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Original Story: Imaerasta 7, 5120

Lady Casiphia,

If I remember correctly, you were the one who reached out to the Eloth Dai on behalf of Thadston and Disean, since your contact among them had prior experience in dealing with the witch's magic. Their scholars' expertise might be useful now too since the Bleaklands and their denizens are partly a creation of the witch, so if you're able to contact them again, I think that's an avenue worth exploring.

By the same reasoning...

We've unfortunately been unable to convince Thadston to accept our help so far, both for months prior and now despite Judge Renpaw's verdict against him. We'll continue trying and offering, but I don't know if we can reach him since he or the bleakwalker have talked him into believing his sacrifices for the Landing weren't worth it. Since the erithians have nothing to do with the Landing and are the very same people he entrusted Disean to, their aid might be more fruitful with bringing him back to reality.

Either way, whether reaching out to them once more is tenable or not, I want to thank you again for aid and bold testimony during what I'm sure must be a heartwrenching time for you.

Mayor Leafiara