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Jontara was the original post-ICE Age name for Jaiman, the continent now called Elanith. Elanith initially referred to the north-western corner of the continent at Darkstone Bay, which was the region of Quellbourne in the archaic history. It was located between the Forgotten Sea and Abandoned Waters, according to Quin Telaren, which were the Forbidden Sea and Barren Waters originally.

At some point these words switched, and now Jontara is an obsolete term. Several old stories and NPCs still recognize this initial distinction.

Behind the Scenes

Jaiman was divided into several regions or important land masses. Among these included Quellbourne, Saralis, Rhakhaan, Zor, Lu'nak, Ja'miil Targ, Mur Fostisyr, Wuliris, Urulan, Tanara, Meluria, Ly-aran, U-lyshak, Ulor, Xa-ar, Plasidar, and the Elven Forest. Several of these had significance for I.C.E. Age GemStone III, but most of them can be safely ignored and none have modern names.