Rone Wehnimer

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Rone Wehnimer was the founder of Wehnimer's Landing when he established the Wayside Inn in 4873. After several years, Rone reportedly grew tired of the bustling settlement and set off in search of further adventure. He was last seen traveling southeast with a pack-train of supplies, with many speculating he sought the legendary city of Deepholt. He was supposedly buried in the graveyard east of the town, but this is probably an ICE Age inconsistency with his older form: Rame Kelfour. The puzzle that establishes this "fact" is older than the The Official History of Elanthia.

Behind the Scenes

Depiction in Festival of Frost:

a large sculpted ice totem surrounded by four dark rosewood benches
>l totem
The statue has been masterfully carved out of a block of ice and depicts a stocky human, garbed in ragged frontier clothing and leaning leisurely on a shovel.  The statue's other hand raises a carved mug in a celebratory toast.  A gold-lettered black plaque rests at the statue's feet and it reads, "Rone Wehnimer.  His Spirit Endures."

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