Landing Meetings - 5121-03-02 (log)

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Charlatos 2, 5121

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier

[note: out of sheer necessity, these logs are a more "quick and dirty" edit compared to the more full-fledged KST logs]


[Helga's Tavern, Barroom]

The blended odors of ale, sweat, leather, perfume and hearty stew fill the stifling air of the tavern. Disheveled regulars and road-weary travelers rub elbows at the wooden bar, which looks recently varnished but already bears a variety of stains and grime. Helga, the ancient, obese proprietor, moves behind the bar, wiping glasses with a dirty towel as she keeps a beady eye on the patrons. A small fireplace in one corner burns feebly, adding little light or warmth to the room. You also see the Kasula disk, a tattered menu, a set of swinging doors, a huge cast iron stewpot, an overturned creel and Helga.

You greet, "Good eve all!"

Roelaren says, "Good to see you."

Brodhi says, "Evening Leafiara."

Speaking to Pukk, you say, "It's really good to see you again."

Speaking to Pukk, you say, "I kinda sorta saw you up in the stands, but I mean... was distracted a bit."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "I know right."

Roelaren taps a stained wooden bar.

Roelaren says, "Drinks and food on Onoir."

On the wooden bar:

Food/Drink [45]: a juicy roast rolton sandwich (9), a mug of Blackdew grog (13), a flagon of Dragonsdraught ale (16), a tall frozen Dinghy (6), a cup of honeyed herb tea

Special [2]: a translucent scallop-edged parchment, a crouching lion-embossed card

Misc [1]: a black rose petal

You recite:

"Cheers to House Onoir!"

Pukk asks, "What are we cheering about?"

Speaking amusedly to Pukk, you say, "Food."

Pukk exclaims, "The best kind!"

Roelaren taps a translucent scallop-edged parchment on a stained wooden bar.

Roelaren taps a crouching lion-embossed card on a stained wooden bar.

>read par

The page, written in Common, reads as follows:

Don't let Amos control us, we are a free town and port! The consortium kicked the mayor out and took over and are trying to suspend elections, Amos's mercenary Armigers prowl our streets and threaten our town folk. He paints himself as the Savior of Landing but deals with the illegal Jantatar smuggling ring. Amos that KNAVE states he knows what is best for OUR town not us. Stand up to Amos and tell him this is our town and to get out!

>read card

The page, written in Common, reads as follows:

Is the Daily Darkstone the mouth of the Darkstone consortium, which casts stones on the Silver Gryphons, spreading lies about them? Stand up to Amos and tell him to get out of our town.

Roelaren says, "Should we make an announcement."

You say, "A couple of the people who wanted to be here aren't able to make it, but it's alright--I can just generally pass on what they've been saying."

You say, "Oh, we should."

Roelaren says, "Sounds good."

Truble says, "If there's going to be trouble, my name is Truble."

Roelaren says, "I put some of those flyers on the bench yesterday as well."

Brodhi says, "Wow."

[General] You exclaim, "In just fifteen minutes we'll be holding a town defense meeting at Helga's. And I don't mean the usual kind of town defense--I mean come by and let's talk about taking back the town from Amos!"

Speaking curiously to Brodhi, you ask, "Hm?"

[General] Pukk exclaims, "And there is free ale and sandwiches!"

[General] Pukk exclaims, "That is the best kind!"

Truble says, "I'm a bouncer by profession."

Brodhi says, "Never mind.. just taken back by something I saw."

Speaking amusedly to Brodhi, you say, "Alright then."

Balantine quietly asks, "So how did this Amos fella get around the militia?"

Speaking to Balantine, you say, "Since he's almost certaintly the Knave or at least working with the Knave... he did it by blowing up the barracks."

Pukk recites:

"Everybody join Leafiara!"

You say, "That and Thadston's not in the best of shape right now."

Disappearing briefly through a set of unfinished doors that seem to lead to a kitchen, you hear Helga scream, "Fool! You COOK the turnips and WEAR the sack! Not the other way around!"

Balantine quietly asks, "Are the captains okay?"

You say, "So, in the first place, the militia was having some... troubles even before Amos moved in."

Speaking to Helga, Pukk asks, "Wear the cook and sack the turnips?"

[General] Martyle asks, "Why aren't you on the hunt with the Drakes Pukk? Who am I gonna smooch now?"

Speaking to Balantine, you say, "As far as I know, yeah. Or at least they're okay when the guard captain's armigers aren't busy trying to arrest them for no reason."

You say, "Trouble is more the rest of the militia..."

[General] Wakahashi thinks, "Aoife's pretty good for smoochin, just don't let Bear see."

You say, "The Knave's mercenaries have been hunting them into hiding for months now."

[General] Pukk thinks, "There is free ale and sandwiches....oh and Leafi is holding a town meeting too."

[General] Martyle thinks, "I try to avoid all bears. They get so mauly."

Balantine quietly says, "Suppose I've been away fer a bit."

Balantine dusts off his etched militia badge.

You say, "Probably a long scheme on Amos' part. Drive the militia into hiding, find a way to become the marshal somehow, call off 'the Knave,' bring back the militia, declare himself a hero."

Balantine quietly says, "I nae know how ta hide, let 'em come see me."

You ask, "We still have a few minutes for people to stroll in, but did anyone else have questions while we wait?"

Truble says, "Yeah, i've been away."

Truble says, "Now i'm back."

Speaking to Truble, you ask, "How many months of catchup do we need to go over?"

Roelaren says, "Welcomes back."

Speaking warmly to you, Khobra greets, "How are you faring thiz evening?"

Truble asks, "Where does the constable stand in recent matters?"

Truble exclaims, "Thanks!"

Speaking to Khobra, you exclaim, "Very well!"

Veramilion says, "The constable stands on his feet."

Speaking softly to you, Khobra says, "I've come to compare notez, nothing more for thiz evening."

Speaking to Truble, you say, "I believe the constable reports to the town guard captain. And the guard captain normally reports to the mayor, except the current one's gone rogue and seems to have been bought off by Amos."

Truble exclaims, "Oh no!"

You say, "That being Guard Captain Dunigan, who's also responsible for hiring the armigers who arrested the militia captains."

You say, "Funded by Amos."

Truble says, "This sounds like a messy business."

You say, "Honestly... it's looking more and more likely that Dunigan was the one who tipped Amos off about how to set a trap that would work on Interim Marshal Khylon to kill him."

Alosaka asks, "And who is Dunigan, again?"

Veramilion says, "Oh."

Speaking to Alosaka, you say, "The Guard Captain, who former Guard Captain Khylon appointed after he--Khylon--took Thadston's former position."

Balantine quietly says, "Musta been some trap, Khylon's nae an easy target."

Alosaka says, "Apologies, we've been through a few guard captains lately." [well... a few militia marshals, which is different, but sure]

Nazarr says, "I need a list of the entire cast."

Speaking to Balantine, you say, "He used fake militia uniforms to make it look like the militia was attacking civilians. Khylon's group regrouped with no uniforms, using war paint, but it made them easy pickings for snipers who drove them back into the barracks, where the Knave set off an explosion."

Roelaren says, "Oh no."

Roelaren says, "That is terrible."

[Towncrier] Newsby: "In minutes, the key Landing Meeting with Mayor Leafiara starts at Helga's, in the Landing."

Veramilion says, "I heard that Khylon saw his killer."

You say, "And now we're fighting to avenge Khylon, avenge the rest of the militia, and be rid of Amos, who's probably bought off the new Guard Captain."

Leifa concernedly says, "Oh, am I late."

Balantine quietly says, "The worst stuff always happens when I'm outta town."

Speaking to Leifa, you say, "Not yet."

Speaking to Leifa, Brodhi says, "Evening."

Speaking to Veramilion, you say, "Yeah, just before he died. Unfortunately, Faerinn's loresong didn't give us perspective on who that killer was..."

Speaking to you, Vaemyr says, "Would help if we could find Renpaw too."

Roelaren says, "Hiyas hun."

Vaemyr says, "If he's still alive."

Vaemyr says, "Who knows at this point."

You say, "It's curious that they've kept him alive, assuming they're even telling the truth about that."

You say, "I'm not sure what they stand to gain from it, other than maybe a hostage situation."

Nazarr says, "I thought that Renpaw went off or was carried off to another region."

Speaking to Nazarr, you say, "Yeah, the Consortium says it took him to Mestanir."

You say, "Supposedly on family business."

Nazarr says, "I'm sure the Consortium thinks of itself as a family. Not a nice one, though."

You say, "Then they replaced him with an interim judge, Manard, who's Dakris' nephew."

Veramilion asks, "Could that be true, and that fact is being taken advantage of?"

Vaemyr says, "Yeah.. so his family could attend his funeral maybe."

Truble says, "I need to leave, wish I could stay longer."

Speaking to Cyar, Brodhi says, "Evening."

Speaking to Truble, you say, "No worries, friend, stay safe out there."

Speaking to Nazarr, Veramilion says, "I hope the kind of family that gives out free breadsticks."

Speaking to Brodhi, Cyar says, "Evenin."

Truble says, "Thanks."

Drektor says, "Made it."

Roelaren says, "Sorry."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "He looked like trouble I tell you."

You say, "Welp, it's just about time to start, so getting to some preliminary things..."

Speaking to Cyar, Brodhi asks, "Think the fear got Truble again?"

You say, "Some of you, I've already been in talks with over the past couple weeks."

Speaking to Cyar, Brodhi says, "That could hav egone either way there,"

You say, "In particular, I met with House Onoir and we formed a couple plans."

You say, "You can see the general gist on the parchment and card over there on the bar, which Lady Roelaren has written up."

You say, "In essence... Amos is trying to portray himself as a lawful hero in a lawless town."

You say, "So the people need to know that he himself is a smuggler who deals in Jantalarian slave trading rings."

Speaking approvingly to Roelaren, Leifa says, "Strongly worded."

Veramilion asks, "Have the armigers threatened ciizens?"

You say, "Frankly, it's not like we're not used to smugglers around here... but this guy can't even be honest about it."

Speaking to Veramilion, you say, "It's difficult to say. Several of us have been trying to press for information about it, and nothing's turned up yet."

Chamorr heartily says, "Armigers have become an occupying force."

You say, "Some citizens were uneasy about the armigers from the very beginning, months ago, just because they're outside 'help' instead of our own citizens."

You say, "I was willing to give them a chance, but they've done almost literally nothing to help any of us in any of the many battles since they arrived."

You say, "They built some archery towers around the square that you can see."

Chamorr heartily says, "They have aligned with this consortium."

You say, "But they never seem to go on the move and actually help in ground battles unless it's right near the square."

You say, "Probably because they want Moot Hall for themselves."

You say, "Right, as Bear said... the Consortium is paying the armigers for protection."

You say, "A lot of people do want to run them out of town, but someone brought up an interesting point to me the other day..."

You say, "They're hired help doing a job, and they're not the real problem. Their employers are."

Veramilion says, "So this is a bit of propaganda."

You say, "Which would be the Consortium, and Amos."

Speaking to Veramilion, you ask, "Which?"

Chamorr heartily says, "All part of the same snake."

Roelaren says, "Indeed the armigers are paid thugs."

Nazarr says, "Their employers are local, except for Amos. Dakris, Larton..."

Veramilion says, "The parchment."

Sirona softly asks, "But not everyone in the Consortium?"

Speaking to Veramilion, you say, "That's from Lady Roelaren."

Speaking to Sirona, you ask, "Err... not everyone in the Consortium what?"

You say, "The Darkstone Bay Consortium is made up of Amos, Dakris, Kilron, Larsya, Larton, and Walward."

Sirona softly asks, "Not everyone on the Consortium is against you, are they?"

You say, "Ah."

Chamorr heartily asks, "Have we confronted Dakris an Larton?"

You say, "Right, Larsya and Larton voted against cancelling elections."

Nazarr says, "Larsya isn't local, being Hendoran." [despite being in charge of the Hendoran outpost, she herself is Bourthian; it's a bit muddy how it works]

Chamorr heartily says, "Kilron etc."

Sirona softly asks, "I thought some might be ...allies?"

Sirona softly says, "Exactly."

Alosaka quietly asks, "How many of us are local?"

You say, "Larsya's potentially an ally, but... well, she's also a twelve year old girl, and on top of that has all her Imperial noble affairs to see to."

You say, "Magister Raelee said it a few months ago--Amos is capitalizing on her inexperience."

Roelaren says, "She is a child."

You say, "He visits the outpost sometimes and play fights with her, and it's probably enough to convince her he's a good guy."

Sirona softly says, "Of course."

You say, "Larton's a bit harder to read. He might be our best shot at getting an in with the Consortium if we want someone to... infiltrate."

Roelaren says, "He is taking advantage of her."

Chamorr heartily says, "These local merchants who we have traded with for years need to be talked to."

You say, "Or just press for information."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "Yeah, we tried, but Amos hides them away from us or just claims they told him they're tired of arguing and politics."

Leifa mutters, "Merchants typically out for themselves."

Balantine quietly says, "Surprised I nae heard the name Murdos Burdos yet."

Chamorr heartily says, "Boycott their stores."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "Newsby's been calling for boycotts, yeah."

Chamorr heartily says, "Use the Caravansary."

You say, "And she's not alone in it."

You say, "But, of course... even just Amos and Larsya seem to have endless resources of money."

Alosaka says, "I've heard a lot about what Amos is doing. I haven't heard why any of it is bad for the town."

Vaemyr says, "I, and many others already moved our money out of town."

Speaking to Alosaka, you say, "Remind me of that in a moment."

Speaking to Balantine, you say, "Murdos, surprisingly, does seem uninvolved..."

Roelaren says, "Good idea."

Speaking playfully to you, Khobra remarks, "Amoz haz money? He have a lady friend bezide him?"

Balantine quietly says, "I suppose he's always been the independent soret."

Speaking to you, Nazarr says, "Or a boyfriend, for that matter."

Balantine quietly says, "Sort."

Speaking heartily to Alosaka, Chamorr says, "Outside of doing away with elections, imposing a judge, ousting our duly elected mayor."

Speaking to Balantine, you say, "I'm guessing it's because of his connections to Malluch, and the Consortium not wanting to take risks with him and the blood cult."

Roelaren says, "Having Thugs patrol our streets."

Speaking wryly to Khobra, you say, "He has three of them, colorful-haired ladies he calls his fireflies."

Chamorr heartily says, "I think we need to find Renpaw."

Sirona softly says, "Usurping our duly elected Mayor."

Speaking softly to you, Khobra repeats, "Fireflies."

Speaking to Alosaka, you say, "As for Amos..."

Veramilion asks, "Malluch? Didn't you pardon him?"

Speaking to Veramilion, you say, "Yes, but that doesn't mean the Consortium would want anything to do with him."

Roelaren asks, "I heard he was gonna lock your office door, has he done that ye Lady Mayor?"

Speaking to Alosaka, you say, "According to Thadston, Amos has basically run this gambit before."

Speaking to Alosaka, you say, "Move into a town, find a way to draw much of its monetary resources to himself, then abandon it when finished."

Speaking softly to Alosaka, Sirona says, "The Landing is a Freeport, not Amos' Kingdom."

Alosaka quietly asks, "How is Thadston, these days?"

Speaking to Sirona, Nazarr says, "Well said."

You sigh, "We're still... working on Thadston's issues with the bleakwalker possessing him."

You say, "The good news is we're closer than ever."

Alosaka says, "Mm."

You say, "He wanted the bleakstone statue back so we could seal the bleakwalker inside of it, and we found the statue for him."

You say, "Now we just need him to come out. The moment he's ready to execute the plan, so are we."

Roelaren says, "Yes."

Speaking heartily to Soneiken, Chamorr says, "Hey there brother."

You say, "Hopefully he's ready sooner than later, or I have a feeling Amos will somehow declare himself the marshal before Thadston can take that position back."

Alosaka asks, "Oh, we're giving the position back to Thadston?"

Nazarr says, "He's declared himself everything else."

Chamorr heartily says, "Where is amos."

Speaking to Alosaka, you say, "Yeah, Judge Renpaw ruled that the position was to go back to him once we resolved his possession problem."

Faerinn says, "Well we need Renpaw back to do that."

You say, "Of course, now Renpaw's conveniently been escorted away..."

Roelaren says, "Hopefully he is laying under a tree like the dog he is."

Sirona softly says, "Of course."

You say, "Thankfully, the captains were both there at Thadston's hearing and can relay to the militia what Renpaw's ruling was."

You admit, "...but I don't expect it to go smoothly or anything."

Faerinn asks, "Has the Council been heard from since the ruling?"

Roelaren says, "I agree."

Speaking curiously to you, Khobra inquires, "Vhy?"

You say, "Nothing from the Council, no."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "Everything you do is smooth."

Sirona softly asks, "Did they lock up your office, yet?"

Speaking to Chamorr, Soneiken says, "I'm here just in time to save da world I see."

You say, "And I'll mention here, I've been trying to contact Alendrial for months to have her verify parts of Amos' story, only to never get a response. So I fear he might have bought her off too."

Speaking to Sirona, you admit, "I'm not sure yet. I haven't even looked."

Vaemyr says, "Yeah if we are taking the uh... legal route... to things I think Thadston is our best card to play, if we can remove the bleakwalker, he can immediately resume control of the militia, and he still carries a lot of weight around here."

Faerinn says, "They could turn over the ruling though doing so would put a target on their backs since the same mechanism would remove them."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "True. And Cordarius does seem to be playing a long game..."

Vaemyr says, "I'm not opposed though to... other methods though."

You say, "Cordarius has been pretending to fall for the flirting of one of Amos' fireflies, to get in close."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Unfortunately, I think things have gone beyond control of the council, and it's time fer the citizens to get their town back."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "I'm with you on that. I think a citizen uprising is looking very likely."

Speaking quietly to you, Balantine says, "I wouldn't be surprised if Stephos was involved with the smugglers somehow."

Faerinn says, "Cordarius is probably trapped in a basement with his bits trapped in a barrel because Amos told him it was a Firefly."

Nazarr says, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Chamorr."

Speaking to Balantine, you say, "Most of us wouldn't be surprised, aye. Amazing thing is, though, no one's heard from Stephos in months."

Leifa announces, "The Mayor's office is still unlocked!"

Speaking to Faerinn, Pukk says, "Yeah, that old bit in the barrel trick."

Pukk says, "I won't fall for the three times."

Sirona softly says, "Well that is good to know."

Speaking heartily to Nazarr, Chamorr asks, "Crazy, right?"

You say, "Stephos has missed payments on the construction of his house on West Ring Road recently, which is... unusual for such a rich merchant, to say the least."

Veramilion asks, "Agree that the uprising is coming or that it's a good idea?"

Dannore taps a white leaf-shaped pin with red lettering that reads, "Vote Leafi: She Delivers!" that he is wearing.

Speaking amusedly to Dannore, you say, "Ah, the old model."

In a fair imitation of Chamorr, Pukk exclaims, "Rob the bank!"

Speaking to Chamorr, Pukk exclaims, "Good idea!"

Veramilion says, "I haven't seen a war with Ta'Vaalor happen yet."

You say, "I suppose this is obvious by now, and we never 'officially' started, but... just jump in with questions, comments, or suggestions any time."

Roelaren says, "Let me get my coins out first."

Speaking dryly to Veramilion, you say, "Some people think the mayor has the power of a queen or empress."

You mutter, "Trust me, it takes forever just to get a trash barrel in the square."

Speaking to you, Pukk asks, " don't?"

Speaking lightly to Pukk, you assure, ""

Leifa says, "....or in a barroom."

You say, "If I had that kind of power, we would have had seating in the east tower and more seating in the confectioner's and the Raging Thrak."

Speaking to you, Soneiken says, "Da Island has dispatched me to you again, said you'd be needing my services soon, and that you are to know, they have a vested interest in making sure your project doesent fail, whatever that means, I'm here to serve as directed."

Speaking surprisedly to Soneiken, you say, "Whoa, haven't seen you in quite a while, my friend."

Veramilion says, "Well the chaos was certainly delivered. Some anarchy, but by the wrong party."

Speaking to you, Pukk asks, "But I thought you said if I let you paint me naked on the couch you would make all my dreams come true?"

Speaking to Soneiken, you say, "And most appreciated, and we'll definitely need all we can get."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Wether in a office or in a bar, we elected you to lead."

Faerinn says, "That old Librarian who spoke to me, I guess a month ago, mentioned something about trying to speak to Stephos but couldn't find him."

Speaking to Veramilion, you admit, "You know, that's one thing that surprises me. I thought, if any citizen mob was going to come after me, it would be because I conducted things more orderly than my campaign would have made it seem."

Sirona softly says, "We will, if this vying for power over the Landing continues."

[General] Gutstorm exclaims, "Me am comin Leafi, got held up!"

Speaking curiously to Faerinn, you ask, "Could you elaborate a bit on that? What did they say?"

Speaking to you, Soneiken says, "I need to emphasize da, you can't fail, and they have a vested interest, i was also told not to fail."

Faerinn says, "It was mostly...sad."

Speaking to Soneiken, Roelaren says, "Ye are a good gnome soneiken."

[General] You exclaim, "We're still here and you're welcome any time!"

You say, "So no sign of Stephos, payments on his house have stopped, and Cordarius tried to get information about him from his wife Alendrial."

Faerinn says, "A elderly woman worried about all the street gangs in the Landing. Particularly the blood harvest she heard about."

You say, "I don't know if he actually got that information or if he just tried. Either way, he didn't tell us anything."

Nazarr says, "It's the unavailability of everyone that gets me. Stephos is gone, Dakris and Larton and Kilron aren't talking. Amos is invisible. Renpaw is conveniently absent."

Nazarr says, "It's like punching fog."

Roelaren says, "That way they dont have to answer any questions."

Faerinn says, "She was mentally stuck in Walkar's era. So since she couldn't find Walkar, Stephos seemed like a good idea to report to. She couldn't find him though."

Speaking quietly to Nazarr, Balantine says, "The town HAS seemed a bit empty at times."

Faerinn says, "Same story about him being behind on payments for a few weeks."

You say, "What Bear said earlier circles back to what I said at the beginning. There's almost surely going to be a citizen uprising as the people reject the cancellation of campaign season, so we have to work and get word out about the truth of who Amos is. The contrast between what he says and what he does."

Sirona softly says, "Hmmm."

Dannore asks, "Is Renpaw still alive?"

Speaking to Dannore, you say, "We don't know yet. The Consortium claims he is."

Alosaka amusedly says, "The angry masses, rising up for their deposed leader."

Dannore asks, "Why would they bare us access to the Judge?"

Nazarr says, "Of course, we have no reason to trust anything they say."

You say, "Bringing Renpaw back to explain what's actually happened to him is another good move we'll probably need to make at some point."

Sirona softly says, "Well sounds like we need a search party for Stephos."

Pukk says, "I bet you the imps are behind the consortium."

Speaking to Dannore, you say, "They wouldn't."

Faerinn says, "What if Campaign season is not cancelled though? Manard still has a pending ruling on that. Most likely the rules will be changed so no one in this room could run."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "True, they could just hold a rigged election in which they're the only candidates."

Balantine quietly says, "Try Brisker's Cove, he and Alendrial used to live there, he may still hae connections."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "We plannin a mutiny?"

Alosaka asks, "What if most citizens are more concerned with all the chaos and death that has been visited on this town over the past year, than with a mayoral campaign?"

Speaking to you, Vaemyr asks, "So the question is, what to do first?"

Roelaren says, "Or if there are other candidates rig the polling areas."

Alosaka asks, "What if they look at someone who hires armed guards to patrol the streets with favor?"

Speaking to Alosaka, you say, "I do agree that it's possible they would have, but only until he moved to cancel elections."

You say, "That was his mistake."

Speaking to Roelaren, Soneiken asks, "I was enjoying my vacation, and the cool breezes of da western winds and da beautiful dwarven wine, now I must abandoned that for some pending mainland doom, how bout just face me in da right direction, I'll point my finger, and cure em all back to da holes dey crawl out of, and get back to lounge chair and da rosy Sunsets?"

You say, "I'm sure this exact plot, or something very close, has worked for him in other towns."

You say, "At least if Thadston telling us about Amos is accurate."

Speaking to Soneiken, Roelaren says, "Tis good to see ye though."

Speaking quietly to Soneiken, Balantine says, "If only it were that easy."

Speaking to Vaemyr, you say, "Well, as is hopefully obvious... I think we need to move in a lot of directions at once."

You say, "Find Renpaw, find Stephos, cure Thadston, spread the truth about Amos..."

You say, "Among other things."

You say, "Cure Thrayzar, if it comes to that."

Speaking to Soneiken, Pukk says, "Dwarven wine you say? So you were in the Elven Nations."

Alosaka asks, "Perhaps... defeat the lich king, while we're at it?"

Monthas says, "Help us out here, Helga."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Dwarf wine? BLASHFIMY!!!"

Leifa adds, "Determine if they are not already compromised..."

Speaking to Soneiken, Pukk says, "I know how they love dwarves up there."

Alosaka says, "Almost as though the presence of an undead lord and his army beneath the very stones of our city is a pressing concern."

Roelaren says, "Lich king is another move to make as well."

Faerinn says, "Cordarius turned him over to the Gryphons, right? So Cordarius hasn't had a chance to loose him."

You say, "Yeah, I think Thrayzar safely made it to the Gryphons."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Danksh."

Nazarr says, "Everything is a pressing concern. That's the problem."

Speaking quietly to you, Balantine says, "If Stormyrain and the other captains need help, I should be about more now that I'm back in town."

Lehon says, "Welcomes sir."

Speaking to Alosaka, Veramilion says, "Priorities."

Speaking to Balantine, you say, "Excellent, I'll let them know."

Alosaka asks, "Mm, so, which is more pressing? Merchants and their squabbles, or an undead king whose forces slaughtered hundreds or thousands of this city's citizens in order to resurrect him?"

Vaemyr says, "I must step out for a moment, if folks are still around I'll be back."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Me would like to pose a toasht, to all da perty ladiesh who neber met me befo, heddo."

Speaking to Alosaka, Veramilion says, "We need to leave a mountain of corpses for him to reanimate before we move to stop him."

Balantine quietly says, "And I think ye know Sir Geijon and Sir Cryheart and the Gryphons will help defend the citizens as well."

You say, "I'll say this about Barnom--I haven't seen him make a move against the Landing since his return and he's been here for months."

Speaking to Pukk, Soneiken says, "I knows da dwarves got short legs and are afraid of da seas, but they do exist beyond the elven lands, I think I mentioned I was west were da seabreeze is, dat aint no elven lands."

Alosaka exclaims, "A move?!"

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "That is good to know."

Faerinn asks, "What about Vlashandra though?"

Alosaka asks, "His servants slaughtered countless citizens -- your citizens -- and you say he hasn't made a move?"

Speaking to Soneiken, Pukk says, "Was never good with directions either."

Speaking slowly to Alosaka, you reiterate, "Since. His. Return."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Vlachandra shtill got me shtatchoo, Leafi." [we got it back; he just didn't know]

Alosaka asks, "Had him over for tea, lately?"

Speaking to Alosaka, you say, "He had *us* over for tea."

Speaking to you, Alosaka asks, "Exciting new worlds of diplomacy?"

Speaking to Alosaka, you say, "Amazingly enough, it went well, as many here can attest."

Veramilion asks, "Didn't he resurrect a bunch of blood cult folks and killed people in the street with them?" [OOC aside: I won't outright say no, but if that happened then Leafi and I didn't see it, so the most plausible time frame would have been when she was underground looking for the statue. What we did see Barnom raise as undead is some Knave mercenaries, which went after the living Knave mercenaries and adventurers in the vicinity for a few minutes before Barnom called them away to him. What they've not done, at least not visibly on any KST night, is attacked civilians.]

Alosaka says, "Oh, wonderful. We'll carve that on the memorial for all your dead people."

You say, "We went in expecting a trap or a fight and... nope. It was a simple feast."

Alosaka says, ""The tea was nice."."

Speaking to Alosaka, you ask, "Which dead people would those be, when he's not attacking?"

Alosaka says, "All the citizens whose parts went into Vlashandra's creations."

Alosaka says, "Whose blood filled that lake outside town, beneath the portal."

You say, "That was Vlashandra. Barnom had to ask what she did."

The voice of Akenna says, "Parts he is... in fact."

Alosaka exclaims, "Who lived in all the homes that are now empty, because of him!"

You say, "Vlashandra, I agree, we need to eliminate."

Speaking slowly to you, Raelee says, "... information first."

You say, "Now, Magister Raelee does say that Vlashandra has information we need to get from her..."

You nod at Raelee.

Veramilion says, "Barnom is cool though."

You say, "Was just getting to that."

You say, "So for once I don't mean let's kill Vlashandra on sight."

Speaking drunkenly to you, Gutstorm slurs, "Is torcher an opchin?"

You say, "Much as I'd like to."

Speaking to you, Soneiken asks, "Now ya talkin my language, can I curse, can I can I?"

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr asks, "We need to choose our battles, cant take em all on at once, how do ya eat a elephant?"

Speaking to Soneiken, you say, "Sure, have at it, as long as she's alive enough to share whatever information Raelee needs."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "I agree."

Alosaka thoughtfully asks, "What information does Raelee need, out of curiosity?"

Faerinn says, "Torture doesn't get reliable information."

Speaking to Raelee, you admit, "Good question."

Pukk says, "The first thing we should do is blow up the outpost. Then we can see what happens."

Speaking to Raelee, you guess, "Something on Octaven, maybe?"

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "Correct."

Alosaka says, "Hm."

You say, "Okay, now filling in on that... Grand Magister Octaven's bane coffin was taken away by an unknown party, and we have no idea where it is."

Chamorr heartily says, "Sheesh."

Veramilion says, "Eat an elephant by broiling it for days. Meat will fall right off the bone."

Roelaren says, "Wow."

You say, "Cordarius is searching, though I don't know what kind of leads he thinks he has."

Speaking to Pukk, Soneiken says, "Does it have to go "up", can it go out instead, I always preferred blowouts to blowups."

Speaking to Soneiken, Pukk says, "As long as nothing remains..I think either would be good."

Faerinn asks, "Cordarius is likely occupied. Maybe someone more reliable to find her, like Vlashandra?"

Alosaka asks, "And where is Vlashandra now? Still sheltering with Barnom?"

Faerinn says, "Oddly enough they seem to have seperate quarters."

Speaking to Pukk, Soneiken says, "Da memories would remain, im afraid."

Alosaka says, "Oh, separated by a wall."

You say, "Vlashandra was holed up in Drangell's old lair, where we found the bleakstone statue."

You say, "Barnom... no idea where he spends his time."

You say, "When he invited us to a dinner, he brought us through a portal, so the location could be almost anywhere in the area."

Alosaka says, "If he is aiding or sheltering her, then that answers your question, of what he has done to us since his return."

You say, "I don't think it's clear at all that he's sheltering her."

You say, "But if he is, then yes, that's an answer."

Faerinn says, "Probably more than that. We raided her lair without any retaliation from him."

Speaking to Faerinn, you ask, "Right, it's curious, isn't it?"

Gutstorm offers Pukk some bubbling Eldreth death-rum.

Leifa hisses, "Evil wench."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Take a shwig!"

Pukk declines Gutstorm's offer.

Pukk says, "I'm good."

Speaking to Raelee, Alosaka asks, "So, what will you do with Vlashandra? Slap her in a bane coffin, cart her off to Hendor?"

Speaking to Alosaka, Raelee says, "People in bane coffins do not speak."

Speaking to Alosaka, Faerinn asks, "I'm assuming you have something else in mind?"

Alosaka says, "Kill her and eat her raw."

You say, "Ah, we'll call that the Darcena-or-Cruxophim plan."

Suddenly you have the strangest feeling that you are being watched.

The feeling fades as quickly as it came.

Speaking flatly to Alosaka, Raelee says, "The digested do not speak either."

[Realm] Svardin exclaims, "Course ya in a bar!"

Speaking to Alosaka, Veramilion asks, "Why kill her first?"

[Realm] You exclaim, "Of course!"

Speaking to Raelee, Alosaka says, "Distinctly not my concern."

Gutstorm sits down next to Barsha.

Speaking coolly to Alosaka, Raelee says, "It is mine."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Oopsh."

Barsha scowls at a stained wooden bar.

Speaking to Veramilion, Faerinn says, "That counts as torture though she could talk through it."

You admit, "I'm fine with either option."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Me confoozled easy."

You say, "It's true we don't do enough kill-now-and-ask-questions-later around here, at least at times."

Faerinn says, "Not torturing Vlashandra is not a hill I'm willing to die on, but let's just be honest it's out of revenge and not for information."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "May i suggest we focus on one thing at a time."

Speaking to Gutstorm, Barsha says, "More rum might fix it."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Pick one."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "That was my very first suggestion to Thadston months ago, and I agree. I say we start with the Knave."

You say, "He did the most damage and blew up the barracks, which is a lot more than most of our enemies can say."

You say, "And if Amos happens to be the Knave, better yet."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr asks, "Who is da knave?"

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "If Amos does lock your office door how will out beloved Hounddog get fed and taken care of."

Svardin says, "I know what is in dat stew."

Monthas says, "That's what I wanted to know."

Roelaren says, "Our."

Monthas says, "Never heard of the Knave."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "The unknown figure who hired mercenaries to blow up the barracks."

Speaking to Chamorr, Faerinn says, "Someone Khylon recognized."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Chamorr played hookie!"

You say, "The grey-armored enforcers you see marching along North Ring Road are the Knave's hired men."

Speaking to Helga, Svardin asks, "I can keep him out of here how?"

Svardin says, "Dey havin a hard life den."

Speaking to you, Soneiken says, "Locked doors don't stop me, I'd gladly feed da hound fer ya."

Speaking to Svardin, Roelaren says, "Join the mayor."

Speaking to Roelaren, you say, "Winston spends most of his time in the trophy room lately."

Speaking drunkenly to Svardin, Gutstorm slurs, "Drakesh not jish a job, it a vencher."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "Good to know i worry about him."

You say, "I'll admit, I'm surprised Winston didn't start barking at Amos the one time he visited the trophy room. Usually his instincts are really good."

Svardin says, "I'll bring da air support."

Balantine quietly says, "Winston's up in years now, as are we all."

Veramilion says, "Maybe, Winston knows better than us."

Speaking to Helga, Svardin says, "Uh huh."

Cyar offers Sirona a cup of honey-sweetened tea.

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Ok, yer call, knave first, when an where we start."

Sirona accepts Cyar's honey-sweetened tea.

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "Probably a war on North Ring Road."

You say, "That's where his mercenaries spend most of their time."

Svardin asks, "Turf war?"

Speaking softly to Cyar, Sirona says, "Thank you."

You say, "But again, trouble is... even if we kill the Knave's mercenaries by the hundreds, that doesn't mean we can smoke him out of hiding."

You say, "Still, even a temporary solution is better than none."

Alosaka asks, "Murder the mercenaries, you mean?"

Speaking to you, Leifa says, "It's a start."

Speaking to Alosaka, Faerinn asks, "Yes?"

Speaking curiously to Alosaka, you ask, "...yeah?"

Speaking to Alosaka, Vaemyr says, "I like to think of it as preemptive self-defense."

Alosaka says, "Just... making sure we're clear on the intent."

You say, "It's not even preemptive."

Vaemyr says, "True."

You say, "They blew up the militia barracks."

You say, "And are occupying North Ring Road and much of the docks."

Svardin says, "It needed a redo."

Speaking to Alosaka, Faerinn asks, "Have a question for me?"

Svardin says, "Gutstorm occupyin da floor."

Speaking to Faerinn, Alosaka says, "Thought you might pronounce a legal opinion on the former mayor's plan."

Speaking to Svardin, Roelaren asks, "Are ye saying count that as a win for our side?"

Speaking to Faerinn, Alosaka says, "You have them on so many other things."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Without our government that would be a gang war, like Svardin said a turf war."

Svardin says, "I will has dem hold der fire."

Svardin says, "We like da town da way it is."

Svardin says, "Standin."

Speaking to Alosaka, Faerinn says, "Ah, Armigers are protected by law. Knave is not."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "Is it ever really not, though? Seriously."

Leifa says, "I like it democratic."

Roelaren says, "Of course they are protected by law. By Amos's law."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "We constantly defend the Landing from threat after threat, and while a few of us are in the militia, most aren't. And we're not deputized either."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Ok chief."

Faerinn says, "Well the law of the land before Amos."

Faerinn says, "As well."

Svardin says, "Well."

Roelaren says, "Even many of those not in the militia stand with us shoulder to shoulder to defend the town."

Speaking to you, Soneiken says, "I dont even live here."

Svardin says, "If dey is plaguin folks illegitimately, we has all da legal basis ta remove der faces."

Speaking quietly to you, Balantine says, "Ye'd think folks trying to take o'er our town would learn, all hae failed, ye they continue to try."

Speaking to Soneiken, you say, "Also very true. Those like you and Svardin here are allies even if not citizens."

Faerinn says, "As much as it might seem like it, public employees and officials are not free to hunt and kill."

Svardin says, "We defends da West."

Speaking softly to Balantine, Sirona says, "They never do win."

Speaking wryly to Faerinn, you say, "Shocking, really."

Balantine quietly says, "Some folks nae learn."

Speaking to Svardin, Veramilion asks, "The West is very large. Are we defending the Empire too?"

Svardin says, "Used ta be change of city officials was by assassination."

You say, "Well, Amos is new here, so of course he hasn't learned... is what I was going to say, but for some reason it seems like he's been reading up on town history lately."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Ok then, when do we get bloody."

You say, "Started lecturing us all about how we always needed outside help to deal with one threat or another in the past."

Speaking to Sirona, Svardin says, "One even had hisself assassinated."

You say, "Of course, he overlooked the times we just did it ourselves. Or the times where the outside help was, well, more harm than help."

Nazarr says, "So he's trying to talk us into thinking that we're weak and therefore need his useless rear."

Speaking to Chamorr, Veramilion says, "Past history shows at the merest drop of a hat and twitch of a hand."

Svardin asks, "Stennis I tink was his name?"

Sirona softly says, "Somehow that is not surprising."

Speaking to Svardin, you say, "Yeah, he was the mayor several ago."

You say, "Stennis."

Svardin says, "Several."

Svardin says, "Like 18."

Speaking heartily to Veramilion, Chamorr says, "Yup."

Balantine quietly says, "We do hae allies, but a free town is... well... free."

You clarify, "I meant several mayors ago, not several years. But yes."

Svardin says, "Bout 9."

Speaking to Svardin, you relent, "Okay, fine, you win."

Svardin says, "Includin da imposter Barnum."

[noticeable pause]

You say, "So getting ahead of ourselves and trying to predict some upcoming moves..."

Svardin says, "Infiltrate der ranks."

Svardin says, "Set off a powderkeg when dey has a big meetin."

You say, "Like I said earlier, I expect Amos to make some move at the marshal position. It's the one he ran for initially and was probably key to his long play. I've warned the captains to be on the lookout for that."

Faerinn asks, "Why would he go for Marshall when Master of the Guilds is right there?"

You say, "It's very plausible Amos is behind the Daily Darkstone and Darkstone Bay Consortium... even putting the names aside, they seem to operate similarly. Run smear campaigns and see what sticks."

Balantine quietly asks, "Seems to me an approach could be to win back the trust of our merchants...they fear this Consortium and pay protection money, aye?"

Speaking to Chamorr, Svardin says, "I could just ask da Rock ta shoot em."

Speaking to Balantine, you say, "Sure, I'm all ears on this, but... as Nazarr said earlier, most of them don't seem interested in talking."

Svardin says, "Hmm."

Speaking to you, Viva asks, "Have we tried talking to them with silver?"

You say, "I think, if we wanted to win back our merchants... we'd have to be incredibly selective about who was speaking with them. Some strong diplomats with years, or ideally decades, of good reputation."

Faerinn says, "The folks in town are terrified. The Consortium is the only one that seem to be trying to offer stability. It's a very uphill battle if we aren't offering that."

Balantine quietly says, "I think this Knave and his henchmen are the muscle, we need to deal with them."

Sirona softly says, "Coin can help, but these shop owners, they must want a free Landing as well."

(OOC) Svardin's player whispers to the group, "Akeena is wit dis group?"

Sirona softly says, "Perhaps they are blackmailed into all of this."

Speaking to Sirona, you admit, "I'm not entirely sure they do. Right now, they're making a move to run the place along with Amos."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Leaves me out. I do have some red orbs though, fer persuasion."

Faerinn says, "The plan concocted here seems to be more fighting in the streets and boycots. And fighting town guards no less."

Sirona softly says, "Hmm."

Svardin asks, "Dem armigers?"

Roelaren says, "It might come to that."

Faerinn says, "Armigers and the actual Guard."

You say, "No, it seems like we're leaving the armigers alone for now. They are useless, though."

Speaking quietly to you, Balantine asks, "Ye think this Knave would meet with some o' the folks?"

You say, "...which has its pros and cons."

Roelaren says, "Before we get his attention."

Faerinn asks, "You know Amos is going to spin that so hard right?"

Sirona softly says, "Hopefully the fighting is left to a last resort."

Speaking to Helga, Svardin asks, "For tomorrow's stew?"

Sirona softly says, "We need to find some people, get more information."

Faerinn says, "He hasn't had to spin these attacks very much."

You say, "Which brings me to my next point, and something Lady Roelaren wrote on the card..."

Svardin says, "Lull inta false sense of security."

Svardin says, "Get in da open."

You say, "The Daily Darkstone has been trying to go after the Gryphons since the beginning with smear campaigns."

Nazarr says, "Talking to them will just give Amos a chance to claim that anyone opposed to him is on the side of criminals and traitors, and he is the only one offering stability."

Svardin says, "Shoot em from a tower."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "I think Amos and getting yer office back should be first."

Faerinn says, "Armigers were killed in the streets. We did strike a caravan."

You say, "So far it hasn't worked, because the Gryphons have avoided basically every questionable scenario."

You say, "So they might be key to the diplomacy Sir Balantine was talking about."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "What he considersh shtability, me dunt."

Nazarr says, "Of course they have. They're GRYPHONS. Honor is part of them."

Speaking to you, Faerinn says, "Removed you from office on those very grounds."

Svardin exclaims, "I's not unstable!"

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "I'm well aware, yes."

Speaking to a set of swinging doors, Svardin says, "Keep dat ta yerself."

Balantine quietly says, "At least gettin' the Knave to appear should clarify whether tis Amos or someone other."

Veramilion says, "Its as if Amos isn't wrong, just going about it in an extra legal manner."

You say, "It was a calculated risk and the outcome was one of the 'lesser evils' of the possibilities. Amos has more or less given away his motives now, which we could have been looking for much longer otherwise."

Svardin says, "I keeps tings simple. If someone is silly nuff ta attack me or innocent folks, I hit dem over da head after a sharp scoldin."

Svardin says, "Sort out da who shot who later."

Elanthil asks, "So are we gonna have a pillow fight with Amos?"

Speaking softly to Svardin, Sirona says, "The scolding is the key."

Speaking wryly to Svardin, you say, "Well, we've got three or four groups you can start with..."

Faerinn asks, "But if we don't consider the optics then what good is taking him out of power? People will cry for his return. Are we going to drag every merchant into the street and execute them?"

Svardin says, "Sometimes I get confused. Hit over head first."

Dannore asks, "And by Pillow you mean lance?"

Elanthil says, "Yes, execute ALL the merchants."

Elanthil says, "They are all thugs anyway."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "...not sure I'm following, when the plan is to have trusted agents start speaking with the merchants."

Elanthil says, "Especially Dalabrac."

Svardin says, "Da merchants who support a usurper are all corrupt."

Faerinn says, "We need evidence against him. To expose him to the people first."

You say, "In fact, I don't think anyone has said anything about overthrowing Amos either."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "Right, that's where we started this meeting."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Why we need to overtrow him, he not da ruler."

Svardin says, "Can't say I's met em."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "Oh we definitely need to overthrow him."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Jush tell him he not wanted in town, have him eschorted out."

Speaking to you, Soneiken asks, "Da merchants are important to the Clan, I cannot allow dem to be "executed" please don not let this be yer Plan?"

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "Oh we just need to get him in our sights and our grips."

Speaking to Gutstorm, you say, "Problem is, there's no one to escort him out since he's funding the town guard."

Svardin says, "Considerin how Rufus is scowlin, guessin he's not a good guy."

Speaking tiredly to Soneiken, you say, "No, we're not executing merchants."

Speaking drunkenly to you, Gutstorm slurs, "We need deeper pocketsh."

[General] Luxelle exclaims, "Am I too late for the meeting?!"

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Shvardin, pay da lady!"

[General] You think, "Believe it or not, no."

Speaking to Gutstorm, you say, "...not wrong about that, I agree."

You say, "If we ever do manage to find Stephos, his funding might actually be useful. But that's only assuming *he's* not in on this entire thing, which is very possible."

Nazarr says, "I am in favor of overthrowing Amos."

Svardin says, "Funny how monetary support, bribery an extortion all get mushed up at times."

Leifa grouses, "Yeah, I'm ready to throw him, alright."

You say, "Okay, so taking in what everyone's said, there are a few conflicting schools of thought..."

Lehon asks, "What position does he have to overthrow?"

You say, "Either expose Amos with the truth about him being a smuggler and running vigilante operations in Jantalar, jump straight to overthrowing him, or slowly win back the merchants' trust diplomatically and get them away from Amos."

You ask, "Did I miss any other options we were considering?"

You say, "This is just concerning Amos for now, not the Knave or blood cult or other problems."

Svardin asks, "Jantalar?"

Svardin says, "No love lost der."

Speaking to Svardin, you say, "Yeah, he deals in Jantalar slave rings."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Kill em ish a lasht reshort."

Speaking to you, Leifa says, "I vote that second part."

Speaking softly to you, Sirona says, "We really need evidence of Amos' transgressions."

Svardin says, "Ah."

Speaking heartily to Lehon, Chamorr says, "Head of this Consortium that has illegally usurped Landin government."

Svardin asks, "Ya do recall dat Jantalar occupied da Landin for months?"

Nazarr says, "Move straight to overthrowing him, I think. Diplomacy hasn't worked thus far, and being a smuggler just sounds cool. Cool isn't going to help us."

Sirona softly says, "Other than just ...rumors and conjecture."

Monthas asks, "As the mayor you should be trying number three?"

Elanthil says, "Let's just get some torches and pitchforks and go pay Amos a visit. His Armigers can't stop ALL of us."

Speaking to Sirona, you ask, "Evidence we can present to who?"

Sirona softly says, "Maybe the Consortium themselves."

You say, "He's replaced the judge with a new one too, so..."

Lady Regwen just arrived.

Sirona softly says, "And the citizens."

Speaking thoughtfully to Sirona, you say, "...hmm, interesting point."

Elanthil says, "So we string up the judge too."

Sirona softly says, "I'm not sure."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Heddo Reggie."

Speaking to Sirona, you say, "That's basically plan three, though. Win back the merchants from Amos."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Find Renpaw."

Svardin asks, "Who?"

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "That is what controllers do, they replace the folks they dont want to deal with or who oppose them and put in thier own group."

Speaking to Svardin, you say, "Renpaw's the Judge."

You say, "Or at least should be, but he was escorted away."

Speaking to Roelaren, you say, "Yeah, sounds about right."

Svardin says, "One would search a prison first."

You say, "But to Faerinn's point earlier... there are risks in going straight to the overthrow plan. Like losing the people, as Amos spins it."

Roelaren says, "So how do we draw him out did we discuss that."

You say, "Whether he's behind the Daily Darkstone or not."

Faerinn says, "Check on his family on Mestanir. The most convincing lies are built on a nugget of truth."

Speaking to Roelaren, you ask, "Amos?"

Roelaren says, "Yes."

Svardin asks, "Mestanir?"

Svardin asks, "Really?"

Svardin says, "He isn't who he says he is."

You say, "It's not clear how to draw out Amos. He more or less makes his own terms and hides away until he wants to be seen for some reason."

You say, "I suppose if we could find something of value that he might want..."

Svardin says, "Hard ta get info from Mestanir considerin how much of da city has been destroyed."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "That is what I was thinking as well."

Faerinn says, "He likes hunting."

You say, "...hmm."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "We need Helga's towel to *snap* Amos wit."

Svardin says, "Get em drunk."

You ask, "Problem is, he said to the faces of most of us here that he'd do what he wanted in town with our approval or without. What exactly can we offer him that the rest of the Consortium can't?"

Roelaren says, "If we created some sort of a mess so dire he would have to show to get it back under control."

Svardin says, "A free funeral."

Roelaren says, "I dont know what that would be."

Speaking tentatively to Roelaren, you say, "...maybe workable. But right, the question is what."

Roelaren says, "But that is an idea."

Nazarr says, "Well, he seems to value his fireflies."

You ask, "But you do raise a point. He wants to portray himself as a hero, so set up a scenario where he thinks he can do that?"

Roelaren says, "There ye go."

Bakarus says, "You could poison the towns drinking water."

Balantine quietly says, "If we could get Dakris and Larton back on our side...maybe Helga here could help with that."

Speaking to Nazarr, you ask, "...infiltration with the fireflies, then?"

Bakarus asks, "No?"

Svardin says, "Heroes is best left ta der own bent towards self destruction."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Burn down one of the Consortium's shop, that would get their attention."

Speaking to you, Soneiken says, "Da key to getting someone out of Hiding, is to make them believe its safe to come out, thats your prize, figure out how to make em safe, whether its true or not, if they feel safe, they'll come out."

Roelaren says, "That would hurt all of us."

Alosaka says, "Let's... not make the situation worse for the town, as part of this scheme."

Speaking to Bakarus, Veramilion says, "That might be too wide of a net. Narrow it."

Svardin says, "Offer a treat."

Svardin says, "Honor he can't refuse."

You admit, "I kind of like this idea of a setup, some staged situation where Amos thinks he can swoop in and look like a hero."

Nazarr says, "I wonder if he would like a medal."

You say, "He might be too savvy to fall for it, though."

Speaking to Bakarus, Veramilion says, "Like maybe Amos's bathwater."

Nazarr says, "We could make one up."

Svardin says, "Oh foo."

Leifa suggests, "A promise of a welcome ceremony?"

Speaking curiously to Leifa, you ask, "...what kind?"

You ask, "Welcome to power?"

Svardin says, "If he is who I tink he is, he is a deranged sociopath without much sense."

Lehon says, "We hide in barrels and get smuggled to Amos and surprise."

You ask, "Or, let me put it this way... who here could actually convincingly play a Consortium sympathizer?"

Faerinn asks, "Something spectacular for him to kill?"

Roelaren asks, "But where is he hold hp?"

Leifa clarifies, "Maybe a party, a band playing, I dunno."

Speaking to you, Soneiken says, "Cant be just a front or a gambit, "they must feel safe" thats the key."

Svardin says, "A free trip on Friendship One."

Speaking heartily to Lehon, Chamorr says, "Only in scotch barrels."


[Helga's Tavern, Barroom]

The blended odors of ale, sweat, leather, perfume and hearty stew fill the stifling air of the tavern. Disheveled regulars and road-weary travelers rub elbows at the wooden bar, which looks recently varnished but already bears a variety of stains and grime. Helga, the ancient, obese proprietor, moves behind the bar, wiping glasses with a dirty towel as she keeps a beady eye on the patrons. A small fireplace in one corner burns feebly, adding little light or warmth to the room. You also see the Bakarus disk, the Novala disk, a great white wolf that is sitting, a short-haired white cat, the Gutstorm disk, the Svardin disk, the Varnock disk, the Monthas disk, some fine old brandy, a black-toed saddleback foxhound that is sleeping, a dune wolfhound, the Barsha disk, a black willow refreshment cart with some stuff on it, the palm frond-shaped Leafiara disk, a tattered menu, a set of swinging doors, a huge cast iron stewpot, an overturned creel and Helga.

Also here: Novala, Lady Regwen, Lady Sepherann, Lady Luxelle, Bakarus, Vulthyr, High Lord Elanthil, Meril, Gutstorm, Viva who is sitting, Sirona who is sitting, High Lord Svardin, Varnock, Magister Raelee, Jurist of Eye Leifa, Great Lord Dannore, Great Lord Monthas, Barrister Faerinn, Soneiken, Lord Chamorr, Drektor who is sitting at a stained wooden bar, Great Lord Nazarr, Barsha who is sitting, Veramilion, Alosaka who is sitting at a stained wooden bar, Willow Guardian Lehon, Sir Balantine, Roelaren

Speaking to herself, Leifa says, "A spikethorn..."

Faerinn asks, "Perhaps for once trick him into killing something in a very public way that would make him look bad?"

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "You know, when you put it like that, maybe we should have let him release and hunt those ogres."

Speaking to Faerinn, Nazarr asks, "Like what?"

Svardin asks, "Ruby-nosed ogres?"

Faerinn says, "Beat him to the punch before tricking us into doing it again."

Svardin says, "Get a competin interest ta challenge em."

Svardin says, "Like another 'hero' who wants ta take over."

Faerinn asks, "What about Thadston when he's well again?"

Roelaren says, "Too bad we cant attack his armigers."

Nazarr says, "Or Thrayzar."

Luxelle says, "Steal the spotlight. Excellent strategy."

Svardin says, "Den watch until dey both beat each other witless."

You mutter, "Oh, wow, I didn't even think of that, but..."

Speaking heartily to Roelaren, Chamorr asks, "We cant?"

Roelaren says, "I dont know if we can."

You say, "Problem there might be, I'd expect Thadston to go right after Amos and create the opposite of what we're looking for."

Bakarus says, "Animate an orphan that has been previously killed, have the orphan attack innocents, Amos kills the orphan to save the town. Townsfolk only know he killed an orphan. You are welcome."

Speaking heartily to Roelaren, Chamorr says, "Been whackin dem fer weeks."

You say, "Thadston's pretty consistent about flying off the handle and making himself look bad."

Svardin says, "Talk ta Pherantyr."

Nazarr says, "Trick him into killing Winston."

Svardin says, "He's addled but."

You say, "Thrayzar... I don't think the captains nor Gryphons would go for that, but Thrayzar himself might if we can get his mind restored."

Roelaren says, "Will need to think about it."

Nazarr says, "No one would forgive him for killing a dog."

Alosaka says, "Almost as though Thadston isn't someone to trust with significant power."

Roelaren says, "No no we cant hurt Winston."

Faerinn says, "Once he is cured is the vital part of that."

You say, "I guess it's true Thadston's been no stranger to using decoy plans. He used them several times against Raznel."

Svardin chuckles.

Svardin says, "Sorry."

Svardin says, "Snickerin bout Raznel."

Speaking pleasantly to Svardin, you say, "Dead and melted now."

Faerinn says, "The savior of Wehnimer's Landing, Thadston. If Amos fought that Thadston it would be very hard to spin it in his favor."

You cautiously say, "...yeah, hopefully the people would see it that way."

Svardin says, "I hit 'er over da head more dan once."

You say, "A lot of Thadston's most heroic deeds have been somewhat... unknown to the average citizen, probably."

You say, "Like closing the Bleaklands portal to protect us, which ended up bringing us where we are."

Roelaren says, "Just have to think about all that has been said tonight and maybe an idea will come to mind."

You say, "Yeah... many ideas raised and each has its own challenges."

Svardin says, "I could just ask da Rock ta shoot em."

You say, "Whether it's being too slow, too hasty, too easy for Amos to spin back around in his favor..."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "I will look at the log tomorrow, I will keep writing flyers but with some of the new info we talked about here on them."

Svardin says, "Is nudder way."

Speaking curiously to Svardin, you ask, "Yeah?"

Svardin says, "Act as if he is invisible and irrelevant."

Svardin says, "He will fume and show himself fer wha he is."

You say, "That was more or less what Sir Goldstr said too."

Roelaren says, "I wish I could find that shop in Solhaven that sold paper."

You say, "Right, even if we simply go for the civil disobedience route, it might tempt him into making a move."

Svardin says, "I'm more for uncivil disobedience."

Roelaren says, "I will list all of the things we said tonight about what he has done."

Speaking amusedly to Svardin, you say, "Okay, but in that case we're not acting like he's invisible."

Roelaren says, "On one of the flyers."

Svardin says, "Well."

Pukk exclaims, "I say we destroy the outpost!"

Svardin says, "Not necessarily."

Svardin says, "Da Rock keeps da outpost under constant surveillance."

Roelaren says, "Is that where he is maybe."

Roelaren asks, "At the outpost?"

Svardin says, "If der, he's huddled in a cellar."

You say, "So basically, the one thing we all seem to be in agreement on, except maybe Alosaka, is that we don't recognize the legitimacy of Amos' claims to power. Then we diverge wildly on what to do following that."

Roelaren says, "Or he might be in the bath house."

Nazarr asks, "Okay, so how do we go the annoying but harmless civil disobedience route in a way that gets his attention?"

Raelee flatly says, "... he is not in the Outpost, so let us avoid raiding it to find him."

Roelaren says, "Indeed."

Svardin says, "Is kinda unoccupied."

Speaking to Raelee, you offer, "To be fair, he's in with Larsya, so it's not impossible he's storing some resources there..."

Alosaka says, "I have no love for Amos, I simply think there are worse problems the Landing faces than a squabble over political leadership."

You hurriedly say, "But I do agree, Amos spends most of his time in town."

Speaking drunkenly to you, Gutstorm slurs, "Me tried to claim da shtatchoo ash mine and it aint, Amos doin da shame fing wif da town...."

Roelaren says, "Rest well hun."

Speaking to you, Leifa says, "I'm crawling off to bed, but you have my allegiance Mayor. Do keep us posted on events."

You notice Leifa moving stealthily through a set of swinging doors.

You appreciatively say, "Thank you for being here. We'll do what we always do and win back the town together."

Pukk says, "Good night Not Leafiara."

You say, "And there she goes."

Speaking to Alosaka, Svardin says, "All politics is local. All oppression is universal."

Speaking softly to you, Sirona says, "Thank you again for hosting this conversation."

Speaking to Svardin, you marvel, "Wow, now that's some wisdom."

Svardin asks, "Where?"

You clarify, "I was saying goodbye to Leifa, not necessarily calling an end to the meeting."

Speaking to Svardin, Alosaka says, "Some forms of oppression are worse than others."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Ya know, Larsya may be able to help with info about amos."

You say, "Though it does seem like we're running a little thin on ideas, but... we can keep going as long as you all want."

Svardin says, "All oppression should be squashed."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "And case in point, there's another good idea."

Speaking softly to you, Sirona says, "I must run for the evening, but know you have my support."

Chamorr heartily says, "Ok then."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "We did tell Cordarius to bug Larsya to have a meeting with us. Nothing's come of it yet, but..."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "You're right, she might be able to give insight about his mindset."

Luxelle says, "When I heard Miss Larsya had thrown in with him ... it seemed most curious to me."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Bang on the door."

Sirona softly says, "Good night, all."

Roelaren says, "Nites hun."

Speaking dryly to Chamorr, you say, "Tried it. The Hendoran soldiers don't like it much."

You say, "Nor the Bourthian soldiers."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr asks, "And?"

Svardin recites:

"Sometimes the best way to win a war is not to fight at all."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "Nothing, they keep her secluded away."

You say, "I was trying to get to Larsya from the very night we heard about the Consortium first."

Roelaren says, "That does have a ring of truth in it."

You admit, "Came this close to just trying to sneak in there invisibly before thinking better of it. It was like five in the morning and not one of my best ideas."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "Best not to put yourself in that position."

You say, "We're running a bit dry, so trying to think... there was a last thing I wanted to say, about trying to predict the Consortium's next possible moves."

You say, "Whatever it was, I might have lost the thought. So I'd just say this is going to take all of us."

You say, "Move and do what you can."

You say, "Whether it's encouraging boycotts..."

You say, "Or spreading the truth..."

Svardin says, "Was lookin fer a tidbit from Rufus."

Roelaren says, "I am moving my coins that is for sure."

You say, "Or poking around with associates who might be able to get information on Renpaw or Stephos..."

Speaking to Roelaren, you say, "You're not alone in it."

Roelaren says, "But not tonight i dont think i could make it there tonight."

You say, "Speaking with the townspeople, and especially merchants, to figure out if they're backing the Consortium or if they're opposed but afraid to speak out. Or even if they're threatened."

Helga says, "Look. Don't ask me about anything, because I don't have time to gab. If you want a drink, I have what I have on the bar. Otherwise, leave me alone."

Roelaren says, "I will see if they will talk to me."

You say, "And of course, as always, readying for fights with the Knave and others."

Alosaka says, "Helga knows nothing about the Consortium."

Barsha asks, "We sure we can trust her?"

Speaking to Barsha, you admit, "Maybe not."

Speaking slowly to Helga, you say, "I bet you hear all kinds of things most of us don't."

Speaking to you, Barsha says, "Well would be too late to do anything about our discussion now."

Luxelle says, "Miss Helga's name was not on the Consortium recruits. She has more sense than that."

Barsha says, "I just don't trust anyone who serves rolton sandwiches."

Roelaren says, "I didn't see that list."

Roelaren says, "Where can I find it."

Barsha says, "Either way she's heard everything we said, we gonna assume she trustworthy tonight."

Svardin says, "Nor is Pherantyr's."

Luxelle says, "Oh, it was on some of their, pronouncements I think.."

You say, "There's no list, exactly. But the Consortium is Amos, Dakris, Kilron, Larsya, Larton, Walward."

Roelaren says, "Ok I see."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Larsya too?"

Svardin says, "Hardly a large portion of the merchant community."

Nazarr says, "Yes."

Chamorr heartily asks, "Who is Wally?"

You say, "And Guard Captain Dunigan is... not a voting member, but has ties since they're paying him."

Roelaren says, "But all it takes is one rotten apple."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "The siegery merchant."

Roelaren says, "To ruin all of em."

Svardin says, "Starve em. Let em eat here."

You say, "I think they have too much money between them to starve them, sadly."

Luxelle says, "We might start with those unwilling to vote to undermine the Landing's due government process."

Faerinn says, "Larton and Larysa didn't vote for the overthrow."

Svardin says, "Call a plebicite."

Faerinn says, "Probably shouldn't ruin ALL of them."

Svardin says, "Landin ruled by citizens."

Svardin says, "Not elite."

You say, "Yeah. The town belongs to all the people, not... five people and a Bourthian noble."

Svardin says, "And."

Svardin says, "Is not an imperial feif."

Roelaren says, "Indeed."

Luxelle says, "We could just hold elections anyway, and vote them out."

Roelaren says, "Sure."

Speaking to Luxelle, you say, "Yeah, Sir Goldstr proposed that idea too."

Svardin says, "Let him run."

Luxelle exclaims, "See!"

You say, "I think it's worth a shot."

You say, "Alosaka raised the obvious objection earlier, though."

You say, "The people might have more pressing concerns than politics right now."

Svardin says, "Campaign tour ta da volcano."

Roelaren says, "We can hold the elections just like normal and all the mayoral talks and just ignore what he is trying to do."

Alosaka asks, "He might win?"

Luxelle says, "This is not about politics, this is about liberty and life."

Svardin says, "Is only one winner."

Svardin says, "Every time."

Speaking to Alosaka, you say, "No, if he thought he might win then he wouldn't have cancelled them."

You say, "He would have just run."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "In fact ignoring him may be a way to dray him out."

Roelaren says, "Just go about business as usual."

Speaking heartily to Roelaren, Chamorr says, "I like that."

Speaking to Roelaren, you say, "Yeah, just as Svardin said earlier too. This might actually be the best 'ignoring' route."

You say, "Hold our own campaign season and see what he does."

Svardin says, "Dat lunatic is loose agin."

Roelaren says, "Start talking about the campaings."

Roelaren says, "That is right."

You say, "Surely he can't just ignore it."

Roelaren says, "Get someone to run against ye so there are debates'."

Svardin says, "Well."

Svardin says, "I am."

Svardin says, "Gonna vanish."

Roelaren says, "And se what he does."

Lehon says, "If you lose your freedom, you can never get it back."

Roelaren says, "And then catch him."

You say, "And you all know, of course..."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr asks, "When does campaign season start?"

You say, "This is the Landing, so for all we know, something incredibly dramatic could happen in the next couple of days that throws every plan we've made here out the window."

You say, "But at least we have them, in case that doesn't happen."

Roelaren says, "So true."

Nazarr says, "I'm sure it will."

Roelaren says, "But at least we are having plans."

Nazarr says, "It will probably involve slugging out with someone, too."

Roelaren says, "And go back to your office and if it is locked hire a lockpicker to see if can be opeened."

Speaking to you, Viva says, "And to think they mocked you embracing the chaos..."

Nazarr says, "No need, I'm right here."

Speaking to Nazarr, you agree, "Yeah, don't I know it..."

Luxelle says, "We know locksmiths."

Roelaren says, "And then start talking up champain on the towncrier."

Nazarr says, "I'd be very happy to try picking any locks in Moot Hall."

Speaking heartily to Roelaren, Chamorr says, "Excellent."

Roelaren says, "Roll right over him."

Speaking to Roelaren, Soneiken asks, "Locked doors nay stop me, magically barred, well dats a different story?"

Nazarr says, "I'm not great at battle. Picking locks, I can do."

Roelaren says, "And we have bashers if the locks cant be picked."

Roelaren says, "Well that is true."

Roelaren says, "And he could do that."

Speaking to Luxelle, you ask, "...are we up for this? Hosting our own campaign season?"

Roelaren says, "But he cant keep ye out of Moot hall I bet."

Lehon says, "You do well in all areas Naz."

Speaking to you, Luxelle says, "I think so."

Speaking to Roelaren, Soneiken says, "Technically, I call it phasing, but bashing is fine if ya will."

Speaking to Luxelle, you say, "And... to be clear, the TownCrier doesn't have to be involved."

Speaking to Luxelle, you say, "It's your organization, so your call there."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "So if your door is locked then make your office right at the front door inside and business as usual."

Luxelle says, "It is news. The TownCrier is involved."

You say, "It does seem like it has a good chance to bait Amos or someone else in the Consortium into making a move they'll regret."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "She just reporting our events."

Roelaren says, "That is if the lock is magical."

You seriously say, "Alright, as long as everyone understands the risk, that's good."

Roelaren says, "Hey if he attacks we attack back."

Speaking offhandedly to Luxelle, you say, "I already tried to get word to the Raging Thrak to make sure Newsby's safe, and that was even *before* the plans being discussed here."

Roelaren says, "We love a good fight."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "I will ask the dragons if they want to host an election debate."

You mutter, "Hopefully he hasn't been bought off too."

Roelaren says, "And ye know Onoir will."

Roelaren says, "Host one."

Luxelle says, "I really need that building finished."

Speaking to you, Soneiken asks, "Isn't cancelling elections, usually designed to KEEP someone in power? and if so, who...and why?"

Roelaren says, "We have some of the best fighters as part of our house."

Speaking to Soneiken, you say, "The Consortium's the who. The why... seems to be simple profit motives."

You mutter, "At least I hope it's as simple as profit motives."

Lehon says, "Im running for unMayor. If you dont vote for me, then vote for someone."

Luxelle says, "Well, speaking of Miss Newsby, it is time I sit down with her."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "Sounds like a plan to me."

Lehon says, "I seem to win by default every year now."

You say, "Alright, so we'll move forward with this plan of holding our own campaign season. But still keeping in mind the other issues boiling in the background too, like the Knave."

Luxelle says, "Please let me know what we can do to help, Miss Mayor Leafiara."

Nazarr says, "Amos has described himself as a king a couple of times. I think he might see the Landing as the starting point for building up a kingdom of his own."

Roelaren says, "We love ye Lehon and ye are a great leader of our house."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "He aint me king."

Nazarr says, "He ain't mine, either, Gutstorm."

You say, "We'll have to make a definitive strike against the Knave at some point, ideally before Amos can do it first. The challenge is... that's not exactly an easy task if Amos *is* the Knave or is working with him."

Roelaren says, "Me niether."

You say, "But, well, we've been over that. For about two hours now."

Roelaren says, "That might be one way to find out."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, " meltin." [spells were poofing]

Lehon says, "I shall be in my office... out the gates."

Alosaka says, "Well, I think this discussion has matured to the extent that it can, tonight."

Speaking to Gutstorm, you admit, "Even I didn't expect this level of interest."

Alosaka says, "I wish you all luck with your endevours."

You say, "I actually wondered if anyone would show at all, since I *have* met with a number of you already even before tonight."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "Also we can start asking over the Towncrier and on the thought net about when the debates will be held and then someone give a date."

Roelaren says, "Make it public."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Campaign season begins, folks that want to run should, we should meet in Moot Hall to get the candidates."

You say, "Yeah... as public as possible."

You say, "And as loud as possible."

Speaking to you, Soneiken asks, "I guess what I was asking is, WHO does this Consortium Group want to remain on da Town Council, I mean don't they get elected at da same time as da Mayorship, isnt that what they want by cancelling elections is to secure their insider on da council?"

You say, "So Amos can't ignore it."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Beshides, if we fink yooz our mayer, den yooz our mayer, nuffin Amosh kin do change dat."

Roelaren says, "Exactly."

Speaking to Soneiken, you say, "Oh, right, that's a good question that we hadn't even touched on."

Speaking to Soneiken, you say, "But yes... they've replaced the Judge, and the Judge is the one who selects town council candidates... so they probably intend to fill the town council."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "If he wants a shouting match we can shout right back."

You say, "With their own corrupt members."

Nazarr says, "We could do things differently this year. The winner becomes mayor. The first runner-up gets a seat on the council."

Nazarr says, "Amos threw out the rules, right? We can make our own, then."

You say, "Right, and defiantly say that if he doesn't like them, then come get us."

You say, "Which he'll probably try to do."

Nazarr says, "Sounds good to me."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "And declare your own town council and start working with them as such and ignore his people."

You say, "And that's the setup."

Speaking to Roelaren, you say, "...that's an interesting addition. I like it."

Speaking to Roelaren, Nazarr says, "Excellent idea, LP."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Feastday night at Moot Hall."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "Treat him like he doesn't exist and that will infuriate him."

Speaking drunkenly to you, Gutstorm slurs, "Im shtill da depooty mayer, aye?"

Speaking to you, Soneiken says, "Well den if thats true, then you already know the next town council, ya already mentioned the consortium, thats obvisouly to me who will be the council."

Viva says, "Indeed, you are the rightful Mayor, so having your own council makes sense."

Speaking musingly to Gutstorm, you say, "Well, you know what, since we're busy changing the rules... sure, yes."

Gutstorm hoots.

Gutstorm yells, "Ye hear da Amosh!!"

Speaking to Soneiken, you say, "No word on their plans yet, but yes... it's definitely a question about their intentions."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "And anywhere ye are is your office."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Can we get the cries to announce it."

Chamorr heartily says, "Crier."

You say, "Well... I suppose I should say again, thank you all for coming out tonight. I know we've been going at this a while."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "Yep, Miss Luxie agreed earlier."

Roelaren says, "We can announce it ourselves on towncrier."

Speaking to you, Regwen says, "Thanks for the planning."

You say, "I wouldn't have wanted to endanger her, but as long as she's all for it, so am I."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Best idea ever."

Speaking heartily to Roelaren, Chamorr says, "Nicely done."

Speaking to you, Sepherann says, "If ye have a moment, I'd really appreciate a moment."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "Thank ye Madame Mayor for being ok with all of this."

Speaking to Sepherann, you amiably say, "Please, I'm all ears."

Speaking amusedly to Roelaren, you say, "Okay? I love it."

Speaking to Roelaren, you say, "And you're most welcome."

Roelaren says, "We do too."

Speaking to you, Sepherann says, "I need a nomination for cleric guild if ye could. Brokk is on the way."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Yeah, pretty much."

Speaking to Sepherann, you say, "Sure, just a moment."

Speaking to you, Sepherann says, "Cleric guild masters are few and far between."

You say, "We were just about wrapping up anyway."

Roelaren says, "We can walk thru the town crying Leafi for Mayor."

You say, "We'll put out word and find other candidates too."

Roelaren says, "I agree."

Viva says, "Gotta get our 'Embrace the Chaos' buttons back out."

Roelaren says, "There ye go."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Im gonna run fer mayor."

Roelaren says, "That will get him too, that is one of his points about town."

You say, "I'm not sure about that one, at this specific point in time... Amos has been pretty good about spinning."

You say, "But, well... I don't make a habit of telling people what to do, so wear the buttons as you please."

Roelaren says, "But that makes him madder."

You say, "If anything..."

Speaking to Roelaren, you concede, "Well, true."

Roelaren says, "Because we are embracing what he hates."

You say, "I would have gone with my second campaign button, though. 'Frontier Freedom and Ideals...'."

You admit, "But either works."

Roelaren says, "We can say that."

Pukk taps an asymmetrically winged campaign button that reads, "Team Leafi: Embrace the Chaos!" that he is wearing.

You musingly say, "...shoot, for that matter, even the first one works..."

Roelaren says, "Too."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Talk to Luxie about Moot Hall."

Speaking to Chamorr, you ask, "About the... debates?"

Roelaren says, "And remember anywhere ye are, Madame Mayor, you are in your office."

Speaking to Roelaren, you say, "Ain't that the truth."

Speaking to Pukk, Viva says, "I see you are ready to button things up."

You say, "Boy, did Amos ever not understand why I was so calm about him throwing me out."

You say, "Most he accomplished was saving me a lot of paperwork."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "For anyone desiring to run for mayor."

Roelaren says, "There ye go."

Speaking to Chamorr, Regwen asks, "Mayor Bear?"

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "Ah, right."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Leafi da meetin dun?"

Speaking to Gutstorm, you say, "More or less, yeah."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Ok me need ye."

You say, "Just wrapping up and saying goodbyes, last thoughts, and such."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Might even have Amos show up."

Speaking amusedly to Gutstorm, you say, "Okay, but just a sec. I promised Sepherann I'd help her out too."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Drakesh Vanguard need accesh to a BIG manawar boat."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Me dont NEED ye now."

Roelaren says, "We got a lot accomplished tonight."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Me recrooting ye to join Drakesh Vanguard."

Chamorr heartily says, "Turned out good."

Chamorr heartily says, "We has a plan."

Speaking musingly to Gutstorm, you say, "Oh, I see what you're saying... we could have Drakes man o' war nights."

Pukk says, "So, we all agree that we should destroy the outpost first."

Pukk says, "Good."

Speaking to you, Roelaren says, "And if ye write this up as a log post it as we were doing Election planning."

Speaking to Gutstorm, you say, "I like it. I was definitely thinking of how to get people involved and organize a few weekly pirate hunts."

Speaking drunkenly to you, Gutstorm slurs, "Of coursh haffa coodrinate wif da bosh."

Roelaren says, "Get his goat."

Speaking to Roelaren, you say, "Will do just that."

Chamorr heartily says, "This is great."

Speaking to Gutstorm, you say, "Okay, we'll do that. Remind me tomorrow, or whenever Svardin's out and about."

You say, "I do have to go see Sepherann, but..."

You say, "Once again, thank you all for coming, and having this much interest and creativity."

You say, "Amos doesn't understand this, but..."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Take care of that."

You say, "Now that I don't have to deal with all the paperwork, together we'll get more done in a month than most of the past eleven."

Pukk exclaims, "To chaos!"

You belt out, "We're coming for you, Amos! You've shown your hand and it's your downfall!"

Regwen says, "Night folks."

Pukk yells, "And your silvers too!"

Balantine quietly says, "Good Night."

Chamorr heartily says, "Night Landin."

Roelaren says, "Nites hun."

You assure, "Will see ya all soon. Have a great eve."

Roelaren says, "I need to call it as well."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "Regwen is in love with me."