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History of Kilron is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Of Kilron's early years, little but rumor is known. Some say the blood that flows through his veins is the same that thundered through the heart of Rone Wehnimer himself. Others claim that he is a river Captain, long retired and living comfortably off of the reclaimed krolvin treasures he collected over the years. Still others believe that he is a cunning smuggler, laundering his wares and his silver through the decrepit shop he runs on Taarna Road. One thing is certain, though. The mystery that shrouds Kilron's past, present, and future is one that he both encourages and thrives within.

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In the earliest days of Wehnimer's Landing, life was hard. Putting food on one's table and a roof over one's head ranked highest among most people's priorities. An enterprising young warrior named Dernick began bartering food and clothing for items of aesthetic value. In exchange for those things necessary for life, Dernick amassed a remarkable collection of miscellaneous art and literature, weapons and armor, and even powerful items of magic. As the years slowly passed and life became less difficult, demand once again rose for items of luxury. With the money he made from reselling the wares he had acquired over the years, Dernick purchased a small warehouse on the eastern end of town and converted it into a little shop. The shop prospered and grew in both size and reputation. Dernick purchased all manner of gear from adventurers who no longer needed it and resold it when the demand was higher. The rich old warrior grew richer as he aged. One fine summer day, Dernick set out on a trip to the southern city of River's Rest, endeavoring to open a much-needed and highly promising trade route between the exotic city and the Landing.

Months passed while the merchant was away. Rumors began that he had abandoned his shop in the Landing for the Rest's warmer climate. Other rumors, more quietly spoken but more widely believed (for the prosperous merchant was not the sort to abandon such a profitable business as his), claimed that he had fallen to pirates far to the south.

With the coming of fall, a tall man with dark skin and darker hair arrived at the Landing's Gates. Introducing himself to the guards as Kilron, he carried with him the keys and deed to Dernick's shop. Saying nothing of what befell the shop's former owner, Kilron hired craftsmen from the surrounding neighborhoods to build an addition onto the small former warehouse. Within a week, on the third day of Jastatos in the year 5095, Kilron opened his new store for business.

The town's citizens at first avoided Kilron's new store, fearing that foul play might have played some role in Kilron's acquisition of their beloved Dernick's business. Eventually, the need for the goods Kilron provided overruled any fears the citizens still harbored and Kilron's business began to grow. Paying pure silver for anything from useless wands to items of the most powerful magic, Kilron began to establish a reputation among the townspeople as a fair man. The back room of his shop, set up to sell those items that he chose not to keep for himself, fast became a popular hangout for the rogues and aspiring merchants of the town. Large crowds would gather, an eye to the tables, trying to be the first to see the items that went on display. To pass the time, people would bring containers of their own goods and recite what wares they had for sale. Kilron's shop quickly became the place to be for those who wished to buy, sell and trade material commodities of any type.

With so many gathering in his shop and so many silvers passing between hands, theft quickly became a problem. Kilron wished to be viewed as an honest merchant and the reputation that his store developed as a successful target for pick-pocketing did little to further this goal. In seeking out a remedy to this problem, Kilron sought out the archmage Pherantyr. Rumored to be among the most powerful mages in the lands, Pherantyr was easily tracked down in his own shop in the northeastern corner of town. The exact details of the deal the two struck are unknown, but their results were readily apparent. Kilron closed his store for several days, telling folks that he was taking a few days off. Pherantyr cast a powerful spell on Kilron's shop. The spell not only prevented pickpockets from plying their trade, but also prevented spells of teleportation from targeting the back room of the store. Pherantyr was not powerful enough to block all such spells, but minor ones such as that cast by the Navigators' golden rings were easily thwarted. This aspect of the spell was completely Pherantyr's idea and it pleasantly surprised Kilron. Now no one but the most powerful spell casters could enter his shop at all without his leave. What Kilron gave Pherantyr in return for his spells, no one knows for sure. However, small crates and chests could be seen taken by the town's runners from Kilron's to Pherantyr's on a regular basis.

The years between then and the present have passed all too swiftly, some would say. Kilron's business has continued to slowly grow and expand. Due to the luck and wisdom of the opportunistic Kilron, the pawn shop has survived and even thrived through disasters, invasions, fires, and more. As for the true mystery of Kilron's life, the years prior to his arrival at the gates of Wehnimer's Landing, little is still known. While Kilron himself adamantly refuses to comment on his past, some information was obtained from his son. While his answers were vague at best, Jolai did confirm his father's origin as River's Rest. Of Kilron's wife, Jolai's mother, all Jolai would say is that she was taken into Lorminstra's loving arms long, long ago. Jolai hopes that some day his father will decide to open his heart and share whatever secrets he may be hiding about his past -- that the people of the town, Jolai included, may better understand what makes this most mysterious man tick.