Leafiara (prime)/Melodies/Consorting with the Mother Rook

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Mayor charged in and he caught us red-handed
Consorting with the Mother Rook
Picture this, we had maps on the table
Points to target, by all looks
Should have changed the password
After Tolmis left the Den that night
Why'd we trust that guy
Turned traitor soon as he was out of sight

Listen up, Rooks, no one has confirmation
Anything more than talking is only speculation
Just don't react too much, you'd give them information
Stay calm and think clearly about your situation
All of the good agents avoid a reputation
So as you face their misplaced words of accusation
You never did a thing that deserves their defamation
And the council's still earning its praise and adulation

But they saw us in the shadows (it wasn't me)
Hauled us straight off to the gallows (it wasn't me)
Surely seems like we were scheming (it wasn't me)
Thadston's show made us look guilty (it wasn't me)
Now the story's quickly spreading (it wasn't me)
And they're claiming we've been bedding (it wasn't me)
Here come the cries of Rook corruption (it wasn't me)
Need to push against assumptions


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