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Rendition of the rare monster "Necleriine," by Mnar Akurion, who has never seen one but had it described to him by someone who had. Recommend avoiding if possible.

The necleriine is some sort of necromantic construct which can be made from a player character's corpse by a vathor. They are particularly gruesome, and bear a twisted rendition of the face of the player that was used to create it, as well as their profession. Necleriines are very powerful, possessing an AS around 540 and a CS of around 380.


a winged spindly necleriine

The spindly necleriine is a spindly, skeletal construction of charred flesh and tightly-wrapped tendons wrapped in a hazy amalgamation of inky black shadow hovering about it like a thick cloak. Its thin frame is held aloft by rotting wings whose tattered skin drifts and billows like black gossamer. Most of its body is wrapped in tight cords of half-burnt flesh, but the skin fades away beyond its wrists to reveal spindly talons of needle-like bone with edges sharper than razors -- each so long they appear to be a singular fan of knives branching from its hand. Further up along its serpentine neck, the flesh once again peels away to reveal an elongated skull filled with rows upon rows of jagged teeth. A thin translucent layer covers the demon's bestial skull like a liquid mirror, rippling with patterns of light and shadow to form a hazy caricatured visage of <character>'s face. The necleriine's black, shriveled heart lies exposed in its spiked ribcage, pulsing every so often with a dark silver hue.

Combat Abilities

In addition to AS and CS based attacks, Necleriines possess individually tailored spell sets depending on their profession, which is determined by the profession of the character they were made from. In addition to this, each profession has a special unique attack that is particularly powerful. These include:

In addition to these, all necleriines can perform the following attacks:

  • A charge like maneuver which directs both of the necleriines horns into the target's eyes.
  • A CS based attack which instills malevolent shadows into your body, which disable you and finally exit the body violently.

Log Clips

A Vathor Making a Necleriine

A huge incarnadine vathor suddenly plunges its talons into <character>'s chest, snapping through the ribcage in one effortless movement. In mere seconds, the vathor rips out the dead heart of <character>, clutching it in its black talons tightly.

Incanting something in a dark language, the incarnadine vathor stares deeply at the crimson heart within its claws, flames shrouding the organ in ever-tighter rings, searing the flesh and singing it until it becomes deep black in hue. Overlapping circles of sigils dotted with patterns of complex angles wink into existence below the heart, twining like living serpents of flame as they flare brightly under the vathor's speech.

After a moment, the black heart begins to beat slowly.

Casting a disdainful glance towards <character>, the vathor suddenly raises its other claw, causing an inferno to engulf her corpse in an instant. Directing its burning gaze back to the slowly beating heart in its hands as liquified flesh rises up from the burning corpse of <character> in a swirling column, the burnt, liquid-like mass of crushed bone, charred skin and boiling blood propelled quickly to swirl around the heart in concentric rings.

The heart begins to beat faster, and the vathor brings its talons to bear upon its own flesh, ripping open its wrist to send forth a torrent of fire-laced blood through the air to swirl in an opposing direction of the liquified flesh amassing around the black heart.

With a sharp nod from the vathor, both flesh and flame converge upon the heart, shrouding it in a mass of gore and fire, growing around it at a rapid pace to form a vague silhouette of... something. Then, the fire blazes up blinding in its incarnadine hues.

As the light fades, a winged spindly necleriine steps forth from the unholy forge of flesh and hellfire, its face a horrible cariacture of <character>'s!


A winged spindly necleriine flies in, its rotting wings resembling a shadowy shroud of gossamer.

A winged spindly necleriine arrives, its needle-like talons twitching like a centipede's legs.

A winged spindly necleriine flies in slowly, the shadows shrouding it parting to reveal its spindly, skeletal silhouette.

A winged spindly necleriine flies in with a chilling hiss from its fanged maw.


A winged spindly necleriine slashes its spindly needle-like bone talons at <character>!

A winged spindly necleriine makes a swift scything motion with its viridian-suffused bone talons at <character>!

The spindly necleriine suddenly scythes out a complex pattern of arcane sigils in the air with its spindly, needle-like bone talons that flare with a dark incarnadine glow. A single beam of crimson light explodes out from the sigils towards <character>!


A winged spindly necleriine unleashes the essence curling between its spindly bone talons, cloaking itself in a haze of incarnadine hues! A brilliant luminescence surrounds a winged spindly necleriine.

A winged spindly necleriine takes to the air once more with a beat of its rotting wings.

A winged spindly necleriine forms an angular cage with its long, spindly bone talons that sparks to life with viridian energy.

A winged spindly necleriine runs its skittery needle-like talons across the stretched, melted flesh webbed across its skeletal frame.

A winged spindly necleriine tilts its head towards the spindly necleriine and screeches coldly, frost pouring from its skeletal maw.

A winged spindly necleriine tilts its long neck from side to side, the twisted visage projected upon its skull flickering briefly into various faces of horror.

A winged spindly necleriine slashes its talons through the air as it hisses something in a cold, halting speech.

A winged spindly necleriine's exposed heart within its bony ribcage beats and pulses irregularly.

A winged spindly necleriine tilts its skeletal head upwards to to unleash a chilling scream, wisps of cold billowing up from its fangs!

A winged spindly necleriine slashes its razored spindly bone talons through the air, sending forth a wave of sharp whistling sounds.

A winged spindly necleriine stares at its long, lanky arm and the dried tendons of flesh suddenly peel back to reveal thin bones. With a cock of its skull, the tendons suddenly twine about and re-wrap themselves around its arm like slithering serpents.

A winged spindly necleriine spreads its needle-like talons like a fan of razors, conjuring a ball of inky darkness that bleeds with liquid shadow. Another necleriine stares with its hollow gaze, then breathes out a gale of freezing cold wisps that sink into the shadow and cause it to fall in upon itself.

A winged spindly necleriine swoops high and low, its long fangs clicking together in its bony skull.

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