the shades of both his parents. Bells continue to ring out in the distance, and a line of white-robed healers stood at the edge of the room, content in silence and space, allowing the new father and mother to have their memorable moment.

Just then, unnoticed by any in the room, the son of the Emperor, the heir to the Sun Throne of the Turamzzyrian Empire, blinked and his blue eyes shifted to a bright golden hue.

The dark-skinned Tehir man strode slowly down the wide hall, his bare feet padding quietly on the floors of smooth obsidian. His angular face was concealed by a pale white veil and two black ora khopeshes hung down from a bone-inlaid belt around his hips. His eyes were pale white, absent of any irises. He made little to no sound as he passed from the hall and into a wide, spherical chamber that held more shadows than light.

Hundreds and hundreds of bodies were scattered around the chamber, either as a macabre decoration, or haphazard piles of discarded corpses. As the Tehir man moved by, he noted the bodies in silence, observing that each resembled the rest. Black hair. Sea blue eyes, open in shock and death. He maneuvered through the chamber, stepping over corpses, finding uncluttered footholds as he approached the center of the great hall.

Rising from the sea of doppelganger corpses, stood a wide throne of shifting shadows and fragmented bones. Seated upon the ghoulish chair was a black-haired man with sea blue eyes. His grin was as wide as the throne, and at his side floated a green crystal orb. Before the man, a pillar of crimson and shadow churned out of a deep hole in the ground, resembling a fountain of blood and murky ichor from a fetid wound beneath his feet.

The Tehir man came to a stop, unsheathing his dark blades and laying them at his feet. He stepped before the column of shadow and blood, placing his bare hands into the roiling liquid. His screams filled the hall, echoing out like the cries of a thousand men, and his skin shifted and ripped, dozens of wounds tearing across his flesh as he stood. He soon fell back, his hands now reduced to gooey clumps of incarnadine muscles and scorched bones. The Tehir man shook violently on the ground, frothing at the mouth as he twitched. Faceless men, absent of any features, ambled out of the darkness, grabbing the Tehir man by the arms and dragging him off, where they began to wrap his bloodied, mutilated hands.

Then, stepping down from his ghastly seat, the blue-eyed man stopped before the pillar of blood and darkness. With a slight gesture, the green orb floated over to the shadowy pedestal and landing, as if lowering down into a bowl. The blue-eyed man uttered an archaic phrase, his words sounding more metallic than human. From out of the dark pillar came a white mist, which soon covered the green orb in a pale, hazy film. The man visibly held his breath, and with one hand, grasped the orb, pushing it down into the rising blood and shadow, submerging it.

The blue-eyed man stood silent in anticipation, his gaze once or twice going to the collection of bodies tossed about the hall. Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours. After what felt like an eternity, the man pulled both his hand and orb out of the shadows, his grin growing impossibly wider than before.

The blue-eyed man stepped back, comfortably returning to his grisly throne.

Gone was the green shade of the orb, replaced now by the deep red shade of blood.

The red orb floated towards him, and on command, lowered into his waiting palm.

Grishom Stone smiled.

After the Dawn

Posted 16 December 2016
After the Dawn: Wehnimer’s Landing

In the aftermath of the crusade waged by Prelate Chaston and his army of Blameless zealots, there was left a great deal of loss and damage. Families were broken, dreams were shattered, and scars both of flesh and mind were left to likely remain for eternity. But despite the harm Chaston’s influence wrought upon Wehnimer’s Landing, the great town and its greater people have pressed on, and the road to recovery has already begun.

The enchantment Chaston’s mind cast over many people in Wehnimer’s Landing has finally died off, as more and more townspeople are reawakening day by day, horrified by their actions and words. Some were wracked with grief, while others were quick to defend themselves, claiming to be victims, and rightfully so. The statue of Rone Wehnimer was returned to its rightful place in the Small Park of town, and the short-lived group of “Faithkeepers” has officially disbanded, and a semblance of normal has returned to the frontier.

Khylon, the dwarf captain of the town guard, was released from captivity, where he was being held by a group of the so-called “Faithkeepers”, who were simply brainwashed and controlled my Chaston’s twisted mind. Khylon suffered no lasting injuries, and has since returned to work, determined to re-establish trust and efficiency with the town guard.

Thrayzar, the orc marshal of the town militia, has thrown himself into his work, training a wide variety of new recruits to the militia, seeking to expand its numbers in the wake of the recent war with Chaston and the Blameless. Despite the death of Drangell, the orc continues to remind everyone that the world is still full of danger and threats, and the people of Wehnimer’s Landing should never become complacent.

The Town Council, consisting of Surofee, Pylasar, Beldrin and Thrayzar have been meeting regularly throughout the week to help ensure the town is functioning as best it can, and helping to rebuild some of the damage brought on my Drangell, and Chaston, and their minions. The Town Council has also begun to draw up some initial plans to help push for an expansion of the town’s shipyards, and working to create an attractive environment for new merchants to setup shop in the great frontier.

The Hendoran Outpost, in the grasslands outside of Wehnimer’s Landing, has been bustling with active drills from the new soldiers who have been assigned there, from North Hendor. Sir Thadston himself has not been seen much, after he officially announced he would be transitioning command to Sir Michol, and retiring his title to begin his quest to seek out his son, who was kidnapped by the witch Raznel. It is said Thadston will make a few appearances still, before officially setting off on his journey. Meanwhile, the Baron of Bourth continues to dwell within the Hendoran Outpost, refusing to return home while his daughter Larsya suffers from her curse, which has both aged her, and twisted her memory into an endless loop.

Winter has come to Wehnimer’s Landing, and smiles and joy have slowly returned to many of the faces and hearts of the town. But few have forgotten the loss of the past and the struggles the people have endured, and none will be left unprepared for what the future will hold.