Climbing out of Goblyn's lair

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A number of places can be reached briefly when climbing out of Goblyn's lair.

[Li'aerion, Solarium]

Elaborately carved columns reach up to support a seamless, perfectly domed glass ceiling. Sunlight spills freely into the large space, illuminating several intimate seating areas of soft chairs and couches. A pair of heavy red silk curtains hang from ebonwood hooks on the eastern wall. The western wall is covered in a vivid mural, and the north end of the sunroom is a small grey marble staircase. Obvious exits: east, south

Li'aerion Facts

Li'aerion is the Palace of Eorgina. Li'aerion is located over Zul Logoth. Li'aerion is a legendary site of elven suffering.

[Melgorehn's Study]

Perhaps the chamber of a wizard or mage, the room is filled with bookcases and shelves. Where once books and tomes may have offered powerful spells or ancient history sits nothing more than decades of dust. Forgotten, or perhaps of no interest to those who may have found this hidden den, a lone tattered scrap of parchment lays on the floor. You also see the Clunk disk. Obvious exits: none >read parch In the Common language, it reads: I can tolerate the intrusion no more. The beast has no business in my home. I will return to my studies and continue logging my findings after I have removed the troublesome dragon from the reach.

Melgorehn Rumors

Melgorehn was a great dwarven mage, so great that the dwarves changed the name of Eonak mountain to Melgorehn. Eonak Lake remains as Eonak Lake.

[Isle of Tears, Cascade Trail]

The crest of this mound has been flattened, and large black and grey boulders are littered about. Amidst the stones is an odd collection of crudely hewn statues. All races and classes seem to be represented, from beggars, princes, orcs, elves, and so on. An owl perches atop a stone knight, staring silently into the distance. The trail slopes down gradually to the southeast toward a copse of leafless trees. You also see the Clunk disk. Obvious exits: southeast, down

>exam stat The statues are carved of a dull black stone you do not recognize. They all have their eyes closed.


The Isle of Tears and Cascade Trail should not to be confused with the Cascade of Tears nor Vorn Ahvis, which in turn should not be confused with Vornavis

[Kyr'orvrad Temple, Altar]

A grotesque demonic statue looms menacingly in the shadowy background, rising behind a circular limestone altar. Through a small star-shaped opening at the apex of the incredibly high ceiling, a slender beam of sunlight focuses on the huge pile of bones left as an offering on the altar. A ring of standing torches lines the perimeter of this great chamber, their flames burning a brilliant blue. You also see some massive stone doors. Obvious exits: southeast

>exam door You see nothing unusual.

>peer door You see nothing of interest in that direction.

>exam stat The horrific figure of Kyr'orvrad has been wrought in black stone, standing over twenty feet tall. Its skeletal wings span the entire rear of the chamber. Blood-red stones have been polished to serve as its cruel eyes.

>exam altar Upon the altar sits a huge pile of bones. The top of the altar appears to be slightly elevated from the base, with some room for movement. It faintly resembles a giant scale. >exam bones You see nothing unusual.

[Thingul Manor, Tower Roof]

From this vantage point you can look out across the town of Wehnimer's Landing. The broad dome of the Temple rises in the distance across town. Seabirds circle high overhead, and you can smell the salt breeze blowing inland from the nearby bay. You also see a trap door. Obvious paths: none


The History of Thingul Manor