Keeping Up with the Kestrels - 5117-11-14 - The Coming Conflict (log)

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Eoantos 14-15, 5117

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Dennet says he's "lied about a few things" but many he has not, and says he "almost pleaded" for an assignment in the Landing because he knew the plinite was here and needed it to save his wife.
  • Dennet says Octaven is a member of a rogue group in the Hall of Mages, which he was also a part of in the past, and that the group had manned the ship containing the plinite, having stolen it from the Hall before the Rooks and some Landing adventurers stole it from them.
  • Dennet says Octaven and her group will be arriving in around two weeks without the Hall's backing (as, if she succeeds, she'll claim afterward that she had to act in secrecy to protect the mission).
  • Dennet says curing Reannah does need to happen near the Landing due to the established pylons and the power in the area.
  • Dennet cannot ask the Hall for help because it would doom his own unapproved work.
  • Dennet will "not yet" tell adventurers about the mein golem wearing flesh and, when questioned about Thadston, says "One cannot begin to imagine what Thadston has endured."
  • Naimorai is looking for Irar and will seek him out tomorrow.
  • Cyph will escort Drandea back to the outpost tomorrow.


Impending War Zone

[Moot Hall, Mayor's Office]

At the varnished modwir door, a red bear skin rug stretches across the polished hardwood floor. Twin velnalin hide chairs face the Mayor's pine desk, while behind it sits an incurvated bone armchair. A great stag's head and a dark-framed sketch are mounted above a cobblestone fireplace set into the western wall. Refreshments are offered atop an oak bar beside a tall arched window.

Dennet fades into visibility.

Dennet says, "Good evening."

Dennet nods.

Dennet leans against a varnished modwir door.

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra asks, "How are you, Grand Magister?"

Dennet says, "I am getting stronger every day."

Dennet says, "I will be ready for Feastday. We're running out of time."

Speaking to Dennet, Madmountan says, "So I'm not going to let anyone beat around the bush. The Hall of Mages is coming. They want the Talon and the Plinite, and they didn't assign you here. They didn't even know this was where you are. They know all of that now though, by the way."

Dennet says, "I know."

Dennet nods at Madmountan.

Dennet says, "I appreciate you being so forthcoming."

Dennet says, "I am glad to see you've learned to talk to Kestrels first, before assassinating them."

Dennet nods at Madmountan.

Madmountan grins at Dennet.

Speaking to Dennet, Madmountan says, "You have shown me that they all aren't the same."

Speaking calmly to Dennet, Cruxophim agrees, "I'm sure you've heard by now. Do you anticipate them before your work is complete? One wonders."

Dennet says, "If they come before my work is complete, this region will become a war zone."

Dennet says, "If they come after, likely the same."

Dennet smirks.

Dennet says, "There is more to the story, however."

Dennet says, "It's time I share some more information."

Dennet says, "But perhaps, we should go elsewhere, now thinking about it."

Dennet joins Cryheart's group.

Dennet says, "Outside of Moot Hall."

Dennet nods at Cryheart.

[travel time]

Rogue Mage Octaven and Rogue Mage Dennet

[Town Square, East]

Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night.

Dennet gestures, and the very earth ripples.

The ground slowly opens beneath you, and the very earth shifts as it lowers you into darkness. Moments later you find yourself elsewhere.

[Outpost, Plinite Cavern]

The earthen walls are uneven and jagged, marred by hundreds of tiny circular fissures. Bursting forth from many of these small crevices are clusters of glowing plinite, each formation providing a myriad of colors from blue, to yellow, to red and green. The luminescent lights from the plinite shards cast a vibrant yet hypnotic pattern along the smooth stone ground. You also see some huge black mein golems.

Suprie grumbles.

Suprie says, "That coulda been done better."

Dennet asks, "What, don't like a good Suprie?"

Dennet peers quizzically at Suprie.

Dennet smirks.

Speaking seriously to Dennet, Cruxophim suggests, "Let's get down to brass tacks, shall we? I'm sure none of us particularly want a... war zone."

Speaking to Dennet, Suprie says, "Bein dropped isn't on my list of good things."

Maylan says, "Yes. Please do be taking your wars elsewhere."

Dennet says, "I did not tell them to come here."

Dennet slowly empties his lungs.

Dennet says, "I've lied about a few things."

Dennet says, "But many I have not."

Dennet says, "I was assigned to this region."

Speaking to Dennet, Lylia asks, "And you requested the assignment?"

Dennet says, "I specifically asked for the task by Archmagister Naylor."

Dennet says, "Originally, I implied I was sent here."

Dennet says, "But yes, in fact I asked, almost pleaded for the assignment."

Dennet says, "I wanted to come to this region because I knew the plinite that was stolen and then stolen, was in this area."

Dennet says, "I needed that plinite to have any hopes of aiding my wife."

Dennet says, "All Magisters, or Grand Magisters, are not always privy to specifics of others assignments."

Dennet says, "I was quite discreet in my request."

Dennet says, "Specifically because, I have undergone things that are not technically...Hall approved."

Speaking plainly to Dennet, Cruxophim inquires, "Blood magic being one of them?"

Dennet says, "No, I don't deal much with blood magic. The shaman does."

Speaking neutrally to Dennet, Cruxophim notes, "Ah, I see."

Dennet says, "Grand Magister Octaven is a rogue member of the Hall of Mages."

Dennet says, "She belongs to a group of elementalists who are corrupt witin the Hall."

Dennet says, "I know, because, well, I am part of them."

Dennet says, "Or was."

Dennet asks, "You recall the ship of plinite last year?"

Dennet says, "The ship was manned by criminals, some of them agents of Octaven's group. They had stolen the plinite, from the Hall."

Dennet says, "The Brotherhood of Rooks, and some of your townspeople, boarded the ship and stole the plinite to aid against the Ithzir."

Speaking curiously to Dennet, Kayse asks, "Were you on the ship?"

Dennet says, "No."

Dennet says, "But I was involved in the original heist."

Dennet says, "As I was trying to acquire the plinite."

Speaking thoughtfully to Dennet, Cruxophim guesses, "For the same reason, one presumes."

Dennet nods at Cruxophim.

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann says, "That was before you told us your wife became ill... the ship."

Dennet says, "Octaven's group operates with their own agenda, which is often just greed."

Dennet says, "My wife has been ill for several months before the ship heist."

Dennet says, "So Octaven did not know of my location."

Dennet says, "Because I did not wish it."

Dennet says, "Well, she knows now."

Dennet says, "So you see, the Hall of Mages is not coming here, not yet."

Dennet says, "Some rogue mages are coming to look for another rogue mage."

Dennet chuckles.

Dennet says, "But I have been officially assigned here, and my research and work sanctioned by the Archmagister of Nydds."

Speaking to Dennet, Raelee hisses, "The Hall has been here the whole time."

Dennet nods at Raelee.

Dennet says, "Indeed."

Dennet says, "It will likely take another two weeks or so for them to arrive."

Dennet says, "Octaven will not just come unprepared."

Dennet says, "She may have agents scour the area, scout, watch."

Dennet says, "She knows I am powerful."

Speaking seriously to Dennet, Cruxophim suggests, "In that case, perhaps you should tell us exactly what steps we will need to take to cure your wife."

Speaking to Dennet, Cruxophim adds, "And in what timeframe."

Dennet says, "Feastday, we will work on the pylons. Converting them with the plinite."

Dennet says, "When Octaven comes, there may be no plinite even for her to retrieve."

Dennet says, "I can see your rage Magister."

Dennet nods at Raelee.

Dennet says, "You are not in any trouble."

Raelee glares at Dennet.

Dennet says, "My work is sanctioned by the Archmagister."

Speaking slowly to Dennet, Raelee says, "... you do not know that."

Dennet says, "Anything, unapproved, was at my hand."

Madmountan asks, "I'm confused. It's sanctioned by the Archmagister that is sending a Magister to come get your stuff?"

Dennet nods at Madmountan.

Dennet says, "To answer your question..."

Dennet says, "Octaven and her enclave are not coming at the comand of Naylor."

Dennet says, "She will move without his knowledge."

Dennet says, "Then if she is successful, she will claim she moved in secrecy to protect the success of the mission."

Dennet says, "She will want to make sure she controls the situation first."

Dennet says, "I do not know how she got the original message."

Speaking to Dennet, Kayse says, "That is what I was inquiring. Either it was sent directly to her or she somehow intercepted it."

Dennet says, "Either."

Dennet shrugs at Kayse.

Dennet says, "Octaven is well connected."

Dennet says, "There is corruption within the Hall, and it is deep, as with any organization."

Speaking simply to Dennet, Kayse says, "It's an important thing to find out. Not for you though, but for this town."

Subarashi ponders, "Dirra would likely have contacted the hall in Vornavis, I think."

Subarashi coughs.

Subarashi says, "Divone."

Subarashi says, "Dirra's here."

Subarashi grins sheepishly.

Speaking to Subarashi, Raelee admits, "The Hall barely exists in Vornavis... or much of the North at all."

Subarashi nods at Raelee.

Dennet says, "For now."

Dennet nods at Raelee.

Dennet says, "I am sorry for not informing you of Octaven earlier."

Dennet says, "I suppose there had been no need at the time."

Speaking to Dennet, Hapenlok says, "This is all ....rather convenient. that this person is a ...'rogue'."

Dennet says, "It is more than one."

Dennet nods at Hapenlok.

Planning and Preparation

Speaking thoughtfully to Dennet, Cruxophim clarifies, "And you do need to cure Reannah here, yes? It could not be elsewhere."

Dennet says, "She will bring with her powerful elementalists."

Dennet says, "And all the minions her mages might summon."

Dennet says, "No, it must be here."

Speaking to Dennet, Archales asks, "Was this mission of yours here in the landing sanctioned before or after you helped steal the plinite?"

Dennet says, "The pylons are already established, and the power in this area is strong."

Speaking to Dennet, Xoryl says, "You're planning on absorbing all the magic she throws at us."

Dennet says, "It is possible we could use the Talon against them, yes."

Xoryl asks, "Is that wise?"

Dennet says, "No."

Xoryl says, "At least you speak truth."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske asks, "Will the pylons still be useable weapons after this conversion?"

Dennet peers quizzically at Archales.

Dennet says, "No." [this seems to be an answer to Kiske, but Dennet comes back to Archales later]

Dennet says, "The pylons will be used to energize a radius field for my wife to live within, essentially."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske asks, "And how many pylons are you doing this to?"

Dennet says, "Providing her sustained health while in the Outpost, perhaps even outside of it, and perhaps in some areas of town."

Dennet says, "Six pylons."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske asks, "That's just about all of them isn't it?"

Speaking slowly to Dennet, Kayse asks, "She would have to stay within the area?"

Dennet says, "No, I have some more pylons to use as defenses."

Speaking to Dennet, Hapenlok asks, "Have you told her?"

Dennet says, "I have wards, golems, pylons, and the earth."

Speaking to Dennet, Zosozpage asks, "The orbs inside of Icemule have anything to do with this or just a coincidence?"

Dennet says, "I have spent the last year preparing to protect what is needed to be protected."

Dennet peers quizzically at Zosozpage.

Dennet asks, "Icemule?"

Speaking to Dennet, Zosozpage says, "Coincidence then if you do not know I'd assume."

Speaking to Dennet, Hapenlok says, "She'd have freedom, but she wouldn't have freedom."

Dennet says, "I did not understand your question earlier Archales."

Dennet says, "She'd have life."

Dennet nods at Hapenlok.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Kiske asks, "Didn't we make a deal to keep like...3 or 4?"

Dennet says, "You have your pylons as well."

Dennet nods at Kiske.

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann asks, "Why not ask for help from the Hall itself? Should they not know of this rogue group?"

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "Okay."

Dennet says, "I was part of this rogue group, and while on the surface my work looks sanctioned, I am doing things not approved."

Dennet nods at Shinann.

Dennet says, "Asking the Hall for help, dooms myself."

Dennet says, "I must finish my work first."

Speaking to Dennet, Hapenlok says, "But what kind of life would she have? If she can't go to her homeland? She'd be anchored here, for the rest of her days. Much as a spirit can be anchored to the spot of their demise."

Shinann nods at Dennet.

Dennet says, "I will not debate this with you Hapenlok."

The Reannah Dilemma and Golem Inquiries

Speaking to Dennet, Dalabrac asks, "What work exactly? For your wife...and what else?"

Dennet grins at Dalabrac.

Speaking to Dennet, Hapenlok says, "No, nor will I further, but I think she ought to know. And I'll still commit myself to help her, regardless."

Dennet says, "She knows of the pylon plan."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske asks, "She knows of it...does she approve of it?"

Dennet says, "I presume so."

Dennet nods at Kiske.

Dennet says, "She wishes to live."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske asks, "Have you asked her?"

Dennet says, "Of course it is not her first choice."

Dennet asks, "Who would not want both life and freedom?"

Dennet wobbles, looking a bit faint.

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "If the cure to save my life was going to cost others lives, I'd want to know and to have the option to have my say about it."

Dennet says, "I need some rest."

Dennet says, "Any other questions."

Dennet says, "Noted."

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra asks, "Mein golem wearing skin?"

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "Make sure she knows."

Dennet nods at Kiske. [unclear whether this was a comment to Kiske's previous comment or the one before it]

Dennet grins at Ysharra.

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra asks, "Ever going to tell us what was up with that?"

Dennet says, "Not yet."

Dennet nods at Ysharra.

Speaking to Dennet, Raelee says, "... a lot, Dennet. I have a lot of questions."

Dennet says, "Ask."

Dennet nods at Raelee.

Speaking to Dennet, Raelee says, "No."

Dennet says, "Well then."

Speaking to Dennet, Irar asks, "Are there flesh golems at large in or around the Landing?"

Speaking seriously to Dennet, Raelee says, "You owe me. And I am not having that conversation here."

Speaking to Dennet, Hapenlok says, "You know, would it help if I gathered some confluence plinite? ...maybe to try to bamboozle them if they come for the plinite?"

You interject, "Like Thadston, for example?"

Speaking thoughtfully to Dennet, Cruxophim agrees, "Yes, the Deacon poses an interesting question. Any golems of yours we should know of? While we're at it."

Dennet says, "You cannot "bamboozle" Octaven."

Madmountan says, "Thadston isn't a golem. That's not what is wrong with him."

Madmountan grins.

Speaking calmly to Dennet, Cruxophim explains, "There is thought that Thadston is not himself of late. Not an unreasonable concern, given what we know of the man."

Lylia says, "He does seem rather different from the Thadston I recall."

Speaking to Dennet, Irar says, "I've even been accused of flesh golemry."

Dennet says, "One cannot begin to imagine what Thadston has endured."

Leyan Plans

Dennet asks, "Any further questions this night?"

Dennet says, "My daughter is looking for you."

Dennet glances at Irar.

Irar frowns at Dennet.

Irar nods at Dennet.

Speaking to Dennet, Lylia says, "You may be surprised at that. I know at least some of what he endured. An unwitting and unwilling trip through the veil can be most discomfiting. Yet he returned to himself after that. Until now."

Speaking to Dennet, Irar says, "Here I am."

Dennet says, "She will seek you out tomorrow."

Dennet nods at Irar.

Irar nods at Dennet.

Speaking to Dennet, Irar says, "I'll see her then."

Dennet says, "I understand Drandea is also to be released."

Dennet says, "My son informed me today he has plans to help escort her tomorrow night."

Speaking wryly to Dennet, Kayse says, "I'm sorry. I am sure you were enjoying the quiet without her around."

Dennet shrugs at Kayse.

Kayse grins slowly.

Dennet says, "She brings comfort to my wife."

Dennet says, "I will survive."

Dennet says, "I will do what is necessary to accommodate her return."

Cruxophim nods in agreement at Dennet.

Dennet nods at Cruxophim.

Speaking curiously to Dennet, you ask, "Will you be staying here too? Since your wife will be here?"

Speaking curiously to you, Cruxophim ventures, "Here?"

Speaking to Cruxophim, you explain, "Around the Landing, where she'll have to be."

Dennet says, "We shall see."

Dennet nods to you.

Dennet says, "Up until the other night, I was going to have my memory erased from her."

Dennet chuckles.

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra says, "It seems to me you all have had enough alterations."

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra says, "You should know by now it doesn't work out like that."

Dennet grins.

Dennet chants, and the earth begins to tremble.

The ground slowly opens beneath you, and the very earth shifts as it lowers you into darkness. Moments later you find yourself elsewhere.

[end night]