Landing Events - 5118-05-01 - The Jailed Jastevian's Request (log)

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Ivastaen 1-2, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • A militiaman brings word that Malluch would like to discuss something with Captains Stormyrain and Shinann, as well as Leafiara. Mayor Lylia asks Kipara to go as well, who agrees, while Stormy asks for Sir Cryheart's presence and Stormy and Leafi ask for Chaoswynd to come with them, both of whom agree. With that small group decided, Lylia leads others to her office in Moot Hall while the other six leave to meet with Malluch at the prison.
  • Later in the night, Mayor Lylia reports that Malluch has claimed he wasn't in his right mind and that solitude is slowly restoring his clarity. He's requested the return of the symbol of Jastev given to him by Lana--specifically that symbol, not merely any symbol of Jastev.
  • Xorus suggests studying it for properties first and treated with dispelling magic, and Lylia agrees and says his name had already come up as someone to examine it.
  • Magister Raelee and Cruxophim suggest creating a replica, though Stormy says that a Jastevian might be able to identify that.
  • Raelee brings up the possibility of refusing, but Hapenlok and Stormy note that the Landing prides itself on freedom of worship. Crux raises the subject of how giving a prisoner a religious symbol went with Carenos and Ysharra, but Shinann and Leafi say that a group of people wouldn't be allowed in with Malluch this time.
  • Mayor Lylia writes a requisition to retrieve the symbol from Malluch's taken belongings, saying that whether it's ultimately returned to him or not, his interest in it makes her interested too.


An Audience for Malluch

A town militiaman can be seen leaving the town prison, heading towards Moot Hall, where the militiaman suddenly stops outside and looks around.

[Town Square, East]

Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night. You also see a town militiaman, a large purple wooden barrel and a bone-framed bulletin board.

The militiaman looks around, looking at Stormyrain, then Shinann, then Leafiara, and down to a parchment in his hand.

Stormyrain glances at a town militiaman.

Shinann gazes thoughtfully at a town militiaman.

You glance at Shinann.

Stormyrain folds her hands behind her back.

Speaking to a town militiaman, Stormyrain asks, "Have something for one of us?"

Stormyrain glances between Shinann and yourself.

You glance between Stormyrain and a town militiaman.

Stormyrain gazes watchfully at a town militiaman.

Shinann raises an eyebrow.

The town militiaman says, "The prisoner Malluch had wished to discuss something, and request at least the audience of Captains Stormyrain and Shinann, and also requested Leafiara."

You surprisedly say, "Huh."

Stormyrain nods slowly.

Shinann says, "Hmm..."

Speaking quietly to you, Pukk says, "He thinks you're pretty."

The town militiaman says, "I...I did not think to ask if others were allowed....but he is a prisoner, after all. He does not make the rules. Captains."

Stormyrain inclines her head.

Lylia smoothly says, "He does not dictate terms."

Kipara says, "Field trip."

Speaking flatly to Pukk, you say, "Oh, I'm sure it's just that, yes."

You chuckle.

Speaking to a town militiaman, Stormyrain says, "He does not that is true."

Cryheart asks, "Shall ye invite others to hear?"

Cryheart glances between Shinann and Stormyrain.

Speaking to a town militiaman, Lylia says, "I doubt he would speak if too large a group were to gather."

Stormyrain leans against the Hall, taking a momentary rest.

You evenly muse, "Only so much room in a cell, anyway..."

Zosopage asks, "Why would you even go in the cell?"

Lylia says, "But neither does he get to choose those who will hear him."

Lylia surveys the area.

Cruxophim wryly states, "I would, given how personally he seemed to target me."

The militiaman says, "He will not be let out of his cell. You would wait in the hallway, where he would speak to you."

Cruxophim points at Zosopage.

Stormyrain nods to a town militiaman.

You nod understandingly.

Speaking to a town militiaman, Stormyrain says, "Thank you."

Goldstr says, "I trust da Captain ta lets us knows wha we need."

Kipara says, "He wasn't too talkative during his trial, so I'd be amused to hear what he has to say now."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Lylia says, "I suspect he would be less than likely to talk to you too..."

Cryheart says, "Of course the captains could relay to us what was said as well."

Speaking wryly to Lylia, Cruxophim retorts, "Never stopped him before."

Lylia says, "Of course, and I trust the captains would speak freely."

Lylia says, "I would select one more, though..."

Speaking reasonably to Stormyrain, you say, "All up to you, I imagine."

Lylia surveys the area.

Speaking to Shinann, you add, "And you."

You nod.

Deep in thought, Lylia laces her fingers before her.

Stormyrain folds her hands behind her back.

Stormyrain gives a sidelong glance at Shinann.

Stormyrain nods faintly at Chaoswynd.

Hapenlok says, "I wouldn't mind complimenting his good work on that ship. Saved me the trouble."

Speaking to Kipara, Lylia asks, "Would you go as well?"

Kipara nods at Lylia.

Stormyrain gives a sidelong glance at Lylia.

Lylia explains, "I could not send those whom he targeted."

Speaking to Lylia, Kipara says, "Honored, Mayor."

Lylia continues, "And I cannot go."

You cock your head.

Stormyrain folds her arms over her chest.

Speaking to Kipara, Lylia says, "Thank you. And thank you to the captains, and to Leafiara."

Kipara asks, "Who shall lead, then?"

You glance appraisingly around the area.

You reason, "One of the captains should lead, no?"

You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.

You join Shinann.

Stormyrain shakes her head, totally at a loss.

Kipara joins Shinann's group.

Stormyrain joins Shinann's group.

Hapenlok says, "Oh, if someone could pass the message to him, tell Malluch I say, no hard feelings, I won't be seeking repayment for the arm he took."

You grin at Hapenlok.

Speaking to Cryheart, Stormyrain asks, "Would you join us, Sir?"

Speaking amusedly to Hapenlok, you say, "I'll keep that in mind."

Hapenlok says, "And nice work on that ship."

Cryheart says, "Hmm."

Cryheart says, "Ok."

Stormyrain nods gratefully at Cryheart.

Cryheart asks, "Just me?"

Hapenlok says, "Well, definitely the arm, probably not on the ship." [Editor's note: Leafiara did pass along the message from Hap.]

Shinann ponders.

Stormyrain nods at Chaoswynd.

Speaking to Cryheart, Stormyrain says, "Cay will come as well."

You nod once.

Stormyrain nods at Chaoswynd.

Chaoswynd shrugs.

Chaoswynd joins Shinann's group.

The militiaman says, "He is in the prison, when you go, you will be shown where." He walks off.

Shinann says, "I am not sure he will talk with everyone there."

Stormyrain nods at Chaoswynd.

Cryheart says, "I shall remain silent then."

Stormyrain says, "We're a decently small group, mayhaps he will."

A Visitation With Malluch

[Prison, Hallway]

The scent of sulphur lies heavy in the air, and a blazing torch brightly illuminates everything. A thick mithril door stands opposite a battered bronze one, with the latter appearing as though it had recently been beat down. A number of stone chips litter the back wall, whereupon a sconce is set. You also see a town guard, a town guard, a town guard, a uniformed Wehnimer's militiaman, a uniformed Wehnimer's militiaman, a uniformed Wehnimer's militiaman and a large steel door with a iron-barred window.

Also here: Kipara, Sir Cryheart, Chaoswynd, Shinann, Stormyrain

Stormyrain nods in greeting.

Cryheart gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Kipara bows.

You nod once.

Shinann nods in greeting.

Cryheart says, "I recall this area, when...."

Cryheart says, "Well...I recall this area."

Stormyrain nods slowly at Cryheart.

Cryheart rubs Shinann gently.

Stormyrain glances at a thick mithril door.

The guards nod, "Here."

You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.

Cryheart says, "Ok."

Shinann nods.

You nod.

Stormyrain slowly says, "No, I .."

Stormyrain nods.

Shinann folds her hands behind her back.

Cryheart says, "Is logical with all the guards here."

You rock back on your heels.

Kipara whistles tunelessly to herself.

Stormyrain knocks on a thick mithril door.

Cryheart turns an ear toward a large steel door with a iron-barred window.

Through the bars of a thick mithril door, Malluch appears, half in the glow of torch light, half in the cover of shadow. His grey tunic is stained, his dark leather pants frayed. The torch light reflects along the heavy rune-etched chains on his wrists and ankles. They drag on the ground as he comes to the edge of the cell.

You glance expectantly around the room.

The voice of Malluch says, "Hello."

Chaoswynd gazes thoughtfully at a thick mithril door.

You greet, "Good evening."

Cryheart says, "Good eve."

Shinann says, "Hello, Malluch."

The voice of Malluch says, "I did not know if you would come."

Chaoswynd pushes the hood of his black leather longcoat onto his shoulders, glancing about his surroundings.

Cryheart slides the visor of his rolaren greathelm into an open position and latches it securely in place.

Speaking to a large steel door with a iron-barred window, Stormyrain says, "Evening, Malluch. We did, but we also brought a few others with us, I hope that is alright."

The voice of Malluch says, "Yes, it is."

You smile faintly.

Stormyrain asks, "Thank you. Please, feel free to begin. What can we help you with?"

The voice of Malluch says, "I wish to share something, then, perhaps a request."

You nod understandingly.

Shinann nods slowly.

The voice of Malluch says, "In the weeks since my trial, a level of fog has been lifted."

You give your eyebrow a little workout.

Shinann asks, "Fog?"

Cryheart inclines his ear, listening intently.

Kipara attempts to hum a merry little tune.

The voice of Malluch says, "I am not denying my actions, or my motives....or the stinging pain of Lana's death."

Cryheart turns an ear toward a thick mithril door.

Shinann nods.

The voice of Malluch says, "But some things have returned to me, that I remember now."

You nod faintly at Stormyrain.

Shinann asks, "So, are you saying you were under an enchantment?"

The voice of Malluch says, "It all happened, in sort of a blur, over the course of a few weeks after I learned of Lana."

Shinann nods.

The voice of Malluch says, "Yes and no."

The voice of Malluch says, "I agreed to seek vengeance, to punish wickedness."

You cock your head.

Chaoswynd softly inquires, "Agreed with whom?"

The voice of Malluch says, "What came next, was perhaps more enhanced and fashioned, by..."

You muse, "Probably you'd already wanted to, anyway, so not a difficult agreement."

The voice of Malluch says, "What was put in my blood."

You squint.

Shinann raises an eyebrow.

Kipara slowly empties her lungs.

Stormyrain raises her eyebrow, the dark bloodjewel half-ring set within only enhancing her skeptical expression.

Stormyrain slowly asks, "How do you mean, put in your blood?"

The voice of Malluch says, "I do not remember all of it. Perhaps it will come with time."

The voice of Malluch says, "But when I agreed..."

The voice of Malluch says, "When I agreed to punish those who were wicked..."

The voice of Malluch says, "Something was done to me. Injected into my skin. Multiple times, over the course of several weeks, as I underwent more vigorous training."

You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.

Shinann asks, "Who did you make this agreement with?"

Cryheart nods at Shinann.

[several symbols indicate a break in the report]

The voice of Malluch says, "I only know their moniker."

You nod slowly.

The voice of Malluch says, "They called him, or her, The Alchemist."

Shinann nods.

Cryheart says, "Hmmm."

You admit, "Not much to go on, but appreciated regardless."

You nod firmly.

[break in the report]

The voice of Malluch says, "I was taken somewhere, the ride was long. Days, nearly endless moving."

[break in the report]

Stormyrain folds her arms over her chest.

Shinann asks, "Was your head covered?"

[break in the report]

The voice of Malluch says, "When I exited the wagon, yes. Inside, no."

You nod slowly.

Shinann nods slowly.

The voice of Malluch says, "I was not a prisoner, so to speak, but, limited."

Shinann gives a sidelong glance at Stormyrain.

[break in the report]

The voice of Malluch says, "I wanted my revenge."

Cryheart nods.

Stormyrain gives a sidelong glance at Shinann.

The voice of Malluch says, "But after multiple injections of some...liquid..I can't recall it well. It burned. I know that much."

The voice of Malluch says, "I felt alive. Each time. More alive than before."

The voice of Malluch says, "I miss it."

You frown.

[break in the report]

The voice of Malluch says, "I did agree though, I was....crushed."

The voice of Malluch says, "By Lana's death."

[break in the report]

The voice of Malluch says, "I'm not telling you this to shorten my sentence."

[break in the report]

The voice of Malluch says, "Oh, I wish I could, so that my father does not die with me behind bars."

You quietly say, "Believe me, I understand. I badly wanted to kill Dennet for what I suspected he did to Lana--and Cyph, and Reannah."

You mutter something inaudible.

[break in the report]

The voice of Malluch says, "I...I have a request."

Kipara says, "Did the alchemist tell you why he was aiding you? Anything at all? Your grief was taken advantage of by a very dangerous person it would seem. His motives may not be your own."

The voice of Malluch says, "You, I hope, understand Captain Stormyrain."

Stormyrain gazes with interest at a thick mithril door.

Shinann folds her hands behind her back.

Stormyrain says, "I'm listening."

The voice of Malluch says, "The Alchemist never truly met with me. Always middle men."

Kipara nods.

[break in the report]

The voice of Malluch says, "My request is..."

You incline your ear in the direction of the natural air currents and intently focus on the slightest sound within your environment.

The voice of Malluch says, "I wish the return of my holy symbol of worship for Jastev."

You glance at Stormyrain.

Stormyrain slowly says, "I see."

Shinann asks, "Does it need to be that one?"

You idly comment, "We did let Carenos have a symbol of Mularos while imprisoned."

Shinann nods to you.

Stormyrain offers, "We do not refuse prisoners their religion, we never have. That being said, the death of Carenos in our care after allowing religious freedom has potentially complicated things."

You interject, "He was already poisoned before his imprisonment, wasn't he?" [referring to Carenos]

Stormyrain asks, "Shinann's question is valid, would you be amendable to a symbol of our Lord in general or do you request it be your specific one?"

The voice of Malluch says, "I would prefer my own, yes. It is important to me. Gifted from Lana, at the beginnings of our shared faith."

Speaking to you, Stormyrain says, "He was; but his life was ended during a time of worship that was granted to him."

[break in the report]

You reason, "All I'm saying is that as long as a tighter watch is kept--and I certainly see more guards here than before--then maybe this won't be a problem."

Speaking to you, Stormyrain says, "And that is not our decision to make fully."

The voice of Malluch says, "I will accept whatever decision you make, and it need not be tonight."

You ponder the meaning of Stormyrain's existence.

Stormyrain asks, "Malluch, I absolutely understand the request. I assume the symbol is with your things that were on you the night you were apprehended?"

The voice of Malluch says, "Yes."

Stormyrain nods understandingly.

Shinann nods.

Stormyrain says, "I will put the request forward and get you an answer on that as soon as we can."

[break in the report]

Shinann asks, "And those that actually brought you trained you?"

The voice of Malluch says, "No. I trained with the Order of Voln."

The voice of Malluch says, "They had helped initiate that training."

The voice of Malluch says, "In time, I left the Order's training."

The voice of Malluch says, "To begin my..."

The voice of Malluch says, "Yes. That is what one called it."

The voice of Malluch says, "My conditioning."

You frown.

Stormyrain furrows her brow.

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Kipara slowly empties her lungs.

[break in the report]

Rank and overpowering, the caustic scent of decomposition assaults the senses.

[break in the report]

Shinann frowns.

[break in the report]

The voice of Malluch says, "I am tired. I should rest...I am still...I miss it."

[break in the report]

The voice of Malluch says, "Thank you for coming. I will await your decision on the symbol."

You smile.

The voice of Malluch says, "And if I recall more, or learn more, I will reach out."

[break in the report]

You offhandedly state, "Hapenlok also said to tell you no hard feelings over an arm he lost to you. Over a prism, I imagine."

You nod once.

You flash a quick grin.

Shinann clears her throat.

Then Malluch steps back into the shadows of his cell, the clanking of his heavy chains scrapping the ground as he disappears into the darkness.

Cryheart nods.

Shinann sighs.

Chaoswynd rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Stormyrain quietly says, "While I cannot grant you your symbol tonight" as she takes the sand in her hand and draws a crystal ball pattern on the floor in front of the door, "I can leave you with this. May Jastev guide you until our paths cross again."

Kipara says, "Take this time to meditate."

You nonchalantly say, "Seems a simple request, especially since he's both in chains -and- in a cell, but it's your call."

You realize there are some important matters you should tend to . . . later.

Kipara says, "And seek completion in yourself."

Stormyrain put a handful of fine black sand in her scrying bag.

Stormyrain just closed a black leather scrying bag embossed with a silver-hued crystal ball.

Stormyrain dusts off her hands.

Stormyrain glances down.

You acknowledge, "I was expecting a request a lot more, well... forward."

You chuckle.

Mayor Lylia's Report

[later on, everyone reconvenes in the mayor's office]

Mayor Lylia's group just went through a varnished modwir door.

[Moot Hall, Mayor's Office]

At the varnished modwir door, a red bear skin rug stretches across the polished hardwood floor. Twin velnalin hide chairs face the Mayor's pine desk, while behind it sits an incurvated bone armchair. A great stag's head and a dark-framed sketch are mounted above a cobblestone fireplace set into the western wall. Refreshments are offered atop an oak bar beside a tall arched window. You also see a basket of sticks, a large detailed map, a large dog bed and a bone-ringed dart board with some stuff on it.

Lylia smiles at Cruxophim.

Evia says, "Dammit they came back."

Evia says, "Put all the paraphernalia away."

You jest, "If only Stonmel were here so I could tell him how Malluch asked me to break him out of prison and I agreed..."

Stormyrain gives a sidelong glance at Evia.

You snicker.

Lylia says, "I was fortunate enough to find the delegation on their way out."

Lylia nods to you.

Shinann gives a sidelong glance at Cruxophim.

Lylia chuckles.

You nod at Lylia.

Shinann nods at Lylia.

Speaking seriously to you, Hapenlok says, "You shouldn't joke about that."

Lylia says, "Malluch had a tale of woe, and a request."

You grin wryly at Hapenlok.

Lylia says, "First things first."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Because I'm rather surprised that job offer hasn't arisen from one of my contacts, yet."

You take a moment to observe everything you can about Lylia.

Lylia says, "He claims that he was not in his right mind, that he was overtaken by emotion."

Lylia says, "Solitude is restoring that clarity, but it is slow to come."

Shinann leans against an oak bar.

Shinann folds her arms over her chest.

Rovvigen softly asks, "Forces other than we know at work?"

Lylia says, "And with it comes a measure of regret. He does not, however, beg lenience. The court's sentence remains."

Rovvigen softly says, "Possibly."

You nod in agreement.

Speaking to Rovvigen, Lylia asks, "Some people's minds are clouded by their own thoughts. Who can say?"

Lylia looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.

Rovvigen agrees with Lylia.

Lylia says, "At any rate, the matter of his request is of particular interest."

You nod once.

Speaking softly to Lylia, Rovvigen says, "It is a step in the right direction at least and he admits to what he had done regardless."

Lylia says, "He seeks a religious symbol. Jastev's. Specifically, he wishes us to restore the one that Lana gifted him."

Lylia nods at Rovvigen.

Rovvigen softly says, "I have a symbol."

Speaking to Rovvigen, Stormyrain says, "He has one that he wishes back."

Rovvigen softly says, "Oh."

Meureii says, "I do hope he was told that would nae happen."

Speaking to Meureii, Stormyrain says, "He was not."

Lylia says, "He was specific about this symbol. It has sentimental value beyond its purpose."

Rovvigen softly asks, "Where is this symbol?"

Speaking monotonously to Lylia, Cruxophim deadpans, "I'm sure that's the reason."

Rovvigen peers quizzically at Lylia.

Lylia says, "Kept with his other belongings that were taken from him."

Lylia gazes in amusement at Cruxophim.

Evia says, "Someone gifted those he murdered, with life, once upon a time, but they weren't offered the opportunity to request said life back."

Xorus says, "The symbol should be studied for properties first. Then treated with an array of dispel magics."

Lylia nods at Evia.

You nod at Xorus.

Speaking to Xorus, Lylia says, "Precisely so."

Cryheart nods at Xorus.

Stormyrain agrees with Xorus.

Chamorr heartily says, "Might also be what's causin his delusions."

Speaking to Xorus, Lylia says, "Your name came up, in fact, as one to examine it."

Speaking to Lylia, Raelee asks, "I would go beyond. Have you considered simply creating a replica?"

Speaking to Chamorr, Lylia says, "I agree."

Speaking amicably to Xorus, Cruxophim suggests, "Perhaps give him a replica."

Speaking to Raelee, Lylia says, "That is another strong possibility."

Lylia nods at Cruxophim.

Xorus says, "The Magister has a point."

Lylia glances between Cruxophim and Raelee.

Lylia flashes a quick grin.

Speaking bemusedly to Raelee, Cruxophim remarks, "Great minds."

You thoughtfully tap a finger against your lips.

Xorus says, "Though I do have morbid curiosity about what would happen if we gave it to him unaltered."

You muse, "Replica or no, the original should be inspected either way."

Lylia says, "That has great merit. If he wants a symbol to comfort him and clarify his thoughts, he will still have the same sentimental attachment to it."

Stormyrain says, "Though, as a Jastevian, I would say that it may be easy for him to ascertain a replica over his own symbol. Most of us have some, even if it be slight, gift of Sight."

Goldstr agrees with you.

Jhenni softly says, "It it is so highly valued by him, he'll know a replica from his own."

Lylia says, "Rather like a child with a blanket. They do not know the difference."

You grin at Goldstr.

Speaking to Jhenni, Lylia says, "That depends on the skill of the artificers."

Stormyrain looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.

Lylia nods at Stormyrain.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Lylia says, "Also a possibility."

Lylia bites her lip.

You ponder the meaning of Stormyrain's existence.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Speaking to Lylia, Raelee says, "A third option is simply refusing. It would be... efficient."

Chamorr heartily asks, "Where is this artifact?"

Speaking to Raelee, Lylia says, "It would."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "With his other belongings that were taken when he was brought into custody."

You nod.

Hapenlok says, "...yet, we're a town that apparently prides itself on freedom of worship."

Stormyrain agrees with Hapenlok.

Hapenlok asks, "And you'd deny him a symbol of his faith?"

Hapenlok says, "Tsk, Tsk."

Stormyrain says, "And we have acquiesced to the requests of worshippers in the past."

Lylia says, "I believe we can get the item from his belongings in a day or two. Bureaucracy, you understand."

Lylia waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.

Shinann agrees with Stormyrain.

Speaking wryly to Stormyrain, Cruxophim reminds, "And that went well."

Dergoatean says, "Perhaps tell him upfront that we're only willing to provide a replica. I don't think it's necessary to try to deceive him on that count."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Stormyrain asks, "It did, actually, did it not?"

Cruxophim absently wonders, "Where is Ysharra, anyways?"

You grin crookedly at Cruxophim.

Cruxophim begins chuckling at Stormyrain!

Speaking to Dergoatean, Stormyrain says, "He would be emotionally upset at that, I do believe. But it is an option."

Speaking amusedly to Cruxophim, you say, "That was... a little different, but yes, it was brought up."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Shinann says, "We are not allowing a group of people in the cell with him. That guard was fired and then vanished."

You nod at Shinann.

You point at Shinann.

Speaking to Shinann, you agree, "Learning process."

Speaking thoughtfully to Shinann, Cruxophim notes, "Vanished, you say?"

Hapenlok says, "Personally, i'm surprised with the resources availble to him and his family, that nobody's tried more conventional means to get him out of there anyway."

Lylia removes a piece of ivory parchment from in her wrap.

Lylia strikes something from her ivory parchment with her owl quill.

Lylia sits down on an incurvated bone armchair and it shifts, the bones reshaping to accomodate her stature.

Hapenlok says, "I say just give him the damn thing. And be done with it."

You suddenly mention, "By the way, he's bound with enruned chains. Seems very secure--in case anyone is scared of his escape."

You nod.

Hapenlok shrugs at you.

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "No wards are absolute."

Speaking wryly to Hapenlok, you say, "Yes, yes, I know, you think someone will break him out... I can't really disagree someone will try eventually."

You chuckle.

Stormyrain nods slowly at Shinann.

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "I said it once, I said it a million times, compared to some people standing here, I'm positively angelic."

Lylia focuses all of her attention on her parchment, writing carefully with her quill. Satisfied, she considers what she's written.

Lylia folds shut her parchment.

Stormyrain gently brushes her pale silver hair away from her eyes and, with a deft twist of her wrist, tucks it behind one ear.

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "And wards can be broken, like the Magister said."

Lylia says, "The requisition has been written. Within days, we shall have the symbol."

Stormyrain nods gratefully at Lylia.

Speaking to Hapenlok, you admit, "They can."

You nod at Hapenlok.

You nod at Raelee.

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "If you learned anything over the past couple of years, it should have been that."

You flash a quick grin at Hapenlok.

Lylia stands up.

(Hapenlok isn't smiling, as he gives you a stern glance.)

(Lylia leans into the hallway.)

Lylia says, "I know I saw a guard somewhere..."

Cruxophim nods approvingly at Lylia.

Speaking affably to Lylia, Cruxophim praises, "Of course, Madame Mayor."

Speaking to Raelee, Lylia says, "I am requisitioning the symbol regardless of whether he receives it or not. His interest in it makes me interested in it too."

You nod in agreement at Lylia.

Lylia put an owl feather quill tipped with an enruned silvery mithril nib in her wrap.

Speaking to Lylia, Raelee says, "I would be curious to see it myself."

Stormyrain blinks at Chaoswynd.

Stormyrain gets a blank look on her face.

Chaoswynd gazes in amusement at Stormyrain.

Speaking bemusedly to Lylia, Cruxophim jests, "If it is some manner of powerful artifact and not simply another sentimental object, perhaps Stormy can scry on whoever sent him."

Evia says, "He did have other Lana trinkets tucked away, no? Perhaps some other bit would suffice."

Stormyrain says, "If you will all excuse me, I have reports to write."

You give Stormyrain a friendly hug.

Chaoswynd hugs Stormyrain, who wraps him in a warm embrace.

Chaoswynd gives Stormyrain a lingering kiss on the cheek.

Stormyrain gives Chaoswynd a lingering kiss on the cheek.

Lylia says, "I am not certain why having a dead woman's belongings would give him comfort, but I can see why he might wish them. The symbol, on the other hand, is such a specific request."

Speaking calmly to Stormyrain, Cruxophim wishes, "Evening, Captain. I'll speak with you another time."

Cruxophim turns toward Stormyrain and renders a sharp hand salute.

Lylia says, "And to summon the captains of the guard to deliver it...well."

Stormyrain gives a sidelong glance at Cruxophim.

Stormyrain sighs slightly and rubs her temples.

Shinann nods at Stormyrain.

Speaking to Lylia, Raelee asks, "... what is he offering in exchange for it?"

Speaking to Raelee, Lylia says, "That, I do not know."

Lylia raises an eyebrow.

Speaking to you, Lylia asks, "Did he offer anything in exchange? Or is his 'request' simply a plea for mercy?"

Speaking to Lylia, you say, "For the return of the symbol? No, nothing."

Speaking to Eiliriel, Lylia says, "I know you had wondered about this as well."

Lylia nods.

Xorus dryly offers, "He did provide information freely."

Kipara slowly empties her lungs.

Kipara just strode through a varnished modwir door.

Stormyrain twists her head slightly, cracking her neck. She looks relieved.

Stormyrain says, "Merry eve, all."

Lylia grins at Stormyrain.

Speaking to Xorus, you concede, "Good point."

You give Stormyrain a friendly hug.

Stormyrain hugs you, and you wrap her in a warm embrace.

Shinann nods at Stormyrain.

Stormyrain just left.

Speaking dryly to Xorus, Lylia remarks, "The information that he was not in his right mind and felt a bit overcome by emotion at times? Yes, how valuable."

Lylia says, "I am certain there is nothing in that that is self-serving, either."

Xorus nods at Lylia.

Speaking to Lylia, Evia says, "That sounds just like..."

Evia glances at Hapenlok.

Evia starts chortling.

Lylia gazes in amusement at Evia.

Lylia briskly says, "Well. Now you know as much as I. And now, we wait for the prison guards to sift through Burdos' belongings and find the symbol in question.