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Kharuugh is an Ordainer who is most famous for waging war for Lorgalis in western Jaiman in the Second Era of Shadow World. He conquered the kingdom immediately south of the Kelfour's Landing region in 6521 Second Era, which was early in the Wars of Dominion, the same year Uthex Kathiasas was killed by his fellow Loremasters. This would have marked the end of plausibility for The Dark Path having any independent existence from the will of Lorgalis. Kharuugh is most likely the Ordainer summoned by Lorgalis a few centuries earlier to conquer U-Lyshak, when he re-established his control in a power struggle over the Cult of the Sea Drake. Kestrel Etrevion most likely served this aspect of his forces.

The significance of wielding what is essentially a demi-god as a battle commander is that the kingdom of Saralis was very difficult to conquer. Its king wore a crown that was able to manifest enormously powerful walls of force, which were capable of repelling merely mortal armies by itself as an artifact. Kharuugh broke through the barrier and cleaved the crown with his sword, allowing his armies to lay waste to the city and country. It might be the reason Kestrel Etrevion decades earlier was only able to conquer a northern sliver of Saralis, and only with the considerable "sorcerous intervention" by his brother Bandur Etrevion. It would not have been possible without serious magical might or knowledge of high artifice. The acquisition of the fiefdom along Claedesbrim Bay by Kestrel Etrevion is the most plausible explanation for the original Claedesbrim Castle, whose history is still surrounded with high uncertainty due to the absence of surviving records.

Behind the Scenes

Kharuugh did not exist in modern Elanthian history, but was portrayed as an Ur-Daemon in a non-canonical story for the Elanthian Times.