Moot Hall

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Moot Hall is the town hall in Wehnimer's Landing. The building includes many useful services, such as lockers, the realtor, furniture movers, surname registry, citizenship clerk, registrar, and house clerk.

The Great Lobby

[Moot Hall, Great Lobby]
The great lobby is quite spacious, with an oak bannister wrapping around a staircase leading to the second story of Moot Hall. The wall are draped in rich tapestries framing niches that hold marble busts of local dignitaries. To the north is a double door, and to the west, a mahogany door bearing a silver plaque. A carpeted pathway leads toward the Debt Collector's Office. You also see a large wooden chest, a large wooden chest, a veil iron shield-shaped plaque, a blackboard and an old stained table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north, east, south, out