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Have an article that needs work? Or maybe one that is just too good to miss? You've come to the right place. List articles below to be nominated for various special sections of GemStone IV Wiki, such as featured articles and growing pains.

To nominate an article in any section below, merely add it to the billeted list below the section's nominations area as a link and sign your name below it, like this:


Featured Article

A featured article is one which stands apart from others for its rich content, proper styling and interesting subject matter. Essentially, it's an article that you'd point someone else to and say "Here, read this!" Featured articles typically exhibit excellent written style, few if any red links, and useful or interesting information.

At (roughly) the end of each quarter, the votes will be tallied and a new article will become the featured article for the next week.


Wizard has been selected as September's Featured Article! Nominate an article for October below!

Growing Pains

Growing pains represents GemStone IV Wiki's strive for excellence. Articles listed in need of growing pains are ones that just need a little bit of love to shape them into something more. Stubs generally should NOT be nominated for Growing Pains, as we know they need work since they are marked as stubs. However, articles representing a core aspect of GemStone or Elanthia which are stubs would benefit all being nominated for growing pains.

At (roughly) the end of each month the votes will be tallied and a new article will become the growing pains project for the next month.


October 2016

Previously nominated articles

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