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Laleena Yria settled in River's Rest as home many years ago after a hard life in Ubl, which is part of the Turamzzyrian Empire. Finding that her spirit belonged to Leya, Laleena became one of the Amazons of the Grey Wolf Lodge and went on to briefly be their leader.

In an effort to help the local community of River's Rest, Laleena put herself up for a date auction where she was purchased by Wulfhen Rayliad who would later come to be her husband.

Travels would bring her abroad an throw her into the middle of the Second Griffin Sword War, where she became the adoptive mother of Charna Ja'Varrel'Kav. Laleena also fought bravely against Sankir the Krolvin's attacks against the Coastal lands of Elanthia in 5103.


You see Laleena Yria.
She appears to be a Human.
She appears to be mature and tall. She has grey-streaked malachite eyes and lightly tanned skin. She has very long, tousled mahogany hair with a thin, lengthy braid extending from her right temple. She has an oval face and a pert, freckle-strewn nose. She has a lean, athletic build.
She has a trio of tiny silver hoops in the upper ridge of her left ear, a tattooed stalk of delicate bluebells on her waist, and a black mournbloom tattoo on her finger.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a ruby cabochon strung from a wide silver forehead band, a simple black leather collar, a blackened leather weapons sling, a pair of wide silver armbands, a snug-fitting black leather longcoat, a simple silver chain, a lightly boned crimson leather bodice, a dagger-bound sapphire ring, some jointed silver finger-armor, a hard black leather-covered case, an ebony brushed suede sack, some low-slung crimson leather pants, and some knee-high black leather boots.