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Original Story: Imaerasta 23, 5120

Leafiara looked somberly over the letter before her, then nodded, folded it up, and tucked it away.

I'll post this publicly in the morning soon as I see that Khylon's arrest warrant for Rone has gone out. Not like anything said tonight won't be all over town by then anyway, so no need to try to send it privately. Besides, if the Rooks have been compromised, then I can't send it privately--it would be intercepted.


To Mother, of the Brotherhood of Rooks:

About twenty months ago, when you took charge of the Brotherhood, one of your first moves was to seek a meeting with militia leadership. I thought it was a good move, but you were left meeting with only the captains and other town defenders as Thadston never came.

That was then and this is now. With new Marshal Khylon, there's an opportunity for a second chance of sorts. He and I are in agreement with a suggestion from Captain Stormyrain to seek a meeting with you to determine where we go from here.

So, please, come meet with us and other town defenders as soon as you're able. To be clear, we're asking for you specifically rather than only Rooks delivering a message on your behalf. As I'm sure you're aware, we've issued an arrest warrant for Rone, so any potential vigilante interruptions will be summarily dealt with to the best of our abilities.

I think we're being exceedingly fair and I hope you'll agree, as I do look forward to speaking.

In service to the Landing,
Mayor Leafiara