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Jontara is now defined as the continent for which Elanith is the mainland, including the surrounding island masses, such as Atan Irith and the Shattered Continent. It is the principal continent of GemStone IV, while most of the game is set on Elanith. Jontara is north of the continent of Finnia which is now established as having historically been difficult for travel because of essence storms wandering the oceans.

I.C.E. History

Jontara was the replacement name for Jaiman, the I.C.E. Age continent of GemStone III. Elanith was the replacement term for Quellbourne, which was only the northwestern corner of Jaiman around what is now called Darkstone Bay. It was soon instead the word for the continent itself in spite of the word Jontara still being used in a few places such as The Tale of Silver Valley. Finnia is mentioned in this story as well, another once orphaned term that replaced the term Emer. Strictly speaking, these are replacement concepts, not simply new names. Jontara is very different from Jaiman except for Quellbourne.

Jontara is located between the Forgotten Sea and Abandoned Waters, according to very old messaging by Quin Telaren, which were originally the Forbidden Sea and Barren Waters of Jaiman. The Abandoned Waters are represented on existing maps, but the water on the west coast of Elanith is called the Great Western Sea. Jontara is now defined in such a way that it does not conflict with Elanith.

Behind the Scenes

Jaiman was divided into several regions or important land masses. Among these included Quellbourne, Saralis, Rhakhaan, Zor, Lu'nak, Ja'miil Targ, Mur Fostisyr, Wuliris, Urulan, Tanara, Mulira, Ly-aran, U-lyshak, Ulor, Xa-ar, Plasidar, and the Elven Forest. Several of these had some significance for I.C.E. Age GemStone III, but most of them can be safely ignored and none have modern names.

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