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Original Story: Phoenatos 10, 5120

Judge Renpaw,

As a further update regarding Marshal Thadston, tonight he executed an 'Operation Stonewall' which involved sending militia members to attack the camps outside of town and the guards protecting them. In the past he's claimed that it's within his authority as marshal to apprehend a fugitive even outside of town. This has no precedent that I know of, but even if it were within his rights, this remains an overreach of power and authority for a different reason.

Captain Stormyrain reported that she had not been informed of the above operation and Marshal Thadston not only did not deny it, but then further affirmed that he still has an 'internal operation' underway, in which he's kept only a 'tighter circle' informed. I submit to you that by this point he had confessed to conspiracy against the town, if not outright sedition, in tearing apart the foundations of our militia. In essence, by keeping even his own captains in the dark, he's attempted to bypass the hierarchy and reduce them to figureheads while executing a covert strategy with militia members whose value apparently outranks the appointed captains, as if they were shadow captains.

I moved to have Thadston arrested under charges of the above, but rather than go willingly for questioning, he deployed the militia to protect him and it broke down into a fight against our town guard, forcing a stalemate so both sides would stand down. In the most ironic hypocrisy, he's settled on staying in the Faendryl Enclave's Alabaster Spire over near Ailidh Brae until your review is complete--which I can only surmise is because he's well aware that I can't rightly deploy the town guard to apprehend him there, just as he couldn't rightly deploy the militia against those camps.

I'm saddened to say that his failings tonight were not even limited to the above, but the situation has become so egregious that in neither this letter nor my last one have I been able to lay out every sordid detail, for lack of time.

If any other major events somehow happen between now and when your review is complete, I'll keep you apprised.

For Wehnimer's,
Mayor Leafiara


Councilwoman Alendrial and Councilman Cordarius,

As you might know, I've been in communication with Judge Renpaw regarding the possible expulsion of Thadston from his position.

Even with no guarantee of what will occur, this seems like an opportune time to recognize the conflict of interest intrinsic to the mayoral ability to initiate the process of removing a council member, given that it's also a mayoral ability to appoint the person who succeeds the expelled member for that seat. The judge's decision acts as some check, but the potential for abuse remains and I'd like to safeguard against it.

As such, I'm formally proposing a new law that, should a mayor's petition of the judge in removing a council member from office be successful, then the new appointee for that seat is not to be chosen by that mayor. My recommendation as to who should make the final decision, broadly speaking, would be to put it in the hands of those most directly affected. Thus, something akin to the following:

* If the expelled council member was the Steward of the Coffers, then the final selection should go to a majority vote among the remaining council members on the basis that this council position has a substantial impact on the other council members' ability to fulfill their duties. In the event of a tie, runoff voting would apply; in the event of a tie even then, it should go to a popular vote among Landing citizens.
* If the expelled council member was the Steward of the Guilds, then the final selection should go to a vote among Landing citizens with active, registered merchant permits, on the basis that they're in the best position to judge the candidate's policies.
* If the expelled council member was the Steward of the Militia, then the militia captains should be offered rights of first refusal to take the seat, in descending order of seniority. In the event that all captains decline, the final selection should go to a vote among militia members.

Earl Jovery appears to now be in the business of appointing Regional Envoys for us, so I'm unclear on whether the mayoral power to remove them still applies. I'm assuming not, but if so, I believe a popular vote among Landing citizens would be best.

Even if my proposed law isn't approved in its exact details, I'd still implore that some addition to the law must be made, and some measure taken, to guard against potential abuse of power and conflict of interest. Just as one example, it would seem perfectly acceptable to me, and certainly better than the current situation, if the replacement for a removed council member were always to be a general election regardless of which seat it is. Any number of possibilities should be on the table, but my chief concern is that the power not be overused nor selfishly used.

For Wehnimer's,
Mayor Leafiara