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Original Story: Eorgaen 2, 5119

Speaking adamantly to Blades, Leafiara says, "He's getting the hat back very soon."

Speaking to her tri-cornered hat, Leafiara mutters, "At least he better be."

Leafiara glances nervously at the tri-cornered hat in her hand.

Speaking to Leafiara, Darcena says, "I told you it felt like a goodbye."

Speaking to Leafiara, Darcena says, "You should have expressed yourself more."

Darcena says, "Now you're going to have to wall up all these terrible feelings you never got to say to him."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nah... I understood Pylasar. Engaging the crowd, but struggling with doubt and guilt. Looking toward the future and trying to push the past away, but unable to manage it. Looking like he might be consumed with revenge, but in the end more driven by love. Always knew a little more than he let on, often just not great at communicating instead of meaning to hide anything, but could also miss what was obvious to everyone else.

I knew him. And because I knew him, I said everything I ever wanted to him.

Even if he's really gone... that's exactly the way I would have done it. Hope to return, plan not to. Make claims you'd be willing to keep but don't think you'll have to.

But what do you know--the war's over and I lived. Hopefully Pylasar is like me in that much too. Thadston, though... when I said we could go our separate ways after the [[::Raznel|witch]] was ashes, this isn't what I meant. You're the one I want to say more to.

You better make it back to us. I need to apologize for somewhere I pegged you all wrong... and then I need to do the impossible and get an apology for somewhere you pegged me all wrong.

Leafiara smirked slightly, then in spite of herself began to chuckle.

...see ya soon, Thadston. One stubborn idiot to another, it was an honor to disobey the only order you ever gave me. Let's do it again one day.