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Storyline Flight of the Manticore
Gender Female
Race Krolvin
Status Alive
Hometown Glaoveln
Affiliation(s) Kyjani, Kruj

Khislaine was present on Ivastaen 15, 5121, when Kruj assaulted Hauptwhistle to take control of the Ravager.


You look at Khislaine, cautious not to let your gaze linger for too long.
You see Khislaine, the Krolvin Watcher of Glaoveln.
She is average height and has a sinewy form.  She appears to be mature.  She has upturned pallid grey eyes and steel-sparked white fur.  She has long, nearly straight ashen grey hair shaved on both sides and tinted jet black, the remaining strip of locks arranged in a series of serpentine coils down the middle of her head.  She has a narrow face and a pair of fiercely arched eyebrows.  She has a razor-sharp steel wire threaded through her left ear.
She is holding a diamond-cut tumbler of rich amber bourbon in her right hand.
She is wearing a silver-caged plinite pendant, a corset-laced black leather coat with a standing collar, a one-shoulder onyx suede harness over an ivory linen shirt missing several buttons, a pair of slashed stygian suede leggings inset with silk mesh, and some wedge-heeled boots cut from inked leather.