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Kyr'orvrad is a skeletal winged demon who is worshipped by the pygmy savages of Bone Island. The island is located somewhere off the coast of the Southron Wastes. Kyr'orvrad collects the bones of the Ashrim, possessing a bone pit of them. The bas reliefs in his temple depict him rising from a flaming pit and engulfing the lands in chaos and destruction. His origins are seemingly unknown beyond this point. The island population has scavenged the bones of Ashrim in worship with the implication that they have done so for him. Adventurers visited and stole bones for a collector on the Wavedancer.

Bone Island

Bone Island is somewhere "far away" from where the Wavedancer was located. It has white sand beaches with stelae and jungles filled with primitive huts and crude talismans.


The indigenous population make extensive use of skulls, whether monkey or otherwise, as warnings to intruders. They decorate their homes and jungle trees with bones of rotting meat fed upon by carrion scavengers. Their rituals include bloody sacrifices and dancing around bonfires, leaving offerings of bone to stone totems and idols. They also depict gruesome figures in battle using tree carvings. There are skeletal pygmies in the surrounding area who will attack intruders. The island has an assortment of black great boars, scraggly giant rats, bright green tree vipers, and fuzzy undertaker bats.

The mountain itself will open up passages toward the temple if sacrificial offerings are left for it. This suggests there is an immanent sentient power within it, and that its huge stairs did not need to be carved. It is unclear if Kyr'orvrad is truly demonic or merely resembles necleriines. He might instead have been a volcano god or Great Elemental forced to realign itself similar to Ghezresh. In this case feeding upon coral reefs and subsequently the bones of the living. In this interpretation he would be a non-corporeal entity embedded in the mountain, sometimes manifesting an avatar made from sacrificed bones.


The surrounding forest is laden with traps and vipers, with one approach being a jungle maze with unnaturally spaced trees.

(1) Snares

With a loud *THWANG* noise, the sound of a vine rushing into place as it makes contacts with leaves and branches in its path fills the air.  Suddenly, XXXXX is hoisted off the ground.  He's somehow suspended in midair by his ankle from a rather thick-looking vine.

[Bone Island, Jungle]
Three paths split off at this junction in the jungle, each disappearing into the distance as the vegetation grows thicker.  There is little distinction between the paths and their ultimate destinations. You also see a thick vine suspending XXXXX aloft.
Also here: YYY, XXXXX
Obvious paths: east, southeast, southwest

>cut vine with [weapon]
With a slice of your [weapon], you cut through the vine, freeing XXXXX.  Unfortunately, there's still the matter of getting down, which he handles with a quick fall, landing in a crumpled heap.

With a slice of his knife, YYY cuts through the vine holding XXXXX up, sending him crashing to the ground.

(2) Quicksand

XXXXX sinks lower into the fine grained sand, a slight look of panic crossing his face, which is the only thing remaining above the sand.

>pull XXXXX
You reach out and manage to grab a hold of XXXXX, pulling him out of the quicksand before it proved fatal.
Roundtime: 8 sec.

Your legs begin to feel heavier then normal and you find it difficult to move your feet.  A quick glance down provides you with a view of fine grained sand covering them completely up to your knees.

>pull XXXXX
There's not much in your arms reach for you to pull on.  Guess you just have to wait for help.

XXXXX grabs you roughly, pulling you out of the quicksand and depositing you on the ground.
Roundtime: 7 sec.

(3) Other
The monkey throws a stone at you to get your attention.  He chirps, "Trees, trees, everywhere.  Make it past, find a temple there."

The monkey hangs upside down on his tail from a branch.  He sings, "Elves be gone long time now, only bones be left.  You come here for elves.  You come here for theft."

Kyr'orvrad Temple

The temple is set within the mountain of the island, so the flaming pit is presumably making Kyr'orvrad out as a volcano god. But the mountain is seemingly made from limestone, which means it is itself skeletal. The wall pulsates rhythmically with a life of its own and opens up a passageway with luminescent moss leading into the temple as another way into it. There are crude paintings inside depicting a terrible god feasting on the bones of the dead. The walls of the temple also shoot flaming arrows at trespassers. There is a collection of humanoid bones shaped together into a gigantic spider.

The stone steps leading up to the temple are enormous, which would be fantastic if built by the diminutive natives. They are presumably meant for the gait of Kyr'orvrad, similar to the stairwell in the Broken Lands. The interior has colonnades of limestone pillars and stone carved skeletons or idols with skeletal wings acting as buttresses. The altar room involved a balancing scale puzzle and a boulder.

[Kyr'orvrad Temple, Altar]
A grotesque demonic statue looms menacingly in the shadowy background, rising behind a circular limestone altar.  Through a small star-shaped opening at the apex of the incredibly high ceiling, a slender beam of sunlight focuses on the huge pile of bones left as an offering on the altar.  A ring of standing torches lines the perimeter of this great chamber, their flames burning a brilliant blue.  You also see some massive stone doors.
Obvious exits: southeast

>look statue
The horrific figure of Kyr'orvrad has been wrought in black stone, standing over twenty feet tall.  Its skeletal wings span the entire rear of the chamber.  Blood-red stones have been polished to serve as its cruel eyes.

>look altar
Upon the altar sits a huge pile of bones.  The top of the altar appears to be slightly elevated from the base, with some room for movement.  It faintly resembles a giant scale.

The red smoke whirling around you forms into a column that encircles your chest.  Then it seeps into your skin, igniting a searing sensation, like you are being cooked alive from the inside out.  Soon, your flesh bleeds out the smoke, now a far deeper crimson, and it swirls up and away.

Behind the Scenes

The Wavedancer mini-quest featuring the Kyr'orvrad temple was very clearly based on the Indiana Jones movies. Bone Island has white sand beaches, which in real life are made from marine skeletal material, or coral digested by fish. This was most likely intentional given the choice of limestone for the mountain as they are both calcium carbonate from biology. The mountain is presumably unnaturally built by the demon god from death. The altar room in the temple is witnessed through the crystal fragment objects, and may be briefly visited in time warps when climbing out of Goblyn's lair.