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Yardie-Man, Yardie-Man,
Happy in his status as a Yardie can
Kills some vathors, makes some punch
Births some squids, and then--wait, what?!
Look out!
Here comes the Yardie-Man!

Is he nice?
He does nails,
Hears the gossip, follows trails
Is he tough in a fight?
You can't spot him when it's night
Oh, yeah
There went the Yardie-Man!

He can duck and weave
Or conduct interviews
But you'll never leave
When he's serving tasty food!

Yardie-Man, Yardie-Man
Tardy to the party Yardie-Man
Drops his targets,
Then stops by
Some have claimed he's a kobold spy!

To him, life is a wild foray
Wherever there's a soiree
You'll find the Yardie-Man!