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Storyline Cross Into Shadows
Gender male
Race krolvin
Status deceased
Relationship(s) Krentuk (brother, deceased)
Falzcrow (son)
Alias/Title Czag Dubra

Kragnack was the brother of Krentuk, the krolvin warlord who was slain by local adventurers in the summer of 5112 after he came into possession of the Star of Khar'ta artifact.


You see Kragnack.
He appears to be a Krolvin.
He is tall and powerfully built. He appears to be in the prime of life. He has large onyx-hued eyes and grayish-blue skin. He has thick, coarse bone white hair that covers his head and extends across his shoulders. He has an ape-like face, a flat nose and long-fingered hands. In place of his left arm is a large, thrashing incarnadine-hued tenctacle.
He is wearing a heavy dwarven hide greatcloak, a bone-clapsed grey leather harness, some marred white leathers, a massive leather back-scabbard, some patched black leather trousers, and a pair of thick black boots. 


Kragnack betrayed his brother Krentuk after brokering a deal with Mayor Walkar Wellington and local adventurers. As part of the deal, Kragnack would use his own fleet to launch an attack on Krentuk's stronghold back on Glaoveln in an attempt to overthrow his power. Kragnack also demanded superior weapons be provided for his fleet and that his half-krolvin son, Falzcrow, be protected in the city since Krentuk had marked the "half-breed" for death. The mayor refused to provide weapons, but it was discovered later on that some locals had offered up some equipment to the krolvin. Mayor Walkar then took Kragnack's son hostage and said he would be safely protected and then released if Kragnack's plans were successful. Angered, Kragnack had no choice but to carry through with his plans, attacked Krentuk's stronghold and overtaking it. Hearing of the battle, half of Krentuk's fleet broke ties, departed the Landing and joined Kragnack. The son, Falzcrow, was then released and escorted to safety in or around Icemule Trace.

Recently, attacks have come in via Darkstone Bay, in the form of at least two nights of krolvin raids. These particular krolvin belong to a huge fleet commanded by Czag Dubra Kragnack. Reports from the western coasts say that Kragnack’s fleet has been slowly returning back north after their nearly yearlong conflict with places like Fairport and Idolone during the War of Shadows. Eyewitnesses from Wehnimer’s Landing claim Kragnack now sports a tentacle in place of one of his forearms, and either he or individuals among his ranks still command the power of demons and the undead, having used them to augment their forces in raids on Wehnimer’s Landing in recent weeks.

In 5118, Kragnack died of an apparent poisoning.